Members, Officers, and Directors

Here is a list of the officers and directors of the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

Paul Ridgell, President

Larry Jones, Jr., Vice-President

Judy Duke, Secretary/Treasurer

Pete Dewoody, Member

Peggy Lloyd, Member

John Stewart, Member

James W. Duke, Member

Theresa Tyree, Member

Mary Godwin, Economic Development Office

Jamie Hillery, Chamber of Commerce Office

Judy Duke, Museum Director/Curator

Past Board Members:

Paul Robison

Danny Stewart

John Miller

Joyce Gibson

Max Phillips

Louise Phillips

David Crowder

Josh Williams

Jeremy Dickerson

Frank Henson

Past Directors:

John Teeter, Jr.

Peggy Lloyd

David Sesser

Gail Martin Young

Jane Randolph

Louise Phillips

Melinda Dewberry

Glenda Stewart

Jeanie & Steve Woods

Ken Petre

The Nevada County Depot and Museum is a member of Arkansas Museums Association and Arkansas Historical Association

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