Our People

Our first curator and co-founder, John Teeter (born September 14, 1920, died August 4, 2009) served from the first day we were open in 1976 until the last day we were open in 2001 when we had to close the museum for the renovation and restoration project. Before the project was finished, health problems necessitated that John retire. John dedicated much of his life's work to documenting the history of Nevada County. He took dozens of rolls of film, showing the construction and destruction of buildings, crowds at events, and the other parts of our local culture and heritage. All of this to assure the information is passed on to future generations. The Museum's photo books are the legacy of his work and the basis for much of the content on this web site. Come by to learn more!

Peggy Lloyd joined the Depot and Museum in 2002 and reestablished the displays so that we could reopen in 2003 after the renovation and restoration. Peggy's background in history and research helped us expand the depth of our information.

Ken E. Petre is our current curator since November 2013. Ken led the efforts to acquire the Civil War sites of Elkins' Ferry and Battle of Prairie D'Ane.

The Nevada County Depot and Museum is a member of American Association For State and Local History and Arkansas Museums Association.

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