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Subject: Information regarding Malvin O. Herring
Posted by: Terry Sampson terry.sampson@sbcglobal.net
Date/Time: 2008-01-26 4:58 p.m.

Malvin Herring md. Retha McKissack on 4 Nov 1939, Nevada Co., Arkansas

2nd marriage for Retha, daughter of John and Etta McKissack. Prior to marriage to Malvin, she was married to Olin Frith. Olin and Retha were living with

John and Etta McKissack in Taylor Twnshp, Nevada Co., in 1920.

1910 Arkansas, Nevada Co., Taylor Twnshp., Willisville Village, 21 Apr 1920 census:

George F. Herring, 40 yrs., married 15 yrs., Born in Ark., Father born in Ark., Mother born in Ark.

Drusilla, wife, 35 yrs., married 15 yrs., Born in Ark., Father born in Tenn., Mother born in Ark.

Herbert E., son, 13 yrs.

Lucius W., son, 12 yrs.

Vernon G., son, 10 yrs.

Malvin O., son, 8 yrs.

Opal V., daug., 6 yrs.

Homer, son, 4 yrs,

1920 Arkansas, Nevada Co., Albany Twshp., Prescott

George F. Herring, 50 yrs., Born in Ark., Father born in Ark., Mother born in Ala.

Francis, wife, 31 yrs.

Malvin, son, 18 yrs.

Homer, son, 14 yrs.

Garrett, son, 7 yrs.

Gradie, son, 5 yrs.

Ray, son, 6/12 yr.

A George Fra(ncis) Herring died Nov. 1, 1944, in Columbia Co., Arkansas. Don't

know if he's your George F. Herring. If you're willing to take the risk, order the death certificate to find out.

Son Herbert E. and wife Coy Herring remained in Taylor Twnshp, Nevada Co.. Homer was there with them also, so he got listed twice in the 1920 census.

Son Vernon was boarding with the Butcher family in 1920.

1930 Arkansas, Columbia Co, Magnolia Twpshp, Magnolia City

George F. Herring, 61 yrs., Married 42 yrs., Born in Ark., Father born in Ark., Mother born in Alabama

Francis, wife, 40 yrs., Married 22 yrs., Born in Ark.,

Garrett, son, 17 yrs.

Grady, son, 16 yrs.

George and Drusilla's son, Vernon George Herring, registered for WWI draft on Sept. 12, 1918. Father and employer: George F. Herring, 3 Rosston, Nevada Co., Ark.

1900 Arkansas, Nevada Co., Taylor Twshp. (Bottom of page, difficult to read)

George F. Herring, born Jan. 1869, 31 yrs., married 5 yrs.

(looks like) Mahaly D., born April 1874, 26 yrs., married 5 yrs., 3 children born, 3 surviving

Herbert E., son, born May 1896, yrs.

Wash or Willm L. (????), born 1897, 3 yrs. (?)

Douglas, son, born Aug. 1899, 7/12 yr. (Looks like Vernon's name got changed along the way.

Ben Butcher, boarder, born March 1879, 21 yrs.

On same page, nearby live Willis and Sarah C. Herring,

Willis Herring, born Dec. 1846, married 32 yrs., Born Ark., Father born N.C., Mother born Georgia

Sarah C. Herring, born Jan. 1847, married 32 yrs., 11 children born, 9 surviving, born Alabama, Father born Alabama, Mother born Alabama

Henry C., son, born Oct 1875, Ark.

Thomas H., son, born Jan. 1878

Charly O., son, born Dec 1879

Harris H., son, born Jan 1882

Ed, son, born Nov. 1883

Effie O., daughter, born Apr. 1886

Lizzie N., daughter, born Nov. 1887

1880 Arkansas, Nevada Co., Taylor Twp.

W.G. Herring, 33 yrs.

Sarah C., wife, 22 yrs

George F., son, 11 yrs.

Minnie M., daughter, 8 yrs.

Thomas Fletcher, son, 3 yrs.

John W., son, 6/12 yrs.

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