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Subject: Liberty Cemetery (Redland Community)
Posted by: Sandra F. Puckett sandrapuckett28@yahoo.com bounced
Date/Time: 2004-07-10 6:16 p.m.

Thank you so much for seeing to it that at the Liberty Cemetery(Redland Comm) the graves of John T. Beard and A. Beard were recognized. I have continued to search for documentation concerning this family. Please not Mrs. Amelia Wheeler's orbituary. John T. Beard was an honorary pallbearer, as one of the Confederate Veterans present. I wish that I could find more about his brothers, Samuel C., William M., sisters, Winney Elizabeth, Margaret Lydia, Nancy and mother and father Nancy Hay Beard and Berry Beard. No idea where they are buried. Nancy did not show up in the 1860 census in Ouachita Co. Berry was a land owner in the surrounding counties of Nevada. My sister and I visited Prescott 2003 and all the people are very friendly and cordial. We attended services at the Redland Community, LibertyChurch of the Nazarene. We both went away knowing that we had been to church. What a fine pastor!

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