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Lovick Mason NASH Family??? by Charles Nash (chasnash@bellsouth.net) on 2005-03-10 11:00 a.m.

Looking for any help on the location of the grave of Lovick Mason NASH and his wife May Ida Rogers. He served in the brief Spanish-American War. Any help with any descendants in the area? Lovick's parents moved their family in the early 1890's from Henry County, Georgia to Clark County, Arkansas. His uncle, John Thomas NASH had already made the move to Columbia County in the early 1880's. Lovick was one of eight children to William Perry NASH and Martha Ada Hale. All of the children settled in southwest Arkansas. Mainly in Clark, Hempstead, and Navada Counties. William NASH died in 1923 at the home of his daughter Josie (Nash) REED in Hope, Hempstead County. His Arkansas Death Certificate states that he is buried in the "Robertson Family Cemetery" but have not found the location of the cemetery yet..?? Any help and advice on this NASH clan would be greatly appreciated!!!

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