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Willisville Cemetery

This is a relatively new cemetery near the center of Willisville adjacent to the Willisville United Methodist church. It is well maintained and fenced. The location is east of Hwy. 371 and north of County Road No. 8.
Driving directions: Go to Willisville. Go east on County Road No. 8 a short distance. The church and cemetery will be on your left. The cemetery is off the road a few hundred feet behind the church.





Bailey, Zachariah T.  10-18-1876  2-4-1970  Double marker with Dovie A. Bailey 
Bailey, Dovie A.  3-16-1881  10-21-1974  Double marker with Zachariah T. Bailey 
Bailey, Betty Joy  12-31-1931     
Bailey, Roy Lee  1-31-1925  8-26-1979   
Bailey, Welton R.  7-18-1923  10-14-2015  William Robert Bailey on military marker; AVCHD -- U. S. Navy; double marker with Selma M. Bailey; m. 11-5-1948 
Bailey, Selma M. "Sue"  11-15-1930  3-1-1996  Double marker with Welton R. Bailey; m. 11-5-1948 
Bailey, David "Hub"  4-4-1950  2-28-2006  Double marker with Lisa Dawn Bailey; m. 4-10-1982; daughters--Brittany Dawn and Andrea Brooke; David Lewis Bailey in obituary 
Bailey, Gurvin Ray  10-15-1932  1-31-2013  Cpl - U. S. Army - Korea; son--Steve; daughter--Vicki 
Bailey, Paul L.  3-30-1940  5-5-2017  Double marker with Peggy Bailey; m. 4-10-1964; children--Phoebe and Penny; grandchildren--Dylan, Jessica, Zachery 
Bailey, Peggy  9-13-1943    Double marker with Paul Bailey; m. 4-10-1964; children--Phoebe and Penny; grandchildren--Dylan, Jessica, Zachery 
Baker, Jimmie Hunter   12-5-1935  12-18-2003  A3C- U. S. Air Force--Korea 
Baldwin, Marva Nell Walraven  10-28-1943  5-20-2010  Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Beevers, Robert L.  4-28-1936  7-17-1964   
Bishop, Silvia Renee  9-8-1982  9-19-2015  Obituary had Silvia Renee Bishop; marker has Sylvia Miller; also listed under that name 
Black, Leonard J.   4-12-1932  3-15-2006  Sgt.- U. S. Army- Korea; full dates from military marker; years only on headstone 
Black, Mary Faye  10-18-1923  1-6-2007  First husband--Roger L. Smith; second husband--Lenoard J. Black (from obituary) 
Box, Donald Ray  10-13-1923  7-8-2008  Double marker with Ruby Edith Waters; m. 8-6-1946; children--Paul Waters, Stephen Preston; minister-United Methodist Church; Tx. Conf. 1943-1987; Methodist church 1988-1990 Stonehouse, Glouestershire, England; 32 degree Mason- Dallas Scottish Rite 
Box, Ruby Edith   10-2-1924    Double marker with Donald Ray Box; m. 8-6-1946; children--Paul Waters, Stephen Preston 
Bundy, Charles H.  11-27-1922  1-19-1993  Double marker with Sue Rodgers Bundy 
Bundy, Sue Rodgers  2-23-1923    Double marker with Charles H. Bundy 
Burns, Emma Etta  3-9-1904  1-15-1982   
Burns, Loyce  8-3-1926  3-5-2015  Double marker with Joyce Burns; m. 2-23-1952 
Burns, Joyce  9-30-1932    Double marker with Loyce Burns; m. 2-23-1952 
Butler, James O.  1894  1961  Double marker with Frances E. Butler 
Butler, Frances E.  1905  1999  Double marker with James O. Bulter; Frances Falkinberry Butler on metal marker with a death date of 9-2-1999; metal marker was not there in 2006 survey 
Camp, Joyce  8-3-1926  2-11-2000  Double marker with Buddy Camp; m. 1-14-1946; obituary had Joyce Camp Murphy 
Camp, Buddy  8-23-1920  5-16-1978  Double marker with Joyce Camp; m. 1-14-1946 
Camp, Joe C.  12-4-1894  10-25-1983  Double marker with Ozie M. Camp; m. 1-5-1916 
Camp, Ozie M.  12-13-1899  8-31-1995  Double marker with Joe C. Camp; m. 1-5-1916 
Camp, Clara M.  6-27-1923  4-10-2017  Wife of Doyle Camp 
Camp, Doyle  6-20-1923  2-25-1987  Double marker with Nadine Camp; m. 10-30-1943 
Camp, Nadine  4-23-1927  1-8-1975  Double marker with Doyle Camp; m. 10-30-1943 
Camp, Hollis Felix  2-12-1919  4-5-1993  Double marker with Lucille Camp; m. 5-5-1945 
Camp, Lucille (Mitchell)  12-29-1917  1-7-1994  Double marker with Hollis Felix Camp; m. 5-5-1945 
Carpenter, H. Dwight  12-9-1935  9-25-1991  Harold D. Carpenter on military marker; T SGT - U. S. Air Force-Korea-Vietnam; double marker with Sue F. Carpenter; m. 7-29-1955 
Carpenter, Sue F.  12-24-1933    Double marker with Harold Dwight Carpenter; m. 7-29-1955 
Carpenter, William Silas  4-21-1909  2-5-1992  Double marker with Ila Pearl Carpenter; m. 12-22-1930 
Carpenter, Ila Pearl  1-29-1911  4-17-2007  Double marker with William Silas Carpenter; m. 12-22-1930 
Carpenter, Joseph Adam  3-20-1921  12-20-2008  Pfc--U. S. Army- World War II 
Carwile, Tammy Sue Rogers  6-11-1960  11-23-1994  Mother of Shane, Danielle, and Jamie 
Carwile, Amanda Danielle  3-5-1982  11-29-2000   
Chapman, Billy R.  8-28-1923  3-29-1996  Double marker with Dorothy Waters Chapman; m. 12-26-1970 
Chapman, Dorothy Waters  11-2-1924    Double marker with Billy R. Chapman; m. 12-26-1970 
Cleary, W. C.  1887  1964  Double marker with Tressie Cleary; m. 1-1-1911 
Cleary, Tressie  1892  1987  Double marker with W. C. Cleary; m. 1-1-1911 
Cogbill, Billie Jo Warmack  11-28-1934  8-8-2000   
Cogbill, Beckie Waters  6-29-1960  6-5-2007   
Crank, Robert A.  1-13-1899  3-9-1985  Double marker with Mana L. Crank; m. 2-9-1919 
Crank, Mana L.  3-11-1900  1-1-1987  Double marker with Robert A. Crank; m. 2-9-1919 
Crank, William S.  7-7-1920  5-3-1998  U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Elsie Fore Crank; m. 7-29-1947; children--Margaret, Mary 
Crank, Elsie Fore  1-8-1928  11-18-1998  Double marker with William S. Crank; m. 7-29-1947; children--Margaret, Mary 
Estridge, Corliss A. Ware  12-24-1946  2-10-2009   
Fore, Fred W.  1-17-1898  3-8-1985  Double marker with Margaret Sutton Fore; m. 4-3-1921 
Fore, Margaret Sutton  12-15-1903  11-14-1992  Double marker with Fred W. Fore; m. 4-3-1921 
Fore, Jerry "Fats"  3-26-1942  8-8-2015  Jerry Donald Fore on military marker; PFC - U. S. Army; double marker with Laura Beth Fore; m. 3-24-2007 
Fore, Laura Beth  1-25-1943    Double marker with Jerry Fore; m. 3-24-2007 
Frith, James Larry  7-19-1947  1-1-1963   
Frith, Durward O.  12-10-1925  2-24-1972  Dunward Olin Frith in obituary 
Guynn, Olive Holloway  8-20-1908  2-24-1968  Daughter of Edd L. and Musie Thompson Holloway; children--Louise M. Ridling Thomas, and Mary E. Ridling Ligon 
Hamlin, Frances L.  5-23-1893  10-16-1987   
Henderson, Louis C.  5-4-1926  1-11-1996  Louis Claude Henderson on military marker; U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Marion Ann Henderson; m. 7-17-1948; death date not engraved on headstone at time of survey 
Henderson, Marion Ann  8-1-1929  10-22-1988  Double marker with Louis Claude Henderson; m. 7-17-1948 
Herring, Malvin O.  1901    Double marker with Rethie F. Herring; family member says this is a memorial stone. He is buried elsewhere. 
Herring, Rethie F.  1899  1978  Double marker with Malvin O. Herring 
Herring, Donald Ray  8-18-1948  7-20-2002  U. S. Army; military marker 
Hesterly, Marcie Grayson  1-19-1877  7-22-1966   
Holloway, Edward L.  4-11-1923  9-24-1967  Texas-Cpl.-Army- World War II; son of Edd L. and Musie Thompson Holloway 
Holloway, Ed L.  10-29-1882  6-4-1964  Double marker with Musie Thompson Holloway; son of R. W. T. and Josephine Cook Holloway; m. 12-24-1905 in Willisville; children--Clayte H. Whitten, Olive H. Guynn, Marie H. Julian, W. Thompson Holloway, and Edward L. Holloway 
Holloway, Musie Thompson  12-24-1885  5-13-1971  Double marker with Ed L. Holloway; m. 12-24-1905 at Willisville; daughter of Asbury T. and Virginia Marlar Thompson; children--Clayte H. Whitten, Olive H. Guynn, Marie H. Julian, W. Thompson Holloway, and Edward L. Holloway 
Huffman, Warren H.  3-17-1909  4-16-1979  Double marker with Halcyone M. Huffman 
Huffman, Halcyone M.  11-8-1911  6-27-1984  Double marker with Warren H. Huffman 
Jackson, Marshall G.  2-24-1917  2-22-1990  Pfc.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Evelyn M. Jackson 
Jackson, Evelyn M.  7-1-1918    Double marker with Marshall G. Jackson 
Jones, John P.  1-1-1915  7-27-2012  Double marker with Cleo R. Jones; m. 7-7-1993; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Jones, Cleo R.  7-20-1916    Double marker with John P. Jones; m. 7-7-1936 
Julian, Marie E. Holloway  7-30-1910  7-13-1991  Daughter of Edd L. and Musie Thompson Holloway; sons--Caudle A. Julian, Jr. and James Basil Julian 
Kretzinger, John William  2-17-1904  2-10-1981  Double marker with Susie Morris Kretzinger 
Kretzinger, Susie Morris  2-29-1924  9-20-2013  Double marker with John William Kretzinger 
Long, Andrew F.  1-22-1918  8-25-1989  Double marker with Eva Mae Long; m. 6-8-1940 
Long, Eva Mae  4-16-1922  3-29-1979  Double marker with Andrew F. Long; m. 6-8-1940 
McGregor, Thompson M. "Tommy"  9-22-1922  8-3-2005  U. S. Navy; double marker with Aileen Frances Silvey McGregor 
McGregor, Aileen Frances Silvey  8-4-1922    Double marker with Thompson M. McGregor 
McKamie, William Brandon  9-22-1979  10-7-1989  Son of John and Mary McKamie; brother of Donna 
McKissack, Hugh Amzia  12-6-1903  6-23-1975   
Marlar, Hoyle  10-18-1911  3-7-1991  James Hoyle Marlar on military marker; Tec 5- U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Ethel Marlar 
Marlar, Ethel  11-9-1920  1-4-2014  Ethel Louise Marlar in obituary; double marker with Hoyle Marlar; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Marlar, Michael Wayne  11-13-1949  11-13-1978   
Marlar, William Herbert  8-31-1904  4-16-1977  Double marker with Selma Thomas Marlar; m. 4-12-1934 
Marlar, Selma Thomas  9-27-1907  6-19-1962  Double marker with William Herbert Marlar; m.4-12-1934 
Marlar, A. J.  7-30-1916  11-5-1963   
Marlar, Floyd Otis  1895  11-24-1963  Double marker with Annis Pearl Marlar; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Marlar, Annis Pearl  1898  1962  Double marker with Floyd Otis Marlar 
Marlar, Tilman Asa  1923  8-3-2002  Double marker with Jessie Hutcheson Marlar; m. 10-9-1943; children--Anita, Albert, Amber; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Marlar, Jessie Hutcheson  6-4-1926  5-17-2011  Double marker with Tilman Asa Marlar; m. 10-9-1943; children--Anita, Albert, Amber; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Marlar, Charlotte J.  1934    Double marker with Dean D. Marlar; m. 6-13-1954 
Marlar, Dean D.  2-6-1929  3-5-1977  Dean David Marler on military marker; SFC- U. S. Army- Korea; double marker with Charlotte J. Marlar; m. 6-13-1954; full dates from military marker 
Marlar, Alfred R.  3-26-1897  10-27-1963  Double marker with Vinna V. Marlar 
Marlar, Vinna V.  11-27-1900  2-16-1984  Double marker with Alfred R. Marlar 
Marlar, Joe B.  9-21-1942  7-15-2002   
Marlar, Elvira  6-9-1951  8-8-2000  Double marker with Melvin Marlar 
Marlar, Melvin  10-13-1943  4-16-2004  James M. Marlar on military marker; SSG- U. S. Army; double marker with Elvira Marlar; death date not engraved on marker at time of survey 
Marlar, Charles Herbert  4-22-1936    Double marker with Cora McDonald Marlar 
Marlar, Albert  6-19-1951  7-16-2017  Information from obituary 
Martin, Joe T.  10-13-1914  3-6-1988  Double marker with Lettie Waters Martin; m. 7-7-1935 
Martin, Lettie Waters  12-23-1916  1-2-2003  Double marker with Joe T. Martin; m. 7-7-1935 
Martin, Wallace Paris  10-6-1911  7-15-1997  Double marker with Pauline Waters Martin 
Martin, Pauline Waters  8-27-1914  5-21-1999  Double marker with Wallace Paris Martin 
Martin, James H.  9-2-1903  1-8-1983  Double marker with Wilma T. Martin 
Martin, Wilma T.  2-9-1906  6-17-1976  Double marker with James H. Martin 
Martin, Sidney  4-17-1901  12-30-1975  Elic Sidney Martin in obituary; double marker with Ruby Martin 
Martin, Ruby  8-11-1907  2-12-1984  Double marker with Sidney Martin 
Martin, J. Les  1895  1-18-1971  Double marker with Myrth F. Martin; m. 10-24-1932; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, Myrth F.  1907  11-24-1975  Mary Myrth Martin in obituary; double marker with J. Les Martin; m. 10-24-1932; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, George D.  1891  8-5-1972  Double marker with Myrtle U. Martin; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, Myrtle U.   1895  10-25-1970  Double marker with George D. Martin; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, Hartsfiel C.  4-14-1902  5-12-1962  Double marker with Ollie Waters Martin 
Martin, Ollie Waters  7-7-1905  6-12-1982  Double marker with Hartsfiel C. Martin 
Martin, Doyle H.  10-10-1910  1-1-1989  Double marker with Gertie L. Martin 
Martin, Gertie L.  5-28-1911  11-16-2004  Double marker with Doyle H. Martin 
Martin, Leo A. "Bill"  3-1-1905  2-16-1987  Double marker with Willie Lee Martin 
Martin, Willie Lee  1-29-1909  12-5-1986  Double marker with Leo A. Martin 
Martin, Sebern  1892  5-4-1973  Seaburn M. Martin in obituary; double marker with Mittie Martin; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, Mittie  1893  1983  Double marker with Sebern Martin 
Martin, Hershel Avon  11-7-1935  11-19-2002  Double marker with Shirley Mack Warmack; m. 1953; daughters--Debra Denise, Deldra Diane; grandsons--Derek Michael, Darin Martin, Andrew Avon 
Martin, Shirley Mack Warmack  9-16-1936    Double marker with Hershel Avon Martin; m. 1953; daughters--Debra Denise, Deldra Diane; grandsons--Derek Michael, Darin Martin, Andrew Avon 
May, Hillman H.  12-14-1909  7-11-1999  Double marker with Dovie W. May 
May, Dovie W.  2-1-1907  5-18-1979  Double marker with Hillman H. May 
Meux, John Wesley  4-25-1928  3-13-2017  Double marker with Elizabeth Whitten Meux; son of Clarence D. Meux and Rena Curtis Meux; m. 8-30-1953; children--John Whitten Meux and Laura Elizabeth Meux 
Meux, Elizabeth Whitten  10-29-1934  3-18-2016  Double marker with John Wesley Meux; daughter of Ellis A. Whtten and Clayle Holloway Whitten; m. 8-30-1953; children--John Whitten Meux and Laura Elizabeth Meux 
Miller, Robert J.  3-26-1916  7-23-1990  PFC.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Dorothy L. Miller; m. 11-23-1946; children--Richard, Janice, Larry; birth date on military marker is 3-16-1916 
Miller, Dorothy L.   3-5-1929  7-13-2010  Double marker with Robert J. Miller; m. 11-23-1946; children--Richard, Janice, Larry 
Miller, Elvis J.  9-26-1907  4-22-1992  Double marker with Elvie Mae Miller; m. 9-23-1933 
Miller, Elvie Mae  12-25-1907  12-27-1993  Double marker with Elvis J. Miller; m. 9-23-1933 
Miller, John Delmer  1-12-1913  12-22-2005  Double marker with Ruby M. Miller; m. 6-8-1935 
Miller, Ruby M.  12-15-1916  4-28-1977  Double marker with John Delmer Miller; m. 6-8-1935 
Miller, Billy W.  8-26-1941    Double marker with Margaret M. Miller; m. 4-15-1977 
Miller, Margaret M.  12-19-1933  3-16-1994  Double marker with Billy W. Miller; m. 4-15-1977 
Miller, Sam O.  1918  1979  Double marker with Rebecca G. Miller 
Miller, Rebecca G.  1920  9-4-1977  Double marker with Sam O. Miller; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Miller, Sylvia R.  9-8-1982  9-19-2015   
Mitchell, Willie E.  1889  1961  Double marker with Ada Hooper Mitchell 
Mitchell, Ada Hooper  1891  2-6-1966  Double marker with Willie E. Mitchell; full death date from obituary; year only on marker; Ada Orene Hooper Mitchell in obituary 
Mitchell, Nina Lee  8-28-1928  1-21-1984   
Mitchell, Michael Garland  6-13-1943  10-6-1970   
Mitchell, Joyce Garland "Judge"  5-18-1915  2-9-1998  Double marker with Mary D. Kennedy Mitchell; m. 5-26-1940; parents of Martha and Becky 
Mitchell, Mary D. Kennedy  6-5-1913  5-21-1999  Double marker with Joyce Garland Mitchell; m. 5-26-1940; parents of Martha and Becky 
Mitchell, Billy  6-30-1945  7-25-1968  Claude B. Mitchell on military marker; Ark.-Sgt.- U. S. Army; son of Wm. Preach Mitchell; fiance of Mary Jeanne Chasters 
Mitchell, Frank "Blue"  7-12-1927  5-10-2000  Willisville Dennis the Menace 
Mitchell, Garland H.  4-18-1914    Double marker with Ada Marie Mitchell; m. 6-17-1939 
Mitchell, Ada Marie  12-31-1917  6-26-1998  Double marker with Garland H. Mitchell; m. 6-17-1939 
Montgomery, George H.  11-21-1940  5-30-2015  George Hudson Montgomery in obituary; double marker with Sherry Simpson Montgomery; son--Chad 
Montgomery, Sherry Simpson  4-15-1942    Double marker with George H. Montgomery; son--Chad 
Morehead, Carroll D.  1-18-1922  9-14-2008  Double marker with Hera Bailey Morehead; m. 6-20-1942; Caroll David Morehead in obituary 
Morehead, Hera Bailey  7-14-1922  8-3-2005  Hera Louise Bailey Morehead in obituary; double marker with Carroll D. Morehead; m. 6-20-1942 
Morris, Jesse  12-25-1895  11-28-1978  Double marker with Allie Easterling Morris 
Morris, Allie Easterling  2-11-1896  2-3-1971  Double marker with Jesse Morris; Mary Allie Morris in obituary 
Morton, (infant)    8-3-1965  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Nye Morton, Jr. 
Moudy, Olive Silvey  3-14-1912  3-12-1992   
Mowl, Gordon C.  3-15-1889  3-2-1977   
Mowl, Thelma  1901  1940  Wife of E. E. Mowl 
Mowl, Edgar E.  11-6-1887  7-21-1974   
Murphy, Lee Roy  9-12-1919  8-5-1988   
Murphy, Janice Miller  7-8-1951  9-26-1993   
O'Keefe, J. R. "Bob"  7-11-1884  12-30-1966  Double marker with Pattie B. O'Keefe; John R. O'Keefe in obituary 
O'Keefe, Pattie B.  8-31-1890  1-3-1965  Double marker with J. R. O'Keefe 
Pennington, James Moses  3-20-1945    Double marker with Patricia Dale Pennington; m. 8-25-1972; children--Lisa Len, Terry Kay, James Anthony 
Pennington, Patricia Dale  1-18-1947    Double marker with James Moses Pennington; m. 8-25-1972; children--Lisa Len, Terry Kay, James Anthony 
Pinkerton, James Orvil  6-20-1906  2-10-1987  Double marker with Ollie Martin Pinkerton 
Pinkerton, Ollie Martin  8-17-1917  6-16-1998  Double marker with James Orvil Pinkerton 
Pyka, Patsy Simpson  2-21-1941  2-22-2016  Mother of Traci and Kelly 
Reedy, Estie L.  1894  1976   
Richardson, Joseph H.  11-25-1925  3-10-1989  Double marker with Dorothy M. Richardson 
Richardson, Dorothy M.  9-27-1920  12-13-1993  Double marker with Joseph H. Richardson 
Rodgers, Lawrence "Mack"  6-18-1886  7-3-1963  Double marker with Eva Easterling Rodgers 
Rodgers, Eva Easterling  7-23-1895  4-3-1990  Double marker with Lawrence Rodgers 
Rodgers, Rudolph  1-23-1921  4-30-1977  Double marker with Margie Rodgers 
Rodgers, Margie  10-27-1924  7-6-1991  Double marker with Rudolph Rodgers 
Rollings, Tyra Hansen  1902  1974  Double marker with Norma Silvey Rollings 
Rollings, Norma Silvey  1910  1996  Double marker with Tyra Hansen Rollings 
Rollings, Charlie Tryan  11-5-1905  9-1-1990  Double marker with Josie McKissack Rollings 
Rollings, Josie McKissack  12-8-1913  11-22-2002  Double marker with Charlie Tryan Rollings 
Sams, Estlene Marlar  10-7-1917  10-20-1991   
Simpson, William T.  1-15-1888  3-8-1964  Double marker with Gracie A. Simpson 
Simpson, Gracie A.  8-19-1893  12-23-1960  Double marker with William T. Simpson 
Simpson, Mouzon  11-14-1919  12-23-1985  Mouzon E. Simpson on military marker; S Sgt.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Heloise Simpson 
Simpson, Heloise  11-21-1922  6-4-1985  Double marker with Mouzon Simpson 
Simpson, William T. (Dub)  8-25-1917  2-27-1994  S1- U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Iris Dean West Simpson; m. 9-30-1938 
Simpson, Iris Dean West  6-11-1918  11-2-2008  Double marker with William T. Simpson; m. 9-30-1938 
Simpson, Pascal A.  10-14-1910  1-22-1997  Double marker with Beulah L. Simpson 
Simpson, Beulah L.  11-18-1909  12-29-1998  Double marker with Pascal A. Simpson 
Simpson, Shelbie Joyce Camp  9-19-1939  9-15-2003  Double marker with Royce Dean Simpson; m. 4-25-1959; children--Reggie Dean and Tamala Joyce 
Simpson, Royce Dean  10-13-1938    Double marker with Shelbie Joyce Camp Simpson; m. 4-25-1959; children--Reggie Dean and Tamala Joyce 
Smith, Roger Louis  2-28-1918  1-16-1966  1st Sgt.-48 Bom. Sq.-AA F-World War II; full dates on military marker 
Smith, Zan    6-5-1949  Infant daughter of Roger and Faye Smith 
Sorrells, John K.  12-8-1901  2-24-1980  Double marker with Johnnie C. Sorrells 
Sorrells, Johnnie C.  5-22-1900  8-3-1980  Double marker with John K. Sorrells 
Sorrells, James Elmer  7-11-1922  11-14-1982  BM1-U. S. Navy- World War II 
Steed, Claby  1894  2-2-1978  Double marker with Mattie Steed; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Steed, Mattie  1898    Double marker with Claby Steed; no death date engraved at time of survey 
Steed, Andrew Oxford  2-4-1924  6-30-1990  U. S. Navy- World War II 
Thompson, Claude E.  1884  Aug., 1935  Double marker with Lossie E. Thompson; death month from newspaper; year only on stone 
Thompson, Lossie E.  1889  1987  Double marker with Claude E. Thompson 
Thompson, A. T.  4-30-1913  11-10-1990   
Travis, Kara Adelle  1-29-1979  8-6-1997   
Waldron, Wayne H.  5-30-1929  8-22-1996  Double marker with Dorothy O'Keefe Waldron; Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II; military marker has birth year 1927 
Waldron, Dorothy O'Keefe  2-1-1922  6-4-2007  Double marker with Wayne H. Waldron 
Walraven, Johnnie E.  11-21-1922  6-25-2003  Sgt.- U. S. Army-World War II - Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart; double marker with Vurle Mason Walraven; m. 12-20-1941 
Walraven, Vurle Mason  1-3-1922  12-10-1990  Double marker with Johnnie E. Walraven; m. 12-20-1941 
Ward, Curtis W.  1915  1972  Double marker with Myrtis Ruth Ward 
Ward, Myrtis Ruth  1920  1981  Double marker with Curtis W. Ward 
Ware, James Leslie, Jr.  12-8-1923  6-17-1972  Double marker with Maxine Ware 
Ware, Maxine  5-15-1928    Double marker with James Leslie Ware, Jr. 
Ware, J. L. (Less)  4-21-1892  11-20-1979  Double marker with Bessie D. Ware; m. 10-7-1912 
Ware, Bessie D.  8-18-1890  4-26-1974  Double marker with J. L. Ware; m. 10-7-1912 
Warmack, Jennings Bryan  11-8-1898  9-4-1987  Double marker with Alice Joy Warmack 
Warmack, Alice Joy  6-14-1903  6-20-1987  Double marker with Jennings Bryan Warmack 
Warmack, Mack M.  1909  1975  Double marker with Esther A. Warmack 
Warmack, Esther A.  1911  4-9-1969  Double marker with Mack M. Warmack; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Waters, Roy N.  8-3-1911  9-18-1985  Double marker with Ogla M. Waters 
Waters, Ogla M.  4-17-1912  6-6-1983  Double marker with Roy N. Waters 
Waters, Lee Terrell  12-19-1927  10-23-1978  Pfc.- U. S. Army-Korea 
Waters, Lee A.  12-10-1900  6-23-1975  Double marker with Ethel L. Waters 
Waters, Ethel L.  3-25-1900  10-28-1975  Ethel Marlar Waters in obituary; double marker with Lee A. Waters 
Waters, Thomas Chris  6-30-1893  9-1-1959  Double marker with Rachel Camp Waters 
Waters, Rachel Camp  1-29-1897  2-29-1988  Double marker with Thomas Chris Waters 
Waters, David Franklin  6-9-1936  1-16-2011  Full dates from obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Waters, Henry Louis  3-3-1887  11-6-1976  Son of Thomas Perry Waters and Cornelia Frances Crank; Wagr.-U. S. Army- World War I; double marker with Dovie Waters; m. 10-15-1920; children--Ruby, Edith, Thomas, Perry 
Waters, Dovie  8-29-1894  12-20-1976  Daughter of Pleasant Fortune Morehead and Mary Frances McKamie; double marker with Henry Louis Waters; m. 10-15-1920; children--Ruby, Edith, Thomas, Perry 
Waters, Robert Finley  3-27-1914  8-24-1984  Double marker with Avalee Cook Waters 
Waters, Avalee Cook  7-21-1917  12-26-1988  Double marker with Robert Finley Waters 
Waters, W. Chester  11-25-1903  11-14-1976  Double marker with Leta Mae Waters 
Waters, Leta Mae  8-7-1904  10-14-1984  Double marker with W. Chester Waters 
Waters, A. Winston  8-26-1935  12-18-1983  Double marker with Laura A. Waters; m. 7-21-1973 
Waters, Laura A.  11-22-1947    Double marker with A. Winston Waters; m. 7-21-1973 
Waters, Bob G.  8-20-1928    Double marker with Azelle A. Waters 
Waters, Azelle A.  9-15-1929  2-12-1973  Double marker with Bob G. Waters; Azell Martin Waters in obituary 
Waters, Roy Nelson, Jr.  9-14-1932  12-14-2003  Double marker with Mary Jo Silvey Waters; children--Mike and Randy 
Waters, Mary Jo Silvey  2-7-1931    Double marker with Roy Nelson Waters, Jr.; children--Mike and Randy 
Waters, Albert Truett  7-11-1937  11-27-2008  Double marker with Billie Fern Waters; daughter--Beckie 
Waters, Billie Fern  9-14-1940  6-5-2011  Double marker with Albert Truett Waters; daughter- Beckie 
Waters, Tommy R.  1-14-1943    Double marker with Myrna Bridges Waters; m. 12-20-1963; children--Billy, Kristi 
Waters, Myrna Bridges  6-4-1945  10-8-2010  Double marker with Tommy R. Waters; m. 12-20-1963; children--Billy, Kristi 
West, Jay Jeffery  5-28-1966  8-1-1993  Daddy of Amber; husband of Sherry; son of Carl & Shirley 
West, Carl Max  1-25-1940    Double marker with Shirley West; m 10-18-1958 
West, Shirley  6-17-1939  2-15-1999  Double marker with Carl Max West; m. 10-18-1958 
West, Lyle A.  1909  1973  Double marker with Hattie Mae West 
West, Hattie Mae  1909  1991  Double marker with Lyle A. West 
West, Carl A.  8-22-1912  3-14-2004  Double marker with Flora Mae West; m. 5-7-1938 
West, Flora Mae  10-17-1923  10-23-1997  Double marker with Carl A. West; m. 5-7-1938 
West, Arthur L.  1888  2-11-1966  Double marker with Ida Adelle West; full death date from obituary; year only on marker; Arthur Lee West in obituary 
West, Ida Adelle  1892  1959  Double marker with Arthur L. West 
West, Pansy E.  1923  1999  Double marker with Dexter B. West; death date 7-6-1999 in obituary 
West, Dexter B.  1921  1969  Double marker with Pansy E. West 
Whitten, Ellis A.  3-21-1897  6-7-1988  Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War I; double marker with Clayte Holloway Whitten; son of William Riley Whitten and Nora L. Hill; child--Elizabeth Thompson Whitten; m. 8-28-1926 
Whitten, Clayte Holloway  10-27-1906  4-25-1994  Double marker with Ellis A. Whitten; m.8-28-1926; daughter of Edd L. Holloway and Musie Thompson; child--Elizabeth Thompson Whitten 
Wilhite, Charles Franklin  11-5-1935    Double marker with Maxine Jenelle Wilhite; m. 3-22-1963 
Wilhite, Maxine Jenelle  10-8-1931  7-12-1994  Double marker with Charles Franklin Wilhite; m. 3-22-1963 
Woodruff, Fletcher J.  2-13-1902  6-30-1965  Double marker with Emma R. Woodruff 
Woodruff, Emma R.  6-27-1905  2-8-1991  Double marker with Fletcher J. Woodruff 
Woodruff, Milton Lee  5-23-1894  1-28-1961  Ark.- Cpl.- U. S. Army- World War I 
Young, Billy J.   9-14-1926  10-13-2002  Billy James Young on military marker; COX - U. S. Navy- World War II; double marker with Elsie M. Young; m. 3-30-1946 
Young, Elsie M.  10-30-1925    Double marker with Billy J. Young; m. 3-30-1946 

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References to an "earlier record" usually refer to a survey conducted in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers' Clubs, the original of which is on file at the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

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Suggested content for bibliography entry:
Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - Willisville Cemetery"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/c/100
Retrieval Date: March 21, 2018

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