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Craven Cemetery (Black)

This African-American cemetery is located in the SE1/4 NW1/4 of Section 24, Township 11 South, Range 22 West. It is fenced on three sides and is a fairly large cemetery. Some maintenance work has been done recently when surveyed in 2018. Nine graves were found in 2018 survey that could not be identified. Some unmarked graves noted.
Driving directions: From Prescott, go east toward Camden about three miles and turn right on Rd. No. 32. Go south for 1.5 miles to Rd. No. 256. Turn left. The cemetery will be on your right alongside the road.





Brown, Lois C.  1950  1973   
Burton, John  12-25-1870  11-2-1944  Double marker with Lattie Burton 
Burton, Lattie  1872  1914  Double marker with John Burton 
Burton, Rev. Leon   9-15-1920  12-15-1969   
Charles, Lee  10-6-1887  11-24-1952  Double marker with Mary Charles 
Charles, Mary  5-11-1890  12-20-1928  Double marker with Lee Charles 
Charles, Grover C.  1910  1982  Metal marker set in concrete 
Craven, Mattie Redic  6-2-1902  4-23-1990   
Craven, Richard Ray  1997  1997  Dates from metal marker; no dates on stone 
Craven, William H.  2-7-1929  12-26-2013  Double marker with Levercie Craven 
Craven, Levercie  10-25-1936  2-27-2019  Double marker with William H. Craven; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Craven, James  11-19-1925    Double marker with Jannie Craven; children -- Herbert, James Jr., Janice, Janet, Rodney 
Craven, Jannie  3-20-1941  10-25-2017  Double marker with James Craven; children -- Herbert, James Jr., Janice, Janet, Rodney 
Craven, James Jr.  12-21-1958  5-8-2016  Sgt. - U. S. Marine Corps - Persian Gulf 
Cravens, Brooks  12-25-1895  7-1-1977  Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War I 
Craven, Charlotte Ann  1-7-1958  3-29-2014  Information from obituary; not found in 2018 survey 
Easter, Rev. A. G.   1908  1997  Dates from metal marker; no dates on stone 
Easter, Willie Mae  8-26-1918  2-14-2000  Metal funeral home marker 
Evans, Elzie Lee  8-3-1927  7-6-2001   
Evans, Florence Craven  12-12-1926  6-17-2016   
Evans, Sandra K.  7-20-1959  10-28-2017  Sandra Kay Evans in obituary 
Flemons, Mack  1909  1957  Metal marker set in concrete 
Flemons, Carrie      No dates on stone 
Flemons, Andrew      No dates on stone 
Flemons, Fronia      No dates on stone 
Flemons, Clarence      No dates on marker 
Flemons, William  1917  1967  Not found in 2018 survey 
Flemons, Vilor  1884  1967   
Gillard, Fred  9-28-1896  11-26-1955  Arkansas - Pvt-544 Svc BN-Engr. Corps- World War I 
Gillard, Genous  11-11-1925  3-9-1970  Husband of Patsy; not found in 2018 survey 
Gillard, Mr. Cleve, Jr.  2-10-1938  6-8-1986   
Gillard, Edward  1905  1988   
Gillard, Bill  12-25-1898  9-11-1972   
Gillard, Catherine  9-27-1904  6-11-1991   
Gillard, Alice  5-7-1902  5-19-1979   
Gillard, Lee John "Slim"  7-21-1932  5-6-1998   
Gillard, Nadine  8-12-1926  8-8-2000   
Hayes, Idella Hopson  11-27-1929  4-7-2012  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Henderson, Louise Gillard  9-12-1922  11-29-2002   
Hendrix, Jessie James  11-29-1929  4-7-2017  Double marker with Francis Faye Hendrix 
Hendrix, Francis Faye  11-11-1937    Double marker with Jessie James Hendrix 
Gillard, Lee E.  1936  1980  Flat stone 
Holloway, ?    1976  Metal marker-some information missing; not found or could not be read in 2018 survey 
Holloway, Humphry  9-24-1893  1-28-1974  Pvt.-U. S. Army 
Hopson, Elizabeth  10-8-1872  6-1-1952   
Hopson, (infant)  1990  1990  Metal marker 
Hopson, C. L.   7-10-1929  11-16-2002  Double marker with Lurene E. Hopson; m. 6-9-1951; children -- Jo Anne, Margaret, Gary, Patricia, Kenneth, Eva, Franklin 
Hopson, Lurene E.  9-2-1932    Double marker with C. L. Hopson; m. 6-9-1951; children -- Jo Anne, Margaret, Gary, Patricia, Kenneth, Eva, Franklin 
Hopson, Claudie  4-16-1904  2-25-1978   
Hopson, Emma Flemons  12-4-1911  8-19-2007  Emma Mae Hopson in obituary 
Hopson, Doris Ann   6-5-1959  11-7-2014  Doris Ann Welch Hopson in obituary 
Hopson, Lurlene Estelle  9-2-1932  1-17-2019  Information from obituary 
Hubbard, Clinton  5-17-1917  12-11-1981  Broken stone; no dates on new stone 
Jackson, Emma Jean  6-2-1966  12-21-1994  Age 32 
Jefferson, Tori S.  1984  1985  Metal marker set in concrete 
Jefferson, Leonard H.  6-27-1949  11-14-1992  Sp. 4-U. S. Army-Vietnam 
Johnson, Jewell E.  1963  1997  Dates from metal marker; no dates on new marker 
Johnson, Mr. Jessie  9-23-1902  12-31-1979  Not found in 2018 survey 
Johnson, Shirley  11-25-1944  1-4-2000  Dates from metal marker; no dates on stone 
Johnson, Queen E.  5-1-1959  5-30-2015   
Kendrick, Vassie Lee  12-27-1910  10-24-1995  Not found in 2018 survey 
Lewis, Andrea     6-26-1996  Age 17-metal marker; no dates on stone 
McKinney, Mary Ella  2-27-1902  4-26-1946   
Murphy, Timothy D.  1968  1969  Metal marker set in concrete 
Redic, W. R.  3-6-1875  4-22-1951  Broken stone-hard to read; replace with stone with name only 
Redic, Udora Tidwell  1903  July, 1978  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Redic, Oscar  6-26-1909  2-23-1996  S. Sgt. - U. S. Army - World War II 
Redice, Bernice  1922  1956  Metal marker set in concrete 
Robison, Hattie  1890  1963  Metal marker set in concrete 
Simmons, William P.  2-12-1914  9-7-1994  Tec. 5-U. S. Army-World War II 
Simmons, Mrs. Oree  11-7-1921  5-6-2001  Metal marker 
Stephens, Joe Charles  9-18-1945  4-26-2015  Information from obituary; not found in 2018 survey 
Stephens Della Mae Zachery  4-30-1925  8-9-1986   
Stuckey, Alvern Simpson  11-16-1933  12-14-2004   
Stuckey, Russell "Poppa"  1-21-1964  1-23-2015  Brothers and sisters -- Mary Holyfield Stuckey, Jordan Stuckey, Corliss Stuckey 
Tidwell, Daniel F.  10-30-1917  9-10-1982  Pfc. -U. S. Army- World War II 
Tidwell, Durie  1929  1986  Dates from metal marker; no dates on stone 
Tidwell, Clarence C.  11-7-1919  6-30-1988  Pvt.-Air Force- World War II 
Van Hook, Bama Craven  10-30-1934  2-17-1990  In plot with Brooks and Mattie Craven 
Washington, Ennis  8-22-1881  12-20-1947  Age 66; marker hard to read; not found or could not be read in 2018 survey 
Welch, Gloria Tidwell  12-26-1934  5-19-2016   
Williams, S. W.  1877  1939   
Williamson, Linda  9-14-1965  12-18-1989  Daughter--Vontillia 
Williamson, Eltiser  12-8-09  2-13-85   
Young, Veller  1898  1959  Metal marker set in concrete 
Young, Lavern  11-9-1941  11-5-2000   
Zackary, John R.  9-9-1928  11-28-1956   
Zackery, John Thomas  8-31-1925  7-21-1995  STM1-U. S. Navy-World War II 
Zachery, Nancy  10-8-1907  7-11-1947   

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Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - Craven Cemetery (Black)"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/c/19
Retrieval Date: October 16, 2019

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