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Friendship Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the S1/2 NE1/4 of Section 3, Township 13 South, Range 21 West. It is just east of the old Friendship Baptist church building, which still stands. The church is not being used. The cemetery is well maintained and is fenced.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwys. 299 and 200 (Morris), go south on Hwy. 200 toward Cale about two miles. Turn right on Rd. No. 17 and go 1/4th mile. Turn left. The church and cemetery will be on your right. This road also intersects Hwy. 200.





Akin, B. F.      Double marker with Jane Akin; no dates; found obituary for Benjamin Aikin who died in Dec., 1890; not sure if same person 
Akin, Jane      Double marker with B. F. Akin; on back of B. F. Akin stone; no dates 
Allen, William T.  7-19-1879  2-26-1920   
Almand, John David  5-14-1880  4-7-1967  Double marker with Emma Burns Almand 
Almand, Emma Burns  6-10-1887  5-21-1974  Double marker with John David Almand 
Almand, John B.  12-1-1839  9-17-1891  Co. F-38 Ga.Inf.-CSA; dates are from old stone 
Almand, Paul  1915  1918  Son of J. D. & E. Almand 
Almand, Ewell L.  11-23-1911  11-4-1978  Pfc.-Army-World War II 
Almand, Willie  6-3-1885  5-25-1974   
Almand, William A.  1868  1869  Metal marker set in concrete 
Almand, Fannie Watson  4-1-1849  7-12-1912  Wife of J. B. Almand 
Almand, (infant)  1926  1926  Metal marker set in concrete 
Almand, John Leland  6-10-1909  7-22-1976   
Almond, David Butler   1816  1873  Donated land for church and cemetery; first pastor in 1859; old stone moved to just inside gate by fence 
Almand, Mahala Plunkett  1-30-1812  10-15-1886  Wife of D. B. Almand; buried in Little Rock 
Almond, Elvin Esther  11-25-1913  1-8-1937   
Almond, Clarence Monroe  1-15-1887  3-31-1962  Double marker with Mary Lillie White Almond; m. 12-23-1910 
Almond, Mary Lillie White  7-18-1892  10-21-1929  Double marker with Clarence Monroe Almond; m. 12-23-1910 
Almond, Troy  8-9-1915  11-15-1974  Double marker with Jessie Almond 
Almond, Jessie  11-22-1915  1-31-1988  Double marker with Troy Almond 
Almond, Alton B.  9-29-1938  1-28-1983  Double marker with (blank) 
Almond, (blank)      Double marker with Alton B. Almond 
Almond, Steven D.   1-26-1967  6-10-04  Stephen Dwight Almond in obituary 
Alsobrook, Jessie L.  9-16-1879  9-29-1904  Wife of E. E. Alsobrook 
Alsobrook, Mattie A. Purtle  3-26-1886  7-17-1913  Wife of E. E. Alsobrook 
Alsobrook, Edgar E.  1877  1944   
Alsobrook, Edgar Lloyd    3-24-1925  Grave not found; info. from newspaper obituary 
Ammons, Archie F.  12-22-1926    Double marker with Louise Bean Ammons; m. 6-21-1947; daughters--Robin and Cindy; grandchildren--Joshua, Brandon, Brady 
Ammons, Louise Bean  10-1-1929    Double marker with Archie F. Ammons; m. 6-21-1947; daughters--Robin and Cindy; grandchildren--Joshua, Brandon, Brandy 
Anderson, Tom  1892  1977  Same marker as Maggie, Kenneth, and Allen Anderson 
Anderson, Maggie  1899  1940  Same marker as Tom, Kenneth, and Allen Anderson 
Anderson, Kenneth  1928  1929  Same marker as Tom, Maggie, and Allen Anderson 
Anderson, Allen  1923  1926  Same marker as Tom, Maggie, and Kenneth Anderson 
Atkins, J. C.  11-29-1829  3-17-1914  Double marker with Sarah Cook Atkins 
Atkins, Sarah Cook  1-17-1839  1-15-1914  Wife of J. C. Atkins; double marker with J. C. Atkins 
Baker, Jerry D.  8-2-1939    Double marker with JoAnne C. Baker; m. 5-27-1966 
Baker, JoAnne C.  3-3-1937  7-3-2006  Double marker with Jerry D. Baker; m. 5-27-1966 
Barham, David  2-21-1906  11-27-1980  Double marker with Christine Barham; m. 12-24-1924 
Barham, Christine  12-10-1909  8-21-1988  Double marker with David Barham; m. 12-24-1924 
Barham, H. Lamar  9-25-1927  9-26-2011  Double marker with Margaret S. Barham; m. 11-22-1945 
Barham, Margaret S.  1-16-1929    Double marker with H. Lamar Barham; m. 11-22-1945 
Barham, Wayne W.  3-15-1937    Double marker with Betty A. Barham; m. 12-26-1955 
Barham, Betty A.  10-10-1937    Double marker with Wayne W. Barham; m. 12-26-1955 
Barksdale, J. W.  12-13-1871  3-1-1911  John W. Barksdale in obituary 
Benton, S. G.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Benton, Inez C.  3-20-1894  1-12-1975  Inez Rhodes Benton in obituary; double marker with Spencer G. H. Benton 
Benton, Spencer G. H.  2-16-1887  3-9-1965  Double marker with Inez C. Benton 
Benton, Bill  3-23-1913  6-2-1976   
Benton, Emily  8-11-1933  7-5-2016   
Berryman, Mary Martha Cook  10-30-1913  8-1-2006   
Billings, W. R.  8-2-1888  5-16-1934  Woodmen of the World monument 
Billings, Carrie H.  6-16-1888  8-30-1953   
Billings, Charles Clifton  9-6-1907  7-20-1962  Arkansas-S1-UNSR-World War II; double marker with Winnie Bell Smith Billings 
Billings, Winnie Bell Smith  1-22-1909  10-10-1965  Double marker with Charles Clifton Billings 
Billings, John      Co. E-2 Mo. Inf.-CSA 
Billings, David Clifton  8-23-1944  1-13-2008  Double marker with Paula Jo Billings; m. 2-3-1966 
Billings, Paula Jo  1-10-1947    Double marker with David Clifton Billings; m. 2-3-1966 
Blaumm ???, Helen  6-16-1896  7-27-1939  Metal marker at west fence north of bush; hard to read name 
Burkett, Homer W.  1-7-1907  11-4-1975   
Carter, Alice  6-3-1886  4-9-1967  Wife of E. M. Carter; metal marker had Alice Hannah Carter 
Carter, Edgar  10-8-1889  7-31-1967  Metal marker had Edgar M. Carter 
Carter, Rosa  9-15-1879  1-3-1927  Wife of E. M. Carter 
Clayton, William A.  3-25-1894  3-10-1971  Double marker with Callie N. Clayton 
Clayton, Callie N. "Omer"  5-5-1904  5-12-1974  Double marker with William A. Clayton 
Clifton, Brandon Jack    12-31-1996  One date on stone 
Clifton, Laverne A.  7-13-1937  7-26-2012   
Cook, E. T.    May, 1911  Co. H-19 Ark. Inf.-CSA; no dates on stone; found obituary of E. T. Cood--age 70 who died in May, 1911; assumed to be this person with name mis-spelled 
Cook, Ciscero H.   10-10-1874  12-13-1957  Double marker with Sally Ann Cook; m. 1-15-1899 
Cook, Sally Ann  4-9-1879  10-31-1970  Double marker with Ciscero H. Cook; m. 1-15-1899 
Cook, Clarence  1916  1935   
Cook, Dorothy  1924  1938   
Cook, Ellen Toland    4-1922  Wife of E. T. Cook 
Cook, Hollis S.  11-28-1920  5-22-1986  S. Sgt.-Army-World War II 
Cook, W. E. "Sam"  7-28-1908  3-27-1972  Double marker with Justine Cook 
Cook, Justine  10-23-1911  1-13-1984  Double marker with W. E. Cook 
Cook, Homer H.   11-29-1903  5-16-1991  Double marker with Hester P. Cook; m. 1-7-1926 
Cook, Hester P.  2-25-1907  9-17-1981  Double marker with Homer H. Cook; m. 1-7-1926 
Cottingham, James L.  1863  1955  Double marker with Sophronia R. Cottingham 
Cottingham, Sophronia R.  1869  May, 1942  Double marker with James L. Cottingham; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Cox, Howard  6-30-1911  7-19-1970   
Cox, Edward F.  1864  1928  Double marker with Martha Lee Cox 
Cox, Martha Lee  1873  1930  Double marker with Edward F. Cox 
Cummings, Oma B.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Cummings, Helen      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Cummings, Luther      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Cummings, Sarah A.    age 75  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Cummings, Robert C.    age 65  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Daniell, Audie  8-2-1890  11-7-1924  Double marker with Odis Daniell 
Daniell, Odis  7-24-1886  4-22-1955  Double marker with Audie Daniell 
Daniell, Josiah M.  7-3-1823  10-11-1900  Double marker with Louisa M. Daniell; researcher says they married about 1846 and had a child, Roxie Ann 
Daniell, Louisa M.  1-28-1830  8-24-1913  Double marker with Josiah M. Daniell; researcher says they married about 1846 and had a child, Roxie Ann 
Daniell, Guy Otis  11-12-1910  1-13-1996  Double marker with Ohel Naomi Daniell 
Daniell, Ohel Naomi  11-7-1909  9-1-2003  Double marker with Guy Otis Daniell 
Davis, Mrs. F. B.     7-26-1931  Age 30; grave not found during survey; information from obituary; one paper had Mrs. B. F. Davis 
Dorman, James   1862  1928  Double marker with Nancy Dorman 
Dorman, Nancy  1867  1926  Double marker with James Dorman 
Dossey, Loudean Johnson Jarvis   8-11-1935  12-2-1999   
Epperson, Edna V.  10-31-1903  2-26-1916  Daughter of B. C. & W. E. Epperson 
Epperson, James Blakely  12-13-1933  6-30-1934  Triple marker with Buck E. Epperson and Katherine Blakely Epperson 
Epperson, Buck E.   4-28-1907  7-28-1984  Triple marker with James Blakely Epperson and Katherine Blakely Epperson 
Epperson, Katherine Blakely  6-15-1912  10-2-1999  Triple marker with James Blakely Epperson and Buck E. Epperson 
Epperson, Willella  1-18-1883  3-5-1969  Double marker with Binum C. Epperson; m. 2-23-1902 
Epperson, Binum C.  9-22-1880  8-1-1973  Double marker with Willella Epperson; m. 2-23-1902 
Faught, Ruby  1911  1930   
Gammage, Arren A.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Gammage, Judson  10-19-1887  2-26-1899  Broken stone 
Gammage, Mary A.  11-8-1854  11-30-1892  Wife of T. M. Gammage 
Gammage, T. M.  7-15-1856  2-20-1910   
Gammage, Mary E.  7-24-1876  11-14-1892  Broken stone 
Gammage, Arrona  3-17-1870  3-6-1947   
Good, E. T.    June, 1911  Age 70; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Gulley, Bessie Almand  9-2-1904  7-6-1995   
Harris, Earleen Mathis  1-26-1934    Mother of Mike Ridling and Susan Swallow 
Helms, Lilla Dail Bradley  11-8-1877  8-3-1955  Wife of P. H. Helms; old monument showed complete dates and was moved by west fence 
Henry, Nannie J. Greer  6-18-1866  1-16-1902  Daughter of A. P. & N. C. Greer; wife of R. M. Henry 
Higginbotham, Joe C.  1866  1953  Double marker with Fannie Higginbotham 
Higginbotham, Fannie  1858  2-15-1934  Double marker with Joe C. Higginbotham; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Holloman, T. H.  1856  1925   
Jetton, Thomas A.  1866  1938  Triple marker with Kate Barksdale Jetton and James Jetton 
Jetton, Kate Barksdale  1879  1913  Triple marker with Thomas A. Jetton and James Jetton 
Jetton, James  1911  1913  Triple marker with Thomas A. Jetton and Kate Barksdale Jetton 
Johnson, Alvis      Co. H-20 Ark. Inf.-CSA 
Johnson, William Homer  2-3-1918  4-16-1936   
Johnson, James H.      No dates 
Johnson, S. Almira      No dates 
Johnson, Isaac Edgar  2-16-1910  7-6-1981  Double marker with Geneva Carter Johnson 
Johnson, Geneva Carter  2-21-1914  5-28-2007  Double marker with Isaac Edgar Johnson 
Kelley, Helen Cox  8-6-1924  4-27-2004  Helen McBride Cox Kelley in obituary 
Lankford, Truman McCoy  1929  1987  Pvt. -U. S. Army-Korea 
Lewis, Lexie P.  6-4-1882  12-31-1938  Double marker with Marshall L. Lewis 
Lewis, Marshall L.  10-16-1875  2-12-1954  Double marker with Lexie P. Lewis 
Lewis, Marshall Eloies  5-22-1944  5-31-2011   
Lewis, Ronald (infant)  1968  1-12-1969  Ronald Lee Lewis in obituary; age 3 months; son of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lewis; metal marker with white cross two grave north of Thorgen Lewis marker 
Lewis, Aubrey Olin  10-27-1912  11-27-1997  Age 85; dates from obituary; believed to be grave marked with wooden marker with no dates in northeast part of cemetery near Otwell graves 
Lewis, Thorgan E.  2-16-1902  10-12-1975   
Lewis, Vernon E.  9-1-1905  12-26-1989  Double marker with Artie B. Lewis 
Lewis, Artie B.  8-24-1909    Double marker with Vernon E. Lewis 
Lewis, Barbara Ann      Metal marker one grave north of Thorgan Lewis stone; in row with other Lewis graves 
Lewis, Douglas   10-7-1942  6-26-2008  Flat stone; Douglas Arthur Lewis in obituary 
Luck, Lynn   3-26-1916  1-17-1994  Double marker with Bema Luck; m .6-17-1933; Pvt.-Army-World War II; name is Lynn Lewis Luck on military stone 
Luck, Bema  9-21-1915  11-15-2016  Bema Carl Epperson in obituary; double marker with Lynn Lewis Luck; m. 6-17-1933 
McDaniel, W. S.  12-17-1827  10-4-1909  Double marker with M. S. McDaniel; also has a single marker south of double marker 
McDaniel, M. S.  8-25-1835  12-21-1915  Mary McDaniel in obituary; double marker with W. S. McDaniel 
McDaniel, William T.  5-31-1861  6-15-1945  Double marker with Cynthia A. McDaniel 
McDaniel, Cynthia A.  7-22-1866  9-1-1934  Double marker with William T. McDaniel 
McDaniel, Talula A.  3-27-1869  1-20-1870  Daughter of Wm. S. & M. S. McDaniel 
McDaniel, Robert O.  10-22-1863  8-30-1889  Son of W. S. and M. S. McDaniel; Robert Ozsy McDaniel in newspaper 
McDaniel, (infant)  11-20-1894  11-20-1894  Son of J. H. & A. A. McDaniel 
Martin, Joe T.  1903  Oct., 1975  Metal marker; Joe Thomas Martin in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on metal marker 
Martin, Alonz J.  12-29-1860  12-27-1948   
Martin, Mary S.  1-20-1870  8-17-1931   
Martin, Lessie  1891  1891  Twin of Essie Martin 
Martin, Essie  1891  1891  Twin of Lessie Martin 
Martin, Joe  1856  1923  Double marker with Mary Martin 
Martin, Mary  1861  1914  Double marker with Joe Martin 
Martin, Lula F.  12-10-1888    Double marker with Virgil N. Martin; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Martin, Virgil N.  7-8-1885  3-27-1928  Double marker with Lula F. Martin 
Martin, Mary Stovall  4-30-1941  9-11-2011  Mary Catherine Stovall Martin in obituary 
Mathis, James Erbert  9-27-1903  4-7-1989  Double marker with Vada T. Mathis; m. 9-2-1932 
Mathis, Vada T.  9-15-1914  1-1-2000  Double marker with James Erbert Mathis; m. 9-2-1932 
Mathis, Early R.  12-23-1909  4-17-1992  Double marker with Lillian E. Mathis; m. 12-18-1932 
Mathis, Lillian E.  9-30-1914  5-7-1983  Double marker with Early R. Mathis; m. 12-18-1932 
Neighbors, Hazel Pauline  2-11-1916  11-12-1971   
Neighbors, John H.   8-19-1881  6-13-1959  Double marker with Euna Agnes Neighbors 
Neighbors, Euna Agnes  10-1-1887  12-12-1979  Double marker with John H. Neighbors 
Neighbors, James H.  7-10-1921  10-22-1990   
Otwell, Cohen C.  2-9-1917  3-31-1997  Double marker with Opal Otwell 
Otwell, Opal  9-24-1919  5-14-2008  Double marker with Cohen C. Otwell; Minnie Opal Otwell in obituary 
Otwell, Bobby Lynn  9-17-1941  11-13-1985   
Overton, Georgie Ann  1853  1897  Metal marker set in concrete 
Overton, Mary Ella  1882  1924  Metal marker set in concrete 
Overton, Thomas L.  1855  1929  Metal marker set in concrete 
Overton, Duran      No dates; metal marker set in concrete 
Overton, Sammy      No dates; metal marker set in concrete 
Overton, Bob      No dates; metal marker set in concrete 
Peachey, Myra Kathryn  3-6-1938    Double marker with Ernest Howard Peachey; m. 1-3-1957; children--Daniel Howard, Geri Kathryn, Brandon Hillard 
Peachey, Ernest Howard  4-17-1935    Double marker with Myra Kathryn Peachey; m. 1-3-1957; children-Daniel Howard, Geri Kathryn, Brandon Hillard 
Reaves, Fay  2-13-1922  9-9-1992  Pfc.-U. S. Army-WW II-Purple Heart 
Reed, Mary G.  9-1-1902  8-21-1903  Daughter of L. D. & Lizzie Reed 
Rhodes, B. A.  3-11-1840  3-26-1926  Double marker with Lucy Elizabeth Rhodes 
Rhodes, Lucy Elizabeth  1-29-1843  2-16-1887  Double marker with B. A. Rhodes 
Rhodes, Ben F.  1885  1940  Double marker with Minnie O. Rhodes 
Rhodes, Minnie  1889  1952  Double marker with Ben F. Rhodes 
Rhodes, Bud  8-22-1860  4-25-1903   
Rhodes, Martha  1849  1936   
Rhodes, Mollie    Feb., 1920  Age 57; grave not found during survey; obituary said she was buried at Cale 
Rhodes, James M.      Co. H-22 Ark. Inf. -CSA; no dates 
Rhodes, James M.  11-15-1842  6-3-1863  Co. H.- 11 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Rhodes, Jabes M.   1-1-1838  8-23-1884  Co. H. - 11 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Rhodes, Ed Munn  1-17-1870  10-10-1960  Double marker with Peggy Suson Rhodes 
Rhodes, Peggy Suson  11-29-1875  1-27-1954  Double marker with Ed Munn Rhodes 
Rhodes, Alex B.  1856  9-6-1948  Double marker with Willie D. Rhodes; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Rhodes, Willie D.  1861  1940  Double marker with Alex B. Rhodes 
Rhodes, James G.  1868  July, 1945  Double marker with Zada E. Rhodes; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Rhodes, Zada E.  1872  1950  Double marker with James G. Rhodes 
Rhodes, Earl Bennie  4-22-1914  4-27-1981   
Rhodes, Cecil S.  12-17-1911  4-3-1973  Cecil Shell Rhodes in obituary; double marker with Mildred A. Rhodes 
Rhodes, Mildred A.   8-13-1914  10-18-1991  Double marker with Cecil S. Rhodes 
Rhodes, Lester L.   1896  1956  Spelled Rhobes on stone 
Rhodes, Rhoda Tredwell  6-17-1819  12-28-1900   
Rhodes, James M. "Daddy"  10-5-1819  c. 1890   
Rhodes, Edward W.  1889  1972   
Rhodes, Mary Rachel    1-29-1915  Age 73; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper article 
Rhodes, W. L.   1878  6-13-1930  Age 52; grave not found; information from newspaper; Will Rhodes in one obituary 
Rhodes, Charlie Franklin  9-16-1937  6-5-2008  Double marker with Dora Purtell Rhodes 
Rhodes, Dora Purtell  6-4-1931  6-4-2004  Double marker with Charlie Franklin Rhodes 
Rhodes, B. F. "Bill"  2-5-1924  9-1-2005  Mill2 - Navy- World War II; married to Betty 5-2-2003 
Rhodes, Arthur Lee  4-16-1951  1-29-2011  Double marker with Kim Rhodes; m. 8-8-1970 
Rhodes, Kim  6-10-1953  2-13-2012  Double marker with Arthur Lee Rhodes; m. 8-8-1970 
Ridling, Earleen Mathis      No dates 
Ridling, Dorothy  1913  1915   
Ridling, Roberta  1909  1911   
Ridling, Joseph W.  7-25-1880  4-22-1950  Double marker with Permelia P. Ridling 
Ridling, Permelia P.  4-19-1902    Double marker with Joseph W. Ridling 
Ridling, J. H.  8-8-1839  7-28-1920   
Ridling, Martha C.  1-28-1852  8-13-1934  Death date from obituary; no date on stone 
Rince, Florence  1897  1911   
Rogers, J. S.  4-1-1867    Double marker with Mrs. J. S. Rogers; no death date 
Rogers, Mrs. J. S.  5-17-1866  10-9-1929  Double marker with J. S. Rogers; Frances Victoria Rogers in obituary 
Rogers, J. Will  8-30-1871  2-19-1906  Double marker with Dora Freeman Rogers 
Rogers, Dora Freeman  2-13-1878  1-21-1968  Double marker with J. Will Rogers 
Smith, Elta (could be Etta)  2-27-1882  2-17-194?  Age 56-metal marker-hard to read 
Steed, M. H.      Co. H-19 Ark. Inf.-CSA 
Steed, J. L.   1-18-1874  3-31-1903   
Steed, Verdie  9-12-1897  9-9-1898  Daughter of W. R. & A. E. Steed 
Steed, (infant)  9-25-1891  9-25-1891  Son of W. R. & A. E. Steed 
Steed, Child    June, 1907  Child of Geo. Steed; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Steed, Claude    2-8-1917  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; son of Mattie Jobe Steed 
Steed, Mrs. Hillman    3-10-1909  Age 74; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Stovall, John Ivan  4-27-1914  3-17-1988  Double marker with Ismay Rhodes Stovall; m. 12-21-1935 
Stovall, Ismay Rhodes  4-11-1918  11-24-2011  Double marker with John Ivan Stovall; m. 12-21-1935 
Stovall, Johnnie D.  6-14-1939  4-4-2014  Johnnie Delven Stovall on military marker; SN- US Navy; double marker with Helen Stovall; m. 6-1-1958 
Stovall, Helen  7-29-1940    Double marker with Johnnie D. Stovall; m. 6-1-1958 
Sulzer, James Alfred  10-23-1933  11-18-1933  Son of J. A. and Esther Sulzer; new stone has been placed at grave next to old stone 
Sulzer, Joseph Arthur  11-15-1897  4-12-1985  Double marker with Esther Turner Sulzer 
Sulzer, Esther Turner  11-17-1902  9-30-1976  Double marker with Joseph Arthur Sulzer 
Sulzer, Otis Howard  6-10-1926  9-5-1995  RMN3- Navy-World War II and Korea 
Sulzer, Cyrus L.  12-16-1923  4-13-2007  U.S. Navy - World War II - Korea 
Sulzer, James Earl  7-30-1957    Double marker with Suzanne Marie Upton Sulzer 
Sulzer, Suzanne Marie Upton  1-27-1956    Double marker with James Earl Sulzer 
Sweeney, L. B.  9-1-1851  10-17-1901   
Sweeney, Caddie  7-10-1858  6-24-1938  Wife of L. B. Sweeney 
Sweeney, Fed G.  1886  1941  Double marker with Trudie G. Sweeney 
Sweeney, Trudie G.  1886  1953  Double marker with Fed G. Sweeney 
Sweeney, Delmer  12-13-1920  5-1-1983  S1-Navy-World War II 
Sweeney, Darus L.  4-19-1910  9-4-1980  Tec 4-Army-World War II 
Sweeney, Dilmus O.   9-30-1905  11-18-1973  Pvt.-Army 
Tidwell, J. F.  1-31-1871  10-5-1912   
Tidwell, E. F.  1-17-1852  2-25-1901  Age 49 yrs., 1 mth, 8 days 
Tidwell, William T.  12-19-1857  1870's  Death date hard to read; son of F. W. & L. F. Tidwell; broken stone 
Tidwell, F. W.  2-20-1822  8-11-1892  Double marker with L. F. Tidwell; children listed on back of stone--Peter, Eli, Robert, Thomas, Janie, John 
Tidwell, L. F.  3-1-1824  3-25-1913  Double marker with F. W. Tidwell; children listed on back of stone--Peter, Eli, Robert, Thomas, Janie, John 
Tomlin, A. A.  1845  March, 1914  Double marker with Lucy P. Tomlin; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Tomlin, Lucy P.  1845  1916  Double marker with A. A. Tomlin 
Tomlin, Lois  8-25-1911  7-11-1937  Obituary had death date 7-11-1936 
Tomlin, Martha J.  1-27-1874  10-3-1938  Double marker with John W. Tomlin 
Tomlin, John W.  6-24-1867  7-6-1952  Double marker with Martha J. Tomlin 
Tomlin, Virgil E.  9-3-1901  11-8-1916   
Tomlin, Alice Eva  1-1-1916  1-10-1919  Daughter of J. H. & O. E. Tomlin 
Tomlin, Jason H.  6-9-1875  9-11-1921  Double marker with Octavia E. Tomlin; m. 2-26-1899 
Tomlin, Octavia E.  2-15-1877  8-8-1961  Double marker with Jason H. Tomlin; m. 2-26-1899 
Tomlin, Sid      Concrete marker south of Lois Tomlin stone; hard to read 
Tomlin, G.      Concrete marker south of Lois Tomlin stone; hard to read 
Tomlin, H.      Concrete marker south of Lois Tomlin stone; hard to read 
Tomlin, I. N.      Concrete marker south of Lois Tomlin stone; hard to read 
Triplet, Eunice  12-12-1907  3-13-1910  Daughter of W. & N. A. Triplet 
Turner, Elder Alfred L.  3-1-1838  1-4-1913  Church pastor 1878-1894; 1897-1899; 1904-1913; new stone has been placed next to old stone 
Turner, Al L.      Grave not found-listed on earlier record 
Turner, Beulah E.  3-21-1883  12-23-1909   
Turner, George W.  11-7-1879  7-7-1904   
Turner, Labern  12-15-1876  1-7-1886   
Turner, T. H.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Turner, O. J.  7-26-1869  8-30-1870   
Turner, (infant)  11-17-1861  11-17-1861  Son of A. L. & M. A. Turner 
Turner, Cyus L.  12-29-1898  11-5-1899   
Turner, Jessie H.  1-31-1875  8-13-1904  New stone placed next to old marker 
Turner, Leona Marlar  3-1-1878  1-12-1948  Wife of J. H. & D. B. Turner; death from cerebral hemmorage as per obituary 
Turner, Ben  7-18-1871  5-18-1954  Double marker with Ada Turner; grave inside concrete border 
Turner, Ada  11-8-1872  7-24-1921  Double marker with Ben Turner; grave inside of concrete border 
Turner, Martha Almand  12-3-1843  2-26-1905  Wife of A. L. Turner; new stone has been placed next to old broken stone 
Turner, J. L.  1-4-1865  3-4-1865   
Turner, J. H.  3-6-1880  8-26-1881   
(Unknown)      Rusty metal marker at west fence south of bush; can't be read 
Walters, Thelma Almond  3-8-1919    No death date engraved; see remarks for Sue E. Walters 
Walters, Sue E.   1927  1987  Metal marker placed in front of Thelma Almond Walters stone; name and dates are different-?? 
Westmoreland, R. P.  5-28-1838  12-22-1911  Double marker with S. A. Westmoreland 
Westmoreland, S. A.  4-4-1845  1-14-1912  Susana Westmoreland in obituary; double marker with R. P. Westmoreland; died from paralysis as per obituary 
Westmoreland, Paul Edison  9-5-1912  12-24-1912  Son of L. N. & M. A. Westmoreland 
Westmoreland, M. A. Cook  12-18-1878  1-1-1916  Wife of L. N. Westmoreland 
Westmoreland, Luther N.  6-23-1876  3-18-1954   
Westmoreland, Buster B.  1910  10-19-1941  Full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Westmoreland, Cue Alva Mitchell  10-19-1893  2-8-1983   
Westmoreland, Lena Mae  1904  1904  Metal marker; name and dates are now missing; grave is south of R. P. Westmoreland stone; metal marker was gone in 2017 survey 
White, Carolyn  5-19-1912  11-17-1912  Daughter of C. A. (Charley) and M. B. White 
White, Nora Rhodes  3-20-1864  1-14-1931   
White, B. M.  11-10-1859  11-24-1900   
White, William Floyd  2-27-1893  11-18-1893   
Wicker, Mary E.  1-30-1855  11-23-1938  Double marker with James T. Wicker 
Wicker, James T.  12-25-1856  5-14-1925  Double marker with Mary E. Wicker 
Williams, Thomas  1812  1895   
Williams, Matilda  1829  1899   
Yarbrough, N. C.      No dates; name written in concrete border around plot 
Yarbrough, R. W.      No dates; name written in concrete border around plot 

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Posted by James Hamblin (chopperjoc@excite.com) (Herndon KY ) on 2016-08-07
Her given name was Martha June Gentry. She married John Walker Tomlin in Nevada County on 22 Apr 1888.
Posted by James Hamblin (chopperjoc@excite.com) (Herndon KY ) on 2016-08-07
His middle name was Walker.

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