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Moscow Cemetery

This old cemetery is located not far from Prescott. It is in the NW1/4 NW1/4 of Section 22, Township 11 South, Range 22 West. The old Moscow church still stands next to the cemetery, although it has been the victim of some vandalism in recent years. This was the site of a skirmish during the Civil War. The cemetery is well maintained and a new chain link fence was recently installed to curb vandalism
Driving directions: From the southeast side of Prescott, go south on Rd. No. 23, commonly known as the Cale Rd, for 1.5 miles. The church and cemetery will be on your right.





Acker, Annie Lee  1903  June, 1976  Annie Lee McMillion Acker in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Ashcraft, Ester (Tyner)  7-9-1914  2-16-1940   
Barger, J. L.  1854  5-6-1924  James L. Barger in obituary; age 70 yrs., 1 month, 12 days; full death date from obituary; year only on stone; hard to read 
Beane, (Grandfather)    11-27-1889  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Bennett, Bea G.  12-19-1891  8-14-1967  Triple marker with Lillian H. Bennett and Anna Goheen 
Bennett, Lillian H.  2-23-1898  6-9-1961  Triple marker with Anna Goheen and Bea G. Bennett 
Blakely, L. G.   3-26-1836  7-20-1906  Double marker with Francis E. Blakely 
Blakely, Francis E.  5-14-1845  6-15-1907  Double marker with L. G. Blakely 
Blakely, Josie    Feb., 1950  Age 80; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Booker, Fredrick  6-11-1856  7-20-1922  Double marker with Ada Booker 
Booker, Ada  5-28-1869  3-30-1919  Double marker with Fredrick Booker 
Booker, Arthur T.     Oct., 1949  A stone was found one grave north of Fredrick Booker with the name Booker and no other information. This could be his grave. Death date from obituary 
Booker, ???      Stone located north of Fredrick Booker marker; has name Booker, but no other information; believed to be Arthur Booker 
Bowlin, John Thomas  6-20-1849  5-27-1930  Double marker with Prudy Jane Bowlin; inside concrete border 
Bowlin, Prudy Jane  3-25-1860  12-25-1921  Double marker with John Thomas Bowlin; inside concrete border 
Brashers, M. Ervin  6-28-1880  7-11-1881  Son of I. W. and M. M. Brashers 
Brooks, S. S.    4-19-1911  Co. H.- 2 Ark. Mtd. Rifles- CSA; death date from obituary; not on stone 
Bryson, John N.  9-18-1881  9-30-1905  Son of P. E. and Emily Bryson; inside iron fence in northeast corner of cemetery 
Bryson, Themis  3-21-1901  11-24-1905   
Bryson, John Henry  3-24-1877  8-16-1963  Double marker with Leola Steele Bryson 
Bryson, Leola Steele  4-22-1885  9-28-1970  Double marker with John Henry Bryson 
Bryson, Ralph Leon  5-31-1910  12-28-1977   
Buchanan, Tom  1866  Dec., 1910  Thomas C. Buchanan in obituary; double marker with Nannie E. Buchanan; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Buchanan, Nannie E.  1871  1909  Double marker with Tom Buchanan 
Butcher, Nannie A. Littreal  1-15-1857  3-4-1893  Wife of W. H. Butcher-; born in Washington Co., Virginia; died at DeKalb, TX 
Butcher, Avis Catharine  3-17-1906  11-18-1906   
Butcher, Catharine Rodgers  3-6-1880  4-14-1959   
Butcher, Agee Boone  8-16-1902  8-26-1966   
Calhoon, Gladys (Tyner)  6-24-1909  12-14-1929   
Callicott, Nettie Pearl  1910  6-17-1911  Double marker with Pearl Cantley Callicott; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernice Callicott; full death date and other information from obituary; not on stone 
Callicott, Pearl Cantley  1886  Apr., 1910  Double marker with Nettie Pearl Callicott; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Callicott, Bernice  4-29-1885  7-14-1964   
Callicott, Nettie Amelia  3-21-190?  9-24-1902  Daughter of J. P. and A. M. Callicott; stone was broken but has been repaired 
Cantley, Sallie      No dates; sister of Sam Cantley 
Cantley, ??      Not found-listed in 1970 record 
Cantley, Samuel  9-6-1843  6-2-1930  Co. B- 20 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Cantley, Almedia I.  1-13-1853  5-17-1909  Wife of Samuel Cantley 
Cantley, Ethel  3-7-1893  11-14-1898  Daughter of Samuel and Almedia Cantley 
Cantley, Sterling P.  1862  1891  Sterling Price Cantley in newspaper; died Dec., 1891 
Cantley, Mattie McMillian  11-8-1856  11-5-1945   
Cantley, Stephen    10-28-1886  Norman's Co.-McNeal's Regt.- Dockery's Brigade; death date from newspaper; age 39 
Cantley, Claud Eugene  2-19-1883  7-15-1885   
Cantley, John C.  1859  4-21-1924  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Cantley, Elizabeth McMillion  5-5-1888  8-13-1946   
Cantley, Otis Jackson  1-28-1878  1-14-1922   
Cantley, Electa Young  7-24-1874  11-16-1892   
Cantley, (infant)  7-15-1874  7-23-1874  Daughter of S. and Almeda Cantley; age 8 days 
Cantley, Luther A. J.  10-19-1872  1873  Son of S. and Almeda Cantley; age 10 mths., 9 days 
Carter, ??    4-1-1878  Broken stone; age 21 yrs., 4 mths, 25 days; first name ends with letter M 
Caulder, T. J.  8-23-1830  6-20-1906  His wife in grave next to him has her name spelled Coulder 
Clark, Elisha  11-29-1823  6-17-1890  Stone was broken but has been repaired 
Claywell, Margaret C.  3-11-1829  4-20-1878  Wife of M. L. Claywell; broken stone 
Cottingham, Agnes L.    1869  No birth date; metal marker set in concrete 
Coulder, Elizabeth Jane  1834  2-23-1904  Wife of T. J. Coulder; his name spelled Caulder on his marker 
Cox, Maggie McWilliams  5-15-1910  10-12-1976   
Cox, Jimmy Wayne  9-29-1940  11-26-1998   
Cox, Willie Spell  3-27-1915  10-4-2000  Double marker with James Edward Spell; these names on back of stone--Maurine Spell Faulkner and James William Spell 
Cross, G. T.      Double marker with L. C. Cross; no dates 
Cross, L. C.      Double marker with G. T. Cross; no dates 
Crossland, J. B.  10-15-1860  10-31-1903  Double marker with Fannie L. Crossland 
Crossland, Fannie L.  2-20-1872  10-8-1908  Double marker with J. B. Crossland; inside iron fence 
Crossland, Jno. A.      Double marker with Sarah A. Crossland; broken stone 
Crossland, Sarah A.      Double marker with Jno. A. Crossland; broken stone 
Cummins, Sarah Ann Lowdermilk  11-7-1833  10-3-1914  Married David Cummins 8-17-1854; obituary had Cummings 
Cummins, Samuel Clyde  4-20-1887  1-28-1897   
Cummins, Willie  3-26-1890  3-22-1891  Son of D. E. and M. A. Cummins 
Darby, Eborlee J.  1-11-1856  4-1-1932  Double marker with Sarah J. Darby 
Darby, Sarah J.  1-31-1853  10-21-1924  Double marker with Eborlee J. Darby 
Davis, John D.  9-27-1815  10-16-1891  Born in Jefferson Co., TN.; died in Nevada Co., AR; double marker with Margaret C. Davis 
Davis, Margaret C.  10-25-1825  9-13-1900  Double marker with John D. Davis 
Davis, Everett M.  2-28-1883  2-22-1960  Double marker with Lula C. Davis 
Davis, Lula C.  2-16-1891  4-14-1970  Lula Barlow Davis in obituary; double marker with Everett M. Davis 
Davis, Ari A.  11-22-1875  11-18-1896  Daughter of W. A. and M. E. Davis; double marker with Amy Davis Moore 
Davis, W. A.  1-13-1850  8-18-1924  Double marker with Mary E. Davis 
Davis, Mary E.  11-21-1858  5-6-1919  Double marker with W. A. Davis 
Davis, Anna M.  10-2-1882  9-1-1961  Double marker with A. V. Davis 
Davis, A. V.  8-2-1880  3-14-1965  Double marker with Anna M. Davis; Adolphus V. Davis in obituary 
Davis, Eugene  10-10-1890  3-8-1891  Son of J. M. and A. B. Davis 
Davis, Lawrence M.  8-8-1892  1-5-1977  Lawrence Monroe Davis in obituary 
Dougan, James A.  12-13-1859  12-1-1899  Husband of Nancy Gossett 
Dougan, Mrs. H. M.    11-2-1888  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Dull, Kathleen Garrett  2-2-1908  2-13-1984   
Eyrich, Charles Rowan  6-12-2010  6-12-2010  Son of Pepper Dee Thompson and George Michael Eyrich (from obituary) 
Feazell, John     Feb., 1911  Age 71; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Fielding, Jimmy      No dates; metal marker set in concrete 
Fielding, Rev. Matthew Hunter  1819  1889  Double marker with Mary Elizabeth Fielding 
Fielding, Mary Elizabeth  1829  1901  Double marker with Rev. Matthew Hunter Fielding 
Frazier, Emma Ruth  8-27-1883  8-15-1885   
Frazier, A. D.   6-3-1840  10-21-1918  A military stone 12 feet north of this marker has same name, but no dates; not sure if this is same person; Gordon's Mo. Cav. - CSA 
Frazier, Alta Marie  12-12-1888  2-12-1895   
Garrett, E. A.  1864  11-7-1946  Edd A. Garrett in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Garrett, Ida C.  1871  Aug., 1929  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Garrett, Lois A.  12-5-1902  12-1-1967  Miss Lois Ann Garrett in obituary 
Garrett, John Leslie  2-10-1892  7-30-1982   
Garrett, Clyde E.  4-25-1906  11-29-1973  Clyde Edward Garrett in obituary 
Garrett, Jones P.  8-13-1894  1-1-1982  Double marker with Mamie E. Garrett; m. 3-21-1920 
Garrett, Mamie E.  7-8-1896  9-23-1994  Double marker with Jones P. Garrett; m. 3-21-1920 
Garrett, Jones Jr.  2-25-1921  8-12-2005  Pvt- U. S. Army; World War II; military stone; no head stone at time of survey 
Gatlin, Alice  3-10-1861  10-4-1880  Married Nat N. Gatlin 10-16-1879 (?); broken stone, but has been repaired 
Gatlin, Annie T.  8-20-1877  5-20-1878  Daughter of Nat N. and Ella Gatlin; stone is lying flat on ground 
Gillan, John    9-2-1886  Son of ?.A. and M. A. Gillan; age 10 mths., 12 dys; broken stone 
Gillespie, Lena    Mar., 1950  Age 61; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Gladden, James L.    12-14-1932  Ar.-Sgt.-720 Co.-Motor Trans. Corps 
Goheen, Anna  12-24-1871  6-12-1931  Triple marker with Bea G. Bennett and Lillian H. Bennett 
Guy, Bessie Mae Stalcup  3-2-1890  6-19-1987   
Hannah, Dora  12-19-1848  6-6-1922   
Hannah, Buren  5-5-1850  6-12-1927   
Harrison, Andrew J.  1815  1870  Double marker with Mary Barger Harrison 
Harrison, Mary Barger  1824  1864  Double marker with Andrew J. Harrison 
Hawley, Henry H.  2-19-1828  1-11-1881  1st. Lieu.-Co. D.-Va. Inf.-CSA; birth date 12-9-1829 on military stone 
Herring, Mary Davis  11-26-1862  1-14-1895  Wife of Frank Herring 
Hesterly, Francis Pennington  8-17-1852  6-8-1889  Grave not found during survey; information from family records 
Hesterly, Elizabeth J. Pharr  1856  10-5-1875  Wife of F. P. Hesterly; can't read death date; dates from family records 
Hewey, Myrtle E.  7-24-1880  3-22-1908  Wife of Samuel Hewey 
Hines, Thomas Earl  10-29-1920  4-17-1964  Tx.-BM2-Navy- World War II 
Hines, James Arlin  12-28-1925  1-12-1971  Texas- Pvt.- U. S. Marine Corps 
Hines, Tommie "Jones"  1885  1944   
Hobgood, Lurena Etta  1-2-1869  6-29-1873   
Hodge, Dr. G. D.  11-27-1821  2-4-1877  Broken stone 
Hodges, Ruth White  5-25-1894  10-30-1987  Double marker with J. Dan White 
Holland, William A.  10-24-1883  7-14-1885  Not found-listed in 1970 record 
Holland, (infant)  6-5-1880  6-5-1880  Son of W. C. and ? Holland; hard to read 
(Holland), ???      Broken stone found next to Holland infant marker 
(Holland), ???      Broken stone with W. A. H. initials; next to Holland graves 
Hollingsworth, Edward J.    11-4-1883  Son of R. and M. L. Hollingsworth; age 3 yrs., 7 mths., 8 days 
Horne, Catharine F.  11-14-1822  3-23-1909  In concrete border; Catherine Francis Horne in obituary 
Horne, Alllie Ruby  11-21-1900  2-23-1903  Daughter of J. E. and M. E. Horne; stone inside concrete border 
Hughes, Robert S.  6-27-1873  8-8-1879  Son of E. H. and S. A. Hughes; broken stone; found foot marker with initial R. S. H. one grave south of William J. Steele; dates could not be read in 2006 survey 
Hughs, William E.    6-29-1888  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Hurt, Madrow L.  4-13-1860  3-20-1912   
Johnson, Sara Ann Halcomb  7-15-1830  1-15-1913   
Johnson, Johney    9-1-187?  Son of C. L. and L. E. Johnson; death date hard to read 
Johnson, Annie  1-8-1877  2-4-1878   
Johnson, Willie  11-8-1872  ????  Broken stone; can't read death date 
Johnson, Vernice May    Aug., 1911  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Johnson; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Jones, Ella Meeks  12-16-1873  9-28-1910  Double marker with Pat C. Jones 
Jones, Pat C.  1-10-1869  7-31-1959  Double marker with Ella Meeks Jones 
Jones, James H.  9-16-1870  2-27-1906   
Jones, Alta Myra  3-26-1853  6-2-1934  Wife of John Jones 
Jones, John  2-7-1845  5-1-1895   
Jones, O. S. Jr.  3-3-1877  12-20-1902  Broken stone; hard to read 
Jones, Sallie E.    3-29-1880  Wife of Oliver S. Jones; broken stone 
Jones, Minnie E.  9-2-1877  7-7-1899  Inside iron fence 
Jones, William Albert  2-1-1880  10-15-1881  Broken stone; hard to read 
Jones, John Thomas  3-13-1876  10-16-1876  Age 7 mths., 3 days; broken stone 
Kellam, William R.  6-26-1884  8-13-1944   
Kelley, J. V.  11-24-1885  9-24-1924   
Kelley, Cordelia Ann  1859  1940   
King, Fannie    12-27-1922  Age 28; wife of L. E. King; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
King, (Baby)    Mar., 1927  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Larry King; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Lang, Carl Newton  6-26-1909  3-27-1986  Double marker with Mildred Bryson Lang 
Lang, Mildred Bryson  4-10-1914  4-20-2006  Double marker with Carl Newton Lang 
Langley, Samuel S.  12-24-1865  5-23-1948   
Langley, Mattie E. Munn  12-25-1870  12-17-1937  Wife of S. S. Langley 
Langley, Anthony  10-10-1893  9-16-1896  Double marker with infant son of S. S. and M. E. Langley 
Langley, (infant)  11-16-1895  11-16-1895  Double marker with Anthony Langley-son of S. S. & M. E. Langley 
Lavender, Thomas J.  8-9-1849  12-30-1902  Double marker with Rebecca F. Lavender 
Lavender, Rebecca F.  9-20-1849  2-10-1929  Double marker with Thomas J. Lavender 
Lavender, Wm. L.  3-28-1872  9-3-1893   
Lavender, A. J.     Oct., 1913  Age 63; grave not found during survey; information from obituary; called Jack Lavender in one obituary 
Lavender, Child    Aug., 1911  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lavender; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Lavender, Jack    1913  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; died late Sept. or early Oct. 
Livingston, Thaddeus R.  11-17-1826  12-7-1885  Co. H-Crawford's Reg-Ar. Cav.-CSA; inside concrete border 
Livingston, Mary Caroline Smith  9-14-1828  July, 1921  Buried next to husband, Thaddeus Livingston as per obituary; information from obituary 
Loe, Effy L.  1-7-1882  2-3-1884   
Lowdermilk, Virgil L.  7-24-1883  3-21-1959  Stone partly buried at time of survey; grave is one grave south of James C. Lowdermilk marker 
Lowdermilk, James C.  1856  Jan., 1935  Double marker with Elizabeth Lowdermilk; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Lowdermilk, Elizabeth  1860  5-4-1940  Double marker with James C. Lowdermilk; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Lowdermilk, Sam T.  1-2-1888  9-13-1937   
Lowdermilk, Earl Dewee  4-11-1900  10-14-1917   
Lowdermilk, Maxie C.  3-10-1881  7-19-1933  Maxie Colbert Lowdermilk in obituary 
McGraw, G. B.    1-5-1911  Age 67; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
McGraw, Mrs. G. B.    July, 1911  Age 69; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
McKelvey, Charles Woodward, Jr.  1908  8-7-1977  Cremated; tiered concrete marker south of Sallie E. Jones marker in center of cem.; info. from family 
McKenzie, W. W.  1-29-1875  1-6-1897  Son of C. L. and M. L. McKenzie 
McKenzie, C. L.  8-9-1823  8-13-1900   
McKenzie, ????      Flat stone with name McKenzie; no other information; probably a family plot marker 
McKenzie, Mary L.     12-30-1914  Age 74; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; could possibly be the unidentified McKenzie mareker in record 
McLain, Matthew T.  10-4-1814  3-23-1873  Double marker with Emily McLelland McLain 
McLain, Emily McLelland      Double marker with Matthew T. McLain; no dates on marker 
McLain, James R.  6-28-1861  11-16-1879  Broken stone 
McLean, Thomas A.  1892  11-13-1968  Double marker with Beulah I. McLean; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McLean, Beulah I.  1904  1963  Double marker with Thomas A. McLean 
McLelland, ???  9-5-1873  12-23-1901  Wife of G. W. McLelland; broken stone 
McMillian, (infants)      Children of W. H. and Mattie McMillian 
McMillian, Martha N.  1862  1-15-1949  Martha Maria Norman McMillian in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McMillian, Mittie F.  9-22-1880  8-29-1918   
McWilliams, James C.  1880  1959   
McWilliams, Nettie L.  1886  7-13-1971  Nettie Ford McWilliams in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martindale, (infant)      Son of Frank and Martha Martindale; no dates 
Martindale, Elizabeth Ann  8-31-1845  2-1-1930   
Martindale, Johnson  10-4-1871  4-22-1890   
Mayes, James J.      2 Lieu.-Co. C- 3 Ala. Res.-CSA 
Millner, Jake    12-31-1901  Age 52 years; marker in edge of woods north side 
Mitchell, Willie  2-17-1881  8-13-1904  Wife of Keener Mitchell 
Moore, Ruth Steele  10-4-1881  10-29-1908   
Moore, Amy Davis  8-23-1878  11-13-1900  Wife of M. L. Moore; double marker with Ari A. Davis 
Moore, Mordicai J.  4-25-1835  11-8-1881  Broken stone 
Moore, Julia A.     9-8-1909  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Moore, R. L.  10-29-1868  5-13-1900  Birth date hard to read 
Morehead, P. C.    4-9-1922  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Morgan, G. T.  7-23-1861  5-22-1941  Double marker with Mattie J. Morgan 
Morgan, Mattie J.  11-3-1866  4-1-1951  Double marker with G. T. Morgan; Martha Jane Morgan in obituary 
Munn, Cora Hitt  1878  6-10-1968  Fulll death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Munn, John Calvin  1875  11-18-1907  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Munn, S. D.  7-1-1844  11-17-1908  Sam D. Munn in obituary; double marker with Tirzah Munn 
Munn, Tirzah  5-29-1851  7-18-1910  Double marker with S. D. Munn 
Munn, Boozer  12-20-1872  2-7-1898  Son of S. D. and Tirzah Munn 
Munn, J. M.  9-25-1882  10-12-1904  Son of S. D. and Tirzah Munn; broken stone 
Norman, J. M.  12-25-1836  10-12-1880  Double marker with Nancy Norman; also an old stone at grave 
Norman, Nancy A.  8-22-1841  2-27-1918  Double marker with J. M. Norman 
Norman, John M.  12-25-1838  10-11-1881  Sgt.- 20 Ark. Inf.-CSA; born in Franklin Co., Ala.; son of ??? and Martha Norman 
Norman, William  3-22-1818  6-28-1882  Broken stone; hard to read 
Norman, Martha  3-2-1822  7-30-1881  Wife of Wm. Norman; born in Franklin Co., Alabama 
Norman, (mother & children)      No other information 
O'Leary, Daniel    12-25-1884  Shot in Cassidy's Saloon; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Packley, R.  5-9-1911  5-9-1911  Child of H. N and L. E. Packley; 
Pagan, Mary C.    1-5-1878  Daughter of J. A. & M. C. Pagan; age 2 years, 4 mths.; broken stone 
Pagan, Maud Bruce    7-4-1880  Daughter of J. A. and M. C. Pagan; age 11 yrs., 10 mths., 14 days; broken stone 
Parsons, Orange K.    11-8-1874  Age 2 yrs., 7 mths., 3 days; son of A. B. and H. M. Parsons 
Pegan, J. A.      Not found-listed in 1970 record 
Polk, M. S.  9-15-1846  11-9-1910   
Polk, Hana  5-25-1852  12-22-1907  Wife of M. S. Polk 
Polk, Chandos  5-25-1895  8-11-1897   
Powell, J. W.  5-26-1835  2-28-1902  Age 67 
Pritchard, John W.  1860  1891  Double marker with Clara C. Pritchard 
Pritchard, Clara C.  1862  1898  Double marker with John W. Pritchard 
Pritchard, Lucy A.    7-24-1889  Wife of H. T. Pritchard; age 20; broken stone, but has been repaired 
Pritchard, Hugh  1863  Jan., 1912  Death month from obituary; year only on stone; Hugh T. Pritchard in obituary 
Rash, Billy Wayne  9-11-1953  8-19-2019  Information from obituary 
Reed, Viola  4-22-1885  5-13-1918  Wife of Charley Reed 
Roberts, Georgia  2-27-1896  10-12-1921  Grave in woods west side of cemetery 
Rogers, Mary Jane  1853  Aug., 1929  With Rogers family stone; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Rogers, Eli Fredric  1854  11-26-1909  Rogers family stone; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Rogers, William Andrew    1878  One date; Rogers family stone 
Rogers, Emily L.  1886  10-5-1907  Rogers family stone; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Rogers, Eagle  1888  11-12-1907  Rogers family stone; son of E. F. Rogers; full death date and other information from obituary; one paper had 11-11-1907; age 19 yrs., 5 mths., 3 days; died from typhoid fever; years only on stone 
Rogers, (baby)    1882  One date-Rogers family stone 
Rogers, Christopher Columbus    1891  One date; Rogers family stone 
Shaddock, Sam    8-??-1906  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Shelley, (baby)    8-26-1924  Son of W. K. and W. M. Shelley; one date on marker 
Shelley, Willie May & inf. son  6-15-1898  12-13-1926  Wife and son of W. K. Shelley; Willie Mae Davis Shelley in obituary 
Shrieves, John  10-1-1856  4-25-1897  Born Caledonia, O. ; Woodmen of the World marker 
Smith, Chris  2-8-1882  2-13-1910   
Smith, Hattie O.  1851  5-5-1907  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Smith, Archie C., Jr.  1-24-1926  3-5-1927   
Smith, Alla Mae    Oct., 1917  Age 4; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Smith; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Spell, Lula Lucretia  12-25-1868  4-13-1926   
Spell, Billy I.  Apr., 1941  May, 1941   
Spell, James Edward  8-17-1910  3-21-1961  Ark.-AS-USNR-World War II; double marker with Willie Spell Cox; these names on back of marker--Maurine Spell Faulkner and James William Spell 
Spell, William Herman  9-7-1906  5-30-1982  Double marker with Gertie Essie Spell 
Spell, Gertie Essie  3-4-1925    Double marker with William Herman Spell 
Stallcup, Arah D.  4-16-1894  11-24-1912   
Stanley, Angelina A.  1-18-1852  10-28-1886   
Stanton, Ella Pearl  3-18-1889  1-26-1963  Double marker with Riley A. Stanton; inside concrete marker 
Stanton, Riley A.  10-23-1882  3-1-1970  Double marker with Ella Pearl Stanton; inside concrete border 
Steel L. C.  4-25-1849  2-25-1900   
Steel, (infants)  3-10-1895  3-10-1895  Sons of L. C. and M. L. Steel; broken stone 
Steel, Frank  8-27-1888  5-10-1916  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Luke Steel as per obituary; obituary had birth year 1889 
Steele, Margaret    7-16-1880  Broken stone; hard to read 
Steele, Benjamin F.  3-15-1846  8-19-1932  Co. D-10 Ark. Cav.-CSA; double marker with Lucinda Davis Steele 
Steele, Lucinda Davis  5-27-1848  3-15-1928  Double marker with Benjamin F. Steele 
Steele, James A.      Son of J. P. and M. E. Steele; broken stone 
Steele, Mattie L.  2-25-1855  6-12-1900   
Steele, Mary E.    8-20-1882  Daughter of J. P. and E. Steele; broken stone 
Steele, Fannie  3-24-1885  7-14-1890  Daughter of J. P. and E. E. Steele; broken stone lying flat; death date hard to read 
Steele, William J.  9-27-1889  7-30-1890  Son of J. P. and E. E. Steele 
Steele, Newton  3-15-1888  9-3-1971  Andrew Newton Steele in obituary 
Steele, ???    8-27-1829  Broken stone; can't read; may be child of J. P. Steele 
Steele, Christena Medlock    11-25-1877  Wife of J. P. Steele; m. 8-27-1829; age 67 yrs., 2 days; broken stone lying flat 
Stewart, Maria E.  4-11-1840  3-22-1872  Broken stone, but has been repaired 
Swindell, Henry S.  7-7-1871  5-6-1938   
Tarkington, Roy Brooks  5-7-1895  10-25-1970  Double marker with Ethel Lee Tarkington 
Tarkington, Ethel Lee  1-6-1907  3-28-1978  Ethel Callicott Tarkington in obituary; double marker with Roy Brooks Tarkington 
Tong, Sarah A.    7-27-1888  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; buried next to her son, William Tong 
Tong, William    June, 1888  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; buried next to his mother 
Tyner, Mary J.  1888  1980  Double marker with Rube R. Tyner; m. 10-27-1907 
Tyner, Rube R.  1888  1937  Double marker with Mary J. Tyner; m. 10-27-1907 
Tyner, Dorthy  5-24-1930  2-16-1931   
Tyner, Margie  10-3-1933  10-4-1933   
Underwood, R. J.  7-19-1857  3-13-1891  Broken stone 
(Unknown), Annie ?thel      Daughter of E. E. and M. K. ????; broken stone; can't read; one grave south of Madrow L. Hart marker 
(Unknown), ???      Broken stone 8 feet north of Catharine F. Horne marker; can't read 
(Unknown), ????      Broken stone; unreadable; south of Pagan markers 
(Unknown), ????  June, 1848  Feb., 1879  Broken stone in edge of woods north side of cemetery; Susan ???lmered 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker one grave south of Billy I. Spell marker; missing in 2017 survey 
(Unknown), ???      Grave in concrete border behind Williams graves west side of cemetery 
(Unknown), ????      Grave inside iron fence by John Shrieves marker; iron fence had been removed in 2017 survey 
(Unknown), ???      Broken marker one grave north of J. Hollingworth marker; age 21 yrs., 8 mths., 27 days 
(Unknown), Mattie      Broken stone with name Mattie in woods north side of cemetery; no other information 
Vick, Floyd  1894  1895  Son of Anderson and Lydia Vick 
Wade, Mary  3-1-1883  3-13-1894  Daughter of H. W. and M. J. Wade 
Wade, Malinda J.  5-12-1844  2-17-1904  Wife of H. W. Wade 
Wade, Horatio W.  10-9-1826  7-12-1889   
Wade, Edwin H.  1858  1929  Double marker with Florence A. Wade 
Wade, Florence A.  1860  1889  Double marker with Edwin H. Wade; inside concrete border 
Wade, Pearl      Double marker with (baby) Wade; daughters of H. W. and S. J. Wade 
Wade, (baby)      Double marker with Pearl Wade; daughters of H. W. and S. W. Wade 
Waller, Bennie M.  10-2-1876  10-12-1876  Son of W. B. and M. R. Waller 
Walser, William    Jan., 1908  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Warren, Kate Stuart    2-18-1877  Wife of E. A. Warren, Jr. 
Warren, E. A.    6-29-1875  Hard to read; broken and repaired; appears to be something in name before E. A., 
Weeks, (child)    Nov., 1908  Age 2 weeks; child of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Weeks; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
White, J. Dan  4-20-1897  2-27-1966  Double marker with Ruth White Hodges 
White, John B.  3-22-1864  1-26-1933  Double marker with Melissa White 
White, Melissa  8-30-1868  4-26-1926  Double marker with John B. White 
White, Phoebe    5-16-1879  Age 52 yrs., 9 mths., 2 days; wife of J. R. White; broken stone 
Whiteside, Phoebe    7-28-1875  Age 80 yrs., 7 mths., 25 days; wife of Wm. Whiteside; stone has been repaired 
Whiteside, J. F.  4-23-1817  8-18-1886  Double marker with Martha E. Whiteside; John Fletcher Whiteside (from his wife's obituary) 
Whiteside; Martha E.  2-12-1825  2-16-1892  Double marker with J. F. Whiteside; nee Bolis; wife of John Fletcher Whiteside (from obituary) 
Whiteside, Jacob J.      1 Lt.- Co. B-20 Ark. Inf.-CSA; stone lying down 
Williams, Anna  12-27-1822  3-20-1900   
Williams, Sherman T.  12-26-1864  6-5-1887   
Williams, Alven  8-20-1885  9-12-1885   
Williams, John B.  1-22-1823  8-12-1913   
Williams, Cora Etta  11-19-1859  8-29-1885  Wife of J. E. Williams 
Williams, Edith  3-6-1885  9-23-1885   
Williams, Marth A.  6-25-1862  7-30-1884  Old stone; hard to read; could not read in 2005 survey 
Williams, Mary A.    7-30-1884  Age 1 yr., 9 mths. 5 days; daughter of W. J. and Marth A. Williams 
Willson, Minnie Lee  1-23-1885  11-16-1923   
Wilmeth, B. F.  8-1-1846  11-4-1895  Inside concrete border 
Winstead, Laura A.    8-13-1887  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Winsted, Arnold J.  10-5-1881  3-8-1915  Woodmen of the World marker 
Wylie, Ina A.  10-14-1866  4-22-1909  Wife of T. G. Wylie 
Yerby, John  1-26-1796  8-1-1873  Born in Mecklinberg, N.C.; broken stone 
Young, Mary  12-12-1803  8-7-1887   

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Posted by William Morris Fielding, Jr. (billyback1@suddenlink.net) (Cabot ) on 2018-09-13
Rev. Matthew Hunter Fielding is my great GF. Geneology records show Matthew was born in Davidson county, TN in 1826, and died in 1888 in the Honea home near Prescott.

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