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New Home Cemetery

This small, old cemetery is located in the southeast corner of the SE1/4 NE1/4 of Section 27, Township 10 South, Range 23 West. It is in a somewhat remote location, but is easily accessible by gravel roads. It is not fenced. A complete record made in December, 1997.
Driving directions: From Prescott, go north on Hwy. 19 toward Delight about four miles and turn left on Rd. No. 24. Go about 1.5 miles. After making a sharp left hand curve, the cemetery will about 1/4 mile on your left.





Autry, George N.     9-7-1952  Age 80 yrs. 6 mos. 3 days; metal marker 6 feet south of Ella Estelle Autry marker 
Autry, Ella Estella  8-16-1877  7-17-1917  Broken marker; death date hard to read 
Buchanan, Mary Lee Barnes  8-3-1898  6-25-1931   
Carruthers, baby  1911  1911  Metal marker set in concrete 
Dunn, Emily  2-8-1820  3-1-1897   
Dye, Alma      Metal marker; no dates; located 12 feet west of William Wynn marker with two other Dye markers 
Dye, Elizabeth      Metal marker; no dates; located 12 feet west of William Wynn marker with two other Dye markers 
Dye, George A.     Jan., 1910  Metal marker; located 12 feet west of William Wynn marker with two other Dye markers; date from obituary 
Dye, Mrs. S. E.     2-7-1924  Age 80; grave not found; info. from newspaper; could possibly be one of those listed above 
Harris, Carrie  1-20-1896  10-30-1918   
Harris, Clifton  1886  Feb., 1930  Death month from newspaper; years only on stone 
Harris, F. P.  11-14-1845  10-29-1921   
Hellums, Almeda  6-27-1843  3-12-1912  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Morris, Columbus W.  2-18-1866  1-13-1941  Double marker with Minnie M. Morris 
Morris, Minnie M.  7-22-1873  5-22-1926  Double marker with Columbus W. Morris 
Morris, George Thomas  1897  1932   
Mullins, Jessie A.    11-13-2006  Age 70; information from obituary 
Neel, W. D.       Inside concrete border; name written in border; no dates; found obituary for Dave Neal who died in June, 1936; may be this person 
Neel, Mrs. J. M.  11-27-1855  1-19-1911  Inside concrete border; name written in border; dates from obituary; obituary had Mrs. Mollie Neal 
Neel, J. M.       Inside concrete border; name written in border; no dates 
Pittman, Arden Ray  2-26-1943  2-26-1943   
Pittman, Henry L.   11-13-1919  7-4-1921  Henry Luther Pittman in obituary; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Pittman 
Purtel, Clarence Wesley  9-10-1892  2-26-1911  Purtle in obituary 
Purtle, P. M. (or F. M.)  3-25-1846  6-24-1920  Died June, 1921 as per newspaper; obituary had F. M. Purtle 
Rushin, Joel N.   2-3-1919  4-2-1919   
Slagle, J. P.   9-4-1879  7-29-1916  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Sneed, Lenon Roy  11-28-1946  1-6-1947   
Sneed, L. S., Jr. (baby)  3-18-1905  3-25-1905   
Sneed, Virgil A.   6-8-1892  7-15-1907  Son of L. S. and H. E. Sneed; drowned according to a newspaper article 
Sneed, L. S.   1-29-1845  8-28-1930  Double marker with H. E. Sneed 
Sneed, H. E.   10-15-1866    Double marker with L. S. Sneed; no death date engraved on marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old metal marker 6 feet north of baby Carruthers marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old metal marker 18 feet south of Columbus W. Morris marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old metal marker 6 feet south of Lenon Roy Sneed marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old metal marker between H. E. Sneed and Virgial A. Sneed markers 
(Unknown), ???      Two old metal markers 6 feet north of L. S. Sneed marker 
Wynn, Herbert A.   2-20-1882  6-17-1904  Son of B. F. and L. C. Wynn 
Wynn, Cynthia  4-26-1827  10-24-1903   
Wynn, William      Co. D - 7 Ga. Mil.- CSA 

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Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - New Home Cemetery"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/c/58
Retrieval Date: October 16, 2019

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