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Barksdale Cemetery (Black)

This is an African-American cemetery located on a gravel road near the northeast corner of the SW1/4 NW1/4 of Section 24, Township 13 South, Range 21 West in the Oak Grove community. The cemetery is still used for burials.
Driving directions: From Rosston, go northeast on Hwy. 200 about 2.5 miles. Turn right on County Road 430 and go about 1/2 mile. The cemetery will be on your left. The road will make a loop and come back out on Hwy. 200.





Gulley, Leandrus "Jack"  1937  1-1-1991   
Bishop, Raheem Rashad  6-5-1992  9-27-1993  Metal marker 
Coleman, Charles  11-30-1946  11-24-1959  Died in Detroit; from old stone 20 feet north of new stone 
Coleman, Lettie  8-24-1905  9-7-1981   
Coleman, Johnny Lee  2-2-1925  1-29-1979  Guard-World War II 
Coleman, Ennis  3-4-1902  2-20-1997  Age 94-metal marker 
Coleman, Annie Bell  6-22-1928  10-19-1992   
Coleman, Lawrence  3-6-1908  8-30-1992  Double marker with Ola Mae Coleman 
Coleman, Ola Mae  9-10-1918  9-9-1994  Double marker with Lawrence Coleman 
Coleman, Lawrence Jr.  3-11-1939  4-7-2014  Information from obituary 
Evans, Lillian  12-25-1896  8-3-1953  Wife of James Evans 
Evans, Clyde  9-11-1915  8-5-1992  Double marker with Minnie Hicks Evans; Pfc.- U.S. Army-World War II 
Evans, Minnie Hicks  10-30-1923  4-16-1999  Double marker with Clyde Evans 
Evans, James  1-14-1894  7-25-1979   
Evans, Charlie Lea    7-2-1924  Not found-son of James L. Evans 
Evans, D. C.      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Evans, Ellen    5-15-1938  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Evans, Monroe    8-8-1938  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Evans, Minnie L.     4-16-1999  Age 75- metal marker 
Evans, Ruby  1-2-1919  1-3-2007   
Fisher, Vastie  2-10-1941  7-11-2000  Double marker with Edward Fisher 
Fisher, Edward  7-28-1942    Double marker with Vastie Fisher 
Garner, Joe    10-21-1913  Born in slavery; double marker with Lizzie Garner 
Garner, Lizzie    July, 1913  Born in slavery; double marker with Joe Garner 
Gulley, Troy Lee  1950  10-16-1966  Old stone hard to read 
Gulley, Chester  3-14-1908  3-29-1975   
Gulley, William P.  1904  1989  Metal marker 
Gulley, Dewey  5-15-1915  8-25-1991  Pvt.- U.S. Army-World War II 
Gulley, Billy Earl  2-14-1944  3-3-1983   
Gulley, ???    8-27-1970  Age 59; hard to read 
Gulley, Louis    6-18-1966  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Gulley, Giles    10-14-1941  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Gulley, Oscar      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Gulley, Belle      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Gulley, Eli Jr.  1915  1-12-1980   
Gulley, Troy Lee "Frog"  1950  10-15-1966   
Gulley, Lillie Mae William  1913  1-4-1966   
Gulley, Leandrus "Jack"  1937  1-1-1991   
Gully, Silas  3-20-1893  11-6-1938  Pvt.-Co. A-409 Svc. Bn-QMC-World War I 
Gulley, Leon "Peter"  1939  5-17-2000  Metal marker and old stone 
Gulley, Artis B.   7-12-1935  1-9-2005  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Gulley, Albert  2-24-1959  10-23-2005  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Gulley, Hollis  1-1-1923  12-21-2005  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Gulley, Jessie Eugene  10-13-1949  9-13-2017  Information from obituary 
Hicks, Arbrady  5-3-1922  11-24-1966  Cpl.- U.S. Army-World War ll 
Hicks, Corine  3-17-1900  7-20-1984   
Hicks, Charlie  9-6-1894  10-16-1973  Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War I 
Hicks, Octavia      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Hicks, Sam      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Kendricks, A. D.  8-24-1882  9-12-1936   
Long, Ira Lou Coleman  8-7-1930  7-23-2013  Information from obituary 
McKinney, Roy C.  6-28-1933  7-18-1996  Pfc.-U. S. Army-Korea 
McKinney, Gladys M.  12-20-1936  2-17-2007  Husband-Roy C. McKinney; mother-Lillie Mae Gulley; father-Eli Gulley; children-Terry, Sgt. James, Roderick, Mary, Katrishia 
Madison, Roy Lee  1-21-1918  3-23-1968  Ar.-S2-USNR-Navy-World War II; dates slightly different on earlier record 
Madison, Davis Marie    4-21-1943  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Marsh, Reola  12-6-1931  7-5-2006  From obituary 
Murphy, Ann      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Smith, Janet Johnson  11-6-1934     
Smith, Oscar Depriest  3-7-1931  9-11-1997  T Sgt.- U.S. Air Force - Vietnam 
Simpson, Mary  5-17-1861    No death date; Mary Tidwell on metal marker; also listed under Mary Tidwell 
Simpson, Roberta  1902  1948  Metal marker 
Simpson, Theadford  1905  1949  New metal marker 
Simpson, Theadford    5-28-1947  Date on old metal marker-age 41 
Tidwell, Charlie  1873  3-4-1951   
Tidwell, Ms. Leola  3-15-1919  4-7-1997   
Tidwell, Michael D.  12-1-1959  3-27-1993   
Tidwell, Charles E.  3-17-1938  8-9-1971  T Sgt.- U. S. Air Force - Vietnam 
Tidwell, John D.  10-17-1946  7-6-1958  Son of John Bracy and Leo T. Tidwell 
Tidwell, Ira Jean  4-14-1937  5-18-1944  Daughter of Estella and Ira J. Tidwell 
Tidwell, Estella  2-14-1910  7-12-1981   
Tidwell, Charlie R.  1901  1992  Double marker with Vira Mae Tidwell; m. 8-27-1927 
Tidwell, Vira Mae  1904  1989  Double marker with Charlie R. Tidwell; m. 8-27-1927 
Tidwell, Mary Simpson  1861  1926  Mary Tidwell on metal marker 
Tidwell, Carl  1903  1990   
Tidwell, Mrs. Sylvester  1904  9-10-1993  Full death date from metal marker; years only on stone 
Tidwell, John C.  1910  1993   
Tidwell, Emma      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Tidwell, Artievelt  11-12-1914    Double marker with Roxie Lee Jackson Tidwell; m. Oct., 1936 
Tidwell, Roxie Lee Jackson  3-25-1919  12-15-1997  Double marker with Artievelt Tidwell; m. Oct., 1936 
Tidwell, Maurice Thomas  6-22-1971  12-23-1997   
Tidwell, Leola Gulley  3-15-1919  4-7-1997   
Tidwell, Bennie Lee    7-18-1999  Age 47-information from obituary 
Tidwell, John B.  9-8-1912  11-2-2002  PFC - U. S. Army - World War II 
Tidwell, Ira J.   2--4-1910  6-4-2003  PFC - U.S. Army - World War II 
Tidwell, Ollie V.  7-11-1931  12-25-2005  From obituary 
Tidwell, Julla  1905  1983   
Tidwell, Dennie  6-26-1952  7-16-1999   
Tidwell, Marcellous    June, 2016  Information from obituary 
Tramble, Cora  7-6-1889  2-26-1949   
Tramel, B. T.  8-10-1890  3-2-1971   
Tramel, W. D.  1-12-1912  6-24-1934   
(Unknown) ?ego , ?ive ?lle  4-1-196?  10-10-1976  Can't read 
Ware, Millie Garner  1870  1907   
Williams, Julian (?)      Metal marker-hard to read 
Williams, Jackie Sue      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Young, Willie Davis Sr.  1-31-1930  5-5-1987  Cpl.- U.S. Army-Korea 
Young, Carl L.  4-10-1895  5-22-1985  Double marker with Gustavia Tidwell Young; m. 10-1-1916 
Young, Gustavia Tidwell  7-23-1897  7-14-1984  Double marker with Carl L. Young; m. 10-1-1916 
Young, Annie Murel  11-26-1926  7-16-1948  Daughter of C. L. and Christina Young 
Young, Ira Lou Coleman  8-7-1930     
Young, Nealy  4-20-1928  6-11-2015  Information from obituary 

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Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
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URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/c/6
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