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New Salem Cemetery - Laneburg - White

This cemetery is located on Hwy. 371 south of Laneburg in the SE1/4 SW1/4 of Section 24, Township 12 South, Range 22 West. It is directly behind the New Salem church building. There is another cemetery called New Salem east of Rosston (black). This cemetery is being maintained and covers about one or two acres.
Driving directions: From Laneburg, go south of Hwy. 371 toward Rosston for 1.3 miles. The church and cemetery will be on your right, several hundred feet from the highway. It is hard to see the cemetery from the highway, but it is directly behind the church.





Allen, James L.  1908  1908   
Allen, Joseph Earl  1903  1933   
Allen, Mammie  1905  1906   
Allen, U. S.  1877  July, 1913  Ulysses Allen in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Allen, Casey Conrad  9-9-1987  7-30-2007   
Atherton, Tyler James  1-16-2012  1-16-2012  Infant son of David and Cindy; "Bubba" to Taylor 
Austin, Richard S.  1906  1906   
Austin, Pink  1903  1903   
Austin, Clara B.  1899  1900   
Austin, John W., Jr.  1891  1891   
Austin, Tempie D.  1841  1911   
Austin, Richard      Co. C- 19 La. Inf.-CSA 
Austin, Mezanie  1868  1889   
Austin, Alice B.  1872  1906   
Austin, John W.  1870  1905   
Austin, James W.  1897  1915   
Baker, Sarah E.  1881  1920   
Baker, Watson B.  1907  1911   
Baker, Robert L.  1876  1954   
Baker, Roy N.  1905  11-15-1964  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Baker, Ray      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Baker, Robert E.  3-4-1932  8-18-1997   
Baker, Newton Ray  7-4-1903  4-27-1965  Double marker with Clara Johnson Baker; m. 2-13-1926 
Baker, Clara Johnson  12-18-1907  5-25-1995  Double marker with Newton Ray Baker; m.2-13-1926 
Baker, Mary Myrtle  9-22-1895  10-11-1971   
Baker, Bruce O.  1-12-1926  6-27-2011  Bruce Ottis Baker on military marker; U. S. Navy- TSgt. - U. S. Air Force- Korea-Vietnam; double marker with Clementine Baker 
Baker, Clementine  4-7-1929  7-19-2011  Double marker with Bruce O. Baker 
Beauchamp, Isabella      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Blount, Hazel Hastings  9-1-1928  10-8-2010  Double marker with J. Willard Hastings; m. 4-24-1948; also listed under Hastings 
Bolls, Eula  1876  about 9-1-1965  Eula Johnson Bolls in obituary; double marker with Joseph G. Bolls; death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Bolls, Joseph G.  1871  1940  Double marker with Eula Bolls 
Bolls, Thelma Ernervee  9-5-1906  6-17-1908   
Bolls, Ellie  11-12-1869  10-15-1961   
Bolls, Rev. D.  8-27-1854  2-24-1928  Rev. David A. Bolls in obituary 
Bolls, W. W.    3-18-1910  Co. C- 20 Ark. Inf.-CSA; age 68; death date and age from newspaper; not on marker 
Bolls, Aminda Jane  1861  1897   
Bolls, Minnie  10-26-????  1892  Same stone as Aminda Jane Bolls 
Bolls, M. E.  1850  1925   
Bolls, Dillard David  9-25-1932  8-4-1984  Col-U. S. Air Force-Vietnam; military marker has death date of 8-6-1984; double marker with Margaret Catherine Owen Bolls; m. 7-26-1953 
Bolls, Margaret Catherine Owen  1-17-1931  8-16-2001  Double marker with Dillard David Bolls; m. 7-26-1953 
Bolls, Thomas Floyd  8-30-1898  6-15-1975  Double marker with Hattie Amanda Bolls 
Bolls, Hattie Amanda  12-22-1902  9-26-1986  Double marker with Thomas Floyd Bolls 
Bolls, Joseph Howard  1-25-1932    Double marker with Elizabeth Ann Bolls; Married 9-15-1950; children-- Joe, Jr., Veda, Debra, Stan 
Bolls, Elizabeth Ann  1-27-1932    Double marker with Joseph Howard Bolls; Married 9-15-1950; children--Joe, Jr., Veda, Debra, Stan 
Bolls, (Child)    July, 1910  Age 2; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quince Bolls; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Bolls, Stan  8-10-1957  2-27-2017  Double marker with Kathy Rodden Bolls; m. 4-4-1997; child-Hanna Grace 
Bolls, Kathy Rodden  7-1-1968  6-3-2014  Double marker with Stan Bolls; m. 4-4-1997; child - Hanna Grace 
Brown, Charles W.  2-18-1862  8-10-1945  Double marker with Emily Brown 
Brown, Emily J.  11-5-1864  12-7-1935  Double marker with Charles W. Brown 
Callicott, Felix Manton  1896  3-25-1963  Double marker with Jewell Callicott; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Callicott, Jewell  1899  1-15-1977  Jewell Callicott Woosley in obituary; double marker with Felix Manton Callicott 
Callicott, Ralph J.  11-10-1921  10-8-1989  Cpl.- Army Air Corps-World War II 
Callicott, Virginia Ryan  2-2-1923  7-24-2010  No marker at time of survey 
Campbell, Charlie C.  5-1-1914  9-8-1965  Double marker with Lula Campbell Collums; Charlie Clark Campbell in obituary 
Chamlee, George E.  1878  3-28-1969  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Chamlee, Esther Lee    June, 1948  Age 63; wife of George Chamlee; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Chamlee, Lester Olen  1-2-1908  4-14-1952  Ark-S2-USNR-World War II 
Clark, Bobby  5-31-1938  6-4-2008  Double marker with Gale Clark; m. 3-18-1982; Bobby Lynn Clark in obituary 
Clark, Christopher Leo    12-4-2004  One date; son of Christopher Shane and Cynthia (Wesson) Clark; brother of Alivia 
Clark, Gale  2-8-1945  2-17-1990  Double marker with Bobby Clark; m. 3-18-1982 
Collums, Lula Campbell  4-25-1918    Double marker with Charlie Campbell; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Cottingham, ?      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Cottingham, Morrison "Mitch"  8-7-1907  5-10-1988   
Cottingham, James J.  2-2-1885  2-10-1910  Obituary had death date 2-17-1910 
Cross, Maggie Hastings  1914  1987   
Cross, Ivey Ervin  1914  1995   
Cross, James E.  1938  2004  Double marker with Letitia K. Cross 
Cross, Letitia K.  1938    Double marker with James E. Cross 
Cross, Powell E.  7-7-1930  9-4-1999  Pfc.-U. S. Army- Korea; double marker with Betty Jo Cross; m. 7-3-1954 
Cross, Betty Jo  12-12-1939    Double marker with Powell E. Cross; m. 7-3-1954 
Cummings, Charles Dallas  9-28-1912  10-12-1968   
Cummings, Mrs. Finis    June, 1924  Age 50; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Daniel, Mary Rose  7-10-1951  7-10-1951   
Daniell, John W.  10-25-1862  3-24-1899   
Daniell, Louisa  12-15-1845  12-24-1908  Double marker with Alexander Daniell; she also has a single marker with name Louisa Ann Daniell; death date is the same; birth year in 1841 on single stone 
Daniell, Alexander  10-19-1840  11-16-1903  Double marker with Louisa Daniell; there is also a single marker with name Alexander J. Daniell about 75 feet from double marker with same dates 
Daniell, Louisa Ann  12-15-1841  12-24-1908  Also has a double marker with Alexander Daniell; birth year is 1845 on double marker; death date is the same 
Daniell, Alexander J.  10-19-1840  11-16-1903  Pvt.-Co. G.- 26 Ark. Inf.-CSA; two monuments 75 feet apart with same name; one marker has military information; the other marker is a double marker with Louisa Daniell 
Davis, Wm. Brooks  1-8-1908  12-15-1969   
Davis, William B.  8-1-1941  4-24-1961  Arizona-AC3-USAF 
Davis, Andrew J.  3-12-1815  1-28-1892  Age 76 yrs, 10 mths., 14 days 
Davis, W. T.  1832  1902   
Davis, Rosa B.  1877  3-21-1960  Rosa Bell Davis in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Davis, (baby)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Davis, W. T.  1874  1942  Lodge 495 
Davis, John D.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Davis, Leslie R.  6-14-1903  5-24-1972   
Davis, Nellie F.  6-28-1947  1-23-1997   
Dowd, John J.  8-10-1882  6-9-1919  Woodmen of the World marker 
Dowing, Eva S.  1897  1909   
Dowing, Charlie H.  1900  1904   
Dowing, (baby boy)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Dowing, William R.  8-1-1941  9-22-1984  A2C-U. S. Air Force-Vietnam; metal marker has birth year of 1943 
Dowing, Melanie  1814  1901   
Dowing, Jane  1816  1899   
Dowing, Katie  9-13-1903  2-4-1955  Double marker with Stanley Dowing; m. 1-15-1937 
Dowing, Stanley  7-27-1912  6-13-1985  Double marker with Katie Dowing; m. 1-15-1937 
Dowing, Riley  2-20-1871  4-23-1954  Double marker with Fannie Dowing; m 11-18-1896 
Dowing, Fannie  3-15-1879  3-11-1970  Fannie Davis Dowing in obituary; double marker with Riley Dowing; m. 11-18-1896 
Dowing, Sarah  8-4-1905  12-11-1983  Double marker with sister Grace Dowing 
Dowing, Grace  10-2-1908  12-7-2000  Double marker with sister Sarah Dowing 
Dowing, Daved W.  1969  1969   
Dowings, Donald L.   10-7-1944  8-16-2000  Double marker with Lucy T. Dowings; m.12-15-1979; children--Holly and Stanley 
Dowings, Lucy T.  8-15-1950    Double marker with Donald L. Dowings; m. 12-15-1979; children--Holly and Stanley 
Dowings, William Stanley  9-27-1989  5-5-2009   
Duke, Simean  1871  1899   
Evans, Martha M.  6-11-1850  8-7-1921  Double marker with William H. Evans 
Evans, William H.  Oct., 1848  1-11-1933  Double marker with Martha M. Evans 
Evans, B. F. (Frank)  1896  9-12-1969  Frank Evans in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Evans, Mattie N.  2-14-1882  1-13-1908   
Evans, Nolan    Oct., 1912  Age 5; son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Evans; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Gasaway, Hulen Lasco  10-6-1921  1-5-1980  U. S. Air Force-World War II; double marker with Denver N. Gasaway 
Gasaway, Denver N.  12-27-1918  1-4-2017  Novie Denver Hunter Gasaway in obituary; double marker with Hulen Lasco Gasaway 
Gregory, Andrew Jackson  10-6-1914  5-10-2006  SSG - U. S. Army - World War II, Korea, Vietnam; double marker with Velma Lee H. Gasaway; m. 1-1-1937; children--Arthur Jerome and Wanda Lynn 
Gregory, Velma Lee Hunter  2-9-1920  3-31-1993  Double marker with Andrew J. Gregory; m. 1-1-1937; children--Arthur Jerome and Wanda Lynn 
Grifford, Sarah Janie Bolls  7-27-1886  4-29-1911   
Grifford, S. A.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Grifford, Syble Lucille  6-4-1924  6-4-1925   
Grifford, Maybell Honea  7-27-1895  8-10-1955   
Grifford, Edward D.  2-27-1880  6-30-1965   
Grifford, Elbert S.  2-29-1892  6-21-1953  Ark-Pvt.-Med. Dept.-World War I 
Grifford, Wallice Daniel  12-31-1930  7-26-1987  Sgt.- U. S. Army- Korea 
Grifford, Polly Ann McLelland  7-11-1932  11-20-2010   
Grifford, Silas Craig  July, 1852  1-7-1913   
Hampton, Virginia Glen "Jenny"  2-16-1951  12-20-2001   
Hart, James Allen  1943     
Hart, Michrel Lee  1928  1928   
Hastings, John      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Hastings, J. C.  1924  1925   
Hastings, Littie McCulough  1-10-1893  8-28-1966  Double marker with John H. Hastings; m. 2-9-1913 
Hastings, John H.  3-3-1889  8-14-1954  Double marker with Littie Hastings; m. 2-9-1913 
Hastings, Richard Lynn  1962  1963   
Hastings, J. Willard  8-3-1916  4-10-1978  Willard Jessie Hastings in obituary; double marker with Hazel Hastings; m. 4-24-1948 
Hastings, Hazel L.   9-1-1928  10-8-2010  Hazel Hastings Blount in obituary; double marker with J. Willard Hastings; m. 4-24-1948; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Hastings, Floyd Henry  8-5-1941  11-25-1971   
Hastings, Lewis H.  3-22-1884  6-29-1972  Dates hard to read 
Hastings, Loyd W.  9-23-1936  4-23-1995   
Hastings, Myrtle Steeley  1-10-1911  3-18-2005  Double marker with Louis Henry Hastings 
Hastings, Louis Henry  3-22-1884  6-29-1972  Double marker with Myrtle Steeley Hastings 
Hastings, Jim  12-1-1943    Double marker with Gloria Hastings; children -- Richard Lynn, Jim Jr., Cindy, Tim 
Hastings, Gloria Jean Stueart  11-29-1946  12-8-2010  Gloria Jean Stueart Hastings in obituary; children -- Richard Lynn, Jim Jr., Cindy, Tim 
Hawkins, Centhia Eliza A.  1877  1902   
Hicks, David Ray  6-2-1960  11-21-2000   
Hines, Thurman Jones  1911  1935   
Hitt, Rufus C.  3-6-1882  1-9-1901  Son of Dr. N. A. and Lutie D. Hitt 
Hitt, P. P.  9-25-1883  9-11-1898  Daughter of L. D. and Dr. N. A. Hitt 
Hunter, Elvin  2-9-1922  9-19-1942  Ark.-Cpl.-153 Inf.-World War II 
Hunter, Rubin (Bud)  8-21-1924  11-19-1984  Rubin E. Hunter on military marker; Cpl.- U. S. Air Force-World War II; double marker with Edith M. Hunter 
Hunter, Edith M.  9-28-1932    Double marker with Rubin E. Hunter 
Hunter, John Wesley  5-27-1889  9-11-1973  Double marker with Laura Whitten Hunter 
Hunter, Laura Whitten   12-18-1889  12-6-1967  Double marker with John Wesley Hunter 
Hunter, William Noah  8-11-1915  1-20-1991  Pvt.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Hunter, Ronald E.   1-9-1954  10-12-2005  Appears to be a cremation 
Jameson, Sharon Denise Cross O'Neal  1-10-1958  12-31-2015  Sharon D. O'Neal on grave marker 
Johnson, Luther C.  1909  1910   
Johnson, Herman C.  1-4-1915  7-2-1999  Double marker with Gracie J. Johnson; m. 8-14-1940 
Johnson, Gracie J.  8-10-1915  8-4-1987  Double marker with Herman C. Johnson; m. 8-14-1940 
Johnson, Jimmy D.  12-23-1946    Double marker with Jo Johnson 
Johnson, Jo  1-27-1943    Double marker with Jimmy D. Johnson 
Johnson, Hattie M.  9-21-1884  11-1-1971  Hattie Mae Aylett Johnson in obituary 
Johnson, W. W.  7-5-1883  2-8-1956   
Johnson, Nell Rose  3-21-1927  12-27-2006   
Johnson, Mary F.  12-1-1942  5-14-2008  Double marker with Billy W. Johnson; m. 11-19-1971 
Johnson, Billy W.  8-12-1952    Double marker with Mary Wicker Johnson; m. 11-19-1971 
Jordan, Lolus L.  10-28-1882  2-23-1947   
Jordan, Mira L.  10-6-1863  9-24-1901  Wife of J. E. Jordan 
Jordan, James H.  2-21-1886  2-8-1964  Double marker with Dora I. Jordan; James Henry Jordan in obituary 
Jordan, Dora I.   7-14-1893  10-11-1974  Dora Fore Jordan in obituary; double marker with James H. Jordan 
Jordan, H. W.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Jordan, Horace L.  8-18-1911  2-22-2004  Double marker with Margaret H. Jordan; m. 12-14-1935 
Jordan, Margaret H.  7-1-1918  7-10-2009  Double marker with Horace L. Jordan; m. 12-14-1935; no death date engraved; death date from find a grave web site 
Jordan, Lera  5-26-1889  10-16-1978   
Jordan, James D.  4-1-1909  2-25-1932  Ark.- Pvt.-31st. Inf. 
Jordan, John    1-12-1930  Grave not found; information from newspaper 
Jordan, Helen Rhodes  7-1-1918  7-10-2009  Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Korenek, Eva Jane  11-4-1938  8-21-1985  Pvt. - U. S. Army 
Laboski, Thurman J. Hines  1935  1953   
Lawrence, Lona Bolls  1871  1942   
McCants, Chas. H.  1863  5-19-1933  Double marker with Vinie J. McCants; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McCants, Vinie J.  1859    Double marker with Chas. H. McCants; no death date engraved 
McCants, William Chester  2-2-1895  9-20-1963  Double marker with Gladys Marie McCants 
McCants, Gladys Marie  3-30-1899    Double marker with William Chester McCants; no death date engraved 
McCorkle, Clarence W.  12-1-1905  8-5-1975  Clarence William McCorkle in obituary 
McCorkle, James William   11-21-1949  12-17-2000  Double marker with Rita Elisabeth McCorkle; m. 1-17-1969; children--Anna Kristine and James Bradford 
McCorkle, Rita Elizabeth  9-12-1950    Double marker with James William McCorkle; m. 1-17-1969; children--Anna Kristine and James Bradford 
McCorkle, Gertrude  2-15-1916  3-21-2005   
McCullough, Mary Ellen  1898  12-5-1973  Mary Ellen McAllister McCullogh in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McCullough, William L.  1891  5-6-1977  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Marris, Luna Allen  1878  Feb., 1928  Death month from newspaper; paper had Laura Merris 
Myers, Marie Allen  1-11-1908  10-22-1977  Wife of H. T. Myers 
Myers, Hade T.  8-14-1903  4-27-1993  MSgt.-Army-World War II 
Neal, Ada Whitten  1892  1914   
Nelms, Charlie L.  10-11-1909  4-16-1910  Child of Dr. C. F. and Ethel Nelms 
Nelms, Johnie R.  6-22-1903  8-19-1907  Listed as Retta Nelms in newspaper 
Nelms, Oma A.  1-31-1906  6-14-1908  Annie Nelms in obituary; daughter of Dr. C. F. and Ethel Nelms; obituary had death date 6-15-1908 
Nelms, Dr. C. F.    Dec., 1933  Grave not found during survey; obituary said funeral at Laneburg; his daughter was buried here 
O'Neal, Sharon D.  1-10-1958  12-31-2015  Sharon Denver Cross O'Neal Jameson in obituary 
Otwell, Keron H.  1-9-1907  5-7-1948   
Reagan, Iva Pearl  10-8-1898  6-19-1900  Daughter of J. N. and S. A. Reagan 
Richardson, Cora    Oct., 1911  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Richardson, Susan  4-28-1872  1-1-1960  Susan Austin Richardson in obituary 
Richardson, Ronnie Joe  6-20-1949  10-13-1949  Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Richardson 
Richardson, J. M.  10-17-1877  12-26-1938  John Melvin Richardson in obituary; born in Preston, KY; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Richardson, (son)      Age 4; son of Orvis Richardson; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Richarpson, Sadie  1905  1905  Spelled this way on marker; probably Richardson 
Robbertson, Lula  1905  1910   
Roberts, Eugene  2-11-1939  2-15-1939   
Roper, Jonathan David  7-30-1979  5-11-1996   
Runyam, Mary E. A.  1869  1933   
Rusell, Rhollie  2-5-1900  1-6-1907   
Rusell, Lilie C.  10-12-1889  9-11-1905   
Russell, Mildred  10-20-1919  2-14-1940  Sarah Mildred Russell in obituary 
Russell, William T.  11-12-1861  3-19-1953  Double marker with Sarah L. Russell 
Russell, Sarah L.  8-4-1867  12-12-1931  Double marker with William T. Russell 
Russell, Harlin Dean    12-5-1932  One date only 
Smith, Mrs. Jodie  3-4--1876  9-7-1895  Wife of J. W. Smith; broken marker 
Smith, Amandah  7-20-1834  2-5-1907   
Stallsworth, William Lester  12-21-1961  12-22-1961   
Stallsworth, Larry D.  6-9-1937    Double marker with Mildred Dowing Stallsworth 
Stallsworth, Mildred Dowing  1-25-1943  9-24-2015  Mildred Fay Dowing Stallsworth in obituary; double marker with Larry D. Stallsworth 
Stueart, Gillie M.  10-9-1918  7-21-1976  Tec. 4-U. S. Army-World War II; military marker has death date of 7-21-1978; double marker with Nannie M. Stueart; m. 1-1-1937 
Stueart, Nannie M.   11-28-1922  1-8-2010  Nannie Mae Chism Stueart in obituary; double marker with Gillie M. Stueart; m. 1-1-1937 
Tubb, Benjamin G.  12-1-1915  5-10-1925   
(Unknown), ????      Broken marker located 9 feet north of Pearl Reagan 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker one grave south of Nora Hill Whitten marker; no name or dates 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker one grave south of W. W. Johnson marker 
(Unknown), ????      Metal marker one grave north of J. B. Westrope marker 
(Unknown), ????      Metal marker 9 feet south of Marie Allen Myers marker 
Wesson, Wilburn L.  8-24-1922  4-20-1979  PFC- U. S. Army- World War II 
Wesson, (baby)    9-17-1970  One date on stone 
Wesson, Warner G.  2-7-1914  5-10-1987  Double marker with Verna W. Wesson; m. 3-8-1939 
Wesson, Verna W.  8-17-1912  9-26-1995  Double marker with Warner G. Wesson; m. 3-8-1939 
Wesson, Lisa Dian    7-16-1978  Infant daughter of Freda and Doug Wesson 
Wesson, William A.  11-7-1886  6-24-1961  Double marker with Mittie U. Wesson 
Wesson, Mittie U.  3-4-1894  10-27-1984  Double marker with William A. Wesson 
Wesson, James Louis  3-20-1948  8-11-2016  Double marker with Darlene Marie Siebert Wesson; m. 9-15-1978 
Wesson, Darlene Marie Siebert  8-16-1951    Double marker with James Louis Wesson; m. 9-15-1978 
Westrope, J. W.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Westrope, J. B.  9-10-1840  3-29-1924   
Whitten, Lando O.  1865  1920   
Whitten, Nora Hill  10-21-1856  11-13-1938  Double marker with William Riley Whitten 
Whitten, William Riley  5-6-1856  2-1-1938  Double marker with Nora Hill Whitten 
Whitten, Mary M. Evans  4-7-1875  12-21-1897  Wife of O. W. Whitten 
Whitten, William Ashley      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Whitten, (infant)      Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Whitten 
Whitten, Harvy       Age 6 weeks 
Whitten, Georgia M.  1895  1896   
Whitten, Horace M.  1900  1914   
Whitten, James A.  1864  1905   
Whitten, Levi    Dec., 1916  Co. K- 11 Ga. Inf.-CSA; age 80; age and death date from obituary; no dates on stone 
Whitten, Charolett C.  1837  1926   
Woosley, Jewel Callicott    1-15-1977  See remarks under Jewel Callicott 

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Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - New Salem Cemetery - Laneburg - White"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/c/60
Retrieval Date: January 22, 2018

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