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White Church Cemetery - Black Section

This cemetery is located at the same location as the white section. A fence divides the two sections. The earlier record states that it was also known as Walter
Driving directions: Go north off Hwy. 4 (now Hwy. 278) on County Rd. No. 46 (just west of the Nevada-Ouachita county line) for about three miles. The cemetery will be on your right just before an intersection in which the road makes a sharp curve to the left.





McCree, Versene      No last name on marker; assumed to be McCree; no dates 
McCree, Versene      No last name on marker; assumed to be McCree; no dates 
Adams, Pearlie  10-13-1914  3-20-2006  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Allen, Amelia McNeely  7-27-1935  7-11-1999   
Arna, Leo  8-4-1943  11-8-2005   
Belcher, Vivian Annette Jefferson  12-2-1962  8-25-2001   
Berry, Icephine Penn  1925  1998  Metal marker 
Blackman, Sandra Lashae  7-19-1954  11-16-2005   
Blake, Claude G.  8-21-1926  8-11-1992  Double marker with Birdell Harris Blake; m. 5-12-1966 
Blake, Birdell Harris  3-8-1932  12-9-1999  Double marker with Claude G. Blake; m. 5-12-1966 
Blake, Ollie  1-5-1909  8-9-1961  Pvt.-248 Ord. Ammo Co.-World War II 
Blake, J. P.  6-16-1918  5-2-1980  Husband of Lee Eva Blake 
Blake, Fannie  2-8-1895  11-30-1960   
Blake, Louis  7-2-1895  8-15-1954  Pvt.-27 Engr. Svc Co. Fors-World War I 
Blake, Almer  12-1-1905    No death date 
Blake, Mary Ann  2-22-1866  3-30-1954  Wife of Sam Blake-old stone at foot of grave; old stone had death date 5-30-1954 
Blake, Neal  11-16-1890  10-4-1964  Pvt.-Co. E 814 Pioneer Inf.-World War I 
Blake, Charlie  12-13-1898  3-10-1991  U. S. Army-World War I 
Blake, Annie McCree  8-11-1896  2-8-1953   
Blake, Mittie  10-3-1890  11-22-1982   
Blake, Otis  8-31-1815  5-12-1904   
Blake, Lawrence  12-23-1888  12-15-1966   
Blake, Oble G.  9-3-1937  9-10-1937  Double marker with Lennie G. Blake 
Blake, Lennie G.   1-22-1900  2-11-1975  Double marker with Oble G. Blake 
Blake, John Louis  8-15-1879  8-25-1947   
Blake, Cardell  1-22-1946  1-23-1946   
Blake, Leeoza A.  2-26-1880  9-8-1919   
Blake, John Allen  7-1-1906  4-29-1984  Double marker with Winnie Williams Blake 
Blake, Winnie Williams  4-10-1912  4-14-1984  Double marker with John Allen Blake 
Blake, William D.  12-8-1914  4-24-1975   
Blake, Claibouyn  12-18-1885  10-27-1966   
Blake, Mary  5-?-1892  9-25-1943  Married G. F. Blake in 1917 
Blake, G. F.   8-10-1869  2-16-1934   
Blake, Gatsie  3-15-1878  8-22-1914  Wife of G. F. Blake 
Blake, Samuel  3-10-1862  3-4-1900  Old stone at foot of grave 
Blake, Themus  11-29-1893    No death date 
Blake, May Perl  11-19-1897  Jan., 1921  Double marker with Ider Blake 
Blake, Ider  12-31-1876  Jan., 1921  Double marker with May Perl Blake 
Blake, Patterson  11-10-1873  3-12-1974   
Blake, Blufuse B.  1-13-1916  3-20-1978   
Blake, Eason    1937  Son of Sam and Maran Blake; old and new stone at grave 
Blake, Arolla  8-15-1893  12-26-1957  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Blake, Eunice P.   2-8-1910  1-10-1999  Wife of Ollie Blake 
Blake, Amanda Jane  6-15-1918  5-7-1968  Daughter of John Louis and Leoza Dansby; mother of Helen M. Blake (Scoggins); grandchildren--John, Alvin, Eric, Layton, Karen 
Box, Martha  8-20-1860  10-19-1951   
Box, Greeley  5-10-1861  9-4-1917  Double marker with Silas Gully 
Brown, Gloria Ingram  12-31-1943  10-1-2015  Information from obituary 
Carum, Alice    8-16-1954  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Clark, Willie  10-27-1896  11-21-1975  Pvt.-U. S. Army- World War I 
Clark, Lee Henry  2-18-1918  2-15-1951   
Clark, Mattie Fisher  6-10-1880  4-16-1954  Wife of John Clark 
Clark, John H.   11-30-1870  3-13-1945  Stone overturned-W. M. Crown Lodge 411 
Clark, Doney  6-12-??  9-27-1916  Hard to read; grave is north of John H. Clark stone 
Clark, Christine  6-1-1942  7-4-1949   
Conway,      Name on stone by road-no information 
Cooper, Frankie  2-27-1836  3-15-1897  Wife of Hugh Cooper; age 60 yrs., 11 mths, 12 days; broken stone; hard to read 
Cooper, Missie    1916  Wife of Sam Cooper 
Criswell, Lue Ella McNeely  1-26-1927  6-12-2005   
Dansby, Etta    1942  Metal marker-name Mary Etta on old record; grave is south of John Louis Blake 
Dansby, Jacob  1914  1981  Metal marker 
Dansby, John Curtis  1978  9-20-1978  Age 2 months; metal marker; grave is north of Jacob Dansby; full death date from obituary 
Dansby, John Phillip  4-7-1919  9-20-1978  Double marker with Gertrude Dansby 
Dansby, Gertrude  2-6-1922  9-2-1988  Double marker with John Phillip Dansby 
Dansby, Jacab    1916  Metal marker; grave is south of Mollie Dansby stone 
Dansby, Chas. H.    1910  Metal marker; grave is south of Mollie Dansby stone 
Dansby, ?u?de    1988  Metal marker-some letters missing; grave is south of Lee Edward Dansby metal marker 
Dansby, Essau  1-15-1914  12-5-1988  Double marker with Bessie Lee Dansby 
Dansby, Bessie Lee  4-4-1923  4-16-1998  Double marker with Essau Dansby 
Dansby, Mollie S.  1887  1933  Double marker with J. M. Dansby 
Dansby, J. M.  1885  1948  Double marker with Mollie S. Dansby 
Dansby, Mandy    1921  Metal marker; grave is south of Mollie Dansby stone 
Dansby, Lee Edward  6-30-1946  7-13-2001  Metal marker; grave is south of trail 
Dansby, Mrs. Mazio    10-14-2002  Age 87; metal marker; grave is south of Jacob Dansby metal marker 
Dansby, Leonard  4-15-1948  7-15-2006  Metal marker; death from auto accident 
Dean, Gertrude Blake  9-13-1903  6-4-1985   
Fisher, Jannie    12-14-1962  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Fishier, Lizzie  10-22-1889  5-21-1948  Wife of Eneree M. Fishier 
Fort, Esther  4-8-1899  9-13-1901  Broken stone 
Fort, Rubye    1-29-1956  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Fort, Martha Smith  11-4-1934  8-11-2010   
Forte, Easter M.  1845  1927  New metal marker; grave is on east side by trail 
Green, Murtis  7-15-1931  6-13-1998   
Griffin, Selma  1913  2000  Metal marker 
Guley, Eliza Blake    2-22-1935  Age 59; double marker with Jube Guley 
Guley, Jube    7-7-1928  Age 54; double marker with Eliza Blake Guley 
Gulley, Joshua  5-14-1907  3-17-1956  Pvt.- Trp.F-9 Cal.-World War II 
Gulley, Lodia H.  6-4-1909  10-30-1992  Double marker with DeWillie Gulley 
Gulley, DeWillie  7-6-1910  6-11-2005  Double marker with Lodia H. Gulley; Pfc. - U. S. Army 
Gulley, Annie Bell Blake  3-31-1900  3-3-1993   
Gulley, Haughty  7-22-1925  8-31-1956  Sgt-Co. A-818 Engr. Avn. Bn-Korea 
Gulley, Hubbard      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Gulley, Marshall  3-29-1896  8-27-1939  Pvt.-1st Cl-20 Engr.; married Hattie Sockwell 11-25-1917 
Gulley, Otis, Rev.  2-26-1902  11-17-1949   
Gulley, Otis Andrew  10-10-1933  3-8-1955  Cpl.-Btry. B-82 Fld. Arty Bn 
Gulley, Coreen  2-5-1905  7-3-1980   
Gulley, Ruby Lee Clark  3-12-1914  9-26-1936  Loving wife 
Gulley, Vera  1943  2000  Metal marker; grave is north of DeWillie Gulley stone 
Gulley, Tracy Lynn McKinney  5-10-1972  5-27-2007   
Gulley, Altheimer  3-27-1952  3-4-2015  Information from obituary 
Gully, John B.  3-15-1871  6-5-1921  Progress Chamber 3780-Rosston, Ar. 
Gully, Silas  1860  3-9-1884  Double marker with Greeley Box 
Hamilton, Opal Blake  1911  1982  Metal marker; grave is south of Leeoza Blake 
Hardin, Gertrude McNeely  1-26-1921  9-24-1989   
Holleman, Ella  4-7-1921  7-7-1980   
Holleman, Ruth  9-30-1928  4-10-2005   
Holleman, Otis  10-22-1920  6-22-2006   
Holleman, Audrey   4-5-1957  1-18-2008  Audrey Lee Holleman in obituary 
Hollemon, Leo  8-4-1945  11-10-2005  Metal marker 
Hollimon, Albert  1931  1985   
Holliman, Gladys  4-28-1929  9-29-1979   
Hollimon, Lonnie  1899  1936  Double marker with Essie Hollimon 
Hollimon, Essie  1900  1976  Double marker with Lonnie Hollimon 
Hopson, Cleoler McNeely Y.  1-10-1924  8-23-1997   
Jefferson, Michael  12-7-1969  12-7-1969  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jefferson; double marker with David Lee Jefferson 
Jefferson, David Lee  5-10-1969  5-10-1969  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Jefferson; double marker with Michael Jefferson 
Jefferson, Joseph  7-27-1930  4-26-2013  Information from obituary 
Jefferson, Ervin Bernard  4-1-1960  10-5-1999   
Johnson, Evella McNeely  5-19-1929  12-2-1986   
Johnson, Hester B.  9-25-1904  1-12-1965   
Jones, Amanda Blake  6-15-1918  5-7-1968   
King, Viola McCree  2-24-1908  11-5-1940  Old stone at foot of grave; wife of Rev. N. King 
McCree, family of W. T.       Stone is south of trail on east side 
McCree, James  4-23-1912  1-24-1982   
McCree, Mack  11-23-1908  12-25-1990  U. S. Army-World War II 
McCree, Earley      Name on rock; no other info.; grave is south of Mack McCree stone 
McCree, Lillie  8-14-1904  5-24-1988   
McCree, Aaron, Sr.  6-29-1915  9-17-1944   
McCree, Joseph  10-16-1870  7-15-1938   
McCree, Adda  2-26-1877  8-27-1919  Wife of Joe McCree 
McCree, Harvie  1923  1926  Triple marker with Cora and Doris McCree; (son) 
McCree, Cora  1895  1931  Triple marker with Harvie and Doris McCree (mother) 
McCree, Doris  1925  1945  Triple marker with Harvie and Cora McCree; (dau.); old stone at foot of grave 
McCree, Ida McNeely  10-9-1873  8-12-1949   
McCree, Mary E.  11-29-1881  2-26-1956  Old stone at foot of grave; wife of W. T. McCree 
McCree, Walter T.  10-16-1866  10-16-1930   
McCree, Roy A.  10-22-1902  8-26-1933  Hard to read; old stone at foot of grave; grave is on east side south of trail and north of Columbus McCree stone 
McCree, Sofhpia Jane  1875  1938  Metal marker; grave is by fence on east side south of trail 
McCree, Columbus  1868  1-18-1945  Metal marker; old stone at foot of grave 
McCree, Mandie  1-1-1908  12-13-1950  Double marker with Ollie McCree 
McCree, Ollie  8-11-1907  9-9-1948  Double marker with Mandie McCree 
McCree, Fred T.  9-14-1901  6-16-1946  Old stone at foot of grave 
McCree, Walter Hubbard  9-6-1912  11-30-1951  Old stone at foot-Walter McCree, Jr. 
McCree, Jacquelyn Virginia  7-10-1949  12-6-1984   
McCree, Moses Montroy  7-14-1922  8-29-1990  Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War II 
McCree, Linard W.   9-8-1919  4-30-1997   
McCree, Moses  1816  1888  McCree Family Reunion-1990 
McCree, Ada  2-24-1908  11-5-1940  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
McCree, Bea      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
McCree, Eli    5-11-1931  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
McCree, Ardia Velt  1-20-1941  12-3-2001  Metal marker; grave in northwest corner of cemetery 
McCree, Clara L.  1-8-1925  4-19-2010   
McCree, Versene      No last name on marker; assumed to be McCree; no dates 
McCree, Krystal      No last name on marker; assumed to be McCree; no dates 
McCree, Montroy  7-14-1922  8-29-1990  Pvt. - U. S. Army- World War II 
McDaniel, Terry D.  6-10-1954  4-18-1991  Pvt.-U. S. Army- Vietnam 
McNeely, Louis  10-15-1885  6-3-1974   
McNeely, Georgia  3-31-1900  6-5-1976   
McNeely, Hubert  4-6-1933  4-3-1936   
McNeely, Joe    10-1-??  Age 30 
McNeely, John  4-2-1864  3-2-1910  Double marker with Etta McNeely; broken stone nearby-same name, but dates are slightly different (4-2-1864 & 3-3-1910) 
McNeely, Etta  1866  1932  Double marker with John McNeely; "She is a Ruth" 
McNeely, Eurel  9-1-1902  8-5-1926   
McNeely, Earnest  8-22-1904  9-8-1936   
McNeely, Delonie  12-20-1906  3-22-1947  Dear Sister 
McNeely, Amanda Elisebth  3-13-1890  8-5-1949  Dear Sister 
McNeely, Willie  1-17-1892  1-18-1963  Wife of M. T. McNeely 
McNeely, M. T.  10-16-1883  10-16-1967  Matthew T. on old record-bro. of Louis McNeely 
McNeely, Addie  3-20-1904  11-27-1982   
McNeely, Chirley    4-30-1923  Age 82 
McNeely, Rachel  10-19-1853  4-29-1904  Wife of Charley McNeely 
McNeely, Charley    11-7-1952  Age 72 
McNeely, Mc Shell  1900  1900  Babe McNeely 
McNeely, Young  2-16-1899  9-26-1975  Golden Crown Lodge 411 
McNeely, Mrs. Curtis  7-15-1931  3-22-2009  Metal marker 
McNeely, Perry  12-11-1937  10-1-2013  Information from obituary 
McNeely, Deborah    1-11-2015  Information from obituary 
Mills, Henry  1904  1985  Metal marker 
Mills, Ida Pearl  1929  2004  Metal marker; next to Henry Mills grave on hillside; obit. had death date of 9-5-2004 
Mongomery, Icie  1933  1999  Metal marker; grave is south of Louis McNeely stone 
Nash, Bertha Lee  2-6-1900  6-28-1938  Old stone at foot--Birtha L. McCree Nash; wife of William Nash 
Ore, Eular Blake  3-15-1903  9-29-1977   
Payne, Jane  4-2-18?9  9-21-1923  Hard to read 
Payne, Gra??son  8-31-1833  9-9-1916  Hard to read-Granderson on old record 
Pritchard, Calla  12-25-1857  4-12-1895  Broken stone 
Purifay, Florence  3-29-1876  9-21-1955   
Purifoy, L. C.  6-19-1922    Age 60-metal marker 
Purifoy, John  6-5-1906  8-14-1976   
Purifoy, Kenneth B.  1979  1979  Metal marker 
Purifoy, Coline  Aug., 1902    Age 7 years 
Purifoy, Edmonia  8-13-1898  8-2-1983  Metal marker 
Purifoy, Joe    5-14-1975  Metal marker-age 81 yrs., 4 mths, 18 days; grave is south of Mazie Dansby metal marker 
Purifoy, George P.    12-11-1956  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Robinson, Mary L. Clark  3-31-1904  11-1-1977   
Russ, Marva Jo Blake    1-9-2002  Age 63 yrs, 10 mths., 1 day; metal marker; grave in center at top of hill 
Smith, Louis J.     11-11-1930  Old stone-one date; double marker with Willie Smith 
Smith, Willie J.     6-23-1931  Old stone-one date; double marker with Louis J. Smith 
Smith, Zady  12-16-1911  3-10-1968  Hard to read 
Smith, Carson  9-29-1943  11-14-1970   
Smith, Berry  4-2-1911  Oct., 1944   
Smith, Mary Janie      No dates 
Smith, Louis  6-18-1909  9-19-2002  Military stone; U. S. Army-World War II 
Smith, Louis      No dates; stone is about 10 feet from another Louis Smith marker 
Smith, Lillie      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Smith, Jane  8-25-1860  2-25-1897  Shouted 9 days before she died-broken stone 
Trammell, Michael Winston  1-23-1965  10-26-1993   
Washington, J. A.  9-19-1864  1-13-1952  Age 87-birth date hard to read 
Washington, Ella McNeely  7-4-1874  10-10-1930  Wife of J. A. Washington 
Washington, ??  5-12-1920  3-13-1939  Broken stone-with Washington graves 
Washington, Willie Ella  1933    One date 
Washington, Theodus  1934    One date 
Washington, John  10-15-1866  9-28-1962   
Washington, Margret  1871  2-17-1917  Wife of John Washington 
Washington, Fred      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Washington, Luther  8-22-1900    Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Washington, Rosa A.     6-10-1998  Age 84-metal marker; grave is near north fence 
Williams, Lizzie McNeely      No dates-wife of B. W. Williams 
Williams, Rollie (??)      No dates 
Williams, Dock J.  7-4-1885  11-14-1971  Double marker with Lillie P. Williams; m. Nov., 1903 
Williams, Lillie P.  8-31-1887  11-14-1973  Double marker with Dock J. Williams; m. Nov., 1903 
Williams, Mary Louise  10-15-1939  4-18-1996  Metal marker 
Williams, Perry  ?-10-197?    Metal marker-hard to read 
Williams, Frank E.  9-??-1934  7-??-1936  Son of David and Charlottie Williams 
Williams, Douglas B.  1979  1998  Metal marker; grave near north fence on hillside 
Williams, Pearly  3-12-1928  3-4-2006  Metal marker 
Williams, Johnny  8-5-1947  8-8-2009  Metal marker 
Witcher, John M.  1-9-1931  8-16-1988  Cpl. - U. S. Army 
Witcher, Malvin  6-10-1905  9-3-1979  Pvt. - U. S. Army 
Witcher, Agnes  5-4-1908  12-4-1964   
Yarbough, Lucy  7-7-1848  2-19-1922   
Yarbrough, Ester  1-14-1914  10-21-1996   

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Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - White Church Cemetery - Black Section"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/c/97
Retrieval Date: November 23, 2017

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