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Shiloh No. 1 Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the NE1/4 NE1/4 of Section 26, Township 14 South, Range 23 West. It is located by the side of the road leading to Shiloh Church. The cemetery is well maintained and is fenced.
Driving directions: From Bodcaw, go south on Hwy. 53 toward Falcon a little over two miles to the intersection with Hwy. 32 (Brockman Hill). Turn right on Rd. No. 3 and go about three miles to a crossroads. Turn left on Rd. No. 5 and go about 3/10ths of a mile. Turn left and go about 1/4th mile. The cemetery will be on your left, visible from the county road.





Blakely, R. J.  1885  1918  Listed on earlier records as J.R. Blakely 
Brantley, Bobby Joe  3-29-1940  2-10-1985   
Brantley, Mary E.  9-18-1898  7-21-1959  Wife of Reece Brantley 
Brantley, Reece  9-21-1895    Husband of Mary Brantley; no death date 
Brantley, Samuel R.       Infant son of Reece and Mary Brantley 
Brantley, James David  2-20-1933  4-17-2014   
Butler, ?      Listed on earlier record as Block 47 
Bulter, ?      Listed on earlier record as Block 48 
Cassady, Noah  12-15-1868  11-3-1954  Double marker with Ida Cassady 
Cassady, Ida  10-8-1871  11-4-1913  Double marker with Noah Cassady 
Cassady, Wilton  7-14-1916  11-29-1919  Son of N. J. and M. C. Cassady 
Cassady, Cornelia  4-15-1885  12-8-1935   
Cassady, (infant)  7-14-1922  7-14-1922  Son of N. J. and Mrs. M. C. Cassady 
Caurell, Minnie      Listed on earlier record as Block 9 
Clark, H. A.  1-14-1877  2-27-1883   
Cook, Hobbie      Listed on earlier record as Block 49 
Cook, Jasper      Listed on earlier record as Block 51 
Eblin, ?      Listed on earlier record as Block 46 
Grandford, (infant)      Listed on earlier record as Block 31 
Grandford, (infant)      Listed on earlier record as Block 32 
Hames, Harold      Listed on earlier record as Block 28 
Hamilton, Dorthy (baby)    5-30-1921  One date only 
Hamilton, Charlie W.  1897  1957  Double marker with Lois A. Hamilton; m. 12-25-1919 
Hamilton, Lois A.   1900    Double marker with Charlie W. Hamilton; m. 12-25-1919 
Hamilton, Charles  1933  1937   
Hamilton, C. W.  1925  1927   
Hudson, Jesse (infant)      Listed on earlier record as Block 69 
Johnson, Lula L.  1881  1976   
Lambert, Seborn  5-14-1857  8-25-1932  Double marker with Willie Lambert 
Lambert, Willie  4-11-1862  6-29-1952  Double marker with Seborn Lambert 
Lanely, (infant)      Listed on earlier record as Block 5 
Lecroy, John      Listed on earlier record as Block 43 
McKamie, I. A. (infant)      Listed on earlier record as Block 40 
McKamie, Miss A. H.  12-5-1849  2-7-1918   
McKamie, Elizabeth Hartwill  7-16-1822  2-14-1880  Wife of John Pierce McKamie; daughter of William Barksdale 
McKamie, John Pierce  12-29-1822  1-20-1880  Son of Rev. John McKamie 
McKamie, Barney J.  2-21-1895  6-15-1965  Double marker with Bonnie May McKamie 
McKamie, Bonnie May  3-10-1899  10-2-1986  Double marker with Barney J. McKamie 
McKamie, Johnie  11-18-1905  11-18-1905  Son of John A. and L. M. McKamie 
McKamie, John A.  1861  1946  Double marker with Loosie M. McKamie 
McKamie, Loosie M.   1876  1964  Double marker with John A. McKamie 
McKamie, Clarence Lee    9-23-1927  One date only 
McKamie, Etta McNatt  7-7-1862  4-15-1918   
McKamie, George W.  3-24-1856  11-19-1905   
McKamie, L. L.  12-27-1831  3-10-1931  Double marker with R. S. McKamie; family researchers say birth year should be 1871 
McKamie, R. S.  12-2-1866  3-16-1931  Double marker with L. L. McKamie 
McKamie, William H.      Co. A- 1 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
McKamie, William Pierce    1-5-1933  One date only 
McKamie, Willie George  9-28-1932  10-13-1934   
McKamie, Emmer Jessie  10-30-1903  7-22-1904  Daughter of John A. and L. M. McKamie 
McKamie, Horace B.  12-18-1907  4-8-1979   
McKamie, Curtis  1903  1980  Double marker with Ruth McKamie 
McKamie, Ruth  7-29-1917  1-24-2010  Ruth Angeline McKamie in obituary; double marker with Curtis McKamie; 
McKamie, John W.  8-6-1892  9-15-1974  Double marker with Eddie B. McKamie 
McKamie, Eddie B.  1-12-1896  5-20-1980  Double marker with John W. McKamie 
McKamie, David, Jr.    1977   
McKamie, (infant sons)    4-21-1918  Sons of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. McKamie 
McKamie, Odis J.   9-29-1933    Double marker with Ora Mae McKamie; m. 6-16-1961 
McKamie, Ora Mae  5-5-1937  11-14-2017  Double marker with Odis J. McKamie; m. 6-16-1961; death date not engraved at time of survey 
McKamie, Travis  7-31-1933    Double marker with Patricia McKamie; m. 5-28-1956 
McKamie, Patricia  2-26-1938    Double marker with Travis McKamie; m. 5-28-1956 
McNatt, (infant)  7-4-1914  7-4-1914  Daughter of R. E. and T. A. McNatt; double marker with (infant) McNatt 
McNatt, (infant)  4-15-1917  4-15-1917  Daughter of R. E. and T. A. McNatt; double marker with (infant) McNatt 
McNatt, Odis C.  11-8-1900  1-28-1913  Son of R. E. and T. A. McNatt 
McNatt, Robert E.  1-17-1875  2-7-1931  Double marker with Tallie Ann McNatt 
McNatt, Tallie Ann  2-28-1883  11-11-1944  Double marker with Robert E. McNatt 
Marlar, John Doyle      Listed on earlier record as Block No. 25; infant son of Floyce Jewell Riley Marlar; buried beside him; lived 24 hours; information from family member 
Marlar, Floyce J. (Riley)  7-10-1925  8-8-1958  Daughter of Essie J. (Allen) and John Daly Riley; first wife of Doyle Otis Marlar; mother of Marilyn Jeanette, Kathryn Ann, Deborah Jean, James David 
Mitchell, M. A.  10-??-1841  6-13-1907   
Mitchell, W. C.       Co. C- 8 Ala. Cav-CSA 
Morehead, Larry Wayne  6-21-1966  7-1-1966   
Morehead, Mary F.   5-16-1864  10-2-1942  Double marker with Pleasant F. Morehead 
Morehead, Pleasant F.  8-1-1862  11-8-1937  Double marker with Mary F. Morehead 
Morehead, Ollie L. (Lillian)  11-28-1885  8-6-1965  Double marker with John W. Morehead; Ollie Ward Morehead in obituary 
Morehead, John W.   2-4-1886  2-26-1983  Double marker with Ollie L. Morehead 
Morehead, Walter A.  1-20-1902  10-22-1903   
Morehead, Denver R.  3-9-1938  7-21-1938  Son of Bruce and Mary Morehead 
Morehead, Thomas T.  12-25-1908  1-4-1909  Son of J. W. and O. L. Morehead 
Morehead, J. Bruce  1-15-1910  9-19-2001  Double marker with Mary C. Morehead; m. 7-24-1929; metal marker behind stone had Jefferson Bruce Morehead 
Morehead, Mary C.  4-24-1914  4-8-2002  Double marker with J. Bruce Morehead; m. 7-24-1929 
Morehead, Charles R.   1-30-1940    Double marker with Reba G. Russell Morehead; m. 6-10-1959; children- Kathy, Laurie, and Kevin 
Morehead, Reba G. Russell  4-8-1941    Double marker with Charles R. Morehead; m. 6-10-1959; children- Kathy, Laurie, and Kevin 
Morehead, Gary Don  6-10-1947  5-17-2008  SP4 - U. S. Army - Vietnam; double marker with Eva Jean Foster Morehead; m. 6-10-1967; children--Sandy, Cheryl, G. Dwayne; grandchildren--Kristin, Matt, Kaitlin, Stephanie, Dakota, Madison, Sarah, Joshua, Derek, Raeleigh 
Morehead, Eva Jean Foster  9-7-1949    Double marker with Gary Don Morehead; m. 6-10-1967; children--Sandy, Cheryl, G. Dwayne; grandchildren--Kristin, Matt, Kaitlin, Stephanie, Dakota, Madison, Sarah, Joshua, Derek, Raeleigh 
Mullen, Amanda E.  2-2-1840  4-29-1882  Wife of Thos. Mullen; age 42 yrs., 2 mths., 27 days 
Patterson, ?      Listed on earlier record as Block 20 
Perry, Jessie  Aug. 1901  July, 1927   
Phillips, William Alee  8-7-1948  9-7-1975  U. S. Navy-Viet Nam 
Rayborn, Cora  1882  1936  Double marker with Calvin Rayborn 
Rayborn, Calvin  1873  1922  Double marker with Cora Rayborn 
Rayborn, Grandma  1833  1920   
Riley, Daly  11-13-1900  7-1-1937  John Daly Riley as per family member 
Riley, Eli H.  10-30-1829  1-8-1880  Broken stone; very hard to read 
Riley, Lawrence B.  1877  1948  Double marker with Sadie D. Riley 
Riley, Sadie D.  1878  1970  Double marker with Lawrence B. Riley 
Riley, (infant)  2-2-1906  2-2-1906  Son of L. B. and Sadie Riley; one date only; twin of Guy Riley; information from family member 
Riley, Mary Jane  9-17-1833  1-3-1894  Wife of E. H. Riley 
Riley, Melvin Lee  3-10-1899  8-12-1934   
Riley, Guy  2-2-1906  7-31-1994  Double marker with Callie N. Riley; m 7-15-1926 
Riley, Callie N.  6-21-1909  10-2-1988  Double marker with Guy Riley; m. 7-15-1926 
Riley, Eli Hudson  1-10-1903  4-29-1975   
Riley, John Daly, Jr.  8-31-1928  7-24-1995   
Riley, Essie Allen  10-20-1906  12-19-1998  Essie Jewell Allen Riley; wife of John Daly Riley, Sr.; information from family member 
Schultz, Lorene  1928  1992   
Sherman, Albert P.  1862  1941  Double marker with Georgia Sherman 
Sherman, Georgia  1866  1915  Double marker with Albert P. Sherman 
Sherman, Ida  1884  1960   
Sherman, (infant)  1902  1902   
Sherman, (infant)  1901  1902   
Sherman, Robert F.  11-5-1889  6-1-1955  Double marker with Ada May Sherman 
Sherman, Ada May  5-12-1904  8-18-1990  Double marker with Robert F. Sherman 
Sherman, Cora Riley  12-16-1909  10-1-1973  Double marker with Arl D. Sherman 
Sherman, Arl D.  2-6-1905  12-27-1981  Double marker with Cora Riley Sherman 
Sherman, Oliver H.  5-5-1890  9-29-1977  Pvt.- U. S. Army-World War I 
Smart, Inez B.  7-19-1930    Double marker with Roy Neil Smart 
Smart, Roy Neil  4-4-1926  1-26-1990  Double marker with Inez B. Smart 
Story, Mary      Listed on earlier records as Block No. 44 
Teague, Mrs.      Listed on earlier records as Block No. 19 
Ware, Cinthy, Mrs.  3-20-1826  6-18-1904   
Wesson, Robert L.  11-22-1888  11-9-1970  Double marker with Kate F. Wesson 
Wesson, Kate F.  6-18-1889  8-8-1964  Double marker with Robert L. Wesson 
Wesson, Jewel E.  5-31-1910  3-20-1978  Pfc.-U. S. Army-World War II 
West, Dale      Listed on earlier records as Block No. 1 
Wilson, Little Jimmy      Listed on earlier records as Block No. 90 
Wilson, Lizzie      Listed on earlier records as Block No. 39 
Wilson, Little Joe      Listed on earlier records as Block No. 31 

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Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - Shiloh No. 1 Cemetery"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
URL: www.depotmuseum.org/cemetery.php/refcemnames/80
Retrieval Date: February 17, 2019

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