Rogers Cemetery

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Rogers Cemetery  (Overview of cemetery)
Rogers Cemetery  (Overview of cemetery)
Rogers Cemetery  (Overview of cemetery)
Dorcas, Aunt Sallie  Marked by rocks--1970 record 
Garner, Carrie (or Corrie) D.  Jan. 3, 1879  Dec. 5, 1912  Wife of B. F. Garner 
Oglesby, May  Marked by rocks--1970 record 
Oglesby, infant  Aug. 12, 1895  Aug. 30, 1895  Child of C. S. & M.P. Oglesby; year of death hard to read 
Rogers, Charity A.   May 1, 1852  Jan. 15, 1936   
Rogers, J. Harmon  Nov. 18, 1854  Feb. 25, 1931   
Rogers, John Henry  1883  1945   
Rogers, Johnny Price  Marked by rocks--1970 record 
Rogers, Joseph J.   Dec. 10, 1858  Jun. 1, 1869  Son of J. P. & Nancy Rogers 
Rogers, Herbert  Nov. 7, 1877  Jan. 23, 1878  Son of J. H. & Charity Rogers 
Rogers, Nancy Parilee  Marked by rocks--1970 record 
Rogers, infant   Feb. 20, 1880  Feb. 20, 1880  Son of Harmon & Charity Rogers 
Valient, Lonnie  Marked by rocks--1970 record 
Valient, William R.   May 1, 1844  Sep. 26, 1875   
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References to an "earlier record" usually refer to a survey conducted in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers' Clubs, the original of which is on file at the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

Since 1997, Jery and Jeanie McKelvy have conducted a periodic canvas of each cemetery in the county and use additional resources to keep the listings current.

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Suggested content for bibliography entry:
Author: Jery and Jeanie McKelvy
Title: "Cemetery Survey - Rogers Cemetery"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
Retrieval Date: June 26, 2016

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