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This wasn't the old mortuary. It was the old Nevada News building run by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Cornish's was to the left of this one.
Posted by Mary Russell ( (Prescott) on 2009-11-16 to photos
I thought it was cool to go to google maps and view the differences between now and then. This photo was taken North West from in front of what is now the old Holly's Health Mart. Alex Ross
Posted by Alex Ross (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2009-11-12 to photos
Rachel (Hart) Vaden is my grandmother. She was born 1/11/1914. She recently passed (10/16/2009). The dates on this photo should read early 1920's. Her mother was Myrtie Purtle. Does anyone have info on her? Thank you.
Posted by Pamela Hooper ( (Anonymous) on 2009-10-24 to photos
The photo has #9 listed as Marie H. Purtle and it is Marie Heldebrand (Pruitt). She is my grandmother.
Posted by Kim Aldriedge ( (Arlington, Texas) on 2009-09-25 to photos
After corresponding with family researchers, it is likely that Ammorilous Barksdale died in 1884 and that her child, D. A. Barksdale, was born in late 1882 or in 1883.
Posted by Jerry McKelvy ( (Anonymous) on 2009-08-02 to cemetery
This is my great grandfather. Is there a story behind this photo?
Posted by Casey Curtis ( (Bodcaw, AR) on 2009-07-09 to photos is my new email
Posted by Geneva Smith (GSMITH3399@COMCAST.NET) (Houston) on 2009-06-18 to photos
Re: dates for Ammorilious Barksdale and D. A. Barksdale. Both grave markers are broken and the dates are no longer visible. A 1950 cemetery survey had D. A. Barksdale born in 1862, but some of the descendants say it should be 1882. Since Ammorilious was born in 1842, I am inclined to think the 1862 birth date for D. A. is probably correct.
Posted by Jerry McKelvy ( (Anonymous) on 2009-02-17 to cemetery
I agree, the man in the center is indeed Samuel L. Mooty. He is also my great grandfather.
Posted by Judy Wade ( (Anonymous) on 2009-02-09 to photos
The present building was built in 1974. There is a stone either in the brick fence out front, or on the building itself that says so along with the cornerstone from the original building.
Posted by Adam Beck ( (Prescott, AR) on 2009-02-05 to photos
This is not from the 1910's. The dam wasn't started until 1948 or 1949, and was completed in 1951 after Mr. Greeson's death.
Posted by Adam Beck ( (Prescott, Ar.) on 2009-02-05 to photos
This was originally Gibson's Discount Store. We lived in the Hale's trailer park across the street when it was built in the mid 1970's. I remember watching them build it.
Posted by Adam Beck ( (Prescott, AR.) on 2009-02-05 to photos
Ammorilious Barksdale died 7-29-1881, yet her child D.A. Barksdale was born 8-21-1982. One of these must be a typo. Could you tell me which date needs to be changed? Thanks a bunch!
Posted by P. Berrong ( (Helotes., TX) on 2009-01-09 to General
My uncle, J. Phil Burns is on the bottom row, third from the left. I have an additional "portrait" of him in uniform, taken, it appears in 1921-22. He is listed here as Phill Burns. My mother's maiden name is Agnes Burns, also of Prescott - along with her other siblings, 7 in all. She married Otis Theodore Bourns (pronounced Burns) of DeQueen, Arkansas in 1934. Her mother's maiden name was Dolly Pearl Phillips, thus comes my name Phillips Monroe Bourns. My mom went by the name Burns Bourns. I would like to hear from anybody whose father was on this football team. Phil Bourns
Posted by Phillips Bourns ( (St. Paul, MN) on 2008-09-24 to photos
If you know the identity of about 1/3 of these men could you please tell us who they are and which one is which? Thank you!!
Posted by sandra knops ( (san diego) on 2008-08-28 to photos
I have non-photo copy print of my uncle John Phillips Burns, aka:John Phill Burns, Jay Phil Burns, Phill Burns in his football uniform as a Curley Wolf of 1922 football team of considerable fame in Prescott. Willing to contribute to any effort to "reconstruct" that team. Also have copy of speech he gave at the Mann High School reunion about 15-20 years ago. Will share with anyone interested in the "memories" of his youth in Prescott during the first two decades of the 20th century. If interested, please email me. Phillips Bourns
Posted by Phillips Monroe Bourns ( (St. Paul) on 2008-08-06 to photos
Which one is J.K. Waddle?
Posted by sandra knops ( (san diego) on 2008-07-28 to photos
I am working on the 2nd ed. of a gen study of Samuel Andrew Arrington. I hope someone could tell me where to order a county map or make a copy of the location of his farm. I have old location directions. This is in a Chancery Court Proceeding of Nev Cty about 1920. He had about 39 acres South and East of Camden-Douley's Ferry Road. Any help?
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-07-22 to general
I got to work with many photos in the Hamby collection when I volunteered at the Depot a few years back. My grandmother's house is the one in the lot behind where the girls are standing and she (Caroline Hays Arnett) grew up around both of them.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-07-17 to photos
do you have the names of any of these children?
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-05-31 to photos
Are there collections of school yearbooks, or other detailed information, that would list students and teachers? All of my 6 aunts and uncles named Burns attended schools in Prescott. In 1920, My aunt Jeanette Burns was hired to teach school (See time-line,1920.) She also taught in Arkadelphia where at least two of her siblings were her students, My grandfather, Jay T. Burns was granted the first authorization to practice law in the town. Is there a historic listing of early lawyers in Nevada County? I am way up the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN and have not found time, money or gas sufficient to journey to Prescott. I would like to come on down, however. Phillips Monroe Bourns [My father was born in De Queen in 1905.) Thanks.
Posted by Phillips Monroe Bourns ( (St. Paul) on 2008-05-29 to general
When we lived in Prescott from 1948-1952 there was no Catholic church in Prescott. He had to drive 18 miles to Hope to attend Mass on Sunday.
Posted by William Malefyt (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-05-24 to photos
This picture is NEWER than 1950. It is more like 1970. The men's glasses and clothing are certainly not from the 1950's. Also, I knew Jim Wingfield, and he would have been younger in 1950 than as he appears in this photo.
Posted by Adam Beck ( (Prescott Ar) on 2008-03-22 to photos
The bathing suit beauty is Bobbie Sue Ward Miner, not Miller. She is my cousin.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-03-06 to photos
A name correction: It should be Autrel Ursery, he was my uncle.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-03-06 to photos
I believe that this is probably Joseph Kelso Waddle as Joseph's daughter married a Lewis Stewart and they had 12 kids 1 of whom was Brice Stewart so he would be Brice's grandfather.
Posted by sandra knops ( (san diego) on 2008-01-28 to photos
I am wondering about the person in this photo as this same picture was sent to me as being Joseph Kelso Waddle so when I saw it here I was very surprised.
Posted by sandra knops ( (san diego) on 2008-01-14 to photos
The young man leaning on thepost is Charles H. Jones, Oliver S. Jones son. Confirmed by his daughter - Dorothy A. Jones (Mosley)
Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR) on 2007-12-25 to photos
My grandmother, Alta Grant, worked at Dalrymple and Henry for many, many years. We used to visit her each summer and she would buy us each a "Bobbie Brooks" outfit from the store...very nice memories
Posted by Ann Vittitow Hobson ( (Frisco,TX) on 2007-09-06 to photos
The body less the cab portion is still in use next to the enginehouse as a shed.
Posted by Jud Powell ( (Texarkana tx) on 2007-08-22 to photos
Pictured Lloyd Whitmarsh & Olan Smith
Posted by Glenn W. Whitmarsh ( (Hope, AR) on 2007-06-25 to photos
This is a really nice site! I lived for a year in Prescott while I was 16 (that was 16 yrs ago, and I STILL remember the fight song for the Curly Wolves!). I've always been a bit nostalgic about Prescott. Anyhow, I found some of my family in the Laneburg Cem: W. T. "Bill" Fryar - my grampa, William Thomas, his brother John Christopher Fryar (and yes, he IS in that cem.), his sister Elsie Elizabeth Fryar Jones (m. Melvin Ambus Jones bur. in same) There are more Fryar's in that cem. They are in that same row with my grampa (there's 5 or 6 graves). My grampa Bill has a yellow Forsythia bush planted next to him, at the head of the grave. His first wife (Marie?) died in childbirth along with the baby - the bush is the baby's marker (don't know about the wife). Also, my 1st cousin, Leonard Ural "Lynn" Raley, son of Alice (Fryar) (Simpson) Haney, is buried on the other side of my grampa. Lynn died in Apr 2001, age 42 (Just FYI). What I would like the find out is where my greater-grandparents are buried. Christopher Columbus & Martha Alice (Rothwell) Fryar, John Richard "Dick" & Mary E. (Roberts) Rothwell. I have family history on my Rothwell branch, (if anyone's interested) but nothing on the Robert's or Fryar's. Thanks again for this wonderful site!
Posted by Kim (Fryar) Smith ( (McLoud) on 2007-06-22 to cemetery
No. 2 in the photo is Ora Faye Andres(Galloway), daughter of George L. Andres, Sr., and Mattie Hamilton Bright Andres.
Posted by George Smith ( (2580 Cherry Road, Cabot, Arkansas 72023) on 2007-06-18 to photos
I beleive all of these men were Union Soldiers. This picture was taken at the same reunion as the picture below - Vol 64 No 7. The picture below is the same reunion, but the Confederate Soldiers. My great grandfather is in the picture below.
Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR) on 2007-06-08 to photos
The bearded man standing next to the door is Oliver S. Jones - my great grandfather. He can also be seen in the picture titled "Civil War Veterans Reunion" (second picture - Vol 64 No. 7) seated third from the left.
Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR) on 2007-06-08 to photos
The man seated third from the left is Oliver S. Jones - my greatgrandfather. He served in the 8th Arkansas Infantry. The man to his right (seated second from left) is Alfred Luck - his best friend. Oliver named one of his sons Alfred Luck Jones after his best friend. Oliver also owned Jones Blacksmith Shop and you can recognize him in the picture titled "Jones and Co. Blacksmithing around 1900"
Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR) on 2007-06-08 to photos
There are a couple of Almond (Almand) folks in this photo that I may be related to. I'm descended from Welcome T. Almond (aka Almand) who lived in Nevada County in the late 1800's to 1917. Any relatives out there, please contact me!
Posted by Sherry Nelson ( (Lansdowne, PA) on 2007-05-28 to photos
The play was probably "Pickles" based on the backdrop ("Wurtzelpraeter Inn"). It was somewhat popular for glee clubs of that era. A description of "Pickles" follows: PICKLES The scenes were laid in the Garden of Wurtzelpraeter Inn, Vienna at carnival time and in a gypsy camp near Vienna. Johnas H. Pennington, an American millionaire pickle manufacturer, with his daughter, June, arrived in Vienna amidst preparations for the annual carnival. To his consternation he finds Jones, his advertising expert, advertising Pennington's Peter Piper Pickles too well. An old acquaintance, Lady Vivian, a wealthy English- woman, also arrives on her annual quest in search of her daughter, who was lost near Vienna at Carnival time when a baby. Kinski, the pompous police chief, plots to substitute the lost child of Lady Vivian and marry her for the fortune. A band of gypsies visit the carnival led by Jigo, the chieftain, and his supposed daughter, Ilona. Events lead all to the gypsy camp where a magic pool reveals the face of Lady Vivian's daughter. Arthur Crefont, a poor artist, wins recognition of his art and also the hand of June Pennington. Lady Vivian consents to become Mrs. Pennington; Kinski's plot is exposed; Ilona is restored to her mother and Jones is rewarded with success in his campaign for the hand of Ilona.
Posted by Sharla N Fasko ( (Holland) on 2007-05-08 to photos
The correct death year of my father, Daniel Freeman McMillian, is 1996 at the age of 83.
Posted by Christina L. McMillian de Paulo ( (Chesapeake, Virginia) on 2007-04-16 to photos
I was the basketball manager for the years 1956 and 1957, when Julius Adams and Terrell Calhoun were coaches. Remember winning the District and going to State Tournament. Never forget working on my own time on Saturday's washing uniforms and clean dressing areas. The wooden floor was a very new floor and was one of the best in Arkansas. I also worked in the Time Clock booth and recorded shots made and location shots taken. Information used by coaches. Wrapped a lot of ankles and folded and handed out a lot of uniforms for the games. Good memories.
Posted by Dawson Cline Henry, Jr. ( (Haughton, LA) on 2007-04-15 to photos
My Parents and their 2 kids, (my sister Kay and I) moved from Magnolia, Ark. to Prescott in 1946 and I started the second grade in this school with Mrs. Ardel Clark as my teacher. The next year I was transferred to the third grade in a new building they built behind the elementary school on the east side of town near where the park is now. Mrs. Gann was my teacher then.
Posted by Dawson Cline Henry.Jr. ( (Haughton, LA) on 2007-04-15 to photos
I am writing a book involving this tornado and I am looking for more information on this tornado and more pictures. Please contact me if you have any information. Thank you
Posted by Ruth Ann Dodson Bickerstaff ( (Hope) on 2007-04-12 to photos
The lady on the left is my great-grandmother, Leena Parzaid Aslin Campbell, wife of Lee Ander Campbell. She was b. March 6, 1870. Leena Parzaid was the dtr. of William A. Aslin, b 1848 Gibson Co., TN and Delilia Morris, b 1848 TN. William Aslin is decended from Thomas Aslin & Martha Barham, b 1810 in Stokes, NC, dtr. of Charles Barham & Charity Frazier. On the far right is my grandmother, Nora Ovelia Campbell McKinnon, b 1891 in Hempstead Co., AR. and the very blond child in the front is my father, Ancel Asberry McKinnon, b. October 14, 1914 in Nevada Co., AR; died August 25, 1997 in Shreveport,Caddo Parish, LA.
Posted by Sandra M. Loridans ( (Anonymous) on 2007-04-07 to photos
The lady second from the left is my grandmother, Nora Ovelia Campbell McKinnon, b. September 20, 1891 in Hempstead Co., AR; died September 21, 1987 in Prescott, Nevada Co., AR. She was the wife of David Asberry McKinnon b. March 24, 1888 in Pike Co., AR; d. August 8 1966 in Prescott, Nevada Co., AR. They lived their entire married life, first in Delight and then in Prescott. Nora McKinnon was the daughter of Lee Ander Campbell, 1865 in AR and his wife, Leena Parzaid Aslin, b. March 6, 1870 in TN. Lee A. Campbell's mother was Martha E. Stewart, b 1835 ALA, dtr. of Samuel P. Stewart & Elizabeth Darby. Lee's parents were Thomas E & Mary Campbell, b 1829 in Frederick, Winchester Co., VA. Leena Parzaid Aslin Campbell was the dtr. of William A. Aslin, b 1848 Gibson Co., TN & Delilia Morris, b 1848 TN; married 1866 in Gibson Co., TN.
Posted by Sandra M. Loridans ( (Anonymous) on 2007-04-07 to photos
I, too, remember the trips to the Cornish Mortuary in the '50's to see Old Mike. He was in a standing position at that time. My father, A. A. McKinnon, would then take my 2 brothers and I through the nearby park to show us where they found Old Mike. A trip from Shreveport to Prescott to visit my grandparents, David A. & Nora Campbell McKinnon, was not complete without a visit to see Old Mike. I later took my children there to see him. Shortly after that, they buried him.
Posted by Sandra M. Loridans ( (Anonymous) on 2007-04-07 to photos
Mrs Sid Cole was Sarah Margaret "Mag" Daniell b 1882 to E. N. Dock Daniell and his wife, Margaret "Mittie" Nelson. Aunt Mag's sister, Cora Ella Daniell was my ggrandmother, married to Isaac Presley Boley Seal/s.
Posted by Rayedene Seal Graves ( (TX) on 2007-03-20 to photos
Gladys Avery, shown in the photo was my mother. My grandparents were Johnny and Ora Lee Avery
Posted by Ann Cardwell ( (Rosenberg) on 2007-03-13 to photos
Clyde Watson Buchanan, Jr.'s year of birth is incorrect on his headstone which is located in Deanne's new section. How can I get this corrected? Or, who do I contact? Only the year 1936 needs to be changed to year 1935. I was his wife. Thank you.
Posted by Elizabeth A. Buchanan ( (Plano, Texas) on 2007-02-13 to General
Tabitha, Why don't you donate some black history, instead of accusing white people of hate ?. It's people like you, that keep the hate alive. Do your part, and quit blaming someone else.
Posted by J.C. Ridling ( (Amity) on 2007-02-02 to cemetery
I remember going to Shorty's with my Granddad, Cleburn Johnson and my Dad, Alvin Johnson. I think they all thought I was a pest. ha
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2007-01-21 to photos
I believe I have seen a postcard with this picture on it.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2007-01-21 to photos
Around July 1981 my husband at that moment, my 12 months old daughter, and I lived a few months in the Broadway Hotel after they turn the Hotel into apartments after moving back from Houston Texas.
Posted by Wanda June Arnold ( (Milan New Mexico) on 2007-01-07 to photos
I can remember Fred's being at this location in 1980 but was not Fred's then if I remember right. Just can't remember the name of the store then but it was another dollar store like Fred's. In 1999 my daughter work at Fred's for about a year.
Posted by Wanda June Arnold ( (Milan New Mexico) on 2007-01-07 to photos
When I took my son to Dr. Teague's office before we moved to New Mexico, I didn't know the history behind this old building.
Posted by Wanda June Arnold ( (Mian New Mexico) on 2007-01-07 to photos
I am pretty sure that Richard White pictured here is my great-granduncle. His parents were Samuel Thomas and Lula Tamplin. Later, Richard married Gertrude Davis, or "Aunt Trudy".
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2007-01-06 to photos
We went to many baptizings and dinner on the ground. It is sad to see it gone. I had crossed it many times.
Posted by Ijuana Joy Brown Shaver ( (Hamburg) on 2006-12-27 to photos
I'm not a preson to rock the boat but, I do want to know why is it that there is not a history of blacks on this website or why is there no black people that I seen in the deann cemetery?? I know for a fact that my grandfather and my great aunt and uncle are buried there and no one put their history in the deann cemetery biography. Are they not apart of the history? do they not count??? my grandfather was in a war do he not count???? is it because he is black??? I thought we as a people had gotten past the hate?
Posted by Tabitha Newborn ( (Anonymous) on 2006-12-20 to cemetery
My great-grandfather, Hezekiah Barksdale, was shot in the right eye during the Civil War. Could that be him on the bottom, second man on the right side with the foot showing. He had a cane in the picture. Please advise. I want very much to find a picture of him. He died in 1901.
Posted by kathy clark ( (hope) on 2006-11-06 to photos
How are these men? I'm looking for Hezekiah Barksdale, and E. J. (Elija) Barksdale. Hezekiah is my great-grandfather, and E. J. is his brother.
Posted by kathy clark ( (hope) on 2006-11-06 to photos
Girl in the middle in black is Kay King.
Posted by Jackie Lee Johnson ( (Prescott) on 2006-09-24 to photos
One of the girls pictured here, Inez Nelson, is the daughter of my great great grandfather & former Prescott mayor, Guy Nelson. I'm descended from Guy's son, Shelton Nelson. Cheers, Sherry Nelson Philadelphia, PA
Posted by Sherry Nelson ( (Anonymous) on 2006-09-05 to photos
The old gym was used as a roller skating rink in the early 1960s for a couple of years and the old wooden basketball flooring was wonderful for skaters. I have many fondly-remembered memories of hours circling that floor! And I'll never forget that sound of dozens of skates rolling over that hollow-sounding floor.while "This Diamond Ring" and other great tunes played loudly over the loud speakers.
Posted by Cathy Cox Straley ( (McKinney TX) on 2006-08-29 to photos
Does anyone know if this Lee Montgomery was the Roy Lee Montgomery who married Susan Pearl Andrews of Redland Community? (After Roy Lee's death, she married Louis Hines.)
Posted by Cathy Cox Straley ( (McKinney TX) on 2006-08-29 to photos
My gggranmother Pheobe(Jane) galloway is buried in miday methosidt church cmemtery next to her grandson Oren C Galloway. However tne records you have on-line has it CALLOWAY instead of Galloway. Please change if possible for future researches it would help. Thanks Kristeen Galloway
Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2006-08-05 to cemetery
This is the finest cemetery information I've come across for Arkansas. Very good and as complete as I''ve seen.
Posted by DINAH L. WATSON ( (Anonymous) on 2006-06-15 to cemetery
I am asking for help and or any information about the Hays families in Nevada Co. There is a "Nancy Hays" buried in the White Church, sometimes called, "the Carolina Church". I visited this Cemetery on June 8, 2006, looking for Berry and Nancy Hay Beard's graves. She was born in SC and lived in the Woodlawn Community. There had been a bouquet of silk white roses punched into the ground by the old headstone. I had a hard time reading the dates of birth and death. Earlier recording said that it was hard to read but that an inscription was thought to read,"Wife of Henry" I wonder if it might have said "Wife of Berry". Does anyone know anything about this grave or any Hays buried in the White Cemetery? The stone had eroded away taking almost the faint date of death. It did not bear the inscription of "Wife of Henry" (or Berry) any longer. Please respond to this inquiry if anyone knows anything about any family of Hay or Hays. Thank you so much!
Posted by Sandra F. Puckett ( (Brazoria) on 2006-06-14 to cemetery
My grandfather, Ernest Prince is in the 4th row, he was my dads father. My father, William Thomas Prince and my mother, Ora Dell Prince (Cearley) have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Bethany, Oklahoma. There will be an anniversary party on May 21, 2006.
Posted by Debbie Hudgins ( (El Paso, Texas) on 2006-05-13 to photos
My grandfather, Ernest Prince is in the 4th row, he was my dads father. My father, William Thomas Prince and my mother, Ora Dell Prince (Cearley) have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in Bethany, Oklahoma. There will be an anniversary party on May 21, 2006.
Posted by Debbie Hudgins ( (El Paso, Texas) on 2006-05-13 to photos
Charles Montgomery Andres, not John. My fingers slipped. Sorry.
Posted by Gerge S. Smith ( (2580 Cherry Road, Cabot, Ark 72023) on 2006-05-01 to photos
The man with the drum is Charles Montgoomery Andres, father of George Logan Andres Sr. The well dressed man in the suit, top row center is George Mason Franks. Andres was a drummer boy in the 9th Connecticut (yes, the Union Army) but attended all the Confederate reunions because he tried to enlist at age 15-16 but the CSA wouldn't take him. He joined the 9th Connecticut when it came through Lousiana. G.M. Franks was with the 20th Arkansas, was captured at Vicksburg.
Posted by George Smith ( (Cabot, Arkansas) on 2006-04-26 to photos
I've seen this photo and would like to know who the children are. If anyone has any information, please email or call 501-239-8545
Posted by George Smith ( (Cabot, Arkansas) on 2006-04-21 to photos
The man in the front row, center, is John Montgomery Andres of Sutton. He was a Union Army drummer boy but attended Confederate reunions because all of this friends were in the Confederate Army.
Posted by George S. Smith ( (2580 Cherry Road, Cabot, Arkansas 72023) on 2006-04-20 to photos
Man far left with drum is Charles Montgomery Andres. He was a Union soldier (9th Connecticut Infantry), but attending the reunions because a lot of his friends were in the Confederate Army.
Posted by George S. Smith ( (2580 Cherry Road, Cabot, Ark. 72023) on 2006-04-20 to photos
I would like to hear from anyone who may have info/pictures on Thomas and/or Edgar Alsobrook and their decendants.
Posted by Thomas S. Alsobrook ( (Lowell Arkansas) on 2006-04-09 to General
I use to go to the Barber Shop with my Dad, Alvin Ross Johnson. Also my Grandad, Cleburn Johnson.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2006-04-04 to photos
Looking for more information on Robert A THORP b.18 May 1845 d.28 JUL 1915 Pleasent Ridge Cemetery. I am searching the THORP/THORPE surname, any help would be great. Wayne
Posted by Wayne Edge ( (Trenton) on 2006-03-26 to General
Arkansas history is always fascinating! I look forward to visiting Nevada County again soon, and especially wish to stop by the Depot and Museum.
Posted by John Bethurem ( (Little Rock, Arkansas) on 2006-03-16 to General
I am interested in the starting of the GURDON TIMES . I beleive it was started by one of my ancestors..Also would like to know just where I can find information on how they lived and what their health problems were in the 1890's. Would greatly appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Thank you. Glendene
Posted by glendene BELLAMY THOMPSON ( (Peashastin,Wa.) on 2006-02-27 to General
I am interested in finding anyone who knew or knows the palmer family who lived in Nevada county during the 1940's and beyond. I had relations who lived there at one time. Thank you.
Posted by bill hall ( (glencoe) on 2006-02-06 to General
I am looking for someone in the area that can send me a digital picture via email of a grave in the Harmony Cemetery. Looking for Hale and Sadie NASH. Also looking for his parents Lovick Mason NASH and May Ida (Rogers). Thanks in advance for your time!!! Charles Nash (
Posted by Charles Nash ( (Senoia) on 2006-01-27 to cemetery
I also have good memories of this old bridge, the Macedonia Baptist Church in Boughton (black side) had their baptizing there. We also went swimming there and fishing, I was always afraid when we crossed as the bridge made a lot on noise. Wish it was still there, sad to see such a great work of art gone,
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-12-15 to photos
I believe this to be the home of Mr. and Mrs. Issac Bess Cantley (Frankie Lowdermilk), who were my Great Grandparents. My Grandmother, Sidney Ernestine Cantley married John Montgomery Norman. Their son, Loyal V. Norman was my father. He was born in near Prescott, I think near the Moscow community.
Posted by Martha Norman Sowell ( (Little Rock, Ar) on 2005-11-30 to photos
My father who graduated from Presscott in 1960, has not seen this photo but when I told him about it he said he knew a girl named Bobbi Jean Ledbetter that was mixed that was one or two years ahead of him in school there.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-09-15 to photos
recd email from Mrs Hays's daughter which stated in part "taught chemistry at Prescott High from around 1938 until after WWII. Ed Smith asked her to teach again but at Middle School in the early 70's. This is a picture of my mother with a 5th grade class that was integrated. This had to be in the70's or 80's." i would trust this as being correct, would like to know exactly what year it is.
Posted by charlie weaver ( (fayetteville ga) on 2005-09-01 to photos
boy holding girl appears to be carl dalrlmye jr.
Posted by charlie weaver ( (fayetteville ga) on 2005-08-27 to photos
what was the african americans last name(ie who was father and mother?) also what happened to her after this year as i graduated in 1958 and i dont remember an african american one year ahead of me in any classes. i agree pictures dont lie, but captions CAN.
Posted by charlie weaver ( (fayetteville ga) on 2005-08-27 to photos
The "nurse", upper left looks like Marion Buchanan and the boy sitting at lower right is Mark Cruse, I think.
Posted by Judith McDowell ( (Anonymous) on 2005-08-27 to photos
I notice that you have my grandmother, Mrs. C. E. GREGORYl isted as being buried at Providence Cemetery, in June, 1927. Age 50, grave not found. Information from new spaper. However, on her death certificate, burial is shown to be at Missionary Grove Cemetery on 06 June 1927. Her full name was Florence Ann LEONARD, GREGORY b: 05 APR 1875 in LaClede Co., MO. She was married to Charles Evans GREGORY and they had the following chhildren. William Calvin GREGORY b. 1907 Charles Evans GREGORY, JR. B. 1911 Mary Florence GREGORY b. 1914 d. Oct, 1981 Ethel Ruby GREGORY b. 02 Sep 1916 (my precious mother) d: 29 Oct 1994 Vera GREGORY b. 1911 still living After the death of my grandmother, all of the girls were put into the Methodist Home Orphanage at Waco, Texas. All graduated from high school and all got college degrees. If anyone has any info on a family named Bullock that lived at Prescott during the 1920's, please contact me at This is a great survey and I wish to thank Mr. & Mrs. McKelvey. Gloria Knight
Posted by Gloria A. Knight ( (Humble, TX) on 2005-08-26 to cemetery
I rode that train with my grandmother (mamaw) when I was only five years old. Afterward she bought me a hamburger and root beer! I was very excited! Thanks for bringing back a cherished memory.
Posted by Stephen Saunders ( (Dallas, Tx) on 2005-08-17 to photos
I might have some of those pictures you mentioned. I have some of my father's old class pictures so I will check and let you know.
Posted by Nicole Hastings ( (Bauxite) on 2005-07-07 to photos
I am searching for someone that might be interested in a book The Men and Women in world War II from Nevada county. It looks like a school year book, it has pictures and information on each person. I recently bought it at an action and I intend to sell it on ebay if I can't find someone by searching. email if you are interested. Or if you want to check to see if your family is in it let me know, I will be glad to look for you and maybe send a copy of the page or something. Not sure what to do at this point.
Posted by Peggy Neel ( (Malvern Arkansas) on 2005-06-22 to photos
The lady on the left in this picture, is my mother, the former Marjorie Glass from Laneburg.
Posted by Becky Ford ( (Rosston, AR) on 2005-06-11 to photos
This gym was still in use in 1962 when the "Wolverettes" won the district championship and went to state. This was the first ladies team from Prescott to do so.
Posted by Joyce Boone (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-05-25 to photos
I found several members of my family in the cemetery listings. Falcon (old) and Harmony, Is there a cemetery association for either of these cemeteries? Would like to get some more information. Also noted there were graves in Previous Listing"" but not this one, how do I find "Previous Listing"? I have a death date I can give you for one you couldn't read.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-05-18 to cemetery
I have written and published a book - THE BEST SCHOOL I EVER ATTENDED - describing my experiences as a teenage railfan "hanging out" at my small hometown depot during the 1960s. Many of my experiences are similar to those experi- enced at your hometown station, but some are quite unique to our station in Georgetown, Kentucky. The book has an assigned ISBN number and is available for retail sale, suggested price, $12.95. I wholesale single copies for $7.70, three for $22.00, six for $40.00, and I will provide postage at the media rate. I appreciate your consideration in providing one or more copies for your clientel, or at least one as part of the "mood setting" of your station.
Posted by mike Gillespie, Minister ( (Cumming, Georgia) on 2005-04-20 to General
Do you know of anyone having a picture of Laneburg's 1st and 2nd grade around 43-44 or 44-45? I think the teacher's name was Mrs. Wormack. Also would be interested in 45-46, 46-47, and 47-48 of Laneburg. I remember having a Mrs. Pierce in the 4th and 5th grades.
Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2005-03-29 to photos
Hello im writing to the descendant of Dudley Bragg , I read your statment and I hope Im one step closer Mt farther name is Randy McDonald born in Fresno, his father Acie Bragg born in Nevada County , his father name was Sam Bragg also of Nevada County Sam was marraied to Isadora Barrg , I even have the name of sam Bragg mom Isdaora Hardeman if any of these names ring a bell please call me @ 559-222-4356
Posted by Prince McDonald ( (2728 W. Acacia Fresno,Ca 93705) on 2005-02-14 to General
Yes there was a black child enrolled in school at that time. She was mixed, my grandmother taught school there in Prescott for a long time and my father also attended school there. Any more questions?
Posted by Mary Edington ( (Anonymous) on 2005-01-26 to photos
This was a place of business for Mr. Sid Peachey. He worked for the State, and would help Korean War widows receive assistance. I believe this picture was made about 1960, as the sign has been removed from a top the chimney, and the stone well has been removed. Also tree has been cut, and the original dark logs have been painted. Termites and rot finally made the structure unstable, and it was finally demolished. It was located on East First between the old Peters house, ( which currently houses the SWADC), and the old skating rink.
Posted by J.C. Ridling ( (Amity) on 2005-01-13 to photos
I just ran across the response to my comment. I had "no problem" with the girl being black...just curious as to why she was sitting in a classroom full of white children, in 1950? I was in the 3rd grade in 1950 (Grammar School), Mrs. Hayes taught the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade (Park Elementary). No black children were enrolled at either school at that time!! I await a correction from anyone...please! James Hairston
Posted by James G. Hairston ( (Hope) on 2004-12-16 to photos
I see on your Home Page the entries regarding the last passenger service on the MoPac to be 1965 (67?). I CAN ASSURE YOU that I rode the train home to Hope from Ouachita in 1965,66, and 67. I got off at Prescott on a number of occasions (NOT a "flag stop") and the depot was manned annd the ticket office open! (Stops at Gurdon, Prescott, Hope, and Texarkana)
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-11-16 to General
My maiden name is Johnson. My Granddad, Cleburn Johnson, use to take me to the movie at the Nevada. I was only about 5yrs old. I too, remember the guy at the funeral home. I don't guess they ever found his relatives. After the movie we use to go across the track to eat a hamburger.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-11-08 to photos
If I am not mistaken, I went to school here in the first grade. Mrs. Greer was my teacher. It was around 1952.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-11-08 to photos
Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with the Falcon cemetery in Nevada County? I am interested in a J. Mullins buried there and would like to write to the cemetery to find out if they have any information on him. This is for genealogical purposes. My email is: Thank You.
Posted by Iva Laster Narvaez ( (Flint) on 2004-11-03 to cemetery
Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with the Falcon cemetery in Nevada County? I am interested in a J. Mullins buried there and would like to write to the cemetery to find out if they have any information on him. This is for genealogical purposes. My email is: Thank You.
Posted by Iva Laster Narvaez ( (Flint) on 2004-11-03 to cemetery
The photo of the two Black girls. Where do you think they were taken? Were they found in Prescott. If so were bout in Prescott. I'm searching for some Haynies'. The girl standing, look a little like me when I was younger. I'm 49.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-10-12 to photos
Thank you so much for all your hard work in collecting the information for my 27 Hines cemetery entries. I found two people for whom I did not have burial information.
Posted by June Hines Moore ( (Little Rock, AR) on 2004-10-04 to cemetery
I would like to write to the Falcon Cemetery Association, if there is one, to inquire about a burial that took place in 1917. Could you furnish me the name and address of where I should direct my question? This information is for genealogical purposes. Thank You.
Posted by Iva Laster Narvaez ( (Flint) on 2004-10-01 to cemetery
I attended first and second grades at Laneburg in about 1942-43. Mrs. Weldon Tarver, wife of the school superintendent was 1st grade teacher. I have a photo of the 1st grade class. Julia Smith Taylor
Posted by Julia Smith Taylor ( (Anonymous) on 2004-09-18 to photos
I would venture to say that this view is facing west since we're on East Elm Street. I, too, remember visits to 'Old Mike' as he stood behind a curtain at the funeral home. Spooky but interesting. He was well cared for. I've wondered if/when they finally got around to burial.
Posted by Julia Smith Taylor ( (Anonymous) on 2004-09-18 to photos
My Grandfather, Milburn L. Hart worked these oil fields for several years before retiring in the mid 70's from Berry Petrolum, love the memories.
Posted by James P Hart ( (Anonymous) on 2004-08-29 to photos
This is Park Elementary. I attended school there in 5th grade. Mrs. Pierce was my teacher. I remember how the building leaked when rain poured in. We drank milk from little glass bottles during lunch. I was born in 1946.
Posted by Kay Sirmon ( (Anonymous) on 2004-08-10 to photos
I am looking for info on a death certificate for Rosie or Rosa Louise or Louisa Maxwell, Rushing she was married to Dow Washington Rushing. Also a death certificate for Dow. These two are my maternal Grandparents. Maybe a lookup for on a birth certificate for Loretta Rushing, my mother. I, two years ago found my mother. Loretta passed away in August 2002. If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much. Loretta was born in Feb. 1933.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-08-01 to General
In Snell cemetery, you have listed Dennie R. Bell. That should be Dennis R. Bell. Just a typo I am sure. Also, referring to Mr. Wray's comment concerning the two cemeteries. The "Negro" cemetery is located directly behind the "White" cemetery. A fence separates the two, although the storm on June 2, 2004 took out a large portion of the fence with several large trees. Mary Virginia Bell Casteel
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-06-25 to cemetery
In the Shiloh #2 Cemetery, you have the same woman buried twice under different names. Nancy Izora Sherman was married to David Brantley. David died 11-17=1912 and Nancy later married a Norton. There is a double stone there with David and Nancy I. Brantly. There is also a listing in the cemetery of a Nancy I. Norton. Please note that the death dates for both are the same.
Posted by Jack Hollis ( (Texarkana) on 2004-06-22 to cemetery
My mother-in-law, Mary Lou Lambert is buried in DeAnn Cemetery and on her headstone it says that she was born in 1913. For the information of researchers, she was actually born on Nov. 10, 1911.
Posted by Mary Jo Lambert ( (Benton) on 2004-06-20 to cemetery
Sorry you have a problem with the photo but pictures do not lie, yes that is a little black angel within that photo. So, I just this is a bit of history for us all.
Posted by Vanessa A Hopson ( (Grand Blanc) on 2004-05-18 to photos
I am reviewing the grave marking of Bertha Hopson whom is my grandmother; were there any information on my grandfather Frank Hopson whom I thought were listed on the double stone as well?
Posted by Vanessa A Hopson ( (Grand Blanc) on 2004-05-18 to cemetery
I have a lot of good memories of swimming just below this bridge and fishing on the river with my grandfather, A. E. McGuire. My father, Dawson Henry, Sr. and I also made a lot of floats down the river bass fishing. Almost lost my sister when she got caught in the swift shoals at the swimming hole just below bridge. I had to catch her before she got into deeper water. We drove down to see the old bridge while at the 45th reunion of the Class of 1958.
Posted by Cline Henry ( (Haughton) on 2004-05-15 to photos
Does anyone know who the people are?
Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2004-05-01 to photos
I am looking fo information on my great,great grandmother Mary Dillard who married James Hoffman Sharpe. She was born about 1854 and died 6-26-1934 in Memphis, Tn. They were married in Rosston. Any information on them would be greatly appreciated. Thank You-----Teery Phelps
Posted by Terry Phelps ( (Bartlett) on 2004-04-07 to photos
There are a lot of Dillard's in this photo. I am trying to find information on my gggrandmother Mary Dillard born about 1854 married James Sharpe in Rosston. Is anyone kin to her?????
Posted by Terry Phelps ( (Bartlett) on 2004-04-07 to photos
What a marvelous medium the internet is, it's like a magic carpet in that with only strokes of the computer keyboard you can go so far back in time to your memories. Things that have not been thought of for so long. Prescott of the 1950's was a unique place in which to grow up, not perfect for sure but full of wholesome caring and genuine community love. The train station for all of my arrivals and departures, coming home from college after three days riding on "coach" from Spokane, Washington indeed was a welcome sight with my dad waiting for me at one a.m.. You might remember it did'nt stop to pick up passengers without the stationmaster radioing in advance to Texarkana for it to stop. It just "blew " through Prescott otherwise. Great memories expand on it and keep up the good work.
Posted by samuel T. Gulley (Anonymous) (Atlanta) on 2004-03-13 to photos
Somewhere, I am sure there exists a more current photo of McRae High School proir to its demolition. Also photographs of some of the activities of its students would be great. If such exists seeing such would greatly be appreciated.
Posted by samuel T. Gulley (Anonymous) (Atlanta) on 2004-03-13 to photos
I am not able to access your photo books after registration as per the directions, Any comment(s) will be appreciated. Thanks.
Posted by samuel t. gulley ( (atlanta,ga.) on 2004-02-29 to photos
I would like to know which Cantleys lived in this house. My Uncle Otis Cantley was sheriff of Prescott from 1901-1907. He married my Aunt Bess and I would like to find out if they ever lived in this house. I also would like to find out who Otis' parents and two brothers' names were.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-01-13 to photos
Ira Ellis McMillion (Jr.) was born Feb. 23, 1854 in Alabama and died Sept. 8, 1914 in Prescott, Arkansas. His father, Ira Ellis McMillion (Sr.) was born in Feb. 11, 1799 in Pendleton, South Carolina iand died in Blount Co., Alabama Sept. 23, 1853, five months before Ira (Jr.) was born.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-01-12 to photos
I attended Park School from 1948-1951, which was located near this location. I can recall drawing a detail of one of the benches shown in the photo for Art class.
Posted by William Malefyt (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-01-11 to photos
What a find. To be able to access records on line and not have to go to the actual cemetary. I located many many relatives on the Piney Grove Cemetary page. I had been to the cemetary once and had taken photo of some grave stones but did not know there were so many others. I will be confirming the dates of B. and D. against my records for accuracy and If I find any descrepancies I will notify you. Thanks for all the hard work you are doing. Barry Love -
Posted by Barry M. Love ( (Anonymous) on 2004-01-07 to cemetery
My father is George Hershel Cox sitting on the first row far right.
Posted by Robert E. Cox ( (Gallatin) on 2003-12-21 to photos
I am searching for documentation on Leonard and Pearl Hart. They lived in Nevada County for many years and Pearl taught school in Nevada County for over 50 years. Any photos or information? Thank you for your wonderful web page! Keren
Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2003-12-20 to General
Do you mean Ivory Cottingham Cross? I am curious to know if this is a relative of mine, Thank you, Keren Snyder (daughter of Ann Hart Baldwin)
Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2003-12-20 to photos
Thank you so much for the cemetery survey on the Sandefur Cemetery, I gather from what info is there that these were twins and a boy about 10 years old, is there anyone that would have info on death certificates (or did they even do those in those days?). Thanks again for the posting of the information about the cemetery. Charlene
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-12-19 to cemetery
Could this be "Park School"? I attended 4, 5 & 6th grades there from 1948-1951 and then 7th grade in 1951-52 at the "new" junior high next to the High School. We moved out of state in 1952.
Posted by William Malefyt (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-12-13 to photos
I have enjoyed this website so much, I have been able to copy photo's, and read about some of my relative's, the McDaniel's and the White's. I spent some happy time's at Prescott during my childhood, at My Grandparent's home. The B.W. Mitchell home. Joyce Mauldin
Posted by Mildred Joyce Mauldin ( (Alton) on 2003-11-10 to photos
I have an old photo probably from late 1880s and the photographers name appears to be C.H. D______ Prescott, Arkansas. Is there a way to find out the photographer's name and would the files of this photographer be available someplace?
Posted by Sue Steward ( (Medford) on 2003-10-28 to General
thank you for a beautiful picture of a very precious memory
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-10-25 to photos
I just found on the timeline a reference to Jacob Suckle and learned that his store on West Main burned down on Jan. 4, 1903. Could anyone tell me who Jacob Suckle was? My grandfather was Louis Suckle and I always understood that he had a dry goods or clothing store in Prescott toward the beginning of the 20th century until about 1930. Is this the same store? Was Jacob another name my grandfather used? Or was Jacob a relative whom I did not know about? Any help will be most welcome. Thanks.
Posted by Victoria Ortiz ( (Berkeley) on 2003-09-29 to General
The above comment of Charles Wesley Stivers Jr was incorrect. His name is Charles Everett Stivers and he is a half brother to my grandmother Maud Ellen Stivers Oaks, and he was a Barber listed in the 1930 United States Census. Sorry for incorrect information..Sally
Posted by joshua Gann ( (bakersfield) on 2003-09-13 to photos
I also saw Richard White, his wife Hesterly Johnson was the sister of Fannie Johnson who married Alexander Augustus Generelly and they had three daughters. Gussie, Mabel, & Pauline. If anyone out there has any idea what happened to them please let me know. Alexander was my GGreat Uncle.
Posted by carolyn grisham ( (waco) on 2003-09-10 to photos
I need to correct my commet. Hesterly's husband was Watson W. White, Richard may have been his brother. Sorry.
Posted by carolyn grisham ( (waco) on 2003-09-10 to photos
In checking the cemetery records at De Ann (new) I notice that the date of birth for Clyde Watson Buchanan, II is listed as September 24, 1936. The correct year is 1935. Elizabeth Buchanan Dallas, Texas
Posted by Elizabeth Buchanan ( (Dallas) on 2003-09-02 to cemetery
The man with the drum is Charles M. Andres, father of the late G.L. Andres of the Sutton community.
Posted by Gary Galloway ( (Monroe) on 2003-08-28 to photos
Laneburg School 1925 Description of picture does not fit. Picture is of football team. It gives girls names also. I would really like to see the correct picture, as my father-in-law,Arte Jones is listed in it. He will be 90 yrs. old this month.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-08-18 to photos
I am looking for any information about Robert and Eliza Christopher farm. Where it was located, how many children they had, and where are they buried at. I can not find a death date for Eliza, but Robert diedSep 15 1873. Any info you might have would be dearly appreciated. You can e-mail me at
Posted by Tara Carlton ( (Anonymous) on 2003-08-01 to General
The trombone player at the top right of the picture is my father, James Wallis Marsh.
Posted by Kathy Nasworthy ( (Salt Lake City) on 2003-07-30 to photos
JOHN HONEA--Father of Thomas Franklin Honea is buried at Caney. He was born Sept. 1828, died about 1910. He served in the CSA Co. B 33d ARK infantry. He has a CSA grave marker. If he is listed in the Cemetery Survey, there is a typo (Hohn Honea?) Also, the first wife of my ggfather Thomas Franklin Honea is buried at Caney, but her marker is no longer there. Her name was Ida Rhodes (May 1871-About 1900). Does anyone have any information about her?
Posted by Ginger Patterson ( (Anonymous) on 2003-07-17 to cemetery
What great memories these old photos bring back of summers in Prescott going to the Nevada to the movies, to Western Auto to look at toys, to the funeral home to visit "Old Mike" and then across the tracks to Sterlings! Thanks!!! Ginger Porterfield Patterson
Posted by Ginger Patterson ( (Anonymous) on 2003-07-17 to photos
The other persons in the picture are starting from the left, Odell Roden ( Robbins Mfg.,) Barbara Roden(deceased), Mr. & Mrs. Everett Ward, and Ruby Jean Palmer, Billy W. Palmer(Robbins Mfg. Vice President) (Deceased) Mr. & Mrs. Palmer are my parents. Thank you so much for this website and I really was excited to see this picture. Phillip W. Palmer
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-07-12 to photos
My Dad is Uncle Boo, and he now lives in Murfreesboro. He is still playing the guitar, and playing it good!
Posted by Anita Campbell ( (Houston) on 2003-07-12 to photos
Although I've only checked out the information once or twice I and have not found the information I'd hoped to find it has been helpful. I hope to find information soon. If anyone has information on John Weldon who married Katie Hardin (or Harding) from Amory, Mississippi who died in southwest Arkansas and are suppost to be buried in Ebenezer Cemetary it would be helpful to me.. their births, deaths, and if they are actually buried in Ebenzer Cemetary. Thanks Dianne Kirkpatrick great grand daughter of John and Katie Weldon
Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2003-06-27 to cemetery
The girl on the far right is Shirley Whitten from Bodcaw.
Posted by J.H.Daneils ( (batesville) on 2003-06-12 to photos
great job on the cemetery survey. very helpful in determining that payton g. tunnell, who is buried in the ebenezer cemetery is truly my gg grandfather. interesting information that said according to family member the marker was over the grave of vina fortune (his wife) I would be interested in knowing who the relative was that gave this information. also, the brother to isaac n. tunnell was jasper payton tunnell, buried in same cemetery.
Posted by Virgie Metts ( (Lenexa) on 2003-06-04 to cemetery
There are some minor inaccuracies in the cemetery survey in the White section of Forest Hills: Lewis NANCE died on 1 November 1855 (Forest Hills); the grave-stone is incorrect. His estate file names 1 November 1855 as his date of death. David Witter BARHAM, not "Witten" H C (Harriet Caldwell) BARHAM, not "H G." Martha Catherine WHITE, not "Magaret." The above are my blood-kin. (Beautiful work this cemetery survey.....lovely, and I wish other Arkansas counties did this.)Thank you ! Miss D
Posted by D ( (Ontario) on 2003-05-24 to cemetery
My dad, James Paul Jones, originally from Prescott, played in the band at the Forestry Festival with Uncle "Boo" Campbell and the younger Glen. Dad and mom now live in Foreman, Arkansas.
Posted by Ronnie Jones ( (Texarkana) on 2003-05-02 to photos
Wren Scott was married to Bertha Hesterly and Otho Stephenson was married to Bertha's sister Beulah Hesterly. These Hesterly girls were daughters of Matilda Gibson and Dr. Jabe Hesterly, who also had a son Berry Hesterly, Prescott pharmacist. Anyone with additional info on this family and especially on the Stephensons, please contact me.
Posted by cathy straley (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-04-30 to photos
Please provide names of these grandparents. I am curious if they possibly are George Westly Graham & Argin Beulah Mosely Graham? Please advise to
Posted by cathy straley (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-04-28 to photos
I found in the 1930 census where Charles Wesley Stivers Jr's occupation was a Barber. he is my grandmother Maud Ellen Stivers Oaks' half brother and a great uncle to me....Sally
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-04-15 to photos
Where can I get a obit in the Nevada Newspaper of 5/24/1945 for Thomas Elmore. Thank you!
Posted by Virgie Curvey ( (Anonymous) on 2003-04-09 to General
I am seeking information on my great grandfather Richard Fletcher Florece (Floris, Florice) He and his brother, Jones, lived in the Reader area. Are there any of these family members still living or does anyone have any information concerning this family?
Posted by Doris Bennett ( (Texarkana) on 2003-03-03 to General
Does anyone know if a Cubby Davis is in this photo?
Posted by Sharon Taylor ( (DeQueen) on 2003-03-03 to photos
I attended 4th, 5th & 6th grades and I think it was "Grade School", as Junior High was 7th & 8th in a new building next to "PHS"...And,,,I am sure the school was there past 1945, as I was born in 1939 and graduated at 17 in 5-57'...Mrs. Lela Hayes was my 6th grade home room teacher...What a great teacher and person...
Posted by Judith McDowell ( (Anonymous) on 2003-02-10 to photos
What a wonderful building and landmark that was...
Posted by Judith McDowell ( (Anonymous) on 2003-02-10 to photos
The gentleman Ira McMillian (KNIGHTS OF THE ORIENT SOCIAL CLUB) in the photo is my grandfather. His son Daniel Freeman McMillian was my father. Regretfully, Daniel Freeman M. passed away in 1997 at 84 years old. My name is Donald McMillian (Julie Lofurno is my sister). I'm 41 years young live in Chesapeake Virginia. Shoot me an e-mail if anyone has more photos of my grandad.
Posted by Anonymous ( () on 2003-02-05 to photos
(Please note my new email address and state residence. I moved from Calif. to Washington state in Sept.) I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your web page. I located some of my family through the cemetery listings. However, I'd like some information on locating informtion on African American residents of Nevada County (1860- to present). Do you know if any slave owners' families kept their slave logs, o r have passed down information through the oral tradition. My family name is Porter. My paternal great-great-grandfather's name was Sam Porter, my great-grandfather's name was Isaiah Porter and my grandfather's name was Willie Porter. Family history says that the family changed its name from Alexander to Porter before 1900. Sam Porter/Alexander also owned land in Nevada County in the 1800's. Any information that anyone may have on the family names: Porter, Alexander, Allen, Christopher, or Box please contact me. My great grandmother's name was Mary E. Christopher. My GG Grandmother's name was Mariah Christopher and my GGG Grandmother and Grandfather's names were Benjamine and Patience Christopher. They worked and lived on the Robert Christopher Farm in Nevada County (Near Chidester). If anyone had info on the Robert and Eliza Christopher family this too would be helpful. Perhaps some of their offspring still have family history/information or documents.
Posted by Celeste Porter ( (Vancouver, Washington) on 2003-01-24 to General
I guess that all good things must come to an end. The Cemetery Survey done by the McKelvys was the best in the USA. I will really miss it. [Editor's comment: The survery on this site IS the McKelvy Survey. We agree, it is definitely one of the best cemetery surverys ever done, anywhere, and is probably the easiest for information retrieval. Nine days after he posted his comment, Mr. Hollis let us know he had not yet created the account necessary to login.]
Posted by Jack Hollis ( (Texarkana, Tx.) on 2002-12-18 to cemetery
Eulis is actually spelled Ulysses. "Eulis" is a rural phonetic pronunciation of the name. This was the father of Ulysses G. (U.G.), Jerry Gilbert, Phillip Andrew, and Mildred Westmoreland.
Posted by Shane Westmoreland ( (Conway Arkansas) on 2002-12-17 to photos
I was very pleased to find this website. We know very little about my mother's family, House-Martin. However on the Piney Grove Cemetery records my grandmothers name is listed as Laura Idella King, with a note saying that the grave marker has Laura Idell King. The grave stone is right. She was Laura Idell House Martin King. I have found a little information about Laura House, but have nothing about my grandfather. He was Thomas Wright Martin and he died in 1910 before my mother, Tommie Idell Martin Horne, was born. He had a sister, Dollie Martin Rudisill (sp?). Does anyone know anything about that branch of the Martin family.
Posted by Barbara Horne Erskine ( (Bentonville, AR) on 2002-09-04 to cemetery
In response to the writer who desired corroboration with the "Old Mike" situation, I can attest to the fact that he was, indeed, placed in an upright position for years at the Cornish Mortuary. Being childish, I shook his tie one day. A silver dollar fell out! It was explained to me, the dollar was placed there in order to keep his tie hanging straight. Mr. McBrayer gave me the dollar for good luck! That happened somewhere around 45 to 50 years ago. Hope I've helped.
Posted by James Hairston ( (Hope, AR) on 2002-06-07 to General
I have corrections for cemetary survey. My mother is buried on the"Arnett" plott. Her name was Martha Jane Cook,Arnett being her maiden name. Her married name isn't listed. My grandmother,Teresa Arnett, is buried in the same plott. She isn't listed. My grandfather,her husband, William J. Arnett is there. Thank you for your time. This is a very interesting site. I knew or heard of so many people buried here and have cousins etc. Thanks,Teresa Pictor (Arnettt-Cook lineage)
Posted by Lillian Teresa Pictor ( (Fayetteville,AR) on 2002-06-04 to cemetery

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