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The play was probably "Pickles" based on the backdrop ("Wurtzelpraeter Inn"). It was somewhat popular for glee clubs of that era. A description of "Pickles" follows: PICKLES The scenes were laid in the Garden of Wurtzelpraeter Inn, Vienna at carnival time and in a gypsy camp near Vienna. Johnas H. Pennington, an American millionaire pickle manufacturer, with his daughter, June, arrived in Vienna amidst preparations for the annual carnival. To his consternation he finds Jones, his advertising expert, advertising Pennington's Peter Piper Pickles too well. An old acquaintance, Lady Vivian, a wealthy English- woman, also arrives on her annual quest in search of her daughter, who was lost near Vienna at Carnival time when a baby. Kinski, the pompous police chief, plots to substitute the lost child of Lady Vivian and marry her for the fortune. A band of gypsies visit the carnival led by Jigo, the chieftain, and his supposed daughter, Ilona. Events lead all to the gypsy camp where a magic pool reveals the face of Lady Vivian's daughter. Arthur Crefont, a poor artist, wins recognition of his art and also the hand of June Pennington. Lady Vivian consents to become Mrs. Pennington; Kinski's plot is exposed; Ilona is restored to her mother and Jones is rewarded with success in his campaign for the hand of Ilona.
Comment by Sharla N Fasko ( (Holland) on 2007-05-08 to Photo "Prescott High School Play".

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