Reunion of Local Confederate Soldiers
Photo Book 1
Can you identify any of these men in pictures No 15, 16, 17 or 18 ? *Man with drum is William Wyot Harris. The man behind him wearing suspenders is Jacob Cross. Grand father to Charlie Cross, Ivey E. Cross and Great grandfather to Charles Ray Cross and James E. Cross. none

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Posted by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2003-12-20
Do you mean Ivory Cottingham Cross? I am curious to know if this is a relative of mine, Thank you, Keren Snyder (daughter of Ann Hart Baldwin)
Posted by George S. Smith ( (2580 Cherry Road, Cabot, Arkansas 72023 ) on 2006-04-20
The man with the small drum is John Montgomery Andres, He was a Union solider (9th Connecticut Infantry, but attended Civil War reunions due to his friendship with all of the confederate soldiers. He tried to enlist in the Confederate Army but was turned down because he was too young. Walked until he ran into a Union regiment and signed up. He was determined not to go back to the orphanage where he had been living.
Posted by George Smith ( (Cabot, Arkansas ) on 2006-04-26
The man with the drum is Charles Montgoomery Andres, father of George Logan Andres Sr. The well dressed man in the suit, top row center is George Mason Franks. Andres was a drummer boy in the 9th Connecticut (yes, the Union Army) but attended all the Confederate reunions because he tried to enlist at age 15-16 but the CSA wouldn't take him. He joined the 9th Connecticut when it came through Lousiana. G.M. Franks was with the 20th Arkansas, was captured at Vicksburg.

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