Interior of Dalrymple & Henry Dept. Store
Photo Book 1
Interior of Dalrymple & Henry Department Store, West 1st in 1950's. Lady on left is Mrs. Ralph Fore and on the right is ?????. 1950s

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Posted by Ruth E Ward ( (Prescott, Ar ) on 2001-10-14
The lady on the right is Dale Ward's mother, Winnie Dale Ward.
Posted by Mrs. Cline Henry ( (Haughton, La. ) on 2002-06-18
My father-in-law was half owner of this store. When I was a teenager growing up Dalrymple and Henry's was THE place to buy clothes. Cline and I still like to visit the store when we come home.
Posted by Ann Vittitow Hobson ( (Frisco,TX ) on 2007-09-06
My grandmother, Alta Grant, worked at Dalrymple and Henry for many, many years. We used to visit her each summer and she would buy us each a "Bobbie Brooks" outfit from the store...very nice memories

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