Jones and Co. Blacksmithing around 1900s.
Photo Book 3
One of the turn of the century businesses on West Main St. where NAPA is now located. The only sign painter in town at the time was a German Immigrant named Schmidts - note his spelling of "Horse Shoeing". 1900s

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Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR ) on 2007-06-08
The bearded man standing next to the door is Oliver S. Jones - my great grandfather. He can also be seen in the picture titled "Civil War Veterans Reunion" (second picture - Vol 64 No. 7) seated third from the left.
Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR ) on 2007-12-25
The young man leaning on thepost is Charles H. Jones, Oliver S. Jones son. Confirmed by his daughter - Dorothy A. Jones (Mosley)

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