New Union School
Photo Book 2 -
New Union School, Located East of Prescott until the 1920's.
1st Row, Left to Right; ____Robinson, Claude Thomas, Scott Hannah,Clois Cummings, Gladys Hollingsworth, Grace Dowing, Ruth Criner, Maggie Thomas and Robert Thomas.
2nd Row, Left to Right; ____ Robinson, Jessie Loomis, Stella Farmin, fay Loomis, Brooks cummings, ____ Thomas, Wylie Barr, Bernice Moseley, ____ Robinson, John G. Hannah and Stanley Dowing.
3rd row, Left to Right; Agnes Meadows (teacher), Curtis Hollingsworth, ____ Robinson, Sarah Dowing, Lucy Parker, Mae Barr, Minnie Gibson, Violet Austin, Mildred Loomis and Flora Jumper.
4th Row, left to right; Nellie Parker, Ann Gibson, Arnold Farmin, Ernest Chamblee, Porter Criner, Claude Barr, Beulah Parker, Mae foster and Grace Chamlee. 1918

Member: American Association For State and Local History, Arkansas Museums Association

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Author: Nevada County Depot and Museum
Title: "Photo Collection - Photo Book 2"
Published by: Nevada County Depot and Museum, 403 West First Street South, Prescott Arkansas 71857
Retrieval Date: June 27, 2016

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