G.W. (Pete) Haltom_


Aug 26, 1941


Owner of a Texas City

A visitor in Little Rock, G.W. (Pete) Haltom, who was born in a log house near Rosston when that town was the county seat of Nevada county, decided not many years later that he wanted to go in the jewelry business. After living at Lewisville three or four years he moved to Bowie Texas in 1893, still following his ambition. In 1907 he moved his business to Fort Worth, where it is now the city's largest jewelry establishment - 60 employees, a manufacturing division and railroad time service. Almost every year for the past 30 or so, Mr. Haltom has been coming back to Arkansas to visit at Prescott (Nevada county's present county seat) and Little Rock and to take the baths at Hot Springs. But the past few trips home have not been a rest from the jewelry business, Two son, E.P. and Chester Haltom, now manage that concern. Recently Mr. Haltom has been doing a little one-man empire building, which he says has made him really need a rest for the first time.

Five miles east of Ft. Worth is the thriving, unincorporated young town of Haltom City, surrounded by a residential subdivision known as Meadow Oaks, all of which adjoins Mr. Haltom's 3000-acre ranch, where he and his two sons live in colonial type homes. Lots can: be bought in Meadow Oaks and there are 25 houses under construction now in its 450 FHA approved acres, but business sites are not for sale. Mr. Haltom built some 30 brick and concrete buildings near the spot where the Denton and Dallas highways intersected amidst sage brush and oak trees to cross. All but one of those buildings may be rented. The exception is the Community house, in which the owner of Haltom City provides space heat, lights and water to its people without cost.

The story of Haltom City, beginning with Mr. Haltom's first appearance in Texas and his participation in that state's jewelry business, is being prepared for booklet form. Illustrated with many photographs, it will record the 50 real estate transactions which brought that many adjoining pieces of property under one ownership, various stages in the city’s physical construction, the lakes and other improvements on the Haltom ranch and the promise of the adjoining acres ready and waiting for incorporation into Meadow Oaks.

Mr. and Mrs. Haltom ere guests at the home of Mrs. H.C. Adams 707 East Capitol Ave.

G. W. (Pete) Haltom’s father was Ezekiel Haltom who came to Arkansas from Tennessee, Ezekiel Haltom was married several times. His last wife was a Miss Staggs of Nevada County. Children of Ezekiel Haltom and his wife,

Staggs were:

Bob who married Leona Warmack; Nathan (Hop) who married Cora Jarvis; Ida who married Will Hay of Delta, Nevada County; Minnie who married Dr. Luck of Nevada County; G.W. (Pete); Tom (Mannie); and Carl. Nathan (Hop) Haltom and his wife, Cora Jarvis, had one son and one daughter. The son, W. Scott Haltom, married Lois Bomar of Prescott, Ark and had: W. Scott Haltom Jr, who is now (1941) in the Marine Corps. His address is: Lt. W.S. Haltom, Co. B., ROC. Marine Barracks, Quantico, Va.

The above Ezekiel Haltom died Nov. 21, 1890.

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