Phillip S. Harrell

PHILIP S. HARRELL was born February 8, 1865, at or near, Greensboro North Carolina. He moved soon after the Civil War with his parents, four brothers and two sisters, to Indiana. His father died soon after they reached Indiana. Mr. Harrell lived in Indiana about 20 years. He same to Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas, January 29, 1685, his brother, Joseph R. Harrell having migrated here three or four years prior to that date.

Philip S. and Joseph R. Harrell ran a blacksmith and wagon shop on part of a lot now owned by the Methodist Church in Prescott; were partners about 14 years, J.R. Harrell retiring and P.S. Harrell operating the shop until the Methodist church, together with his shop, were burned in May 1900. P.S. Harrell opened a new shop on West 3rd St., just behind Chastain's Hospital. Later sold out to Newth and King and took stock in Nevada County Hardware Company.

Philip S. Harrell was married July 31, 1881, to Dora Thornton, born May 3, 1862, near High Point, North Carolina, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.C. Thornton.

Children of Philip S. Harrell and wife, Dora (Thornton) Harrell are; Robert C. Harrell, b. July 19, 1897; Charles T. Harrell, b. October 31, 1900.

Philip S. Harrell died March 21, 1932, Buried in DeAnne Cemetery, Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas.

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