William Tucker Hart

WILLIAM TUCKER HART was born March 26, 1871, Henderson, Chester County, Tennessee. He was the son of John Muse Hart, (b. April 17, 1838) and Mary Virginia (Tucker) Hart (b. Feb. 14, 1845). He attended the schools in Henderson and at Eagleville, Tenn. Worked for a short while in Columbus, Mississippi, coming to Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas in January 1891 to help dispose of some stocks of goods taken in bankruptcy by the Nevada County Bank of which his cousin, Wiley H. Terry was president. He returned to his home in Henderson, Tennessee the following December. In January 12, 1892, Mr. Terry wired him to come back to Prescott and go into the grocery business with Mr. Matt Denman. After a few months he bought out Mr. Denman's interest and continued, with the addition of dry goods, in business until Oct. 1916 when he sold out to Mr. Thomas Satterwhite Haynie who moved the stock to Gurdon, Clark County, Arkansas.

W.T. Hart served as alderman from April 1906 to February 1910 when he resigned and was succeeded by John A. Davis. He is the only living signer of the petition to create Water and Light improvement District No. 1 of Prescott, Arkansas, January 1898. The following are the original signers: C.C. Hamby, J.M. Pittman, W.T. Hart, J.K. Hamilton, W.B. Waller, W.A. McMillan, P.C. Hamilton, George W. Terry Sr., Hugh Moncrief: W.W, White, C.H. Kershaw, J.W. Peeples, Wm. Gee.

In January 1917, Mr. Hart became salesman for Rubens and Co. Buttons of Chicago for the states of Mississippi, Louisiana and part of Texas. He traveled for Eastern Isles Importing Co., and Bailey, Green and Elger Buttons both of New York.

William T. Hart was married by Rev. W.T. Thurman, a Cumberland Presbyterian minister, to Florence Morrow Brower (b. Dec. 24, 1872, Claiborne Parish, La.), Oct 16, 1895 at Prescott, Arkansas.

Their children are: Margaret Guthrie Hart, b. Oct. 4, 1902 at Prescott, Arkansas; Hugh Ross Hart, b. Dec. 6, 1903, at Prescott, Arkansas. He was married April 7, 1930, at Camden Arkansas to Mildred Dunn who was born May 6, 1907, at Hampton, Arkansas.

William T. Hart and Florence Brower Hart have one grandchild: Margaret Tucker Hart, b. Jan. 11, 1938, at Prescott, Arkansas.

Written for me February 1940 by Florence (Brower) Hart, wife of the Subject. Margaret G. Hart was married to Wallace Pemberton of Scott, Arkansas on duly 1, 1944.

Mary Brower Hart was born, to Hugh and Mildred Hart of Camden, Arkansas, on May 10, 1945, Oak Ridge Tenn.

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