Maps Showing the How the Counties of Arkansas Developed

After the Louisiana Purchase of May 1803, Arkansas was a territory and part of Missouri. After becoming a state , Arkansas County (formed December 13, 1815) begin splitting off into other counties. Lawrence was first split on January 15, 1815. Then, on December 15, 1819, Pulaski, Clark, and Hempstead were formed. These are usually cited as the first five counties of the State of Arkansas.

Nevada County was formed on March 20, 1871, mostly from land in the original Hempstead County. By then, the land was in Hempstead, Columbia and Clark counties.

  • Columbia had been formed on December 17, 1852 from Union, Ouachita, Hempstead, and Lafayette counties.
  • Ouachita had been formed from Union and Hempstead counites on November 29, 1842.
  • Union had been formed on November 2, 1829 from Clark and Hempstead counties.
  • Lafayette was formed from Hempstead County on October 15, 1827.

The following maps are provided to show how the counties of Arkansas formed.

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