Title Page of Winnie H. Hamilton's 1951 "Personal History, Nevada County, Arkansas"


Nevada County, Arkansas

Collected by Winnie H. Hamilton (Mrs Joe R.)



Copies of this manuscript have been placed with The History Commission, Little Rock,

and The Ark. Historical Assn. Fayetteville.

A man's biography should properly begin with his ancestors, Therefore, in each of the following sketches, an attempt has been made to give all the genealogical data possible. To preserve them for future generations, is the purpose of this collection.

The sketches in this volume are arranged alphabetically. They represent a cross section of the County's Citizenry, and many allied families are included. Because their history is unknown to me, numerous other families are not contained herein, This is regrettable for they, too, have contributed to the progress of the County. If, in future years, this work is of assistance to any person tracing his, or her, family history, the purpose of the collector will have been accomplished.

[Signed:] Winnie Haynie Hamilton

Mrs Joseph Roland Hamilton

[Handwritten:] To my friend, Florence B. Hart, Feb. 1952.

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https://www.depotmuseum.org/images/Nevada_County_Personal_Histories.pdf (click link to open in a new window).