Anna Monson Carrington

The Woman's Missionary Society, and the Westminster Guild, assembled, pause to pay tribute to the memory of Anna (Monson) Carrington, their beloved member and friend.

Anna Monson was born May 14, 1874, at Prescott, Nevada County, Arkansas. Her parents were Anders Monson and Martha (Griffith) Monson.

In April of the year of her birth, Prescott's first church was organized. It was the Cumberland Presbyterian church, and Anna's mother, and her grandmother, Mrs. E.D. Griffith, were among its charter members, having come by letter, April 11, 1874. With her sister, Bettie, Anna was baptized June 1876 by the Rev. R.E. Lee, then pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. She joined the church when she was 8 years of age and remained a loyal member of the same organization throughout her entire life.

Martha A. Monson passed to her reward, Nov. 5, 1885. So great had been her Christian influence on the life of her daughter that more than 50 years later, Anna was inspired to write the following poem about her:

“Because of the mother That used to be Mothers lie close to the heart of me.”

“Many years have gone by since mine went away; She called me to her And I heard her softly say, "God bless my little girl When I am away." How, of how, I wish I could be the mother to mine that she was to me.”

Anna Monson was married to John Montgomery Carrington on March 20, 1892(son of Green Carrington and his wife, Elizabeth A, Montgomery), and to this union five children were born: Helen, Thalia, Jean (who died at 3 years), Forrest and Ruth. John Carrington preceded his wife in death by 8 years, passing September 23, 1933.

Anne Monson Carrington was patient, and loving, and charitable; with a ready, sweet smile for everyone -- an unkind word for none. She passed to her reward on Wednesday, July 2, 1941, and was laid to rest in DeAnne Cemetery beside her husband, and not far from where her parents are sleeping. We shall miss her, but

"Like a ship that's left its moorings and sails bravely out to sea, So Anna, dear, has sailed away In calm serenity. But there's promise of greater joy Then earth could have in store, For God has planned a richer life Beyond the unseen shore.”

Written by Winnie H. Hamilton duly 28, 1941 At the request of Helen Buchanan Dalrymple, President of the Women’s Missionary Society.

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