James Walker Carrington

was born Oct. 31, 1674, near Wallaceburg, Hempstead County, Arkansas, the son of Jeremiah Greenleaf Carrington (b. March 12, 1841-July 9,192C and his wife, Elizabeth A. Montgomery (Dee. 20, 1845-duly 11, 1901). both buried DeAnne Cemetery, Prescott, Ark. The Carrington family came to Arkansas about 1860 and settled in Hempstead County. Jeremiah Greenleaf being too young to enlist in the Confederate Army (only 16) Grove a stagecoach from Washington, Hempstead County, to Eldorado, Union County. He married Elizabeth A. Montgomery who was from a prominent Hempstead County family, living near Prescott. Her parents were Hon. David J. Montgomery (b. Apr.8, 1821) and Louisa Crabb, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Crabb. David J. Montgomery's parents were Andrew H. Montgomery (b. S.C. 1794, soldier War 19812) Jeremiah Greenleaf Carrington was a man of noble character, his word being the equivalent of his bond. Children born to him and Elizabeth A. Carrington were: Willie (died young); Edgar (died in infancy); Bobble D; John Montgomery; James Walker; Sidney; Lillie and Jewel (twins) Floyd (called Tad). After the death of his first wife, Jeremiah Greenleaf Carrington married Clara Hightower and had: Carl; Theodore; Anna Laura; Bartly; Hilliard; Gertrude.

James Walker Carrington was married at the home of the bride Rear Smackover, Ouachita County, Arkansas, Nov. 14, 1898, to Bessie Estelle Norris (b. Aug. 10, 1879) daughter of William Andrew Norris and Mary McClanahan. William Andrew Norris was born in Union County, Arkansas. He died in 1907, buried Cross Roads Church Cemetery near Smackover. His parents were Anninias and Phoebe Norris, both born in England. Her mother died on board ship, journeying to America when Phoebe was 2 or 3 years old. William Andrew Norris was married twice. By his first wife he had: Addie, Willie, George, and Mary. By Mary McClanahan he had: Nettie, Byrd, Bessie, Claud, Elmore, Joseph, and Wayne. He was a soldier in the Confederate Army, enlisting from his home in Ouachita County, Arkansas. His wife, Mary (McClanahan) Norris survives (this 1941), age 86 years.

Children of James Welker Carrington and his wife, Bessie Estelle Norris are:

Ethel, married Clyde Hesterly.

Leon, married Josephine Hardey.

Dovie, married Ray Gordon.

There are three grandchildren: Ralph Hardey Carrington, Jennie Jo Carrington, James Raymond Gordon

Data furnished by the subject of this sketch, August 1941.

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