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Subject: destructive tornado at Prescott 1905-1906
Posted by: Phillips Monroe Bourns phillipsbourns@hotmail.com
Date/Time: 2008-06-02 7:27 p.m.

All of my mother's 6 siblings were born in Prescott, she in 1915; the first in 1900. All attended school there. Her eldest brother, John Phillips Burns, aka: Jay, Phil, Jay Phill was a member of the 1922 Curly Wolf high school football team; he reports that his name was "Star" Burns. All are deceased. My two elder aunts each wrote a memoir that tells the story of the family house 2 miles outside of Prescott on Rural route 2 having being blown away in a tornado while their mother held them tight against the one remaining wall. They disagree as to year and specifics. Can you help me with dating this tornado: 1905, 6, 7, 8 and any details concerning it. My great-grand father was John Tomlinson Burns (aka: Jay T.; Jay Thomas Burns) was the first lawyer authorized by the Nevada County Court to practice law; later a justice of the peace and later as a rural mail carrier. His brother, Wm. Britt Britt Burns and he inherited the "large" property from their father Tomlinson Fort Burns. I have some information available to serious inquiries. My mother's mother was Dollie Pearl Phillips (Burns) of Prescott. From Prescott the family moved to Durant, OK. My father was Otis Theodore Bourns from DeQueen, AR. Each of the aunts mentioned above taught school in Prescott in the 1920s. My aunt Jeanette Burns is mentioned in the 1920 time line as having been hired to teach school. Her younger sister Mable Burns writes in her memoirs that she, too, taught drama and English literature in Prescott. Anybody have anything to help me? I'll share. Thanks, Phil Bourns, St. Paul, MN Ea

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