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Funeral home in 1870's & 1880's by Charlene Lowthorp Mitchell (Charlieglenn@sbcglobal.net) on 2003-11-03 11:40 a.m.

Found 3 Sandefur children listed as buried at Sandefur Cemetery, is there any hope of finding any death records at a funeral home in or around Nevada County.

Looks like two of the children were twins but not enough information to confirm that they are. Anyone have any ideas on how to go about checking this out?

      Funeral home in 1870's & 1880's by Mary Jo Lambert (mlamber@earthlink.net bounced) on 2004-06-20 4:49 p.m.


The only funeral home in Prescott (Nevada Co.) was Cornish Funeral Home and the present owner told me several years ago that he threw away all of the old records when he bought the funeral home. I couldn't believe it, but evidently he did it. He bought the funeral home in Hope ( Hempstead Co.) also, so the records for that are not likely to be around. If you locate any, please let me know.

Mary Jo

            Some names recorded from Cornish Funeral Home by J.C. Ridling (jridling@alltel.net) on 2006-09-16 12:35 a.m.

Mary Jo, Sorry to hear of the destruction of the Cornish Funeral records by the new owner. Way back 25 or 30 years ago, I was allowed to sit and copy some of the original records at Cornish, sadly I only copied for my immediate family. The Sandusky's, Murrah, Blount, Jones, Felts, Hendrix, Barham, Franklin and Ridling. I have the exact wording as it was written in the ledgers for these families, if that will help.

                  BARHAM FAMILY by Sandra M. Loridans (sotouch@laguna.com.mx bounced) on 2009-06-23 7:36 p.m.

I, too, am a Barham descendant and would be interested in the transcriptions

regarding this family made by J Ridling at Cornish Funeral Home. Please

e-mail me at SoTouch@prodigy.net.mx

I am researching Barhams, Aslins, McKinnons, Campbells, Suttons, Mousers

from the Prescott Area.

                        BARHAM FAMILY by Myra J Crutcher (5kids@midtech.net) on 2011-05-03 8:50 a.m.

I would also be interested in this info. My e-mail address is 5kids@midtech.net. I am also wondering if Sandra Loridans is the cousin I remember from childhood. My brother (Rodney,now deceased) and I used to go to Cale in the summer and visit our Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Dee. I have very fond memories of those visits.

                              BARHAM FAMILY by Ken Kassinger (kkassinger@sprynet.com) on 2011-08-23 6:17 p.m.

Can you tell me anything about Bryce Barham, probably born around 1900. Married to Ruby Arnott for a brief period in the 1920's - 30's.

      Interesting and uncommon name. Any relation? by Veda L. Spears (zenjeze04@yahoo.com) on 2006-11-24 1:00 p.m.

My Dad, Mack Ray Lowthorp was from California. I saw this post and wondered if anyone knew of this branch.

            Lowthorps by Charlene Lowthorp Mitchell (Charlieglenn@sbcglobal.net) on 2007-01-13 2:53 p.m.

Could this be part of the James Frances Lowthorp family from NC?

There is a Lowthorp site on the net now, lots of good info.

email me at charlieglenn@sbcglobal.net

            Lowthorp by Charlene Lowthorp Mitchell (Charlieglenn@sbcglobal.net) on 2007-03-28 1:07 p.m.

My Dad was Charles S. Lowthorp Jr. from Hope Arkansas.


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