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Subject: West Side Grocery / Jerry Gilbert Westmoreland & Phillip Andrew Westmoreland
Posted by: Andrew Shane Westmoreland andrew_shane@yahoo.com bounced
Date/Time: 2010-05-16 11:30 p.m.

My father, Phillip Andrew and his brother Jerry Gilbert (Uncle Gil to me) had West Side Grocery in Prescott for many years. It was a little rock building on the corner of West 3rd St. and either West Pine or West Olive. This little store was a fixture in the community. I can remember delivering groceries to the neighborhood customers on my bicycle. The postman would always stop in for a Coke and peanuts and sit on the old Coke box. Some of my most treasured memories are from spending time in this store. My dad worked there, so did cousins Jerry & Jim Westmoreland and from time to time cousin Eddie Ray Bryson. Sadly in the 1980's my Uncle Gil was diagnosed with cancer and they sold the property and the equipment at the store. I'm looking for ANYTHING that came from the store. Specifically I would like the Coke sign that said West Side Grocery on it, the Coke box that use to sit just inside the door, and the butcher block from back in the meat area in the back of the store. Any other pieces would be of interest as well. I have no idea who conducted the sale. I was just a young boy at the time. My brother Grant and I would be willing to pay a more than fair price to recover any of these items and return them to our family. Thanks for any help anyone can give. I can be reached at andrew_shane@yahoo.com or 501-730-3342.

Shane Westmoreland

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