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Bryson Cemetery (Sweet Home)

This old cemetery is at the same location as Sweet Home Cemetery (an African-American cemetery still in use). The Bryson graves are in the western part of the fenced area in a brushy area that is not being mowed with the rest of the cemetery. This cemetery was established originally when Robert H. Bryson was the first burial upon his return from the Civil War in 1865 and it was called Bryson Cemetery at that time. It became known as Sweet Home after it was adopted by the African-American community about 30 years later. At least one grave is outside the fenced area, so there could be other graves outside the fence that are not marked.
Driving directions: Turn off Hwy. 24 just east of Terre Rouge Creek onto County Rd. 290. Go about one mile and turn to the right on Rd. 407. Go about one half mile and it will merge with Rd. 41. Keep to the right. The cemetery will be on your right.





Gibson, Mrs. Rufus    12-25-1910  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; buried in Bryson Cem. as per Cornish Funeral Home records 
McCoy, Leroy  4-25-1895  7-1-1900  Grave in woods outside chain link fence on west side 
McCoy, James    10-29-1947  Grave not found during this survey; listed in earlier record 
Barr, Sarah M. (Bryson)  6-6-1854  8-16-1917  Double marker with John P. Barr 
Barr, John P.  8-17-1849  11-7-1908  Double marker with Sarah M. Barr 
Barr, G. W.  11-23-1884  8-12-1886   
Barr, S. E. C.  2-11-1876  3-26-1877   
Barr, M. L.  12-21-1874    Broken stone under big oak tree; can't read death date 
Bryson, Levi Shields  3-14-1850  5-5-1901  Double marker with Indiana McLain Bryson; old stone next to newer marker 
Bryson, Indiana Shields  11-10-1849  1923  Double marker with Levi Shields Bryson 
Bryson, Emily    Jan., 1891  Daughter of Levi Bryson; age 18; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; assumed to be buried with parents 
Bryson, Robert A.  1825  1865  Co. D - 33rd Ark. Inf. - CSA; dates from family 
Bryson, Eliza A. Swygert  1867  1879  Grave not marked; information from family 
Edwards, Sallie Bryson    1-13-1909  Age about 34; grave not found during survey; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Bryson; information from obituary 
Montgomery, Mrs. D. J.    April, 1909  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 

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