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Corinth Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the NE1/4 SE1/4 of Section 16, Township 14 South, Range 22 West. It is fenced and there is a pavilion standing at the south end of the cemetery.
Driving directions: From Bodcaw, go south on Hwy. 53 toward Falcon a little over two miles to the intersection with Hwy. 32 (Brockman Hill). Turn left on Hwy. 32 toward Willisville and go almost two miles and turn right on Rd. No. 142. Go 6/10ths of a mile. The cemetery will be on your right alongside the road.





Amerson, Bessie      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Bench, James  1-7-1940    Double marker with Shirley Smith Bench 
Bench, Shirley Smith  1-21-1939  12-17-2011   
Boyette, ???in      Flat stone - could not read name on stone in 2006 survey 
Boyette, ?R  8-14-1925  April, 1927  Flat stone - could not read names or dates in 2006 survey; stone in bad shape; located 13 feet northwest of concrete bordered family plot near center of cemetery 
Bustin, Cecil    10-6-1977  Age 74; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Brantly, Sallie  1888  1966   
Caldwell, O. C.  5-9-1899  8-2-1899  Daughter of John and Cleopatra Caldwell; hard to read 
Caldwell, Cleopatra  9-5-1878  5-9-1899  Wife of J. W. Caldwell; daughter of W. R. and M. J. Whitten 
Carroll, Bascom  1909  Aug., 1910  Double marker with Othal Carroll; son of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Carroll as per newspaper; death month from newspaper; years only on stone 
Carroll, Othal  1912  1920  Double marker with Bascom Carroll 
Carroll, Joel  1886  1960  Double marker with Callie Carroll 
Carroll, Callie  1892  1974  Double marker with Joel Carroll 
Cathren, M. A.  5-27-1848  9-28-1923   
Caudle, Callie      Age 84; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Caudle, M.      Age 99; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Caudle, Rosy Ann Cox  2-24-1848  5-6-1924   
Caudle, Trudie  9-6-1891  6-9-1933   
Caudle, Henry  8-19-1883  2-6-1933   
Chastain, Cora  9-16-1882  9-22-1888  Daughter of C. L. and M. Chastain 
Chrismon, Will H.  9-5-1900  2-17-1967  Double marker with Mattie M. Chrismon 
Chrismon, Mattie M.  10-15-1901  5-9-1985  Double marker with Will H. Chrismon 
Cox, Amanda  3-21-1867  9-24-1957   
Cox, Henry  1874  1933  Double marker with Josie Cox 
Cox, Josie  1879  1948  Double marker with Henry Cox 
Cox, Henry      Co. D-24 Ar. Inf.-CSA 
Cox, John Martin  1-24-1858  4-24-1910   
Cummings, Eola H.  8-1-1870  12-23-1901  Wife of J. G. Cummings 
Cummings, Hilbert  12-23-1901  9-15-1902   
Daly, John W.  1835  1910   
Daly, Maria K.  1847  1901   
Daniels, Albert  6-10-1895  8-13-1920  Double marker with Maggie Daniels 
Daniels, Maggie  5-4-1895  9-5-1988  Double marker with Albert Daniels 
Daniels, Jewel  1907  May, 1934  Death month from newspaper; year only on stone 
Dickson, William  5-17-1828  1-4-1905   
Dickson, Martha  5-17-1832  9-11-1912   
Dickson, W. Thomas  12-23-1864  12-13-1909  Double marker with Emma C. Dickson 
Dickson, Emma C.  3-19-1867  11-19-1951  Double marker with W. Thomas Dickson 
Divine, John Richard  4-22-1963  10-30-2010   
Dixon, Hazel Cox  8-29-1901  9-13-1931  Wife of W. H. Dixon 
Dixon, Willie Marlar  1-6-1902  8-20-1934   
Dixon, Malone  5-26-1858  4-17-1890  Double marker with Margret E. Dixon 
Dixon, Margret E.  10-24-1859  4-27-1935  Double marker with Malone Dixon 
Dixon, Pearl Winberry  1-24-1913  11-7-1995   
Dixon, Harry Gordon  7-31-1901  2-4-1985   
Dixon, (infant)    1938  Daughter of Harry and Pearl Dixon 
Dixon, Carolyn Gail  3-30-1942  7-30-1942   
Easterling, John Clayton  11-19-1873  5-23-1951  Double marker with. Mollie Duke Easterling 
Easterling, Mollie Duke  9-5-1873  1-5-1961  Double marker with John Clayton Easterling 
Easterling, William Darrel  1-19-1945  6-19-1948   
Easterling, Ambers  6-3-1906  1-21-1996  Double marker with Retha; m. 10-30-1926 
Easterling, Retha  11-19-1908  7-30-1996  Double marker with Ambers Easterling; m. 10-30-1926 
Easterling, James Clayton  12-15-1919  10-25-2005  Double marker with Nadine May Easterling 
Easterling, Nadine May  4-27-1924    Double marker with James Clayton Easterling 
Easterling, Margie Mae  5-13-1930  4-29-2009   
Ford, Robert N.  11-21-1927  3-17-1969  Miss. SFC Co. B.-I SP Trps. Bn.; double marker with Johnnie D. Ford 
Ford, Johnnie D.  1-12-1928  3-12-2019  Johnnie Dorothy Ford in obituary; CPL - U. S. Army - Korea; double marker with Robert N. Ford
Obituary: Mrs. Johnnie Dorothy Ford, age 91, of Hope, Arkansas entered the gates... 
Ford, Johnnie Dorothy  1-12-1928  3-12-2019  Cpl. - U. S. Army - Korea 
Foster, John Roy  5-11-1965  7-1-1986  Double marker with Kristie Noel Foster; m. 3-13-1984 
Foster, Kristie Noel  12-25-1966    Double marker with John Roy Foster; m. 3-13-1984 
Foster, John Thomas    4-11-1986  Infant son of John Roy and Kristie Foster 
Garner, Mary  3-17-1908  11-15-1912  Daughter of W. M. and Maude Garner 
Gosnell, Mrs.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record; mother of Ann G. Russell 
Griffin, Arnold Lee      Metal marker; east side by fence; grave is 2 graves north of Wm. Darrell Easterling stone 
Grigg, Thomas Martin  8-31-1942  4-3-1944  Inside concrete border 
Grigg, Guy M.  12-29-1910  5-23-2003  Inside concrete border; double marker with Valdine M. Grigg; m. 10-4-1935 
Grigg, Valdine M.  6-21-1914  7-27-1974  Inside concrete border; double marker with Guy M. Grigg; m. 10-4-1935 
Gwinup, Charles Franklin, Jr.  11-9-1929  9-29-1971  Double marker with Helen Dixon Gwinup; m. 7-3-1958 
Gwinup, Helen Dixon  11-22-1931    Double marker with Charles Franklin Gwinup, Jr.; m. 7-3-1958 
Hamilton, Etta    12-23-1915  Inside concrete border; age 24; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. J. Hamilton (from newspaper) 
Hamilton, Johnson  9-8-1861  9-9-1935  Inside concrete border; double marker with Jeannetta Hamilton 
Hamilton, Jeannetta  8-19-1866  1-10-1946  Inside concrete border; double marker with Johnson Hamilton 
Hamilton, S. A.  1-25-1827  12-4-1904  Inside concrete border 
Hancock, O. M.      Co. H- 2 Ga. Inf.-CSA 
Hancock, Mary  5-25-1895  12-27-1915   
Hancock, Mary Charlotte    Dec., 1962  Age 95; grave not found during survey 
Harding, Harry Gordan  1-22-1938  11-21-2021  Double marker with Patricia Lee Harding; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Mr. Harry Gordon Harding, age 83 of Bodcaw, Arkansas, passed away Sund... 
Harding, Patricia Lee  5-31-1939  4-8-2020  Double marker with Harry Gordan Harding
Obituary: Mrs. Patricia “Patti” Harding, age 80 of Bodcaw, Arkansas passed a... 
Hatcher, Dora  9-16-1850  7-20-1925   
Hatcher, (infant)  3-11-1901  3-23-1901  Son of W. R. and N. E. Hatcher 
Hatcher, Lettie  3-18-1899  2-2-1901   
Hatcher, Henry      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Hatcher, M. E.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Hatcher, Necie Ellen  8-10-1875  3-11-1901  Wife of W. R. Hatcher 
Hatcher, Samuel  1-12-1895  10-5-1895   
Howard, Ray V.  6-10-1927  5-3-2012  Double marker with Jeraline Dixon Howard 
Howard, Jeraline Dixon  1-15-1927  2-17-1993  Double marker with Ray V. Howard 
Jackson, Mr.    April, 1889  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Jurls, Gary Mac  7-1-1951    Metal marker; may be a plot marker 
Jurls, Thomas Dale  11-8-1952    Metal marker; may be a plot marker 
Jurls, Danny Ray  9-6-1956    Metal marker; may be a plot marker 
Jurls George Eddie  12-4-1957    Metal marker; may be a plot marker 
Kemper, Riley L.   3-27-1948  10-12-2017  Sgt. - U. S. Army - Vietnam 
Kennedy, Bessie Daly  1873  11-22-1923  Double marker with Elijah Thomas Kennedy; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Kennedy, Elijah Thomas  1874  1933  Double marker with Bessie Daly Kennedy 
Kennedy, Blance  1-16-1899  1-16-1919  Daughter of E. T. and Bessie Kennedy 
Lewis, Jane    8-16-1944  Triple marker with Wendell Lewis and Shirley Lewis; one date 
Lewis, Shirley    6-24-1938  Triple marker with Wendell Lewis and Jane Lewis; one date 
Lewis, Wendell    5-26-1936  Triple marker with Jane Lewis and Shirley Lewis; one date 
Lewis, Elex      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Lewis, Guy Roy  3-6-1909  8-4-1997  Double marker with Margaret Dorothy Lewis 
Lewis, Margaret Dorothy  11-24-1916  12-12-1974  Double marker with Guy Roy Lewis 
Loe, Ida I.  1875  19--  Double marker with Thomas J. Loe; death date not completely engraved 
Loe, Thomas J.  1866  1937  Double marker with Ida I. Loe 
Loe, Evie Lee  1929  1-27-1930  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Loe; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Loe, Johnnie T.  12-28-1919  7-24-2007  Double marker with Opal Loe; m. 10-14-1939; Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II 
Loe, Opal  7-17-1924  8-28-2001  M. Opal Loe in obituary; double marker with Johnnie T. Loe; m. 10-14-1939; death date from obituary 
Loe, Major Jewell  1904  1990  Double marker with Estelle Loe 
Loe, Estelle  2-20-1910  6-28-2007  Double marker with Jewell Loe; no death date on marker 
Loe, Nancy Ann  1950  8-21-1973  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Loe, John Paul  1-12-1950  12-12-2000  SP4- U. S. Army- Vietnam; double marker with Teresa Ann Loe; m. 3-9-1972 
Loe, Teresa Ann  8-10-1953    Double marker with John Paul Loe; m. 3-9-1972 
Loe, Carla Denise  11-5-1969  3-4-2022  Information from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. Carla Denise Loe, age 52 of Bodcaw, Arkansas passed away Friday, ... 
McAdams, Mildred Ruth      Metal marker east side by fence; grave is north of Wm. Darrell Easterling 
McDowell, Robert C.  4-25-1921  1-13-1990  Double marker with Berna Dean McDowell 
McDowell, Berna Dean  8-26-1924  5-30-1981  Double marker with Robert C. McDowell 
McDowell, (infant son)    11-5-1945  One date 
McKamie, James D.  4-30-1928  9-20-1989  Sgt.- U. S. Army-Korea 
McKamie, Floyd A.  12-6-1897  8-10-1982  Double marker with Alta S. McKamie 
McKamie, Alta S.  9-6-1903  6-27-1985  Double marker with Floyd A. McKamie 
McMillan, Howel  9-13-1903  11-12-1907  Inside concrete border 
McMillan, William Henry  11-25-1875  9-1-1958  Inside concrete border; double marker with Birdie Ware McMillan 
McMillan, Birdie Ware  3-14-1883  4-23-1947  Inside concrete border; double marker with William Henry McMillan 
McNatt, Oren Love  1-21-1900  10-11-1903   
McNatt, (infant)  10-4-1895  10-11-1895  Daughter of S. M. and M. E. McNatt 
Marlar, William A.  3-1-1869  11-29-1923   
Marlar, Idella  12-5-1875  11-14-1900  Wife of W. A. Marlar 
Marlar, Della Ozelma  11-4-1900  9-16-1905  Daughter of W. A. and Idella Marlar 
Marlar, Zee  1-13-1882  7-13-1972  Wife of W. A. Marlar 
Marlar, Guildford H.  7-21-1912  8-27-1973  Guildford Henry Marlar in obituary 
Marlar, Mildred R.  7-11-1917  8-24-2012  Mildred Ruth Marlar in obituary 
Martin, Dock  3-1-1896  3-12-1922   
Martin, Ione  7-6-1920  6-24-1922   
Martin, Thomas    April, 1944  Age 19 months; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Martin, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Mattison, Lena Kennedy  4-10-1900  6-1-1920  Daughter of E. T. and Bessie Kennedy 
Mauldin, (infant)    4-16-1964  Age 0; small stone and metal marker by north fence 
May, Jack  2-9-1863  2-8-1945   
May, Ada  3-4-1871  6-1-1960   
May, Marion (infant)      Above ground stone enclosure 
May, B. F.  2-8-1856  12-4-1945  Benjamin Franklin May; double marker with Rosa A. May; no death date engraved; death date and name from obituary; obituary had birth date 4-8-1856 
May, Rosa A.  5-20-1856  3-24-1928  Double marker with B. F. May 
May, Vestah  11-16-1900  9-18-1956   
May, Haskel  10-10-1921  9-4-1935   
May, Helen  11-9-1917  2-12-1932   
May, Ida Ophelia Luck  9-10-1871  9-11-1904   
May, Maggie M.  3-26-1874  1-1-1968  Double marker with Oren D. May 
May, Oren D.  8-19-1866  8-7-1949  Double marker with Maggie M. May 
May, Ollie O.  4-21-1894  9-20-1966  Double marker with J. Dennis May; m. 1-4-1914 
May, J. Dennis  3-12-1889  2-8-1986  Double marker with Ollie O. May; m. 1-4-1914 
May, J. G.  1879  1956  Triple marker with N. C. May and Donie May 
May, N. C.  1880  1959  Triple marker with J. G. May and Donie May 
May, Donie  1901  1906  Triple marker with J. G. May and N. C. May 
May, Mary Letha  5-2-1906  8-16-1992   
May, Nathan W.  9-18-1893  5-13-1975   
May, Oda Marlar  9-20-1915  1-10-2008  Double marker with Willard G. May; m. 11-15-1936 
May, Willard G.  4-8-1915  4-21-1995  Double marker with Oda Marlar May; m. 11-15-1936 
May, Charlotte  1867  1962   
May, Dessie Hamilton  11-26-1892  7-13-1916  Inside concrete border; wife of M. C. May 
Mitchell, Ludie S.  3-10-1859  6-19-1943  Double marker with Abrom L. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Abrom L.  12-21-1856  5-29-1923  Double marker with Ludie S. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Johnnie I.  4-3-1885  1889  Broken stone; can't read whole death date 
Mitchell, Cora Lee  9-14-1882  8-15-1885  Broken stone 
Morgan, Letha      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Morgan, Luther  10-28-1887  9-10-1893   
Munn, Elizabeth Y.  6-30-1813  6-20-1873  Wife of Malcom Munn 
Munn, Malcom  12-13-1802  3-8-1870   
Munn, Lula  1-3-1878  12-4-1936  Double marker with Edison E. Munn 
Munn, Edison E.  10-10-1878  11-13-1945  Double marker with Lula Munn 
Munn, (infant)      No information 
Munn, (infant)      No information 
Munn, Basil H.  11-28-1906  10-21-1980   
Munn, Billy   1919  Jan., 1947  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Munn; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Munn, Wilma  1901  1904   
Munn, Lucy A. Daly    9-18-1903  Age 63; wife of J. M. Munn; stone lying down 
Munn, Floyd T.  1-12-1903  8-3-1953  Double marker with Melba Munn 
Munn, Melba  12-8-1902  9-19-1982  Double marker with Floyd T. Munn 
Munn, Ollie  1888  5-16-1969  Ollie Hodnett Munn in obituary; double marker with Carl Munn; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Munn, Carl  1880  Jan., 1948  Double marker with Ollie Munn; death month from obituary; years only on stone 
Munn, Arthur    1888  One date only 
Munn, Rosetta   4-19-1856  5-15-1896  Double marker with William M. Munn 
Munn, William M.  10-4-1856  11-30-1929  Double marker with Rosetta Munn 
Munn, William H.  1887  5-17-1971  Double marker with Effie Ola Munn; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Munn, Effie Ola  1887  4-12-1977  Effie Herring Munn in obituary; double marker with William H. Munn; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Munn, Thomas Malcolm  8-10-1930  11-30-2017  Pfc - U. S. Army - Korea 
Newton, Marjorie Lee  2-19-1912  9-12-2003   
Nichols, Homer M.  7-24-1899  9-28-1990  Double marker with Mollie Z. Nichols 
Nichols, Mollie Z.  11-7-1904  12-30-1987  Double marker with Homer M. Nichols 
Nichols, Hugh Lee  4-1-1927  8-6-1928   
Nichols, Irene C.  12-26-1867  7-26-1939  Double marker with Pierce G. Nichols 
Nichols, Pierce G.  9-26-1867  12-9-1953  Double marker with Irene C. Nichols 
Nichols, Lena O.  7-27-1903  5-9-1971  Double marker with Roy E. Nichols; m. 5-12-1917 
Nichols, Roy E.  11-26-1896  5-22-1970  Double marker with Lena O. Nichols; m. 5-12-1917 
Nichols, Otis P.  8-14-1892  1-21-1970   
Nichols, Edward  2-10-1919  6-30-1920   
Nichols, Donald B.  4-19-1925  11-25-1978  Double marker with Nellie R. Nichols; m. 8-13-1960 
Nichols, Nellie R.  2-14-1941    Double marker with Donald B. Nichols; m. 8-13-1960 
Nichols, Wiley  12-28-1813  2-9-1879  Born in Habersham Co., Georgia; double marker with Rebecca Cockrum Nichols; broken stone 
Nichols, Rebecca Cockrum    11-28-1855  Second wife of Wiley Nichols; double marker with Wiley Nichols; broken stone 
Nichols, Arlton Homer  4-21-1932  9-12-2016  Cpl. - U. S. Army - Korean Conflict; double marker with Martha Louise Miller Nichols; m. 4-24-1955 
Nichols, Martha Louise Miller  12-7-1933  12-1-2019  Double marker with Arlton Homer Nichols; m. 4-24-1955; cremated
Obituary: Martha Louise Nichols, 85, of Magnolia, passed away Sunday, December 1... 
Pierce, Addie Bertha  1-30-1889  9-14-1970   
Pierce, Woodrow  1916  1921   
Rateliff, Clarence D.  1908  12-29-1967  Double marker with Lillian A. Rateliff; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Rateliff, Lillian A.  1914  3-18-2002  Double marker with Clarence D. Rateliff; full death date from obituary 
Rateliff, Norma J.  9-4-1936  7-30-2018  Norma Jean Ratcliff in obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Relaford, James W.  3-2-1922  5-14-1999  Double marker with Edna R. Relaford 
Relaford, Edna R.  12-13-1946    Double marker with James W. Relaford 
Rogers, Nancy Jane  6-16-1795  6-11-1875  Two new markers placed at grave; also an old stone 
Rogers, Robert Hale  3-9-1792  8-6-1864  Two new grave markers placed at grave with old stone 
Rogers, Martha    10-5-1907  Wife of S. Rogers; age 61 years 
Russell, Ann Gosnell      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Russell, Elisha Wood      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Russell, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Russell, Lee M.  7-4-1892  11-23-1967  Double marker with Sadie C. Russell 
Russell, Sadie C.  2-17-1893  6-26-1973  Double marker with Lee M. Russell 
Russell, Margaretta      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Russell, Mary M.   12-25-1852  3-25-1919   
Russell, William      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Russell, Wilce M.  11-17-1854  11-15-1934   
Sandifer, John D.  3-8-1878  12-31-1948  Double marker with Nettie L. Sandifer 
Sandifer, Nettie L.  3-1-1882  3-2-1955  Double marker with John D. Sandifer 
Sandifer, James B.  2-9-1854  8-3-1932  Double marker with Martha V. Sandifer 
Sandifer, Martha V.  7-24-1856  1-20-1944  Double marker with James B. Sandifer 
Sandifer, Sarah C.  12-10-1824  7-22-1880  Wife of J. S. Sandifer 
Sandifer, Isaac E.  1-11-1848  4-7-1854  Son of J. S. Sandifer 
Sandifer, Robert Steel  7-13-1886  8-30-1905  Son of J. B. and M. V. Sandifer 
Sandifer, J. P.  3-24-1885  8-22-1885  Son of J. B. and M. V. Sandifer 
Sandifer, J. V.  9-27-1847  1-17-1908  Wife of J. S. Sandifer 
Sandifer, John S.  5-13-1822  9-25-1920  Marker was off base in 2019 survey 
Scoggins, Esther Arrington  7-19-1878  4-17-1942  Wife of W. E. Scoggins; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Shankles, Oney  1896  2-22-1920  Birth date hard to read 
Sherrill, Jane  10-1826  2-12-1905  Wife of F. E. Sherrill 
Smith, Infant    April, 1889  Child of Joe Smith; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Smith, Bertha B.  9-6-1895  10-22-1958  Double marker with Henry D. Smith 
Smith, Henry D.  1-26-1885  1-20-1967  Double marker with Bertha B. Smith 
Smith, Ed J.  1-26-1893  2-16-1978  Double marker with Stella Inez Smith 
Smith, Stella Inez  1-15-1903  4-21-1969  Double marker with Ed J. Smith 
Smith, Edward G.  5-18-1928  1-16-1979   
Smith, Erba Virginia   11-12-1926  5-18-1927   
Smith, James W.  1863  1898  Double marker with Henrietta Smith 
Smith, Henrietta  1855  1957  Double marker with James W. Smith 
Smith, Mary  1850  12-10-1926  Double marker with Rolen Smith 
Smith, Rolen  1847  1-19-1933  Double marker with Mary Smith 
Smith, Hazel  3-11-1926  7-26-1930   
Smith, Haward Dale  3-2-1925  1-12-1926   
Smith, Delmar   8-29-1907  8-13-1925   
Smith, J. J.   7-8-1883  2-25-1972  Double marker with Rotha Smith 
Smith, Rotha  2-4-1895  11-24-1976  Double marker with J. J. Smith 
Smith, George W.  2-1-1890  11-3-1972  Double marker with Mable E. Smith; m. 8-23-1919 
Smith, Mable E.  9-26-1900  4-8-1974  Double marker with George W. Smith; m. 8-23-1919 
Smith, Jason P.  11-1-1976  11-2-1976   
Smith, Wayne E.  5-22-1932  11-19-1984  U. S. Army-Korea 
Smith, James O.  11-2-1926  11-20-1963   
Smith, Calvin    6-20-1951  Metal marker 6 feet north of Jane Sherill marker; hard to read 
Smith, James Henry  12-27-1938  4-10-1999  SN-U. S. Navy 
Smith, Orsby  4-9-1929  8-8-2001  Age 73; metal marker (Hicks Funeral Home) 
Smith, Aubrey  7-9-1929  8-8-2001  Flat concrete marker 
Stevens, Louie  1885  1952   
Stewart, Rachel O.  2-20-1934  11-23-2008   
Waters, J. E.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Waters, Leola C.  1-10-1872  6-10-1908  Wife of J. E. Waters 
Wenidell, ???      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
White, Flo      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
White, Faye C.  9-10-1906  4-3-1993   
Whiten, Mary J.  12-8-1836  3-10-1920  Wife of Riley Whiten 
Whittim, Ethel      Name chised in sand rock; very hard to read 
Williams, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Williams, Eldridge  1890  1976  Double marker with Ora Williams; m. 2-10-1923 
Williams, Ora  1900  8-13-1977  Double marker with Eldridge Williams; m. 2-10-1923; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Williams, J. R.  3-4-1863  12-14-1921   
Williams, Idella  6-6-1866  11-28-1956   
Winberry, Lois  10-4-1910  7-28-1994  Double marker with Michael H. Winberry 
Winberry, Michael H.  2-19-1907  9-29-1990  Double marker with Lois Winberry 
Winberry, Joe D.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Winberry, Malinda J.   1879  1975  Double marker with John A. Winberry 
Winberry, John A.  1882  8-30-1941  Double marker with Malinda J. Winberry; obituary had birth date 9-2-1876; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Winnberry, Maryville Cox  1860  1880   

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