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New Hope Cemetery-Bodcaw

This small cemetery is located near the Hempstead Co. line on County Rd. 5. On some early maps, this is called Ebenezer, not to be confused with the large Ebenezer Cemetery near Bluff City.
Driving directions: From the Nevada-Hempstead county line on Hwy. 278, go a short distance into Hempstead Co. and turn left on a gravel road. Go about 1.5 miles and the cemetery will be on your left on a hillside.
Homemaker's Survey in 1970





Almand, (son)  9-20-1920  9-21-1920  Son of John and Emma Almand 
Cassady, Sarah Lou  11-15-1858  4-9-1945   
Cassady, James M.  1855  1906  Husband of Sarah Lou Cassady; born in Coffee Co., Alabama; lived 25 years in Nevada Co., died in Red Level, Alabama; great-grandparents of President Bill Clinton; this is a memorial marker; he is buried in Alabama 
Cornelius, Muriel Luvnia  9-12-1912  6-12-1943  Wife of W. H. Cornelius 
Cornelius, Floyce Merlene  1-4-1936  8-15-1936  Daughter of W. H. & Muriel Cornelius 
Davis, Frances M.   1-29-1918  9-28-1995   
Gross, Kimberley J. Guidry  5-9-1968  10-3-1994   
Guidry, Betty Bourg  12-22-1937    Double marker with Ernest J. Guidry; m. 8-21-1952 
Guidry, Ernest J.  8-14-1934  9-16-1990  Double marker with Betty Bourg Guidry; m. 8-21-1952 
Guidry, Aaron Joseph Labit  6-1-1986  6-2-1986   
Guidry, Omerlee Joseph  1-2-1954  3-27-2007  SA- US Navy - Vietnam 
Hanson, Monica A.   9-13-1953  10-5-2010  Monica Ann Torbert Hanson in obituary 
Harris, Tommy      Grave not found-listed in 1970 record 
Lewis, Arvon Glendon  10-5-1926  1-23-1927   
Lewis, Lona R.  8-7-1894  1928  Full birth date from old record; only years engraved on stone 
Lewis, Carl W.   3-10-1900  3-24-1987  Double marker with Retha M. Lewis 
Lewis, Retha M.   2-8-1909  7-2-1992  Double marker with Carl W. Lewis 
Martin, Anna  12-23-1828  7-18-1918   
Mitchell, Richard K.  7-19-1932  4-26-1934   
Russell, (baby)  1-10-1899  2-14-1899   
Russell, Odesa  4-16-1897  12-26-1898   
Russell, Orva Lee  3-19-1892  5-20-1898   
Russell, George W.   9-3-1863  1930  Double marker with Elizabeth Russell; full birth date from old record; only years engraved on stone 
Russell, Elizabeth  3-20-1872  1-26-1968  Double marker with George W. Russell; full dates from old record; only years engraved on stone 
Russell, John Albert  6-13-1890  6-13-1916   
Russell, William J.  1-14-1825  2-23-1897  Double marker with Mary Russell; CSA footstone 
Russell, Mary  10-31-1828  4-18-1900  Double marker with William J. Russell 
Russell, William J., Jr.   3-15-1854  11-8-1934   
Russell, Mary E.  10-28-1891  11-21-1921  Old record had Mary Elizabeth 
Vines, Ada Fay  10-5-1895  7-12-1930  Double marker with Lum C. Vines 
Vines, Lum C.  1-25-1888  1-18-1970  Double marker with Ada Fay Vines 
Vines, Margarett  1912  1919   
Vines, Elmer S.   1900  1919   
Vines, Martha M.  1866  1930   
Vines, Henry A.  1867  1931   
Vines, John H.   6-3-1836  5-30-1923  Co. E -11 Ark. Inf.-Confederate States Army 
Vines, Haze R.       No dates 
Vines, Delbert   1915  1932   
Vines, Claudie Lynn  8-6-1928  1-9-1983   

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References to an "earlier record" usually refer to a survey conducted in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers' Clubs, the original of which is on file at the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

Since 1997, Jery and Jeanie McKelvy have conducted a periodic canvas of each cemetery in the county and use additional resources to keep the listings current.