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Gulley Cemetery

This is an old family cemetery located on the Supertree nursery property in the SE1/4 SE1/4 of Section 27, Township 12 South, Range 20 West. It is a small cemetery and is fenced. It was abandoned for many years until the property was purchased by International Paper and the cemetery was cleaned up when the nursery was developed. The last burial in the cemetery was in 1930.
Driving directions: From Bluff City, go southwest on Hwy. 299 about four miles to Ebenezer Cemetery. Turn left on Rd. No. 423 and go about two miles to the Gragg Supertree nursery. Just before you get to the office building, a dim road to the right will lead to the cemetery. Since this is a working nursery, you will need to check in at the office first before visiting the cemetery. The cemetery is a short distance from the office.





Epperson, Nancy M.  1-28-1831  Double marker with Leander M. Epperson 
Epperson, Leander  2-8-1827  12-31-1893  Double marker with Nancy M. Epperson 
Epperson, Leander A.  6-24-1857  7-29-1858  Broken stone 
Epperson, Joe F.  9-6-????  7-15-1871  Broken stone-hard to read 
Epperson, Henry J.  8-1-1872  7-17-1897  Son of N. M. & L. M. Epperson 
Gordon, Sarah  1837  1930  Metal marker set in concrete 
Gulley, Cary Lee  3-5-1914  1-19-1918  Dau. of C. L. & Myrtle Gulley; marker was off base in 2019 
Gulley, J. M.  1-23-1869  8-20-1911   
Gulley, Florence  10-28-1900  7-18-1902  Dau. of E. J. & Agnes Gulley 
Gulley, Theo  10-4-1899  1-8-1900  Dau. of E. J. & Agnes Gulley 
Gulley, S. Luther  5-7-1829  2-5-1900  Co. B- 2nd La. Inf.-CSA; dates from Gulley family records; not on marker 
Gulley, Luther A.  1-23-1894  10-7-1894  Son of J. M. & M. J. Gulley 
Gulley, John  1-17-1822  1-5-1880  Double marker with Sarah A. Gulley; marker was off base in 2019 
Gulley, Sarah A.  2-17-1835  8-10-1894  Double marker with John Gulley; marker was off base in 2019 
Gulley, Matilda Adlissa Georgian Kirk  7-28-1848  1-7-1921  Second wife of Samuel Gulley-not marked 
Gully, John  3-4-1788  10-12-1865   
Gully, Nancy  7-14-1791  6-26-1870  Wife of John Gully 
Lee, Elizabeth R.  8-15-1841  11-22-1895   
McDaniel, Ruby A.  9-27-1894  8-31-1895  Dau. of J. S. & N. I. McDaniel 
Purifoy, Harriet J.  10-6-1841  7-23-1897  Wife of J. G. Purifoy; marker was lying flat on ground in 2019 
Purifoy, Pattie May  8-2-1873  11-9-1889  Dau. of J. G. & H. J. Purifoy 
Purifoy, Leroy  12-2-1816  12-17-1874   
Purifoy, Laborn  2-26-1873  8-19-1873  Son of J. G. & H. J. Purifoy 
Purifoy, (baby boy)  11-5-1875  11-5-1875  Son of F. W. & Maggie M. Purifoy 
Purifoy, Roy R.  9-23-1873  1-2-1881  Son of F. W. & Maggie M. Purifoy 
Purifoy, Pearl I.  11-26-1879  1-26-1881  Dau. of F. W. & Maggie M. Purifoy 
Purifoy, Renn.   9-21-1884  9-23-1886  Dau. of F. W. & Maggie M. Purifoy 
Sweatman, Troy M.  9-17-1896  2-23-1898  Age 1 yr., 5 mths., 6 days 
Wadman, M. S.  9-17-1832  10-21-1893  Wife of Francis Wadman 

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