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Holly Springs Cemetery

This well maintained cemetery is located in the SW1/4 SE1/4 of Section 1, Township 14 South, Range 22 West. It is not visible from the main road. It is a large cemetery and is fenced.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 371 and Hwy. 76 north of Willisville, go south toward Willisville about 3/4ths of a mile. Take the first road to the right (Rd. 124) and go west two miles to an intersection. Continue west on Rd. 124 for 1/2 mile to a sharp curve to the right. Go about 1/4 mile and take a dim road to the right to the cemetery. This is a dead-end road.





Allder, Francis  1803  10-30-1877  Born in Virginia; broken stone 
B, W. J.  1846  1869  Initials W. J. B. chiseled on sand rock 
B, T. W.  1797  1861  Initials T. W. B. chiseled on sand rock; dates hard to read 
Arnold, Kay Sandra  8-24-1957  12-28-2019  Obituary: Sandra Kay Arnold, age 62, of Camden, died Saturday, December 28, 2019... 
Bailey, Thomas A.  9-22-1878  8-9-1954  Double marker with Lenora J. Bailey 
Bailey, Lenora J.  2-23-1880  6-19-1933  Double marker with Thomas A. Bailey 
Bailey, Roma  12-22-1915  9-29-1917   
Bailey, Z. W.  5-22-1842  8-23-1920  Co I.-37 Ark. Inf.- CSA; dates from old record; not on stone 
Bailey, Susan Josephine    May, 1934  Age 92; grave not found during survey; death date and age from obituary 
Bailey, James F.  3-23-1872  11-15-1892  Son of Z. W. and S. J. Bailey; broken stone 
Bailey, T. E.  2-9-1874  Oct., 1964  Double marker with Lela Bailey; death date from obituary; not engraved on marker 
Bailey, Lela  12-6-1877  11-14-1939  Double marker with T. E. Bailey 
Bailey, Joe B.  1883  1961  Double marker with Mary G. Bailey; m. 7-10-1903 
Bailey, Mary G.  1882  1917  Double marker with Joe B. Bailey; m.7-10-1903; old stone moved outside of cem. 
Bailey, Franklin W.  4-7-1844  11-1-1924  Double marker with Martha J. Bailey 
Bailey, Martha J.  3-7-1847  no date  Double marker with Franklin W. Bailey; death date not engraved on marker 
Bailey, A. T.  9-18-1840  11-25-1909  Azariah Bailey in obituary; husband of Lucy Ann Warmack (from obituary) 
Bailey, L. A.  6-26-1841  8-18-1909  Lucy Ann Bailey in obituary 
Bailey, James Kenneth    12-16-1943  One date only 
Bailey, Delphia Mae  8-25-1924  2-16-1944   
Bailey, Chester B.  9-11-1884  9-21-1962  Chester Brown Bailey in obituary; double marker with Effie I. Bailey 
Bailey, Effie I.  8-10-1890  6-30-1927  Double marker with Chester B. Bailey 
Bailey, (infant)    12-23-1919  Daughter of Effie and Chester Bailey 
Bailey, R. M. C.  11-6-1853  11-8-1925  Broken stone 
Bailey, Mary Ann  3-17-1850  9-11-1924  Wife of R. M. C. Bailey; broken stone 
Bailey, Florence  10-4-1876  6-2-1941  Daughter of R. M. C. and M. A. Bailey 
Bailey, W. A.  11-18-1890  1-11-1911  Son of R. M. C. and M. A. Bailey; Arthur Bailey in newspaper 
Bailey, Sephas Pierce  5-31-1885  11-22-1892  Son of R. M. C. and M. A. Bailey; could not read death date when surveyed in 2006 
Bailey, William Thurmon  1-21-1911  8-10-1913  Son of J. R. and Malonie Bailey 
Bailey, Fred  12-3-1898  12-5-1922  Found obituary for Fred Bailey who died Dec., 1920; not sure if this is same person; could be a mistake on death date on marker 
Bailey, Joe  4-1-1900  1-31-1917   
Bailey, Glen  11-18-1911  5-1-1914   
Bailey, Hudson  12-24-1905  1-14-1908   
Bailey, Hugh  3-7-1879  6-27-1906   
Bailey, Tilden  1876  1932  Triple marker with Martha Crank Bailey and Annie Crank Bailey 
Bailey, Annie Crank  1880  1935  Triple marker with Tilden Bailey and Martha Crank Bailey 
Bailey, Martha Crank  1882  1921  Triple marker with Tilden Bailey and Annie Crank Bailey 
Bailey, Wanda Joyce  4-8-1957  5-24-1978   
Bailey, James (Jim) R.  11-29-1880  5-14-1965  Double marker with Malonie Bailey; m. 4-3-1908 
Bailey, Malonie  8-10-1890  1-21-1976  Double marker with James R. Bailey; m. 4-3-1908 
Bailey, Joe Donald  11-2-1932  1-11-1998  Double marker with Shirley Rae Bailey; m. 2-28-1986 
Bailey, Shirley Rae  6-10-1936    Double marker with Joe Donald Bailey; m. 2-28-1986 
Bailey, Garland H.  10-9-1909  4-4-1989  Double marker with Alta G. Bailey; m. 2-9-1929 
Bailey, Alta G.  11-28-1910  3-26-2001  Double marker with Garland Bailey; m. 2-9-1929 
Bailey, James I.  6-7-1913  11-23-1991  Double marker with Zelma L. Bailey 
Bailey, Zelma L.  8-16-1927    Double marker with James I. Bailey 
Bailey, Ellis "Mack"  12-18-1942  3-15-1987   
Bailey, Kenneth Glen  6-29-1927  12-12-1930  Small flat stone; located 10 feet east of Homer Jarvis marker 
Bailey, Sarah Diane  10-6-1978  9-26-1979  Infant daughter of Wyndell and Nancy Bailey 
Bailey, Joe D.  11-12-1929  10-26-2011  Joe David Bailey on military marker; Sgt.- U. S. Army - Korea; double marker with LoCleta Marie Bailey; m. 7-5-1952 
Bailey, LoCleta Marie  10-8-1932  3-9-2011  Double marker with Joe D. Bailey; m. 7-5-1952 
Bailey, Winnie Artill  4-9-1928  11-5-2013  Double marker with Ellis Bailey; m. 11-30-1947; children-Lawrence Ray, Sharon Kay, Jesse Robert, Carl Wyndell, Richard Ellis 
Bailey, Ellis  1-4-1925  5-8-2013  Double marker with Winnie Artill Bailey; m. 11-30-1947; children--Lawrence Ray, Sharon Kay, Jesse Robert, Carl Wyndell, Richard Ellis 
Bailey, Lawrence  6-11-1927  6-2-2014   
Baird, J. A.      Co. F- 12 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Bell, David H.  Dec, 1945  3-24-2009  Double marker with Nancy V. Bell; small flat stone 
Bell, Nancy V.  10-27-1948    Double marker with David H. Bell; small flat stone 
Black, George Perry  2-21-1938  6-19-1939   
Black, Marie T.  1920    Double marker with Perry L. Black; m. 5-7-1937; no death date engraved 
Black, Perry L.   1896  1986  Double marker with Marie T. Black; m. 5-7-1937 
Black, Thomas Lee  1-7-1940  7-23-2020  SP4 - U. S. Army - Air Bourne Ranger 
Brantley, Barney O.  3-30-1904  1-19-1905   
Brantley, Jennie O.  1-24-1900  7-14-1900  Daughter of J. T. and Alice Brantley 
Brantley, Jessie Alma  2-19-1892  4-13-1908  Hard to read; dates from obituary; daughter of Jim Brantley (from obituary) 
Buford, Cleo  11-16-1917  12-4-1917   
Bull, William Henry      Double marker with Ida Lee Bull 
Bull, Ida Lee      Double marker with William Henry Bull 
Burns, W. G.  10-4-1920  10-5-1920  Son of Grover and Nannie Burns 
Butcher, Ida L.  1-8-1909  6-6-1910   
Butcher, Frank  11-19-1881  8-18-1945  Double marker with Mae Butcher 
Butcher, Mae  4-4-1887  12-11-1975  Double marker with Frank Butcher; metal marker had Julia Butcher 
Butcher, (infant)    11-8-1948  One date; son of Mildred and Millard Butcher 
Butcher, Webb  10-21-1910  4-9-1993  Double marker with Gertrude Butcher; m. 12-1942 
Butcher, Gertrude  1-6-1914  11-6-1999  Double marker with Webb Butcher; m. 12-1942 
Caldwell, Wilson S.      Co. C- 1 Ark. Cav.- CSA 
Caldwell, Tenon W.  8-18-1885  Dec., 1902   
Caldwell, William G.  1-21-1859  7-2-1940  Double marker with Dorcas P. Caldwell 
Caldwell, Dorcas P.  8-28-1864  12-15-1937  Double marker with William G. Caldwell 
Caldwell, Otha Lee  10-19-1897  1-8-1919   
Caldwell, Charlie P.  1883  Feb., 1967  Charles B. Caldwell in obituary; double marker with Lena W. Caldwell; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Caldwell, Lena W.  1886  1959  Double marker with Charlie P. Caldwell 
Caldwell, Darrell P.  11-23-1912  2-21-1999  Double marker with Esther F. Bailey Caldwell; m. 1-29-1931 
Caldwell, Esther F. Bailey  11-2-1912  2-20-1999  Double marker with Darrell P. Caldwell; m. 1-29-1931 
Caldwell, Darrel Savoy  10-27-1935  6-12-1936  Son of Darrel and Esther Caldwell 
Caldwell, Charles T.  1-9-1933    Double marker with Joan I. Rabun Caldwell; m. 6-14-1951 
Caldwell, Joan I. Rabun  10-25-1932  11-12-2015  Double marker with Charles T. Caldwell; m. 6-14-1951 
Calhoun Danny Wayne  10-14-1954  1-16-2017  Pf2- U. S. Army; son of Nadine Tinsley
Obituary: Danny Wayne Calhoun, 62, of Rosston, Arkansas passed away January 16, ... 
Camp, Coleman  1890  1953  Concrete slab east side of cemetery; dates hard to read 
Capps, Haschel L.  8-2-1914  3-7-2013  Information from obituary 
Courtney, John    11-25-1861  Age 81; grave not found; listed in 1970 record 
Crabb, Mary F. Miller    9-16-1872  Wife of W. R. Crabb; age 24 yrs., 8 mths, 2 days-broken stone 
Crank, Samuel Ernest  1886  1931  Double marker with Idell Cox Crank 
Crank, Idell Cox  1895  1985  Double marker with Samuel Ernest Crank 
Crank, Robt. H.  12-22-1861  12-6-1903  Woodmen of the World stone 
Crank, Maggie I.  10-23-1859  4-17-1899  Wife of R. H. Crank 
Crank, Annie    11-30-1888  Age 2; daughter of R. H. and M. I. Crank; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Crank, W. S.  1-6-1856  3-18-1933  Double marker with Sarah F. Crank 
Crank, Sarah F.  6-14-1858  9-24-1929  Double marker with W. S. Crank 
Cross, Trudy      No dates; next to Warren Cross 
Cross, Warren    Mar., 1949  Age 59; next to Trudy Cross; death date and age from obituary; no dates on stone 
Cross, Linda Franks  11-8-1889  6-15-1943  Grave not found during survey; married first to Erastus Franks; married second to Warren Cross as per obituary 
Duke, Minnie B.  1-19-1900    No death date 
England, Juanita E.  1915  12-24-1991   
Everett, Pharaoh C.  2-18-1836  6-10-1918   
Everett, Vivian  12-4-1877  9-16-1932   
Everett, Steve  8-8-1888    Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Everett, Stephen V.  12-4-1887  8-8-1960  Double marker with Bonnie T. Everett; m. 1-14-1933 
Everett, Bonnie T.  3-28-1914  11-19-1985  Double marker with Stephen V. Everett; m. 1-14-1933 
Everett, Catherine Susan Patty  12-20-1848  8-3-1933   
Fincher, Joe E.  1872  1960  Double marker with Urilla M. Fincher 
Fincher, Urilla M.  1867  9-12-1926  Double marker with Joe E. Fincher; obituary had birth date 11-15-1868; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Fincher, (daughter)      Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fincher; no dates 
Fincher, Mary C.  11-10-1840  10-28-1916  Wife of B. B. Fincher 
Fincher, B. B.  5-25-1840  1-13-1911   
Fincher, Odell  2-15-1905  1-20-1906   
Fincher, Carl  1-8-1900  12-29-1901   
Fincher, Ira  4-20-1898  7-6-1899   
Fincher, Olen  10-17-1896  8-25-1897   
Forbes, Horace Newton  11-21-1882  11-13-1935   
Fore, Herbert W.  6-23-1925    Double marker with Audrey Martin Fore; m. 3-5-1949; children--Bill, Fred, and Stephen 
Fore, Audrey Martin  3-21-1931  2-25-2000  Double marker with Herbert W. Fore; m. 3-5-1949; children--Bill, Fred, and Stephen 
Franks, (infant)    3-6-1932  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Franks 
Franks, May  1873  Aug., 1915  Death month from newspaper; year only on stone; Woodmen Circle marker 
Franks, James  1853  1932   
Franks, Mary D.  12-11-1855  7-14-1904  Age 48 yrs., 7 mths., 3 days; wife of James Frank 
Franks, Joseph Andrew  7-16-1869  9-10-1945  Double marker with Susan Ladora Franks 
Franks, Susan Ladora  10-20-1872  10-31-1947  Double marker with Joseph Andrew Franks 
Glisson, Mary Frances  10-18-1932  9-29-1991  Double marker with Abraham T. Glisson Jr. 
Glisson, Abraham T. Jr.  4-2-1932  1-1-2001  U. A. Air Force; double marker with Mary Frances Glisson 
Goodner, Mary Doris  1-21-1909  3-15-1937   
Goodman, Ora Evelyn (Martin)  12-12-1928  2-13-2008   
Grant, John L.  1875  1-13-1934  Double marker with Martha A. Grant; full death date from obituary; year only on stone; Woodmen of the World marker 
Grant, Martha A.  1882  1952  Double marker with John L. Grant 
Grant, John W. H.       Co. H.- 19 Ark. Inf. - CSA 
Grigg, Connie Joyce  9-19-1941  4-7-2019  Information from obituary 
Grimes, M. L.   6-8-1891  8-13-1893   
Haynie, James L.  5-14-1874  7-28-1901  Broken stone 
Hendrix, Carrie Mae    8-5-1965  Age 78; metal marker located two graves north of Wanda Joyce Bailey marker; not found in 2019 survey 
Hendrix, (infant)    3-22-1913  Son of G. W. and May Hendrix 
Hobson, Denver  3-17-1920  1-16-1921   
Hohnhorst, Horst  6-24-1946  10-19-2009  Double marker with Sharon Tomlinson Hohnhorst; m. 5-14-1997 
Hohnhorst, Sharon Tomlinson  1-2-1955    Double marker with Horst Hohnhorst; m. 5-14-1997 
Jackson, E. D.  5-10-1861  11-26-1934   
Jackson, J. R.  5-25-1839  8-10-1919   
Jackson, Mary O.  9-11-1845  4-30-1931   
Jarvis, J. W.  7-4-1871  12-18-1949  Double marker with Ollie Jarvis 
Jarvis, Ollie  3-9-1871  6-2-1951  Double marker with J. W. Jarvis 
Jarvis, Doyle Victor  10-26-1923  9-9-1925   
Jarvis, Robert Lee  7-28-1866  10-27-1932  Double marker with Sarah L. Jarvis 
Jarvis, Sarah L. (Sallie)  3-23-1865  3-9-1960  Double marker with Robert Lee Jarvis 
Jarvis, Walter L.  11-29-1888  3-22-1890   
Jarvis, (infant)  7-17-1895  7-17-1895  Son of W. J. J. and Lizzie Jarvis 
Jarvis, Abner Rose  2-17-1836  10-31-1898   
Jarvis, Martha R.  2-7-1842  8-30-1914   
Jarvis, (infant)  6-24-1887  7-17-1887  Daughter of W. J. J. and R. E. Jarvis; broken stone 
Jarvis, R. Ella  10-11-1867  7-24-1887  Broken stone 
Jarvis, (infant)  7-30-1907  7-30-1907  Child of R. L. and S. L. Jarvis 
Jarvis, Lois W.  5-17-1896  2-2-1973   
Jarvis, Doyle David  6-3-1931  10-16-1970   
Jarvis, Johnie Wade  7-26-1896  6-26-1970  Double marker with Patra Elvie Jarvis 
Jarvis, Patra Elvie  1-14-1902  12-13-1987  Double marker with Johnie Wade Jarvis 
Jarvis, Homer  1-5-1901  9-14-1925  Son of J. W. and O. L. Jarvis 
Jarvis, Opal Faye  4-28-1933  9-23-2004  Children
Tommy, Johnny, Diane, Lisa; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Jarvis, Lee Roy  8-29-1929  8-19-2005   
Jarvis, Marjorie Lavon  9-18-1962  10-1-2013   
Jarvis, Norma Z.  9-8-1934  10-21-2011   
Jarvis, L.      Small stone; no dates 
Johnson-Rowell, Brenda Joyce  7-8-1953  11-13-2019  Information from obituary 
Lee, Joe Donald  6-28-1932  6-28-1932  Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Lee 
McGee, Panina C.  11-24-1860  1-31-1890  Daughter of J. T. and M. E. Marlar 
McKissack, John S.  10-10-1862  3-6-1940  Double marker with Mary Etta McKissack 
McKissack, Mary Etta  7-18-1866  4-5-1922  Double marker with John S. McKissack 
McKissack, Homer L.  1-26-1902  4-2-1942  Double marker with Gertie M. McKissack 
McKissack, Gertie M.  10-14-1906    Double marker with Homer L. McKissack; no death date engraved 
McKissack, Richard Vohn  1934  1953   
McKissack, Willie E.  10-15-1890  12-5-1956  Ark.-Pvt.Med. Det.-114 Fld Sig. Bn.- World War I 
McKissack, Gerald Dean  10-27-1935  12-8-1935   
McKissack, (infant twin girls)    3-25-1937  One date 
McKissack, Geneva Ruth    7-26-1973  Age 77; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
McKissack, Billy Dale  5-26-1930  10-7-2012   
McMillan, Marshall  1882  1940  Double marker with Ressie McMillan 
McMillan, Ressie  1888  1959  Double marker with Marshall McMillan 
Marlar, Mary E.  10-19-1834  3-22-1903  Wife of J. T. Marlar 
Marlar, C. T.  12-14-1850  6-1-1926   
Marlar, Lou D.  1847  1922  Wife of C. T. Marlar 
Marlar, W. F.  8-1-1882  4-28-1883  Stone broken, but has been repaired 
Marlar, T. B.  8-1-1882  11-15-1882   
Marlar, S. W.  3-8-1880  8-17-1881   
Marlar, Wm. T.    12-3-1878  Age 68 yrs., 8 mths., 8 days 
Marlar, T. T.  9-3-1874  9-27-1875   
(Unknown), ????      Metal marker located one grave north of Wanda Joyce Bailey marker; could not read name or dates 
Marlar, Denton O.  10-24-1896  9-8-1959   
Marlar, Martha A.  9-23-1870  1-21-1958   
Marlar, Bruce  4-17-1863  10-12-1937   
Marlar, John Samuel  3-23-1875  5-14-1934  Double marker with Sarah Frances Marlar 
Marlar, Sarah Frances  12-1-1876  1-31-1965  Double marker with John Samuel Marlar 
Marlar, John T.      Co. I- 1 Ark. Inf.-CSA 
Marlar, James S.      Co. I- 37 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Marlar, Amos F.  3-9-1863  1-14-1943  Double marker with Susan S. Marlar 
Marlar, Susan S.  5-9-1866  3-4-1946  Double marker with Amos F. Marlar 
Marlar, Melissa B.  7-25-1868  3-13-1893  Wife of J. S. B. Marlar 
Marlar, Obie L.  8-6-1898  8-12-1900  Daughter of J. S. B. and M. A. Marlar 
Marlar, Daphne Kathleen    10-2-1926  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Marlar 
Marlar, Ewell C.  1909  1983   
Marlar, Mrs. Ollie    1-27-1926  Age 65; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper obituary 
Martin, Ora Fincher  9-19-1895  5-5-1929  Wife of R. L. Martin 
Martin, Kenneth Doyle  3-14-1936  3-14-1936  Grave not found; listed in 1970 record; son of D. H. and Girtie Martin 
Martin, (infant)    12-2-1913  One date; son of W. M. and Effie Martin 
Martin, Glen William  9-2-1926  2-24-1927   
Martin, W. M. (Bill)  4-15-1891  2-8-1939  Double marker with Effie M. Martin 
Martin, Effie M.  12-29-1892  5-20-1981  Double marker with W. M. Martin 
Martin, Curlin M.  7-15-1891  5-6-1954  Double marker with Lula D. Martin 
Martin, Lula D.  9-18-1898  9-24-1985  Double marker with Curlin M. Martin 
Martin, J. A.  2-11-1871  10-28-1938  Double marker with Emmer Martin 
Martin, Emmer  3-1-1870  12-30-1958  Double marker with J. A. Martin 
Martin, Elvern  11-12-1930  8-19-1932  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Martin 
Martin, Dennon  2-15-1952    Double marker with Kathryn M. Martin 
Martin, Kathryn M.  7-29-1950  6-1-1997  Double marker with Dennon Martin 
Martin, Pearlie Marie  1-23-1915  7-11-1992   
Martin, J. T.  9-14-1913  11-24-1981  Pvt.-Army- World War II 
Martin, (infant)  3-10-1936  3-14-1936  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Martin 
Martin, Joe Allen  6-15-1930  1-1-1993  Pvt. - U. S. Army- Korea 
Martin, Chester O.  9-24-1907  10-2-1974   
Martin, Mary L.  8-16-1848  4-15-1895   
Martin, John C. Jr.  1-22-1927  6-1-2009  Metal marker 3 ft. south of Joe Allen Martin marker 
Martin, Curlin M. Jr.  1-18-1927  6-1-2009   
Martin, Brewin  5-7-1936    Double marker with Carolyn Martin 
Martin, Carolyn  12-6-1941  5-21-2016  Double marker with Brewin Martin 
Martin, Howell Lee  1-8-1920  9-20-2011   
May, Annie Woodruff  11-18-1880  12-20-1963  Wife of James Moses May 
May, James Moses  2-22-1857  7-11-1934   
Miller, Julius O.  12-30-1875  12-11-1928  Double marker with Susie E. Miller 
Miller, Susie E.  2-23-1891  8-30-1975  Double marker with Julius O. Miller 
Miller, Cornelia A.      Grave not found-listed in 1970 record 
Miller, Melinda    9-23-1871  Wife of J. C. Miller; age 56 yrs., 1 month, 7 days; broken stone-not sure of date 
Miller, M. A.      Broken stone, but has been repaired; can't read dates 
Miller, Martha  3-1-1856  10-21-1881  Wife of M. A. Miller; broken stone; hard to read; could not read death date when surveyed in 2006 
Miller, John R.    3-18-1880  Age 25 yrs., 4 mths., 12 days 
Miller, John C.  5-17-1822  6-28-1894  Hard to read 
Miller, Mary M.  1845  1925   
Morgan, Horace  2-10-1909  6-14-1932   
Morgan, Bertha  1882  1961   
Morgan, Lacolioun  4-14-1911  1-12-1921   
Murrah, Martha  12-25-1897  2-27-1975   
Murrah, Grady  12-24-1894  6-5-1984   
Murrah, Michael Joseph  11-12-1953  2-23-1981  Pfc.- U. S. Army 
Murrah, Mary Jane  2-9-1862  11-14-1944   
Murrah, M. M.  8-2-1847  7-31-1916   
Murrah, Maudie M.  12-12-1902  3-16-1917  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Murrah 
Murrah, Valdee P.  10-7-1916  8-21-1921  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Murrah 
Murry, Mary Jane Franks  11-14-1944    Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Rateliff, Johnny Wade  7-6-1954  2-3-1980  Pvt.- U. S. Army- Vietnam 
Rinehart, Mrs. Naomie Helen  11-26-1882  7-25-1940  Mrs. C. C. Rhinehart on footstone 
Rinehart, C. C.  12-28-1885  9-27-1942   
Robertson, Norvell Grant  1890  1910   
Rowe, Harriet Ann  1867  1936   
Russell, Intha  4-12-1900  9-4-1926  Wife of L. B. Russell 
Shipp, Mary  9-8-1896  9-10-1980   
Silvey, Leward O.  4-2-1906  1-14-1933   
Silvey, Jimmy Joe  2-26-1931  March, 1932  Age 13 months; dates from obituary; not on stone; son of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard O. Silvey 
Simpson, Pascal  3-13-1850  2-11-1938  Obituary had death date 1-11-1937; no dates on stone 
Simpson, Alvin  3-29-1879  7-24-1926  Dates from 1970 record; not on stone 
Simpson, Mary  1-27-1851  2-11-1928  Mrs. Solon Simpson in newspaper; also Mary Elizabeth Daily Simpson in one obituary; dates from obituary; not on stone 
Simpson, Ruby    9-10-1926  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Simpson; information from obituary 
Simpson, Emma    8-20-1936  Emma Elizabeth Simpson in obituary; death date from obituary; no dates on stone 
Simpson, (infant)    4-2-1947  Son of Troy and Wilma Simpson 
Simpson, ???      Small stone with name Simpson; located one grave north of Jennie Lou Thompson marker 
Singleton, Wm. N.      Grave not found-listed in 1970 record 
Singleton, Sarah C.  8-28-1832  8-1-1893  Age 60 yrs., 11 mths., 27 days; wife of Wm. N. Singleton 
Singleton, John Green    11-16-1875  Son of W. N. & S. C. Singleton; age 18 yrs., 10 mths., 14 days 
Singleton, Robert N.  9-9-1860  7-14-1891   
(Singleton), John    Nov., ??81  Broken stone; with Singleton graves; could not read 
Smith, Elizabeth  2-25-1843  6-19-1922   
Sorrells, John D.  1860  1942  Double marker with Carrie A. Sorrells 
Sorrells, Carrie A.  1876  1963  Double marker with John D. Sorrells 
Stevens, Mollie  5-10-1864  12-15-1917  Double marker with Joe Stevens 
Stevens, Joe  3-2-1855  11-20-1920  Double marker with Mollie Stevens 
Stevens, Ranzy  7-27-1892  2-20-1963  Ark.- Pvt.- Co.C-330 Inf. 83 Div.-World War I; double marker with Estell P. Stevens; children--J. D., Joseph M., Raymond, Howard, Daniel B., and R. T. 
Stevens, Estell P.  3-20-1900  5-3-1998  Double marker with Ranzy Stevens; children--J. D., Joseph M., Raymond, Howard, Daniel B., and R. T. 
Stevens, J. D.      No dates; infant son of Ranzy and Estell P. Stevens 
Stevens, Joseph Malcolm  2-11-1924  1-24-2007  PFC - U. S. Army - World War II 
Suitor, Anna B.  1912  1980   
Suitor, James  11-4-1924  8-10-2000  U. S. Army 
Swan, John T. C.  6-22-1831  7-5-1900  Marker erected by his son John 
Swan, Martha Ellen  7-25-1843  9-24-1891  Marker erected by her son John 
Swan, Erasmus W.  1-10-1869  6-23-1870   
Tate, Ruth Edna  9-4-1929  1-8-1936  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Tate 
Thompson, Virginnia E.  6-4-1857  5-29-1897  Wife of A. T. Thompson 
Thompson, Jennie Lou  4-27-1909  1-9-1912   
Thompson, Claudia Stewart  1859  1944   
Thompson, Minnie H.  5-1-1879  5-10-1935  Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle marker 
Thompson, A. T.  10-4-1845  9-15-1919   
Thompson, Eliza A.  9-11-1853  6-4-1878  Wife of A. T. Thompson; daughter of W. N. and S. C. Singleton; broken stone; hard to read 
Thompson, James A.      Small flat stone located one grave south of Edgar E. Thompson marker; no dates 
Thompson, Edgar E.  12-13-1879  6-23-1969  Edgar Erastus Thompson in obituary 
Tinsley, Coy P. Jr.  11-9-1944    Double marker with Nadine Martin Tinsley; m. 4-18-1975 
Tinsley, Nadine Martin  1-23-1934  6-7-2013  Double marker with Coy P. Tinsley Jr.; m. 4-18-1975 
Twigg, Ruth  1911  1919   
Twigg, G. R.  1850  1928   
Twigg, Edward  1923  5-22-1947  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Twigg, Bessie E.  3-6-1883  12-4-1969   
(Unknown), ????      Old stone located one grave north of Mary Miller Crabb marker; could not read name or dates 
Wallace, Malinda J.  4-9-1839  Sep., 1885  Age 46; wife of Wm. J. Wallace; broken stone 
Ware, Mildred  11-11-1919  11-5-1920   
Waters, (infant)    6-1-1943  One date; son of W. C. and Leta Waters 
Waters, Gwin Venoy  4-16-1928  3-28-1932  Son of W. C. and Leta Waters; son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Waters as per obituary 
Waters, Nora V.  1885  1954  Double marker with John A. Waters 
Waters, John A.  1883  12-13-1972  Double marker with Nora V. Waters; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Waters, Ray Allen  7-28-1915  9-22-1994  Double marker with Lillar Mae Waters 
Waters, Lillar Mae  4-23-1915  10-26-1978  Double marker with Ray Allen Waters 
Waters, Charles Herman  3-18-1917  11-2-2002  Double marker with Floy Catherine Caldwell; m. 12-14-1939; CPL- U. S. Army Air Forces- World War II 
Waters, Floy Catherine Caldwell  6-22-1919  9-16-2004  Double marker with Charles Herman Waters; married 12-14-1939 
Williams, Thomas Seth  11-12-1860  1-24-1907  Double marker with Alice Rebecca Williams; death date Jan., 1908 as per newspaper 
Williams, Alice Rebecca  1-10-1871  11-11-1938  Double marker with Thomas Seth Williams 
Williams, Minnie O.  2-5-1892  1-25-1893   
Woodruff, P. A.  1-15-1859  4-20-1934   
Wortham, James T.  1859  April, 1928  Double marker with Nancy C. Wortham; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Wortham, Nancy C.  1866  8-6-1931  Nancy Catherine Wortham in obituary; double marker with James T. Wortham; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Wortham, James T.  4-11-1832  6-8-1901  Double marker with Lizzie Wortham 
Wortham, Lizzie     7-23-1902  Age 65; wife of J. T. Wortham; double marker with James T. Wortham 
Wortham, (infant)    11-8-1910  One date; son of J. T. and N. C. Wortham 
Wortham, Alice Dixon    1-22-1924  Wife of Quay Wortham; age less than 30 years; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
Wortham, G. M.  11-23-1820  4-28-1865  Double marker with F. M. Wortham 
Wortham, F. M.  4-28-1834  1-5-1891  Double marker with G. M. Wortham 
Young, R. R.  1850  1918  Double marker with S. E. Young 
Young, S. E.  1856  1899  Double marker with R. R. Young 
Young, Ermon R.  7-7-1889  11-25-1916   
Young, Merline   1920  1922   
Young, (infant)      Son of H. P. and Hazel Young; no dates 
Young, Willie Mae  1899  1932   

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