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Laneburg Cemetery West (Black)

The official name for this cemetery is Laneburg Cemetery West--African-American. This is not the main Laneburg Cemetery which is located on Hwy. 371 by Laneburg Baptist Church. This one is located on the cut-off road (now Hwy. 372) between Hwy. 371 and Hwy. 53. It is fenced and is maintained, although not as well as some. It is about 1/4 mile west of the old Laneburg High School, which is now closed. The old school buildings are still standing.
Driving directions: From Laneburg, go west by John Henry's store on Hwy. 372 for about one mile. The cemetery will be on your right about 1/4 mile past the old school and will just before you intersect with Hwy. 53. It is visible from the road.





Bland, William Charles  5-28-1928    Double marker with Jewel Edna Hopson Bland;m. 10-25-1968 
Bland, Jewel Edna Hopson   2-22-1927  8-25-2004  Double marker with William Charles Bland; m. 10-25-1968 
Brown, Jim Goldberg      No dates 
Clay, Uvern  2-7-1944  9-28-2006  A2C 
Flemons, A. G.  8-13-1908  3-4-1985  U. S. Army Air Corp-World War II 
Flemons, Charles S.  1949  1971   
Flemons, Dee N.   2-6-1929  6-15-1993  Pvt.-U. S. Army-Korea 
Flemons, Florence  12-25-1880  5-25-1953  Double marker with Steve Flemons 
Flemons, Steve  11-26-1883  9-26-1939  Double marker with Florence Flemons 
Flemons, James  1914  1995  No dates on stone; dates from old metal marker 
Flemons, Homer    8-25-1968  No dates on stone; dates from 1970 record 
Flemons, Lee    12-2-1964  Age 35; no dates on stone; date from 1970 record 
Flemons, Roland Don  2-13-1951  10-13-1993  No dates on stone; dates from 1970 record 
Flemons, Rufus C., Sr.  10-24-1924  8-23-1994  Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Vira L. Flemons; children--Doris, Charles Steve, Roland, Rufus Jr., Jerry, Sheila, Joe, Tony, Hellaineous, Rodney, Charles Steve Jr. 
Flemons, Vira L.  3-10-1926  7-29-2017  Double marker with Rufus C. Flemons Sr.; children --Doris, Charles Steve, Roland, Rufus Jr., Jerry, Sheila, Joe, Tony, Hellaineous, Rodney, Charles Steve Jr. 
Flemons, Willie Lee  4-12-1919  6-11-2002   
Flemons, Orene  7-17-1921  10-5-2007   
Flemons, Robert D.   4-12-1919  6-11-2002  5th child of Willie and Orene Flemons 
Goldberg, M.  1904     
Gulley, Mrs. Willie M.  11-28-1913  8-26-2007  Metal marker 
Hayes, Agnes    10-2-1962  No dates on stone; date from 1970 record 
Henry, Bascum  1887  1943   
Henry, Bracy      No dates on stone 
Henry, Jessie  1918  1957   
Henry, Willie      Dates missing 
Hopson, Arlis  11-28-1912  4-4-1987   
Hopson, Birtha Hopkins  8-8-1906  11-18-1981  Double marker with Frank Hopson 
Hopson, Frank  11-13-1894  5-5-1971  Double marker with Birtha Hopson 
Hopson, Charles Edward  2-19-1951  11-23-1995   
Hopson, Collis  5-28-1913  2-24-1978  STM1 - U. S. Navy 
Hopson, Dallas  12-26-1915  12-1-1981  Tec. 5 - U. S. Army-World War II 
Hopson, Earnest  1917  1940   
Hopson, Fannie Bell  9-6-1906  8-15-1932   
Hopson, Harvey  4-17-1917  3-4-1964  Pvt. - U. S. Army - World War II 
Hopson, James Roy  11-22-1944  4-5-1993  SP4 - U. S. Army-Vietnam 
Hopson, Joe  1988  1947  Double marker with Ruthana Hopson 
Hopson, Ruthana  1898  1932   
Hopson, Lovie    9-30-1942  No dates on stone; date from 1970 record 
Hopson, Ludie  1894  1952   
Hopson, Robert L.  8-17-1926  8-2-1973  STM1 - U. S. Coast Guard; Robert Lee Hopson in obituary 
Hopson, Sam    9-30-1942  No dates on stone; date from 1970 record 
Hopson, Sammy  7-14-1904  8-3-1943   
Hopson, Sarah Jackson  3-28-1895  9-10-1984  Double marker with Willie Hopson 
Hopson, Willie  7-30-1889  5-1-1981  Double marker with Sarah Jackson Hopson 
Hopson, Warren    12-20-1992  No dates on stone; date from 1970 record 
Hopson, Ola   6-5-1917  2-18-2000  Ola Flemons Hopson in obituary 
Hopson, Wilson  2-28-1931  6-8-2009  Pvt. - U. S. Army - Korea 
Hopson, Charles Henry  6-17-1924  2-5-2005  S Sgt. - U. S. Marine Corps - World War II; family--Lucy, Charles L., Timothy J., Naomi, Billy R. 
Hopson, Elnora  1916  6-21-2001  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Hopson, Rev. Oscar  4-15-1915  6-16-2003  U. S. Navy - World War II 
Hopson, Willie T.  1-12-1919  9-17-2006  Willie Tilton Hopson on military marker; U. S. Army - World War II; double marker with Ruth Helen Hopson; m. 12-24-2002 
Hopson, Ruth Helen  6-11-1934  5-15-2016  Double marker with Willie T. Hopson; m. 12-24-2002 
Hopson, Johnny  8-18-1934  8-3-2003  No dates on stone; dates from metal marker 
Hopson, Dr. Charles Lynn  12-12-1957  10-9-2012   
Hopson, Odessa    4-19-2013  Information from obituary 
Hopson, Napoleon  10-31-1951  2-27-2014   
Hopson, Lucy Spearman  3-20-1934  5-27-2014   
Howell, Betty Sue   3-19-1941  9-10-2007  Betty Sue Hopson Howell in obituary 
McGough, Mrs. Hattie  7-6-1910  10-14-1994  No dates on stone; dates from 1970 record 
McGough, Mack  1902  1988  No dates on stone; dates from 1970 record 
Moreland, Claudie  3-10-1913  9-3-1988  Double marker with Gracie Moreland; wed 57 years 
Moreland, Gracie  4-20-1915  4-30-1998  Double marker with Claudie Moreland; wed 57 years 
Moreland, Claude Jr.  5-20-1941  9-26-2016  U. S. Army 
Morgan, Clide  1933  1934   
Purifoy, Shelia Ann Flemons  2-2-1958  6-10-2005  Children--Andre' Dewayne, Victor O'neal, Kimberly Diane, Kimisha Nicole 
Scott, A. G. Jr.    3-5-1953  No dates on stone; date from 1970 record 
Scott, Lois      Name only on marker 
Spearman, John B.  1925  1968  Metal marker set in concrete 
Spearman, Luke "Poor Boy"  8-23-1931  3-28-1997   
Spearman, Terry  5-18-1955  2-3-2022  Information from obituary
Obituary: On May 18, 1955, Mr. & Mrs. Luke Spearman were blessed with a baby boy... 
Toliver, Rose   9-22-1954  10-3-2007  Rose Lene Tolivar in obituary; mother of Curtis Neil, Raemon Terez 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Vanessa A Hopson (guyour@yahoo.com) (Grand Blanc) on 2004-05-18
I am reviewing the grave marking of Bertha Hopson whom is my grandmother; were there any information on my grandfather Frank Hopson whom I thought were listed on the double stone as well?

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