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Lebanon Cemetery

This small cemetery is located on an oil field road in the NE1/4 NE1/4 of Section 5, Township 14 South, Range 20 West. It is an old cemetery, and there have been no recent burials.The cemetery is fenced and maintained. Large oak trees are at this location. The stump of a very large tree still stands near the gate.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 278 and Hwy. 76, go west toward Waterloo for 8/10ths of a mile. Turn right on an oil field road across highway from the water tower (hard to see). Go about 3/10ths of a mile. The road passes close to the cemetery, which will be on your right.





Bailey, Fannie  1-26-1792  12-14-1882  Broken monument 
Barksdale, E. J.  8-31-1828  8-31-1896   
Blakely, (infant)  1-8-1903  2-14-1903  Son of I. H. and M. A. Blakely 
Blakely, Irvin H.  7-21-1857  8-19-1924  Double marker with Mary Alice Blakely 
Blakely, Mary Alice Flowers  1-1-1867  4-7-1959  Double marker with Irvin H. Blakely; stone says wife of Irvin H. Blakely; listed in earlier record as Mary Alice Flowers Jones (wife of John Allen Jones) 
Blakely, Mary E. Young  12-2-1828  11-9-1902  Wife of T. W. Blakely 
Blakely, T. W., MD  2-22-1809  12-19-1887  Born in Lawrence Dist., SC 
Blakely, (infant)    1922  Daughter of Enoree & Lalla Blakely 
Blakely, (infant)    1916  Daughter of James I. and Verla Blakely 
Blakely, (infant)    1931  Son of James I. and Verla Blakely 
Christopher, (baby)  11-3-1871  11-15-1872   
Christopher, Dora  12-7-1881  12-22-1885   
Christopher, George  10-31-1836  5-24-1894   
Christopher, Lucinda Young  11-3-1851  3-29-1884   
Christopher, Pete  3-9-1884  10-21-1900   
Christopher, J. Neal    11-19-1865  Broken stone 
Copeland, Amanda Potter  2-12-1854  7-27-1935   
Copeland, Lena E.  11-16-1874  9-6-1875  Daughter of R. W. and A. B. Copeland 
Copeland, B. W.  8-3-1852  1-21-1921   
Copeland, Fannie  2-28-1887  3-8-1887  Double marker with Rosie Copeland; broken stone 
Copeland, Rosie  10-10-1889  10-10-1889  Double marker with Fannie Copeland; broken stone 
Dean, (infant)  1-21-1876    Son of C. M. & Maggie Dean 
Gary, Naomi E.  12-25-1855  10-1-1859  Daughter of G. W. & M. E. Gary 
Haynie, B. R.    2-22-1870  Died in his 74th year" 
Haynie, Brigam R. "Dick"  4-16-1850  10-8-1935  Double marker with Mattie Young Haynie 
Haynie, Mattie Young  10-2-1858  8-28-1940  Double marker with Brigham Young Haynie 
Haynie, Margaret Emma    10-2-1875  Daughter of D. M. and M. Young; wife of R. Haynie; age 19 yrs., 9 months, 17 days 
Haynie, Martha Ann  3-1-1832  12-21-1902  Wife of W. Haynie 
Haynie, Sue    11-7-1899  Wife of I. W. Haynie; age 23 years, 3 months, 1 day 
Haynie, Thomas W.  1864  1902  Double marker with Winnie B. Haynie 
Haynie, Winnie B.  1866  1957  Double marker with Thomas W. Haynie 
Haynie, W.    9-28-1879  Age 68 years, 7 months, 16 days 
Jones, Mrs. E. M. J.  7-8-1833  11-22-1921   
Jones, George Andrew  10-14-1858  8-26-1865   
Jones, John Allen  1860  1930   
McClure, Mary W.  11-6-1782  5-4-1865  Broken stone 
Mack, Joseph Edmund    10-28-1870  Son of I. H. & M. M. Mack; age 8 months, 29 (?) days 
Mack, Martha    2-10-1872  Age 3 days-broken stone 
Mack, Mary M. Haynie    4-23-1877  Wife of I. H. Mack-stone turned over; age 23 yrs., 10 mths, 23 days 
Mack, Mollie    4-18-1877  Daughter of I. H. & M. M. Mack 
Mack, Wm. F., Jr.    7-30-1892  Age 1 year, 9 months, 19 days 
Mack, Spurgeon    11-11-1888  Age 1 year, 18 days 
Mack, Carlisle    July, 1914  Age 23; son of I. H. Mack; grave not found during survey; information from obituary; assumed to be buried at Lebanon 
Moreland, Jas. T.  3-26-1833  12-7-1861  Born in Union Dist., SC 
Moreland, Laura A.  9-20-1849  6-28-1860  Born in Ouachita County; could not find grave in 2006; there is a grave south of Jas. T. Moreland but no marker; footstone has initials ? A.E. M. 
Neighbors, Adellah  7-23-1859  11-2-1887   
Neighbors, Jobe J.  1847  9-18-1899   
Pipkin, Mrs. Jane E.  5-4-1827  3-2-1891   
Potter, Elizabeth  9-13-1813  12-25-1863  Double marker with W. H. Potter; birth year looks like 1913 on stone 
Potter, W. H.  10-17-1816  1-10-1890  Double marker with Elizabeth Potter 
Potter, Laura A.  10-10-1822  1-11-1904  Broken monument 
Rowe, Eunice May  4-5-1905  3-1-1924   
Simpson, Dalton  7-23-1859  2-16-1877   
Simpson, Elizabeth H.  6-3-1830  12-23-1889  Newspaper had death date 12-23-1891 
Simpson, Hannah    7-26-1892  Wife of J. D. Simpson; age 86 years, 4 months, 16 days 
Simpson, H. Y.  7-2-1837  6-14-1863   
Simpson, Jane    8-23-1877  Age 61 yrs, 6 mths, 20 days; monument is broken 
Simpson, J. B.  8-4-1840  7-7-1864   
Simpson, Jno. D.  11-23-1816  3-18-1893  Broken stone 
Simpson, Leonard S.  5-19-1862  1-11-1929  Stone broken- LSS on foot-stone 
Simpson, Luvenia J.  8-28-1855  5-19-1862   
Simpson, M. L.  6-23-1848  7-29-1864  Stone overturned 
Simpson, Wm. D.  8-13-1814  6-18-1877  Born in Lawrence Co., SC- broken stone; age 62 yrs., 10 mths., 5 days 
Stott, Gussie A.  5-1-1882  7-20-1885  Daughter of J. L. and E. J. Stott; broken stone 
Young, Blanche  3-31-1894  8-13-1899  Daughter of B. B. and Carrie D. Young 
Young, David LaFayette  9-28-1843  8-25-1902  Broken stone 
Young, D. M.    6-5-1887  Age 70 yrs., 6 mths., 17 days 
Young, Dora C.    7-25-1881  Daughter of J. D. and J. E. Young; broken stone 
Young, E. F. Dalrymple    6-27-1879  Wife of James E. Young-stone broken 
Young, Eliza C.  8-26-1846  8-18-1867  Daughter of Mason and Margaret Young; born in SC; age 20 yrs, 11 mths, 23 days 
Young, Hallie N.  5-11-1871  4-28-1955   
Young, (infant)    9-2-1867  Daughter of M. E. and J. T. Young; age 1 day 
Young, James E., Capt.  7-27-1831  9-4-1867  Age 36 yrs, 1 mth, 7 days-born in SC 
Young, Jerry L.  3-10-1853  3-6-1914  Double marker with Mollie R. Young; grave inside iron fence; Woodmen of the World marker 
Young, Mollie R.  9-28-1857  5-22-1902  Wife of J. L. Young; double marker with Jerry L. Young; grave inside iron fence 
Young, John B.  2-8-1820  2-6-1865  Born in Laurens Dist., SC; age 44 years, 11 months, 28 days 
Young, Johnie B.   4-4-1864  4-3-1865  Daughter of John B. and Jane E. Young; age 11 months, 29 days 
Young, John M.  2-24-1855  9-10-1859  Son of J. B. & J. E. Young 
Young, Katie B.  11-1-1879  10-1-1954   
Young, Laura  8-27-1873  3-19-1957   
Young, Margaret    7-31-1886  Wife of D. M. Young; age 65 years, 2 months, 9 days; hard to read 
Young, Mary E. Simpson  12-16-1845  10-6-1907  Wife of J. T. Young 
Young, V. Lee  8-27-1866  8-9-1867  Infant daughter of James and Emma Young; age 11 months;hard to read 
Young, John T.  5-26-1841  3-30-1926   

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