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Liberty Cemetery - Troy

Sometimes called Woodlawn Cemetery. Located in the Troy community. Well maintained and fenced. Located next to old Troy Church of Christ.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwys. 278 and 57 in Ouachita County, go south toward Stephens on Hwy. 57 and go about three miles. Turn right on Hwy. 332 and go about three miles to cemetery which will be on your right. The road in Nevada County is not paved at this time.





Anderson, Hazel Dalton  5-14-1905  9-10-1953   
Anderson, Ola Marshalene  12-3-1931  3-31-2000   
Arrington, Bertha J.  5-25-1892  2-15-1900   
Arrington, Clara Mabel  7-16-1892  6-13-1900  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Arrington 
Arrington, Harry Lemuel  8-12-1910  10-22-1966  Double marker with Clera I. Arrington 
Arrington, Clera I.  1-8-1911  7-26-1958  Double marker with Harry Lemuel Arrington 
Arrington, Homer G.  10-11-1900  4-6-1953  Sea.- U. S. Navy-World War I 
Arrington, Ivy Cleto  2-17-1906  3-7-1906  Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Arrington 
Arrington, John Edwin  9-6-1914  4-12-1965  Double marker with Iva Marie Arrington 
Arrington, Iva Marie   6-18-1921    Double marker with John Edwin Arrington 
Arrington, C. La Rue  12-30-1934  3-17-1951   
Arrington, S. A.  9-13-1918  1-25-1919  Son of W. J. and C. E. Arrington 
Arrington, R. W.  8-8-1857  9-17-1922  Double marker with Sallie P. Arrington; a gospel preacher; old stone removed to back of cemetery 
Arrington, Sallie P.  11-13-1874  4-9-1968  Double marker with R. W. Arrington 
Arrington, Samuel A.  12-16-1843  3-2-1914  Double marker with Sarah J. Arrington; old stone moved to back of cemetery 
Arrington, Sarah J.   12-18-1845  4-24-1921  Double marker with Samuel A. Arrington; old stone removed to back of cemetery 
Arrington, Richard Dale  12-22-1945  9-12-1962   
Arrington, Thomas Wayne  1-14-1957  2-12-1960  Son of Dale & Jacquelin Arrington (info. from family) 
Arrington, Gervis Jackson  9-26-1921  2-8-1984   
Arrington, William J.  10-17-1889  6-30-1980  Double marker with Captiola E. Arrington; m. 3-16-1913 
Arrington, Captiola E.  10-12-1893  10-23-1974  Double marker with William J. Arrington; m. 3-16-1913 
Arrington, Robert William (Willie)  6-6-1978  3-7-1992  Children--Bobby, Libby, Ruth Ann, Kathy (names on bench at foot of grave 
Arrington, William Elvis  2-24-1916  11-28-1988  Double marker with Audie Verline 
Arrington, Audie Verline  8-28-1914  7-11-1988  Double marker with William Elvis 
Arrington, Albert A.  6-10-1897  9-25-1970  Double marker with Vida G. Arrington 
Arrington, Vida G.  9-7-1899  3-6-1972  Double marker with Albert A. Arrington 
Arrington, Emmett H.  3-26-1903  5-13-1973  U. S. Army-World War II 
Arrington, Ray W. (Ray-Boy)  3-16-1930  2-3-1996   
Arrington, John Leslie  12-12-1903  9-29-1975  Double marker with C. Golan Arrington 
Arrington, C. Golan  9-27-1905  2-24-1995  Double marker with John Leslie Arrington 
Arrington, Dale Leslie  3-11-1927  12-27-1975   
Arrington, Cobern Victor  6-6-1913  10-2-1964  Double marker with Mamie Katherine Bazemore Arrington; m. 7-27-1935; sons--C. V., Garvis, Jerry 
Arrington, Mamie Katherine Bazemore  3-17-1920  5-18-2003  Double marker with Cobern Victor Arrington; m. 7-27-1935; children--C. V., Garvis, Jerry 
Arrington, C. V., Jr.   10-6-1937  10-14-2011  Cobern Victor Arrington Jr. 
Arrington, Carson Blake  7-212003  11-1-2003  Son of Kevin and Kelly Arrington 
Arrington, Andrew N.   7-25-1923  10-17-2007  SMSGT - U. S. Air Force - World War II - Korea 
Arrington, Stanley Thompson  9-24-1924  4-28-2012  Double marker with Catherine Christie Arrington; m. 11-1-1946 
Arrington, Catherine Christie  9-11-1923  4-19-2017  Double marker with Stanley Thompson Arrington; m. 11-1-1946
Obituary: Catherine Christie Arrington, 93, of Helena, Alabama, formerly of Camd... 
Arrington, Garvis Smead  12-3-1942  12-2-2015  Sons--Brady, Adam; grandchildren--Brett, Victor, Benjamin, Katherine, Abigail 
Arrington, Harry Rogers  7-4-1939  12-31-2017  Double marker with Mary A. Scott Arrington
Obituary: Harry Rogers Arrington, 78 of Stephens, AR passed away Sunday, Decembe... 
Arrington, Mary A. Scott  11-16-1943    Double marker with Harry Rogers Arrington 
Arrington, Kay Frances Sanders  6-15-1940  11-19-2017  Double marker with Sybil Joy Davis - Sister; children--Rusty, Tim, Beth
Obituary: Kay Frances Arrington Sanders, age 77, of Stephens, died Sunday, Novem... 
Arrington, Elva Joe  6-4-1938  2-8-2020  Children-- Charmane, Steve, Tela Ann 
Beard, Donald L.   12-4-1934  1-30-2020  Double marker with Lavon Hodge Beard; m. 6-7-1969; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Donald L. “Buddy” Beard, 85, died January 30, 2020 at the Medical ... 
Beard, Lavon Hodge  12-25-1927  3-8-2009  Lavon Ruth Beard in obituary; double marker with Donald L. Beard; m. 6-7-1969 
Booker, Gary Michael (Mickey)  1-28-1951  7-12-1964   
Booker, Louise "Weegie"  6-29-1918  8-20-2000  Opal Louise Booker in obituary 
Carpenter, Delbert E.  6-29-1898  5-10-1929   
Carpenter, James E.  3-13-1902  2-26-1981   
Carpenter, Bertha Arrington Oglesby  8-26-1901  1-16-1985   
Castleman, Curtis Agee      No dates; small stone 
Castleman, Nora Lee      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Castleman, Russell    7-5-1901  Metal marker (hard to read)-age 59 
Castleman, Robert      Metal marker (Smith Funeral Home)- no dates 
Castleman, William Pete  5-29-1896  7-4-1973   
Castleman, Martha E.  1-27-1929  3-6-1985   
Caswell, Traven Mitchell    12-29-1994  Death date only 
Clinton, Alton L.  1911  1973  Double marker with Lucy M. Clinton 
Clinton, Lucy M. (Merle)  1918  1-29-2002  Double marker with Alton L.Clinton; death date from obituary; full date not on stone 
Cochran, (Twins)-Chase and Gregory  1990  1990   
Collins, J. Marshall  2-7-1884  5-22-1931   
Collins, Thomas Arrington  9-2-1926  11-20-1960   
Collins, Marian Hambrice  8-14-1927  3-15-1979   
Collins, James Robert  11-25-1924  8-10-2010   
Collins, James Robert II  5-3-1958  4-24-2020  Obituary: ames Robert Collins II, known to his family and friends as Bob, passed... 
Cromwell, Lula Neville  7-12-1916  1-6-1917  Daughter of M. A. and Nina Cromwell 
Dalton, John Lee  3-15-1932  3-21-1932   
Davis, John Sheldon  5-31-1965  9-10-2010  Son of John P. and Joy Arrington Davis; brother of Tammy; brother-in-law of Mark; uncle of K. J.; husband of Nancy Hill; father of Troy and Jace; names on bench 
Davis, Sybil Joy   1-19-1937    Double marker with Kay Frances Sanders Arrington -- Sister; children--Tommy and John Sheldon 
Farris, Shay Lynn Arrington  1-9-1947  6-4-2017  Information engraved on bench in southwest corner
Obituary: Shay Lynn Arrington Farris, 69, of Prescott, passed away Sunday, June ... 
Gibson, James L.  8-13-1956    Double marker with Gerry S. Gibson; m. 5-28-1982 
Gibson, Gerry S.  2-27-1957  5-8-2001  Gerry Sue (House) Gibson in obituary; double marker with James L. Gibson; m. 5-28-1982 
Grevillius, Ruth Lynn  10-9-1955  1-25-2008   
Grevillius, Vesta Madell  2-22-1930  4-5-2013   
Henderson, Dawn Ilyce  1-31-1962     
Henderson, Herbert Ray  11-5-1930  12-8-2018  Double marker with Bonnie Arrington Henderson; m. 4-15-1956
Obituary: Herbert Ray Henderson passed away on Saturday, December 08, 2018 at th... 
Henderson, Bonnie Arrington  10-11-1933    Double marker with Herbert Ray Henderson; m. 4-15-1956 
Hicks, Dwayne James  4-22-1932  10-13-2001  Double marker with Sue House Hicks; m. 11-26-1959 
Hicks, Sue House  8-25-1936    Double marker with Dwayne Hicks; m. 11-26-1959 
Hodge, Carl Alton  11-6-1924  11-8-1960  Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Lois P. Hodge 
Hodge, Lois P.  8-25-1923  2-17-2009  Double marker with Carl A. Hodge; Lois Berry Parr Key in obituary; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Hodge, Carl O.  3-26-1890  3-29-1966  Double marker with Ruth A. Hodge 
Hodge, Ruth A.   3-8-1894  4-15-1959  Double marker with Carl O. Hodge 
Hodge, Charles  9-23-1806  12-6-1885  Hard to read birth date- stone broken and lying flat; name and dates verified by family member 
Hodge, Cora Adel  5-29-1893  3-7-1956   
Hodge, Eddie Lee  6-29-1877  11-14-1956   
Hodge, Ima Merritt  10-19-1901  10-22-1956   
Hodge, Dr. J. M.  10-25-1848  4-16-1909  Double marker with Mary J. Hodge 
Hodge, Mary J.  5-12-1852  11-1-1905  Double marker with Dr. J. M. Hodge 
Hodge, Mary E.  1831  1883   
Hodge, William Pink  11-17-1879  6-27-1946   
Hodge, Thala L.  2-5-1914  4-27-1984   
House, Flave J.  3-13-1905  12-12-1962   
House, Paul T.  3-18-1934  1-10-1993  Double marker with Bonnie S. House 
House, Bonnie S.  10-2-1933  6-19-2021  Double marker with Paul T. House; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Ms. Bonnie Sue House, 87, of Vilonia, AR went to be with the Lord on S... 
House, Ola M. Arrington Collins  5-12-1907  12-3-1977   
House, William J. "Billy"  1-2-1941  2-20-2011   
Johnson, Jamie Ann Booker  6-22-1945  12-20-2004  Mother, daughter, sister, friend 
Key, Lois Berry Parr  8-25-1923  2-17-2009  Metal marker 
Lucas (Hodge), Calvin Alton  11-28-1957  1-17-2019  Double marker with Sebbie Christian Lucas
Obituary: Calvin Alton Hodge Lucas lost his fight with cancer at his home Thursd... 
Lucas (Hodge), Sebbie Christian  1-28-1951    Double marker with Calvin Alton Lucas 
Lundy, Ronald R.  7-21-1946  4-27-1995  SR-U. S. Navy; mother, Sybrica, Lee, Tiffany 
Lundy, Royce Carwile  4-13-1919  11-30-1986  Double marker with Florine Hodge Lundy 
Lundy, Florine Hodge  3-24-1921  5-29-2012  Double marker with Royce Carwile Lundy 
Merritt, Elizabeth J.  3-13-1882  2-27-1952  Double marker with Lucius L. Merritt 
Merritt, Lucius L.  11-21-1878  1-28-1941  Double marker with Elizabeth J. Merritt 
Merritt, Jacob Newton  12-16-1871  2-4-1949   
Merritt, J. N.  5-10-1874  9-3-1916  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Merritt, Mattie Hodge  7-13-1884  7-10-1962  Wife of R. M. Merritt 
Merritt, Vernon O.  12-28-1900  2-24-1938   
Merritt, Frances E.  5-10-1874  9-3-1916  Wife of J. N. Merritt 
Merritt, Gerald O.  3-10-1926  6-6-2000  Tec. 4- U. S. Army- World War II 
Merritt, Burel Keith  8-16-1936  8-27-2011  A2C - U. S. Air Force - Korea; double marker with Amanda Sue Merritt; m. 7-13-1985 
Merritt, Amanda Sue  12-30-1962    Double marker with Burel Keith Merritt; m. 7-13-1985 
Middlebrook, Larry Martin  12-7-1941  10-21-2017  Double marker with Lyli Arlene Middlebrooks; m. 7-17-1959; children--Lyli, Lisa, Annette, Lari Ann
Obituary: Larry Martin Middlebrooks SEND A CARD Show Your Sympathy to the Fam... 
Middlebrooks, Lyli Arlene  9-29-1943    Double marker with Larry Martin Middlebrooks; m. 7-17-1959; children--Lyli, Lisa, Annette, Lari Ann 
Middlebrooks, Janice G.  10-29-1946  1-31-2021  Janice Gae Thompson Middlebrooks in obituary; double marker with Charles S. Middlebrooks; m. 7-8-2006
Obituary: Obituary for Janice Gae Middlebrooks Janice Gae (Thompson) Middlebroo... 
Middlebrooks, Charles S.  7-4-1946    Double marker with Janice G. Middlebrooks; m. 7-8-2006 
Mills, Paul  3-1-1904  12-21-1906  Son of E. V. and D. D. Mills 
Oglesby, Fred P.  2-23-1899  8-5-1924   
Owens, Nancy Caroline  12-15-1840  12-23-1881  Wife of J. J. Owens 
Owens, M. A.      Age 5; daughter of F. C. and J. J. Owens 
Parr, Mabel Mae  8-29-1888  6-17-1972  Mother of Glenn, Jack, Lyli, and Lois 
Pyle, (Baby)    1969 (?)  One date-hard to read 
Ritchey, (infant)    1895  One date 
Ritchey, Mary Ida  1-25-1870  4-24-1895   
Ritchey, Robert N.  11-25-1861  3-23-1939   
Rogers, Argiel W.  7-10-1919  6-29-1969  A beloved father 
Rogers, Lilla Malone  6-26-1885  11-10-1964   
Sanders, Buford C.  3-12-1903  1-15-1969  Double marker with Callie L. Sanders; m. 5-12-1923 
Sanders, Callie L.  10-7-1903  6-25-1995  Double marker with Buford C. Sanders; m. 5-12-1923 
Sanders, Dewey      No dates; small stone 
Sanders, Ewel Vonette      No dates;small stone 
Sanders, Irene      No dates; small stone 
Sanders, John Thomas  1877  1966  Double marker with Nancy Arrington 
Sanders, Nancy Arrington  1881  1929   
Sanders, Lawrence E.  4-8-1905  6-22-1964  Pfc.-SVC Co.-322 Inf.-World War II 
Sanders, Little J.J.  8-6-1929  8-10-1929  Son of J. L. and Ola Sanders 
Sanders, Opal May      No dates; small stone 
Sanders, Kay Frances  6-15-1940  11-19-2017  Information from obituary
Obituary: Kay Frances Arrington Sanders, age 77, of Stephens, died Sunday, Novem... 
Sanders, Bethanie Kay  2-2-1969  7-29-2019  Engraved on bench in southwest corner of cemetery
Obituary: Bethanie Kay Sanders, age 50, of El Dorado, AR passed away in El Dorad... 
Sheldon, Jacqueline Leona Arrington (Jackie)   4-6-1927  4-6-1997   
Stansel, Robert  2-2-1885  6-14-1940   
Starritt, (infant)    9-18-1921  Daughter of W. A. and Thelma Starritt 
Taylor, James Pink  7-22-1872  10-22-1898   
Thompson, Ida J.  2-15-1876  6-20-1903  Wife of J. S. Thompson 
Thompson, (infant)      No dates; small stone 
Thompson, (infant)      No dates; small stone 
Thompson, Byron E.  4-18-1944  1-3-1984   
Thompson, Byron Ford  8-24-1918  7-10-2002  Double marker with Gladys Rhea Thompson; m. 3-1-6-1940 
Thompson, Gladys Rhea  9-13-1920  7-10-2010  Double marker with Byron F. Thompson; m. 3-16-1940 
Valiant, Annie Rogers  6-14-1849  2-20-1923   
Vaughan, Betty R. Arrington  3-3-1942  5-16-2010  Betty Ruth Vaughn in obituary; children--Denise and Angie 
Voss, Fred Powell      Small flat stone with name one grave north of Iva Marie Arrington stone 
Voss, Irwin Stanton      Small flat stone with name two graves north of Iva Marie Arrington stone 
Wallace, Estol Rogers  10-21-1912  12-3-2001   
White, Harry D.  3-2-1899  12-20-1966   
White, Melsida D. Robertson  1-20-1846  4-28-1931  Double marker with W. J. White; old stone moved to back of cemetery 
White, W. J.   9-25-1846  6-21-1902  Double marker with Melsida D. White; old stone moved to back of cemetery 
White, Virgia Merritt Stansel  7-25-1899  3-6-1974   
Wilkerson, H. Keith "Bubba"  12-24-1980  5-5-1993   
Wilson, Margaret Carpenter  1-9-1905  7-18-1986   
Wilson, Deborah La Rue Arrington  9-17-1952  9-11-1979   

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