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Artesian Cemetery

This old cemetery is located a few miles southwest of Prescott. It is in the NE1/4 SW1/4 of Section 23, Township 11 South, Range 23 West. It is not fenced and was badly grown up with grass when I visited it in May, 2019. Many markers were broken or had fallen over.
Driving directions: From Prescott, go out the Washington Rd. (Hwy. 332) about 2.6 miles. Just before crossing over I-30, turn left on Rd. No. 227 and travel on it until you reach a crossroads. Continue straight a little over 1/2 mile. The cemetery will be on your left just before the intersection with Rd. No. 225.





Adams, Allie  6-26-1882  4-29-1903   
Adams, William E.    1-27-1870  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Adams, Minerva  11-11-1884  9-17-1885  Daughter of T. J. and M. C. Adams 
Adams, Minerva C.  1-1-1857  1-11-1885  Wife of T. J. Adams; marker lying flat 
Adams, ???      Daughter of J. and M. G. Adams; broken stone lying flat 
Alexander, Samuel    9-2-1874  Age 26 years, 8 months, 2 days 
Allen, Steven Garland  10-7-1959  5-7-1976  This information from Gloria Miles of Birmingham, AL; grave not found 
Arnold, Lucy P.  4-12-1800  7-9-1879  Broken stone-can't read birth date 
Arnold, Mary A.  3-13-1847  1-3-1885  Age 37 yrs., 9 mths., 20 days; wife of W. E. Arnold; broken stone 
Arnold, William Edward    1-27-1876  Age 8 months, 23 days; stone lying flat in grass; son of Wm. E. and M. A. Arnold 
Baird, Sarah Elizabeth Caldwell  1827  1864  Double marker with John Adams Baird 
Baird, John Adams  1826  1871  Double marker with Sarah Elizabeth Caldwell Baird 
Baird, Rufus G.  9-5-1862  10-18-1865  Son of W. H. and Mary Baird; broken stone 
Baird, Mary B. P.  5-14-1825  6-17-1888  Wife of W. H. Baird; born in Autauga Co. Alabama; died at Washington, Hempstead Co., Ark. 
Barton, Laura J.  1-18-1856  11-24-1878  Wife of W. G. Barton 
Barton, Jodie  10-20-1878  7-20-1883  Son of W. G. and Laura J. Barton 
Brooks, Nancy C.  6-20-1850  11-22-1898  Wife of I. H. Brooks 
Brooks, Isam H.    5-14-1936  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Bryan, Mary Riddle  1-24-1839  11-23-1884  Stone is off base 
Campbell, Pollie    4-3-1918  Age about 84; double marker with J. B. Campbell 
Campbell, J. B.    1-10-1885  Age about 50; double marker with Pollie Campbell 
Catlett, Lucy A.  11-9-1860  10-13-1941  Hard to read 
Catlett, Penelope  11-1-1841  5-1-1913   
Catlett, John B.    6-3-1894  Age 58 years 
Catlett, Mary A.  12-21-1833  11-12-1906  Stone is lying flat 
Catlett, Margaret M.  10-20-1802  11-27-1886  Age 84; grave not found during survey; funeral at Artesian church; widow for 30 years; information from newspaper 
Cobb, Leroy H.  2-27-1846  1-21-1887  Husband of Mattie Cobb; murdered; stone lying flat 
Cobb, M.  2-2-1814  6-6-1856  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Cobb, Permelia D.  6-24-1813  6-2-1865  Wife of Maximen Cobb; birth date hard to read; broken stone 
Davis, Estelle  4-11-1901  2-23-1903  Daughter of J. T. and M. E. Davis 
Dickerson, James L.  12-3-1890  10-24-1946   
Dickerson, Paul L.  1925  1925  Son of Edd and Annie Dickerson 
Dickerson, Allen W.  1865  1919  Broken stone 
Dickerson, infant  1893  1984  Son of Allen and Becca Dickerson 
Dickerson, Senia  1895  1895  Daughter of Allen and Becca Dickerson 
Dickerson, Hannah Rebecca  1867  1895   
Dickerson, Edd M.  12-15-1888  8-19-1977  Double marker with Annie P. Dickerson 
Dickerson, Annie P.  7-2-1890  8-20-1977  Double marker with Edd M. Dickerson 
Dickerson, Wayne H.  1920  1920  Son of Edd and Annie Dickerson 
Dickerson, James  12-15-1938  10-18-2014  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary 
Falkner, Venie  8-1-1907  12-12-1912   
Faulkner, Dora  3-30-1880  1-20-1919  Stone is off base 
Francisco, Clara Elizabeth    8-22-1890  Daughter of Willis and Maggie Francisco; age 2 years, 10 months, 11 days 
Francisco, Alfred F.  12-17-1861  6-7-1918   
Francisco, Ellen, Mrs.  2-11-1823  12-10-1890  Wife of Allen Francisco 
Francisco, Allen  5-30-1825  12-22-1902  Top broken off monument 
Harris, Lizzie May    9-28-1912  Age 11 years, 10 months, 0 days; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Harris (from obituary) 
Harris, Alice Augusta  1-16-1892  10-18-1898  Daughter of F. P. and F. V. Harris 
Harris, Simeon  3-21-1874  7-8-1888  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Harris, Sarah Elizabeth    5-23-1879  Age 33 yrs., 2 mths, 11 days; wife of F. P. Harris 
Harris, Frederick B.  12-8-1869  12-15-1906  Age 37 yrs., 7 mths., 7 days 
Hubbard, Florance J.  3-26-1895  9-13-1895  Broken stone 
Hubbard, Minnie E.   8-7-1864  5-6-1888  Wife of J. M. Hubbard; broken stone 
Hubbard, M. M.  5-1-1889  7-9-1889   
Johnson, C. E.  6-6-1839  9-26-1858  Age 18 yrs., 3 mths., 20 days; stone lying in grass between Cobb graves 
Johnson, Jessee  1-1-1800  7-14-1885  Born in Randolph Co., N. C.; married in Clark Co., Ala 3-24-1825; double marker with Olive Pugh Johnson 
Johnson, Olive Pugh  7-28-1808  7-1864  Double marker with Jessee Johnson; married in Clark Co., Ala. 3-24-1825; 
Johnson, John Elijah  1-16-1833  12-30-1907  Son of Jessie and Olive Johnson; double marker with Rufus Garland Johnson; stone is off base 
Johnson, Rufus Garland  6-22-1870  10-18-1881  Son of Jesse and Sarah Johnson; double marker with John Elijah Johnson; stone is off base 
Johnson, J.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Jones, William H.  1845  Dec., 1929  Metal marker set in stone; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Jones, Elnora Hicks  1860  1898  Metal marker set in stone 
Long, (infant)    Nov., 1874  Daughter. of H. W. and R. C. Long; one date 
Long, William R.  2-5-1866  11-7-1871  Son of H. W. and R. C. Long 
Long, Rachel C.  1-27-1827  1-23-1880  Broken stone is about gone; grave is 3 feet south of infant Long marker 
Long, James S.  12-3-1859  12-25-1879  Broken-can't read dates 
Long, H. W.    July, 1888  Grave not found during survey; body brought back from Hubbard City, TX; information from newspaper 
Lowdermilk, Grace Sanders  2-10-1894  9-1-1916  Year dates hard to read 
McCollum, Altamira  5-26-1820  10-16-1871  Born Dickson Co., TN; daughter of Gavin and Mary Payne; wife of A. B. McCollum 
McCollum, Ambrose B.   2-10-1819  9-6-1877  Broken stone 
McKelvy, Isaac Pinkney  3-16-1849  8-7-1881  Grave unmarked; info. from family records 
McKillian, Joseph    5-8-1863  Age about 60 years 
McKillian, Artamessa  8-26-1819  12-3-1886  Wife of Joseph McKillian 
McSweeny, Wayne Douglas  2-20-1939  10-8-1940   
Martin, Mrs. Levi    June, 1910  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
McSweeny, Norma Ann  7-30-1940  8-1-1940   
Massengill, Ella J.  9-1-1872  2-16-1900  Wife of T. K. Massengill; marker lying flat 
Massengill, Maj. Roy Edward  11-12-1898  8-3-1972  Memorial stone; buried at Nat'l Cem.; Ft. Sam Houston-San Antonio, TX; son of Thomas Kent and Ella Josephine Massengill; husband of Cornelia Ann Holmes Massengill 
Massengill, Thomas Kent  10-12-1869  9-11-1911  Memorial stone; buried Abilene, TX; son of M. J. and Kate Redus Massengill 
Massengill, Willie L.  2-13-1890  8-30-1891  Son of T. K. and E. J. Massengill 
May, Ruth    June, 1915  Age 14; grave not found during survey; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Collin May; left orphan at age 2; died from tuberculosis; information from obituary 
Mays, J. C.    1910  Information from newspaper; grave not found during survey 
Miller, Calista F.  12-24-1831  3-22-1862  Wife of S. G. Miller; daughter of Rev. H. B. and N. K. Warren; broken stone lying flat 
Newth, Bertie  8-22-1890  7-15-1892  Son of Wm. A. and Ella M. Newth 
Odell, John F.  1-20-1885    Double marker with Rebecca Odell; stone turned over; can't confirm information 
Odell, Rebecca  4-15-1888  7-14-1968  Double marker with John F. Odell; stone turned over; can't confirm information 
Odell, F. M.  5-6-1844  11-27-1918   
Parker, Mona Ann  1947  1947  Daughter of Bob and Jo Parker; dates on earlier record (born 1-9-47 and died 1-31-47) 
Parker, Bobby Jean  1925  8-2-1977  Amm 3-U. S. Navy-World War II; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Parker, Jo Dickerson  1926  3-14-2006  Elizabeth Jo Parker in obituary 
Parker, Elizabeth Jo  12-27-1926  3-14-2006  Information from obituary 
Pratt, (infant)    5-20-1914  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pratt; grave not found; info from newspaper article 
Purvis, Subinia A.  12-25-1865  12-29-1893  Wife of Robert Purvis 
Rea???, William  1877  8-2-1877  Broken marker 
Rentz, Maggie M.  7-16-1875  2-17-1899  Wife of M. K. Rentz 
Sanders, Jim    Oct., 1906  Grave not foind during survey; information from newspaper 
Sanders, Flemen  2-28-1831  7-4-1877  Broken stone; born in Patrick Co., VA. 
Shackelford, William H.  5-2-1807  10-10-1873  Double marker with Martha E. Shackelford 
Shackelford, Martha E.  12-25-1813  8-16-1892  Double marker with William H. Shackelford 
Steele, Ida A.  8-9-1872  10-16-1873  Daughter of Col. W. T. and M. A. Steele 
Summers, Ernest    2-8-1922  Grave not found; info. from newspaper obituary 
Trevillion, J. C.  12-10-1840  9-24-1901  Age 60 years, 9 months, 14 days 
Trevillion, David E.  11-5-1899  12-16-1900  Age 1 yr., 1 month, 11 days 
Trevillion, Hiram  9-18-1804  10-10-1885  Age 81 years, 22 days 
Vaughn, Abner  1832  1897   
Vaughn, Euphamie  9-8-1843  5-8-1894  Wife of A. Vaughn 
Wake, Rosa E.  2-9-1877  1-4--1914  Double marker with Robert Wake; old stone is used for footstone 
Wake, Robert  2-19-1871  4-23-1945  Double marker with Rosa E. Wake 
Wake, (Infants)    Jan., 1914  Two infants died with mother, Mrs. Robert Wake; buried with mother in same coffin 
Wake, Andrew M.  2-28-1902  9-3-1905  Son of Robert and Rosa E. Wake 

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