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Morrow Cemetery

This old cemetery is located in the SE1/4 SW1/4 of Section 15, Township 10 South, Range 23 West. It was once known as Morrow-McCain Cemetery.
Driving directions: From Prescott, go north on Hwy. 19 to Pleasant Hill. Turn left on County Rd. 22 and go west for 1.5 miles. Turn right on a dim road just before crossing Brushy Creek. The cemetery will be about 1/10th of a mile up this dead-end road. The road was gated in 2017.





Hale, Sarah E.  11-18-1860  6-19-1894  Wife of W. D. Hale 
McCain, John F.  12-3-1871  10-18-1873  Son of F. M. & M. J. McCain; broken marker 
McCain, Jewel  7-24-1888  7-24-1888   
McCain, Elizabeth  5-14-1889  5-14-1889  Broken stone 
McCain, ?    1913  Metal marker and concrete stone; last name only 
McCain, ?    1913  Metal marker and concrete stone; last name only 
McCain, Joseph P.  1847  1912  Metal marker 6 feet north of Mark Morrow marker 
Marrow, Martha La (?)  7-23-1882  9-26-1883   
Morrow, Alcy  4-15-1830  8-17-1875  Wife of Mark Morrow (from old record); broken stone 
Morrow, Arther E.  4-13-1885  5-1-1885  Son of James? C. & Alice B. Morrow (from old record) 
Morrow, (baby-unnamed)  10-6-1919  10-6-1919  Age 0; daughter of John C. & Amelia Morrow (from old record) 
Morrow, (infant)  12-3-1920  12-3-1920  Year could be 1921; son of James Rufus & Perlie Morrow (from old record); this grave not found in 2006 survey 
Morrow, Berta Lourine  2-15-1917  3-9-1917  Daughter of T. W. & Alma Morrow 
Morrow, Budie  10-19-1879  11-24-1879  Son of James C. & Alice (Billingsley) Morrow (from old record) 
Morrow, Era May  1-28-1913  6-3-1915  Daughter of J. C. & Amelia Morrow; broken stone 
Morrow, Jesse J.  12-11-1874  6-9-1876  Son of James C. & Alice Morrow (from old record) 
Morrow, Jesse L.  2-20-1897  5-7-1897  Son of Louis B. & Lou Morrow 
Morrow, Lou L.  3-26-1877  3-24-1941  Double marker with Louis B. Morrow 
Morrow, Louis B.  2-28-1870  5-25-1927  Double marker with Lou L. Morrow 
Morrow, Mark  10-12-1818  12-20-1910  Father of James C.(?) Morrow (from old record) 
Morrow, Minie M.  7-28-1894  4-21-1900  Daughter of James C. & Alice B. Morrow (from old record) 
Morrow, William Mark  5-4-1872  2-24-1904   
Morrow, Velva Erline  6-27-1918  1-21-1919  Daughter of John C. (?) & Amelia Morrow 
Morrow, Estie  1899  1903  Metal marker 6 feet south of William Mark Morrow marker 
Morrow, (baby)      No other information; hard to read 
Morrow, Betty  1-10-1946  3-6-2017  Information from obituary 
Murphy, George  9-2-1867  2-17-1902  Broken stone 
Pittman, Carl  10-6-1901  10-11-1902  Son of Ed & Allie Pittman 
Pittman, Luticia Ann Elizia  7-25-1863  7-30-1878  Daughter of Jerry & ? Pittman; broken stone 
Pittman, Alice McKinnon  2-20-1884  10-16-1904   
Pittman, Phoebe Mitchell  2-20-1838  11-29-1883  Double marker with Jeremiah Pittman; old metal marker had Pheobie Pittman 
Pittman, Jeremiah   2-14-1832  9-6-1915  Double marker with Phoebe Pittman; old marker had Jerry Pittman and a birth date of 1837 and death date of 1916 
Plumley, Terrence B.  5-20-1917  12-30-2002  Double marker with Gertrude A. Plumley 
Plumley, Gertrude A.  1-3-1926  7-9-1992  Double marker with Terrence B. Plumley 
Scobey, David Lee  4-11-1933  6-30-1996  U. S. Army-Korea 
Telford, Dorothy  1907  1995  Metal marker in west edge of cemetery 
Telford, John  1900  1994  Metal marker in west edge of cemetery 
Unknown      Metal marker with Unknown for name; 6 feet north of Sarah Hale marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 6 feet south of Mark Morrow marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 6 feet north of William Mark Morrow marker 

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