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Rocky Mound Cemetery

This cemetery is located on the section line between sections 25 and 26 in Township 13 South, Range 21 West. The road is graded to the cemetery, but continues on as a woods road or trail. The cemetery is fenced and is still occasionally used for burials. The first thing I noticed about this cemetery when I visited it was the total lack of grass in the cemetery. The ground is covered with a shale type, rocky soil. I suppose this is how it came to be known as Rocky Mound. It is sometimes called Dixon Cemetery
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 371 and Hwy. 278 in Rosston, go east on Hwy. 278 toward Camden almost three miles and turn left on a dim road that appears to be a logging road (Rd. No. 433). Go north 1/2 mile to the cemetery which is in a clearing on top of a hill.





Arnold, John H.  12-15-1910  11-17-1986  John Henry Arnold on military marker; Tec. 5-U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Martha Dixon Arnold 
Arnold, Martha D.  12-22-1913  9-26-1994  Martha Dixon Arnold on military marker; Pfc.-U. S. Army Air Corps-World War II; double marker with John H. Arnold; Martha Pearl Arnold on metal marker 
Arnold, John D.  1-17-1952     
Bass, Lavina Elleanor  1-5-1822  3-18-1894  Age 72 year, 2 months, 13 days; wife of Lundy Bass 
Bass, Lundy    4-21-1883  Age 68 years 
Burns, Alma Alice  10-19-1917  12-23-1967   
Campbell, Imogene  12-8-1930  7-15-1933  Daughter of J. I. and Arra Campbell 
Campbell, (infant)  5-15-1921  5-15-1921  Child of Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Campbell 
Daniell, Sarah Eugenia  3-9-1873  9-24-1895  Age 22 years, 6 months, 15 days; stone is broken; birth date is hard to read 
Dickson, Authur  9-21-1879  8-18-1881  Son of T. P. and M. D. Dickson 
Dickson, Lundy P.  2-3-1867  8-22-1886  Son of T. P. and M. D. Dickson 
Dixon, C. E.  3-29-1877  12-29-1915  First name Charlie (from newspaper); Woodmen of the World marker 
Dixon, Dorothy Jean  11-4-1920  1-22-1958  Daughter of G. W. and Annie Dixon 
Dixon, Eula C.  1876  1954  Old metal marker has death date in February, 1954 
Dixon, G. W. "Bud"      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Dixon, George  1884  1968  Double marker with Annie M. Dixon 
Dixon, Annie M.  1893  1980  Double marker with George Dixon 
Dixon, Joe H.  1-23-1871  10-27-1957  Double marker with Nancy J. Dixon 
Dixon, Nancy J.  3-29-1876  11-15-1963  Double marker with Joe H. Dixon; Nancy Jane Dixon in obituary 
Dixon, John H.  1868  Nov., 1948  John Henry Dixon in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Dixon, (infant)  7-25-1896  7-30-1896  Son of J. H. and N. J. Dixon 
Dixon, (infant)  8-4-1916  8-4-1916  Child of J. H. and E. C. Dixon 
Dixon, Leatha  7-25-1906  1-27-1907  Daughter of John H. and Eulah Dixon 
Dixon, Lemma  8-14-1902  10-5-1908  Daughter of Joe H. and N. J. Dixon 
Dixon, Marjorie Ellen  10-27-1911  7-22-1921   
Dixon, Martha Doire  8-14-1850  8-18-1924  Wife of T. P. Dixon 
Dixon, T. P.  8-13-1837  9-30-1918   
Dixon, Oryn  8-4-1916  11-4-1916   
Dixon, Delmer D.   1-4-1911  5-20-1976   
Doyle, Laura Francs Shepherd  5-31-1950  8-26-2014   
Eason, Ethlebert G.  10-22-1912  3-17-1998   
Fincher, Julia Ann Eliz.  12-22-1847  5-5-1887   
Fortune, John N.  7-23-1834  8-4-1908  Age 74 years, 12 days 
Fortune, Mary B.  2-26-1843  7-24-1900  Wife of J. N. Fortune 
Fortune, Thomas W.  3-9-1876  9-28-1895  Son of J. N. & M. B. Fortune 
Gipson, Clara  9-7-1890  10-12-1892  Daughter of J. C. & L. A. Gipson 
Hearnsberger, Robert T.  1829  1863   
McKissack, Earl  5-31-1905  2-23-1906   
McKissack, Mary Ann  1875  May, 1939  Double marker with Joe A. McKissack; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
McKissack, Joe A.  1873  June, 1949  Double marker with Mary Ann McKissack; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
McKissack, Mary Alta  8-22-1899  8-26-1900   
Malone, (infant)  5-5-1922  5-5-1922  Child of Mr. & Mrs. T. P. Malone 
Martin, Thelma  1902  1903  Metal marker set in concrete 
Mathis, James      Co. I - 11 & 17 Ar. Inf. - CSA 
Sewell, Eva Dixon  5-10-1883  3-9-1977  Eva Atkins Sewell in obituary 
Shepherd, Sonya  6-16-1925  6-25-1998  Father; 1st LT.- U. S. Air Force-World War II & Korea; double marker with Selma Ann Dixon Shepherd 
Shepherd, Selma Ann Dixon  5-6-1931  6-3-2015  Double marker with Sonya Shepherd 
Tomlin, (infant)  5-17-1932  5-18-1932  Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Tomlin 
Tomlin, (infant)  3-8-1933  3-8-1933  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Tomlin 
Williams, Mary Martin  1835  1893  Double marker with Moses Hickman Williams 
Williams, Moses Hickman  1814  1886  Double marker with Mary Martin Williams; old broken marker in northeast corner of cemetery had full dates--b. 3-22-1814 and d. 7-29-1886; some letters missing, but appears to be an old marker for Moses Hickman Williams 
Williams, Needham  9-13-1865  11-6-1890   

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