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Rosston Cemetery

This well-maintained cemetery is located on the south side of Rosston on a hillside directly west of the intersection of Hwy. 371 and Hwy. 278. It is fenced and visible from the highway.
Driving directions: Go to the intersection of Hwy. 371 and Hwy. 278 on the south side of Rosston. The cemetery will be visible from this intersection.





Adams, Sheila J.  7-10-1950  12-23-1972  Married 9-19-1968 
Atkins, Aris E.  11-10-1920  5-28-1979   
Atkins, John L.  2-4-1910  3-8-1996  Double marker with Bessie M. Atkins 
Atkins, Bessie M.  1-6-1910  11-3-1968  Bessie Martin Atkins in obituary; double marker with John L. Atkins 
Auxer, Alvin B., Jr.  5-7-1944  1-8-1961  Triple marker with Alvin B. Auxer and Joyce Mitchell Auxer 
Auxer, Alvin B.  2-4-1908  1-1-1972  Sgt. - U. S. Army - World War II; triple marker with Alvin B. Auxer, Jr. and Joyce Mitchell Auxer; birth date on military marker is 2-4-1907 
Auxer, Joyce Mitchell  6-22-1921  2-15-2018  Joyce Mitchell Auxer Dellinger in obituary; triple marker with Alvin B. Auxer and Alvin B. Auxer, Jr.; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Bailey, Roger Lee  6-21-1932  12-30-1954   
Bailey, Gladys R.  7-16-1904  4-26-1954  Wife of C. B. Bailey 
Bailey, Paul L., Sr.  11-24-1909  5-28-1980  Double marker with Letha A. Bailey; m. 1-30-1929 
Bailey, Letha A.  2-6-1909  5-7-1997  Double marker with Paul L. Bailey, Sr.; m. 1-30-1929 
Bailey, Franklin Logan  10-7-1905  12-5-1978  Double marker with Marion Phillips Bailey 
Bailey, Marion Phillips  9-12-1908  8-8-2000  Double marker with Franklin Logan Bailey 
Bailey, T. Alton  10-28-1902  7-24-1983  Double marker with Ellen A. Bailey; m. 2-14-1926 
Bailey, Ellen A.  4-15-1908  4-18-1991  Double marker with T. Alton Bailey; m. 2-14-1926 
Bailey, Minor Hugh   5-21-1915  11-30-2004  Double marker with Tommie Lou Atkins Bailey; m. 3-24-1937; sons--Don and Victor 
Bailey, Tommie Lou Atkins  3-25-1915  2-25-2017  Double marker with Minor H. Bailey; m. 3-24-1937; sons--Don and Victor 
Bailey, Willis    June, 1918  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Bennett, Lydia M.  9-6-1893  12-4-1978   
Bennett, John M.  10-7-1887  10-21-1970   
Biddle, Lee Fay  6-20-1905  3-10-1976  Father; triple marker with Audrey Mae Biddle and Dale Biddle, Jr. 
Biddle, Audrey Mae  1-17-1921  9-1-2009  Mother; triple marker with Lee Fay Biddle and Dale Biddle, Jr. 
Biddle, Dale, Jr.  7-25-1936  6-8-1952  Son; triple marker with Lee Fay Biddle and Audrey Mae Biddle 
Bragg, Arzelia      Name on back of Newton Tidwell marker; no dates 
Breitenbach, Joseph  3-9-1920  3-13-2003  Double marker with Gladys L. Breitenbach 
Breitenbach, Gladys L.  9-2-1924  12-30-1997  Double marker with Joseph Breitenbach 
Brooks, Mark Richard  6-26-1961  7-13-1996  Son of Johnnie Ann Jarvis & Paul J. Brooks 
Brooks, Johnnie Ann  9-8-1940  3-10-1999  Double marker with Paul J. Brooks; m. 5-29-1960; children--Mark Jeffery and Paul 
Brooks, Paul J.  11-28-1939  7-31-2006  U. S. Army; double marker with Johnnie Ann Brooks; m. 5-29-1960; children--Mark-Jeffrey and Paul 
Broussard, Dorothy D. Smyth Smith  4-29-1927     
Burns, Marie McGraw  10-7-1924  6-25-2007   
Caldwell, Burnie J.  1888  1953  Double marker with Minnie N. Caldwell 
Caldwell, Minnie N.  1892  4-30-1969  Minnie Garner Caldwell in obituary; double marker with Burnie J. Caldwell; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Calvin, Jessica Marie    6-14-1989  Inf. daughter of Tammy & Philip Calvin 
Cearley, James B.  7-12-1889  2-13-1961  Double marker with Delia Edna Cearley 
Cearley, Delia Edna  11-6-1895  7-20-1953  Double marker with James B. Cearley 
Chamberlain, Sam W.  1879  10-11-1947  Double marker with Lenora A. Chamberlain; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Chamberlain, Lenora A.  1881  Jan., 1964  Double marker with Sam W. Chamberlain; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Chamberlin, Tom  6-13-1881  11-22-1955   
Cofield, Kenneth  1-11-1927  4-2-2006  No marker at grave when surveyed; information taken from obituary 
Cofield, Marion Sue  3-5-1927  3-17-2009  Metal marker 
Cox, Herman  6-30-1899  2-23-1952  Double marker with Florence Cox Grisham; stones do not connect 
Crain, Grady H.  9-2-1906  5-2-1975  Double marker with Gertine F. Crain 
Crain, Gertine F.  11-4-1909  7-29-1990  Double marker with Grady H. Crain 
Daniels, Mark Alan  6-10-1970  9-7-2002   
Daniels, John Edward  2-11-1943  7-30-2001  Double marker with Sharon Hoover Daniels 
Daniels, Sharon Hoover  11-3-1944    Double marker with John Edward Daniels 
Dellinger, Joyce Mitchell Auxer  6-22-1921  2-15-2018  Also listed under Auxer 
Denham, Nelson J.  2-12-1883  8-30-1967  Double marker with Eula F. Denham 
Denham, Eula F.  9-24-1884  9-1-1967  Eula Ruff Denham in obituary; double marker with Nelson J. Denham 
Denham, Gerald N.  4-24-1906    Double marker with Ethel M. Denham; no death date engraved 
Denham, Ethel M.  3-4-1912  3-25-1999  Double monument with Gerald N. Denham; death date from metal marker; not engraved on stone at time of survey 
Dillard, Charlie C.  2-27-1888  7-17-1947  Double marker with Lemma A. Dillard 
Dillard, Lemma A.  12-24-1893  3-2-1984  Double marker with Charlie C. Dillard 
Dillard, Horild Doyle  10-16-1946  11-7-1963   
Dillard, Joe D.  10-14-1931  9-21-2009  Joe Douglas Dillard in obituary; double marker with Virginia E. Dillard; m. 5-13-1949; children--Steven D. and Sherry D. 
Dillard, Virginia E.  8-29-1931  8-17-2020  Ella Virginia Vines Dillard in obituary; double marker with Joe D. Dillard; m. 5-13-1949; children--Steven D. and Sherry D. 
Dillard, Nathan Todd    10-8-1964  Infant; one date 
Dillard, Pfc. H. D.  3-9-1918  12-25-1944  Killed in battle of Belgium Bulge 
Dillard, O'Deal F.  1-8-1915  4-21-2001  Double marker with Collis M. Dillard; m. 4-26-1930 
Dillard, Collis M.  11-13-1909  8-1-1982  Double marker with O'Deal F. Dillard; m. 4-26-1930 
Dillard, Edith Mathis  9-16-1917  6-22-1998  Double marker with Hollis A. Dillard; m. 10-27-1933 
Dillard, Hollis A.  10-29-1915  3-11-1985  Double marker with Edith Mathis Dillard; m. 10-27-1933 
Dillard, Wanda Louise Rhodes  1-24-1940  4-24-2002  Information from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. W. Louise Rhodes Dillard, age 82 of Rosston, Arkansas, passed awa... 
Dixon, Willie H.  1902  7-30-1967  Double marker with Eunice J. Dixon; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Dixon, Eunice J.  1908  1991  Double marker with Willie H. Dixon 
Dixon, Otis  1-31-1900  7-27-1980  Double marker with Ruth M. Dixon; m. 10-28-1922; worked 42 years in oil production 
Dixon, Ruth M.  9-12-1905  2-13-1989  Double marker with Otis Dixon; m. 10-28-1922 
Dixon, Henry H.  2-11-1917  9-9-1999  Double marker with Dorothy E. Dixon; death from auto accident; Cpl.- U. S. Army- World War II- Purple Heart 
Dixon, Dorothy E.  8-13-1919  1-9-2007  Double marker with Henry H. Dixon 
Dixon, Otis E. "Jim"  7-13-1924  10-2-2001  Double marker with Ramona McDonald Dixon; married 7-7-1947; SF3- U. S. Navy- World War II 
Dixon, Ramona McDonald   8-13-1931  12-12-2009  Double marker with Otis E. Dixon; m. 7-7-1947 
East, Coy  7-17-1907  2-11-1977  Double marker with Gertie East; m. 12-24-1934 
East, Gertie  4-3-1911  8-19-1999  Double marker with Coy East; m. 12-24-1934 
East, Arlis C.  4-16-1932    Double marker with Dorothy A. East; married 4-12-1952 
East, Dorothy A.   2-18-1933  5-20-2015  Dorothy Ann Bailey East in obituary; double marker with Arlis C. East; m. 4-12-1952; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Elmore, James M.  1903  12-1-1958  Double marker with Margaret Elmore; full death date from obituary; year only on stone; James Millard Elmore in obituary 
Elmore, Margaret  1908  1983  Double marker with James M. Elmore 
Everly, Ronald A.  11-23-1929  1-6-1996  Double marker with Rosemary Everly; m. 11-25-1948 
Everly, Rosemary  11-25-1929  9-8-2014  Double marker with Ronald A. Everly; m. 11-25-1948 
Ezell, Iva E.  6-16-1903  3-3-1976  Double marker with Emma Ezell 
Ezell, Emma  4-23-1902  5-4-1995  Double marker with Iva E. Ezell 
Fairchild, Wm. Herald  1911  8-11-1970  William Harold Fairchild in obituary; double marker with Verna M. Fairchild; m. 4-30-1932; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Fairchild, Verna M.  1912  1988  Double marker with Wm. Herald Fairchild; m. 4-30-1932 
Fincher, Hattie G.  8-26-1887  5-6-1964  Double marker with Alva C. Fincher 
Fincher, Alva C.  5-31-1886  5-19-1970  Double marker with Hattie G. Fincher 
Fincher, Wm. C.  1798  1876  Minister of the gospel 
Fincher, Elizabeth  1803    No death date engraved; wife of W. C. Fincher 
Forbes, Leonard D.  12-27-1920  4-7-1970  Double marker with Josie M. Forbes; m. 3-1-1941 
Forbes, Josie M.  7-20-1922  7-5-2003  Double marker with Leonard D. Forbes; m. 3-1-1941 
Forbes, Jerry Bill  7-16-1913  10-1-1972   
Forbes, Tracy N.  1-24-1906  3-27-1986   
Fore, Foy James  9-26-1910  2-28-1976  Double marker with Willie Blanche Fore 
Fore, Willie Blanche  4-5-1911  12-22-1981  Double marker with Foy James Fore 
Fore, Billy Wayne  1-25-1940  12-5-1980   
Garner, Clovis Lee    1-30-1975  Age 65; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Gauntt, Joshua Aaron  6-29-1978  3-14-1994   
Gauntt, Michael Shawn  9-30-1972  7-16-2004  U. S. Army 
Green, William Douglas  7-25-1979  9-19-2021  Metal marker at time of survey
Obituary: Mr. William Douglas “Doug” Green passed Sunday September 1... 
Grisham, Florence Cox  4-10-1907  12-6-1968  Florence Dougan Cox Grisham in obituary 
Grisham, Loral  1900  8-2-1958  Double marker with Hollan Grisham; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Grisham, Hollan  1900  1979  Double marker with Loral Grisham 
Hart, Rebecca Ann    2-7-1985  One date only 
Hart, Brian Keith  2-3-1975  5-7-1992   
Hart, Darrel D.  9-22-1927  6-21-1999  Pfc. - Army- World War II; double marker with Betty Sue Hart; m. 10-17-1947; children--Judy, Ricky, Sonya 
Hart, Betty Sue  1-11-1932  6-22-2013  Betty Sue Hart Rowe in obituary; double marker with Darrel D. Hart; m. 10-17-1947; children--Judy, Ricky, Sonya 
Hart, H. Felts  4-28-1916  4-4-2001  Herman Felts Hart in obituary; double marker with Lera E. Dillard Hart; m. 11-13-1938; children--Jo Ann, Betty, Sandra 
Hart, Lera E. Dillard  2-19-1921  9-12-2008  Double marker with H. Felts Hart; M. 11-13-1938; children--Jo Ann, Betty, Sandra; Lera Etha Hart in obituary 
Hart, Lairy D.  7-14-1944    Double marker with Brenda K. Hart 
Hart, Brenda K.  9-8-1948    Double marker with Lairy D. Hart 
Hawkins, Irena B. Beebe  3-11-1915  4-25-2003  Sister of Lyn Dean and W. C. 
Haynie, Lizzie (Forbes)  4-9-1889  2-3-1966  Lizzie Thomas Haynie in obituary 
Hill, Max Rolan  12-20-1930    Double marker with Norma Ruth Phillips Hill; m. 11-19-1960; children--Lori, Lisa, Daniel 
Hill, Norma Ruth Phillips  12-15-1932    Double marker with Max Rolan Hill; m. 11-19-1960; children--Lori, Lisa, Daniel 
Hoover, Rev. James E., Jr.  4-26-1920  9-26-1970  Double marker with Mary Kathryn Hoover 
Hoover, Mary Kathryn  12-19-1923  6-5-1999  Double marker with Rev. James E. Hoover, Jr. 
Hoover, James Winston  1-27-1942  12-29-2004  Double marker with Linda Simmons Hoover; m. 4-28-1961; children--Frank, Wayne, Mike, Tom; A2C-U. S. Air Force 
Hoover, Linda Simmons  1-11-1942    Double marker with James Winston Hoover; m. 4-28-1961; children--Frank, Wayne, Mike, Tom 
Hoover, Paul David  10-28-1948  10-23-2009   
Hughbuard, Malar  1910  1984  Metal marker one grave south of Cyrus Marlar marker; metal marker was missing in 2017 survey 
Jackson, Billy  4-16-1909  6-30-1952   
Jarvis, John A.  8-20-1906  5-14-1983  Father; triple marker with Velma J. Jarvis and Ronald David Jarvis 
Jarvis, Velma J.  12-18-1910  2-12-2007  Mother; triple marker with John A. Jarvis and Ronald David Jarvis 
Jarvis, Ronald David  10-10-1949  11-15-1976  Son; triple marker with John A. Jarvis and Velma J. Jarvis 
Jarvis, John Harold  8-26-1940  1-3-1996   
Jarvis, Ina K.   11-21-1918  2-22-2000  Double marker with G. Lee Jarvis 
Jarvis, G. Lee  3-7-1916  5-24-2003  U. S. Navy - World War II; Grover Lee Jarvis on military marker; double marker with Ina K. Jarvis 
Jarvis, Tommie Lew  7-15-1914  10-10-2002  Double marker with Wayne Jarvis 
Jarvis, Wayne  11-7-1911  5-6-2007  Double marker with Tommie Lew Jarvis; death date from obituary 
Jensen, Nicholas Cole  4-8-1999  4-8-1999   
Lee, Floyd H.  10-1-1908  12-17-1966  Double marker with Clovis O. Lee 
Lee, Clovis O.  1-31-1909  1-30-1975  Double marker with Floyd H. Lee 
Luck, Alford B.  4-9-1922  1-26-2013  Pfc. - U. S. Army - World War II; Bronze Star medal and Purple Heart; double marker with Maxine Morgan Luck; m. 4-11-1942 
Luck, Maxine Morgan  1-20-1923  9-27-2004  Double marker with Alford B. Luck; m. 4-11-1942 
Luck, Oryn D.  1-2-1920  3-3-1977  Double marker with Grace J. Luck; Safe Driver Hall of Fame in recognition of 20 years of safe driving 
Luck, Grace J.  5-23-1923  2-24-2009  Grace Jean Luck in obituary; double marker with Oryn D. Luck 
McGraw, John H.  5-24-1886  8-11-1947  Double marker with Sarah J. McGraw 
McGraw, Sarah J.  12-28-1887  10-22-1972  Sarah Riben McGraw in obituary; double marker with John H. McGraw 
McGraw, John A.  7-19-1917  4-26-1996  PFC-Army-W W II-triple marker with Allie Mae McGraw and Charles McGraw 
McGraw, Allie Mae  4-19-1913  12-12-1977  Triple marker with John A. McGraw and Charles Ray McGraw 
McGraw, Charles Ray  3-12-1942  1-10-1973  Triple marker with John A. McGraw and Allie Mae McGraw 
McKissack, Milton Columbus  12-19-1883  6-25-1950  Double marker with Lucy Atkins McKissack 
McKissack, Lucy Atkins  1-11-1880  8-26-1954  Double marker with Milton Columbus McKissack 
McKissack, Thomas Ross  8-15-1911  8-1-2000  Double marker with Dovie M. McKissack; PFC- U. S. Marine Corps-World War II 
McKissack, Dovie M.  7-13-1917  12-10-2006  Dovie M. Bailey McKissack in obituary; double marker with Thomas Ross McKissack 
McMurray, Jack O.  10-25-1892  6-8-1963  Double marker with Maud M. McMurray 
McMurray, Maud M.  2-13-1903    Double marker with Jack O. McMurray; no death date engraved 
McNatt, William A.  6-4-1936  8-18-2003  Double marker with Sue Fore McNatt 
McNatt, Sue Fore  4-7-1935    Double marker with William A. McNatt 
McNatt, William A., Jr.  9-1-1963  1-29-1964   
Malar, Hughbuard  1910  1984  Metal marker; with Marlar graves; one grave south of Cyrus Davis Marlar marker 
Marlar, Larry L.  10-30-1943  9-8-1950  Hard to read 
Marlar, Donald D.  1-22-1934  10-29-1993   
Marlar, Melvin Woodrow  1-25-1914  5-18-1991   
Marlar, Cyrus Davis  7-26-1886  5-22-1982  Double marker with Minnie Avis Marlar; m. 2-7-1909 
Marlar, Minnie Avis  3-25-1892  11-15-1978  Double marker with Cyrus Davis Marlar; m. 2-7-1909 
Marlar, Jerrell (or Jerrill)  1930  ????  Grave marked by a rock according to family member; near grave of Gladys R. Bailey (his mother) 
Martin, Robert N.  11-23-1919  3-3-1977  Robert Neil Martin in obituary; double marker with Martha E. Martin 
Martin, Martha E.    5-30-2007  Double marker with Robert N. Martin; death date from obituary; age 87 
Martin, Horace D.  1930  1973  Double marker with Estalene Martin 
Martin, Estalene  1930  2013  Double marker with Horace D. Martin 
Martin, Carrie  1-2-1903  6-30-1978  Double marker with Eva B. Martin; m. 11-10-1923 
Martin, Eva B.  4-2-1905  6-30-2000  Double marker with Carrie Martin; m. 11-10-1923 
May, Joe L.  10-29-1909  6-14-1962  Double marker with Selena May 
May, Selena  4-28-1918  7-4-1981  Double marker with Joe L. May 
Mitchell, Jewell C.  1-15-1889  1-30-1969  Double marker with Clide Schooley Mitchell 
Mitchell, Clide Schooley  8-22-1897  10-23-1984  Double marker with Jewell C. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Milburn M.  1900  11-13-1963  Double marker with Loutee P. Mitchell; Milburn McRae Mitchell in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Mitchell, Loutee P.  1902  1980  Double marker with Milburn M. Mitchell 
Morgan, Pearl Tomlin  9-23-1904  2-4-1997   
Morgan, Doug. F.  8-2-1951  7-20-2018  Douglas F. Morgan on military marker; Cpl. - U. S. Marine Corps- Vietnam; double marker with Rhonda J. Morgan; m. 7-13-1974 
Morgan, Rhonda J.  7-25-1951    Double marker with Doug F. Morgan; m. 7-13-1974 
Morman, Billie Ruth  1934  6-15-1966  Double marker with William "Abb" Morman; full death date from obituary; year only on marker 
Morman, William (Abb)  12-14-1933  3-25-2021  William Avery Mormon in obituary; double marker with Billie Ruth Morman; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Morman, Nobie Agnes  1909  1981  Double marker with O. L. Morman 
Morman, O. L. "Pete"  1908  1999  Double marker with Nobie Agnes Morman 
Morman, Richard L.  2-13-1932  1-11-1966  Ark-A1C-444 FTR INTCP SQ.-AF-Korea; double marker with Melva A. Morman; full dates from military marker 
Morman, Melva A.  6-8-1938  4-25-2019  Melva Alice Steed Mormon in obituary; double marker with Richard L. Morman; full dates from obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Morman, Gary Lynn  1-14-1954  11-2-1974   
Morman, Maxwell O.   10-17-1929  1-14-2001  Maxwell Overton Mormon in obituary; double marker with Lyn Dean Morman; m. 11-5-1947; children--Cary Tami and Max Alan 
Morman, Lyn Dean Beebe  1-10-1929    Double marker with Maxwell O. Morman; m. 11-5-1947; children--Cary Tami and Max Alan 
Nix, Cleburne   6-11-1921  4-13-1961  Ark-Cox USNR-World War II -PH; Cleburne Arthur Nix on military stone 
O'Keefe, R. D. "Pop"  7-23-1925  10-31-1990  Double marker with Valeria O'Keefe 
O'Keefe, Valeria "Bibby"  11-6-1931  4-17-2017  Double marker with R. D. O'Keefe 
Phillips, Hollis O.  1898  1979  Double marker with Lois V. Phillips 
Phillips, Lois V.  1901  1988  Double marker with Hollis O. Phillips 
Prescott, Henry Clay  10-28-1868  1-8-1876  Son of W. H. & M. P. Prescott; broken stone 
Ratcliff, John B.  5-26-1936  11-24-2021  Double marker with Wanda S. Lee Ratcliff; m. 6-14-1957; children--Martha, Sheila, Jay; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Mr. John Bernard Ratcliff, age 85 of Prescott, Arkansas passed away at... 
Ratcliff, Wanda S. Lee  12-23-1936  4-27-2017  Sue Ratcliff in obituary; double marker with John B. Ratcliff; m. 6-14-1957; children--Martha, Sheila, Jay 
Rhodes, Olen  11-23-1897  8-23-1956  Hugh Olen Rhodes in obituary; double marker with Effie Rhodes; Woodmen of the World marker 
Rhodes, Effie  12-24-1900  9-14-1967  Effie McKissac Rhodes in obituary; double marker with Olen Rhodes 
Rhodes, T. Dewey  12-9-1899  7-30-1987  Double marker with Dovie Mae Rhodes 
Rhodes, Dovie Mae  6-1-1908  6-10-1986  Double marker with T. Dewey Rhodes 
Rhodes, Thomas Joe  7-19-1941  4-6-2020   
Rhodes, W. D.    Apr., 1920  Age 48; grave not found during survey; buried at Rosston as per obituary 
Rhodes, Thomas Joe  7-19-1941     
Ritter, Charles John  7-23-1920  5-24-1995  Pfc. -U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Louise Rhodes Ritter 
Ritter, Louise Rhodes  1-24-1940    Double marker with Charles John Ritter 
Rogers, Mary Laura Jenkins  11-27-1947  1-7-1995   
Rowe, Betty Sue Hart  1-11-1932  6-22-2013  Information from obituary 
Shipp, John Paul  9-30-1968  9-31-1968  Son of Mr. and Mrs. John P. Shipp (from obituary); death date was 9-30-1968 on metal marker (obvious mistake on marker) 
Shipp, Marvis Robert  9-18-1921  12-2-1977  Double marker with Mary Lou Shipp 
Shipp, Mary Lou  1-30-1928  2-26-1983  Double marker with Marvis Robert Shipp 
Smith, Reyburn E.  10-29-1924  10-30-1966   
Smith, Michael Reyburn  8-3-1945  2-17-2007  Lt. Col. - US Air Force - Vietnam 
Smith, Bobbie Joe  1-21-1931  1-8-2008  Korean War veteran 
Smyth, Joe D.  2-12-1903  2-7-1965  Joe David Smyth in obituary 
Smyth, Jean E.  4-21-1929  5-12-1994   
Smyth, Joe B.  5-2-1924  12-31-1972  Joe Byron Smith in obituary; 
Smyth, Ena M.  11-23-1907  9-19-1990   
Smyth, Byron Scott  3-7-1955  10-8-2003  Sgt.- U. S. Marine Corps- CW2- U. S. Army- Vietnam 
Smyth, Greg  6-18-1956  12-28-2016  Double marker with Cheryl Smyth 
Smyth, Cheryl  6-17-1963    Double marker with Greg Smyth 
Stephens, Opal Forbes  12-29-1918  6-7-1988  Double marker with Herman J. Stephens 
Stephens, Herman J.  12-6-1911  8-29-1992  Double marker with Opal Forbes Stephens 
Stevens, Rev. Raymond  7-4-1926  11-15-2008  U. S. Navy- World War II; double marker with Dorothy Martin Stevens; m.10-5-1946; children--Catherine, Jean, Larry Wayne; Baptist minister 41 years 
Stevens, Dorothy Martin  10-27-1927    Double marker with Raymond Stevens;m. 10-5-1946; children--Catherine, Jean, Larry Wayne 
Stevens, R. T.  2-7-1938    Double marker with Nelma Bussell Stevens; m. 11-23-1960; children--Deanna, Derrick, Mikki 
Stevens, Nelmer "Nell" Bussell   9-5-1943    Double marker with R. T. Stevens; m. 11-23-1960; children--Deanna, Derrick, Mikki 
Sutherland, Julius A.  1-1-1895  12-26-1971   
Talley, Catherine Jean Stevens  2-28-1948     
Tatum, Virginia D.  1-23-1922  1-10-2011   
Taylor, Gary "Pop"  12-15-1933  5-9-2014  Double marker with Cindy Taylor; m. 2-17-1978 
Taylor, Cindy "Foofy"  12-3-1955    Double marker with Gary Taylor; m. 2-17-1978 
Tidwell, Newton      No dates; double marker with Arzelia Bragg Tidwell; remembered by Peter, Robert, and Janie Tidwell 
Tidwell, Arzelia Bragg      No dates; double marker with Newton Tidwell; on back of stone; remembered by Peter, Robert, and Janie Tidwell 
Tomlin, William Hershel  10-25-1930  1-15-1974   
Tomlin, William A.  3-2-1900  9-10-1976  Double marker with Anna E. Tomlin; m. 12-24-1923 
Tomlin, Anna E.  3-10-1905  6-30-1979  Double marker with William A. Tomlin; m. 12-24-1923 
Tomlin, Juanita H.  8-11-1931  11-5-2007  Childen--Donnie, Kathy, Mike; Juanita Hazel Tomlin in obituary 
Trippett, Carolyn L.  2-6-1942  5-25-2007  Carolyn Louise Trippett in obituary; double marker with Arnold E. Trippett 
Trippett, Arnold E.  3-4-1939  3-25-2014  Double marker with Carolyn L. Trippett 
(Unknown)      Metal marker and brick 21 ft. south of Wayne Jarvis marker; no name or dates 
(Unknown)      Metal marker flat on ground one grave south of Milburn Mitchell marker; no name or dates 
Whitehead, Sarah    8-24-1895  Child of T. H. and A. E. Whitehead; one date 
Whitehead, John W.  2-24-1876  3-24-1955  Double marker with Nauvoo Whitehead 
Whitehead, Nauvoo  12-30-1880  1-13-1967  Navoo Nesbitt Whitehead in obituary; double marker with John W. Whitehead 
Whitehead, James R.  1877  4-7-1968  Double marker with F. Elnora Whitehead; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Whitehead, F. Elnora  1888  Jan., 1965  Double marker with James R. Whitehead; Frances Elnora Whitehead in obituary; death month from obituary 
Whitehead, Thomas Owen  4-18-1891  9-27-1974  World War I veteran; double marker with Hazel Johnson Whitehead 
Whitehead, Hazel Johnson  9-28-1903  3-2-1996  Double marker with Thomas Owen Whitehead 
Whitehead, Jacob Johnson  2-25-1934  5-8-2014  Double marker with Mary Jane Bennett Whitehead 
Whitehead, Mary Jane Bennett  9-26-1939  1-19-2017  Double marker with Jacob Johnson Whitehead 
Williams, Ralph W.  3-31-1909  1-4-1988  Double marker with Elsie J. Williams; m. 12-23-1930 
Williams, Elsie J.  7-10-1914  2-10-2013  Double marker with Ralph W. Williams; m. 12-23-1930 
Williams, Roscoe Preston  7-7-1922  4-4-2007  Tec. 4 - US Army - World War II - Bronze Star Medal; double marker with Marguerite Schmitt; m. 10-12-1947; sons--Dwight and Jimmy 
Williams, Marguerite Schmitt  4-3-1925  2-23-2021  Double marker with Roscoe Preston Williams; married 10-12-1947; sons-Dwight and Jimmy 
Wilson, Porter C.  1901  1957  Double marker with Blanche Wilson 
Wilson, Blanche  1911  1993  Double marker with Porter C. Wilson 
Wooten, John G.  6-7-1888  7-23-1964  Double marker with Mary Newell Wooten 
Wooten, Mary Newell  9-28-1904  3-5-1986  Double marker with John G. Wooten 
Wooten, John G. Jr.  8-16-1940  8-22-2001  Military marker; U. S. Air Force 
Wortman, Judith Nadine Dillard  4-8-1935  5-17-2007  Double marker with Charles Hershell Wortman; m. 6-1-1951 
Wortman, Charles Hershell  11-16-1930    Double marker with Judith Nadine Dillard Wortman; m. 6-1-1951 
York, Richard Lynn Jr.  4-17-1972  7-4-2017   

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References to an "earlier record" usually refer to a survey conducted in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers' Clubs, the original of which is on file at the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

Since 1997, Jery and Jeanie McKelvy have conducted a periodic canvas of each cemetery in the county and use additional resources to keep the listings current.