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Round Oak Cemetery

This small cemetery is located near the west line of the NE1/4 of the SE1/4 of Section 24, Township 14 South, Range 20 West. It is located on the north side of a graded timber access road about 3/4ths of a mile from the Ouachita County line. The road is in good shape in dry weather, but can get slick in spots during wet weather. The cemetery is fairly well maintained even though the last person buried there was in 1941.
Ouachita County, go south toward Stephens on Hwy. 57 for three miles. Turn right on Hwy. 332 and go about 1.5 miles and turn left on a dirt road in a curve at the top of a hill. This road will be on the Nevada-Ouachita county line. Ouachita County calls it No. 127 and Nevada County calls it No. 159, but there may not be road signs posted. Go south about 3/4 ths of a mile and turn right on road No. 443 (there may not be a sign). Go about 3/4th of a mile. The cemetery will be on the right side of the road.
When I visited this cemetery in 2011, I noticed a small pet cemetery across the road. There were three grave markers with dates.





Brigham, Wiley  1869  Feb., 1891  Murdered by bushwhacker; grave is 50 feet NE of rest of cemetery;stone is broken 
Campbell, Troy  Infant; son of W. R. and S. E. Campbell 
Hays, Francis  Mar. 20, 1824  Apr. 30, 1887   
Johnson, Edward M.   Mar. 29, 1885  Jun. 14, 1886  Son of W. R. & N. T. Johnson 
Johnson, Sallie  Apr. 14, 1877  Sep. 23, 1879  Dau. of W. R. & N. T. Johnson 
McDonald, Bertie  Oct. 18, 1898  Feb. 14, 1900   
McDonald, Martha  Jun. 25, 1897  Mar. 16, 1898   
Massey, Roy Ray "Buddy"  8-9-1942  4-9-2002  Double marker with Judy Mays Massey; married 5-25-1963;children--Danny Lynn, Travis Wayne, Roy Ray, Jr., Paul Shannon 
Massey, Judy Mays  8-24-1946    Double marker with Roy Ray Massey; married 5-25-1963;children--Danny Lynn, Travis Wayne, Roy Ray, Jr., Paul Shannon 
Merritt, infant son    1886  Son of David T. & Mary E. Merritt 
Massey, Leonard R.  1-17-1945    Double marker with C. Earline Massey; m. 4-24-1969 
Massey, C. Earline  6-6-1944    Double marker with Leonard R. Massey; m. 4-24-1969 
Massey, Angela Annette  3-29-1970  5-26-2022  Information from obituary
Obituary: Angela Annette Massey, 52, of Stephens, AR passed away Thursday May 26... 
Merritt, Mary E. Griffin    1886  Wife of David T. Merritt; mother of Claiborne, Jewell, Lynch, Sterling, infant son, Jacqueline Autry, Clona Foster, Pink Foster, Rosewell, Sallie 
Merritt, Sallie  Dau. of David T. & Mary E. Merritt; 3 years old 
Pennington, H. B.  2-28-1943  12-13-2005  Double marker with Linda Kay Wise Pennington; m. 6-22-1963; children--Christie and David; grandchildren--Sarah, Cody, Cheyenne 
Pennington, Linda Kay Wise  10-19-1945    Double marker with H. B. Pennington; m. 6-22-1963; children--Christie and David; grandchildren--Sarah, Cody, Cheyenne 
Robertson, James P.   Aug. 9, 1854  Apr. 15, 1941  Double with Sallie K. Robertson 
Robertson, Sallie K.   Jan. 11, 1856  Dec. 9, 1938  Double with James P. Robertson 
Sanders, Elizabeth  Oct. 25, ?  Mar. 16, 1891  Wife of J. W. Sanders--broken stone 
Sanders, J. W.   Aug. 8, 1820  Oct. 15, 1905  Broken stone 
Sanders, infant  Apr. 19, 1899  Apr. 25, 1899  Son of J.W. & C. L. Sanders 
Sanders, Joe R.   Feb. 17, 1897  Jul. 6, 1899  Dau. of J. W. & C. L. Sanders 
Smith, Andrew Park  May 21, 1895  Dec. 21, 1917  Died at Camp Beauregard, Louisiana; volunteered 8-7-1917 
Smith, Chas.Holcombe  Jun. 30, 1893  Jan. 12, 1918  Died at Camp Pike, Arkansas; called to service 12-12-1917 
Smith, James Malcom  Jan. 31, 1886  Mar. 30, 1887   
Voss, Willie  Mar. 29, 1879  Aug. 22, 1896  Wife of J. P. Voss 

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