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Tick Hill Cemetery

This cemetery is located on located on Rd. 19 in the extreme southeastern corner of Nevada County, not far from the Columbia County line. It is near the southeast corner of the SE1/4 NE1/4 of Section 4, Township 14 South, Range 20 West. The cemetery is well maintained and is surrounded by a chain link fence
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 278 and Hwy. 76, go west toward Waterloo 2.7 miles just past Harrison Chapel church to Rd. 173. Turn left on Rd. 173 and go 6/10ths of a mile where it will intersect Rd. 19 in a curve to the left. Go left on Rd. 19 2.7 miles to a fork in the road. Take the left fork and go 1.2 miles to a T intersection. Turn right (you will still be on Rd. 19) and go 2.6 miles to the cemetery, which will be on your right.





Adams, (infant)    8-25-1919  Son of G. W. & Bertie Adams 
Askew, Alice M.  10-5-1854  1-3-1894   
Askew, Emma  11-26-1856  3-26-1857  Broken stone 
Askew, (infant)      Daughter of J. E. and S. A. Askew; twin of John B. Askew; no dates 
Askew, James Edward  11-14-1819  9-6-1905  Born in Lanoir Co., North Carolina 
Askew, John B.   1-26-1863  8-28-1869  Son of J. E. and S. A. Askew; twin of infant daughter Askew (information from her marker) 
Askew, Julia B.   1-9-1865  10-14-1867   
Askew, Sarah A.   5-15-1828  8-25-1878  Wife of J. E. Askew 
Askew, Sarah Jane  9-28-1848  7-28-1909   
Bailey, Milton T.   7-12-1948  6-30-1999  Pfc.- U. S. Army- Vietnam 
Banks, Martha  1-30-1841  9-3-1896  Wife of W. A. Banks 
Bell, J. W., Jr.   12-1-1857  7-1-1858  Age 7 months 
Bell, Robert E.  7-4-1855  3-20-1887  Age 32 yrs., 3 mths, 16 days 
Bell, Robert E. Jr.  2-5-1879  10-4-1901  Son of Robert & Josie Bell; age 21 yrs., 8 mths, 9days 
Black, S. C.  11-25-1852  4-2-1898  Broken marker 
Boyce, Mary Ella  5-19-1872  12-3-1940  Double marker with Thomas E. Boyce 
Boyce, Thomas E.  8-12-1870  4-11-1946  Double marker with Mary Ella Boyce 
Brigham, (infant)  9-27-1915  9-27-1915  Child of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Brigham 
Drake, Ida Lee  6-3-1866  9-12-1956   
Drake, (infant)    5-12-1920  Daughter of W. W. and Fronie Drake 
Drake, (infant)    1904  Son of N. J. and C. E. Drake 
Drake, James A.   1-13-1839  3-15-1890  Double marker with Margrett J. Drake 
Drake, Margrett J.  2-16-1841  10-3-1897  Double marker with James A. Drake 
Drake, James A.   2-13-1914  7-19-1968  Ar.- MM3 - USNR - World War II 
Drake, Maggie May  6-10-1882  9-22-1884  Daughter of J. A. and M. J. Drake 
Drake, Mary Lula  12-15-1867  5-23-1899   
Drake, Napoleon J.   4-18-1877  5-17-1965  Double marker with Cecil Emerie Drake 
Drake, Cecil Emerie  3-16-1885  2-25-1909  Double marker with Napolean J. Drake 
Drake, Sophronia Warmack  3-1-1880  5-17-1962  Double marker with William Wiley Drake 
Drake, William Wiley  3-12-1871  6-23-1960  Double marker with Sophronia Warmack Drake 
Drake, Cecil Napoleon  2-25-1909  3-21-1986  Double marker with Clara Mae Drake; S1- U. S. Navy-World War II 
Drake, Clara Mae  4-25-1913  8-19-1992  Double marker with Cecil Napoleon Drake 
Drake, James Clifton  3-12-1906  8-21-1987   
Drake, Gene  2-15-1956  9-6-2011  Double marker with Rebecca Jean May Drake; m. 2-12-1977; children--Robbie, Cole, Laci, Alexis, Korey 
Drake, Rebecca Jean May  7-16-1959    Double marker with Gene Allen Drake; m. 2--12-1977; children--Robbi, Cole, Zane, Laci, Alexis, Korey 
Drake, James Cecil  8-11-1947  3-6-2000  SP5 - U. S. Army - Vietnam 
Guttry, Allen C.  3-1-1900  2-10-1901   
Guttry, Barbra Drake  4-28-1875  3-14-1900  Wife of W. T. Guttry 
Guttry, James Allen  8-29-1886  7-16-1900  Son of C. C. (or G. G.) and J. E. Guttry; age 13 yrs.,10 mths, 17days; hard to read 
Guttry, Joe Eller  7-3- 1864  1-7-1899  Wife of C. C. (or G. G.) Guttry; age 34 yrs., 6 mths., 4 days 
Guttry, Sarah M.  9-22-1828  7-26-1905  Wife of Wilson Guttry; age 76 yrs., 10 mths., 4 days 
Guttry, Wilson  12-26-1828  12-4-1911   
Haltom, Adaline Watkins  8-29-1825  June, 1852  Wife of E. Haltom 
Haltom, Emeline Watkins  10-30-1827  April, 1861   Wife of E. Haltom 
Haltom, J. L.   8-19-1854  4-9-1878   
Harvey, Ada S.  1893  1987  Metal marker had Ada Sally Harvey 
Hay, Ethel  9-17-1886  9-17-1957  Double marker with Samuel M. Hay 
Hay, Samuel M.  1-27-1858  4-2-1931  Double marker with Ethel Hay 
Hay,       Concrete marker with Hay on it 
Hay,       Concrete marker with Hay on it 
Hay,       Concrete marker with Hay on it 
Ingram, Martha    8-13-1887  Died in the 90th year of her age 
Johnson, Diane  1955  2012  Metal marker when surveyed 6-18-2020 
La Crone, Lessie Murphy  10-29-1882  6-17-1971   
Lawson, Verna A.  2-1-1884  6-6-1959  Double marker with Fannie S. Murphy 
Lawson, Guffrey P.   4-25-1916  7-26-1980  Double marker with Gwendolyn M. Tribble Lawson; m. 9-10-1935 
Lawson, Gwendolyn M. Tribble  8-23-1918  1-20-2002  Double marker with Guffrey P. Lawson; m. 9-10-1935 
Lawson, Brenda Bearden  4-1-1941  7-14-2017  Double marker with Guffrey F. Lawson; m. 1-27-1962 
Lawson, Guffrey F.  7-7-1937  3-8-1995  Double marker with Brenda Bearden Lawson; m. 1-27-1962 
Marshall, Dora  10-18-1876  3-25-1917   
Murphy, A. B.  10-27-1842  12-12-1913   
Murphy, Fannie S.  10-1-1850  1-10-1930  Double marker with Verna A. Lawson 
Murphy, Lonie Bruce  10-28-1880  7-3-1887  Son of E. J. and F. Murphy 
Murphy, Mattie A. McAlister  12-6-1853  2-10-1943  Wife of W. H. Murphy, Jr. 
Murphy, Molcey  4-4-1839  9-9-1919   
Murphy, Vera  12-28-1887  10-17-1964   
Murphy, William Haskew  10-26-1846  11-8-1932   
Murphy, William Hudson  9-22-1814  7-9-1895  Double marker with Margarett Wright Murphy 
Murphy, Margarett Wright  12-3-1816  6-25-1888  Double marker with William Hudson Murphy 
Murphy, Lillie Mae  12-7-1885  10-21-1970   
Powell, Caleb Allen  8-6-1901  7-11-1991   
Rowe, Elizabeth F.  10-5-1855  11-30-1915  Double marker with William E. Rowe 
Rowe, William E.  8-25-1861  8-21-1950  Double marker with Elizabeth F. Rowe 
Sanders, (infant)  9-4-1903  9-22-1903  Daughter of J. P. and Nettie Sanders 
Sanders, James Arthur  5-28-1893  8-26-1903  Son of J. P. and Nettie Sanders 
Schroeder, Susan B.  5-29-1966  8-11-2018  Wife or Richard R. Schroeder; small marker at Guffrey and Brenda Lawson double marker 
Smart, Catherine  10-4-1831  4-11-1900   
Smart, E. L.   11-15-1819  3-13-1885   
Smart, (infant)  1-26-1884  1-26-1884  Son of J. W. and C. M. Smart 
Smart, Jacob  7-10-1896  1-12-1897  Son of J. F. and M. A. Smart 
Smart, Larence  7-29-1901  10-7-1901  Son of J. F. and M. A. Smart 
Smart, Ruth  3-14-1887  9-13-1888  Daughter of J. W. and C. M. Smart 
Staggs, Florence L.  10-2-1868  3-3-1896  Wife of A. S. Staggs; old broken monument next to new one 
Starrett, (infant)  3-9-1884  4-4-1884  Son of J. W. and N. J. Starrett 
Starritt, James W.  9-4-1831  7-19-1907   
Starritt, (infant)    2-16-1911  Son of J. B. and Ophie Starritt 
Starritt, Joseph  1787  1860  Lieut.-Tenn. Militia-War of 1812 
Taylor, George R.  1872  1927  Double marker with Tee C. Taylor 
Taylor, Tee C.  1-1-1873  1-9-1960  Double marker with George R. Taylor 
Taylor, Rufus W.  4-4-1912  9-18-1983  Double marker with Martha V. Taylor 
Taylor, Martha V.  4-18-1912  6-3-1992  Double marker with Rufus W. Taylor 
Ward, Ralph W.   12-3-1922  6-15-2006  Murdered at his home; double marker with Mary R. Ward; m. 10-25-1945 
Ward, Mary R.   8-24-1922  3-31-2000  Double marker with Ralph W. Ward; m. 10-25-1945 
Wood, Roy V.   6-11-1932  12-01-2002  Double marker with Deanna E. Wood; m. 10-7-1954 
Wood, Deanna E.   1-5-1938  11-19-2004  Double marker with Roy V. Wood; m.10-7-1954 
York, Fred A.  1-16-1875  8-10-1958  Double marker with Ethel E. York 
York, Ethel E.  6-23-1911    Double marker with Fred A. York; death date not engraved at time of survey; new grave in Feb., 2005 
Young, William Rockwell  12-30-1909  6-9-1911  Son of J. L. and M. J. Young 

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