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Boice/Boyce/Graham Cemetery

This old cemetery is located in the NE1/4 NE1/4 of Section 3, Township 11 South, Range 23 West. An earlier record showed Voice Cemetery, but I think that may have been a typo error as they were typing Boice. A family named Boice/Boyce once lived in that area. Most people living in that area now call it the Graham Cemetery and most of the marked graves are Grahams. There are only eight marked graves, but there are many unmarked graves. Mr. Brzeski, who owned the land where this cemetery is located, told me that there were rows of graves marked by rich pine boards when he purchased the land. He has replaced some of these with small, round concrete markers. The cemetery is about one third acre in size.
Driving directions: From Prescott, follow Hwy. 371 (once called Hwy. 24) toward Blevins to the Nevada-Hempstead county line. The cemetery is about 1/4 mile east of the highway across a pasture, almost directly in front of the Brzeski residence.





Graham, Emily T.  2-1-1860  4-28-1940  Name could be Emily J. 
Graham, Ira B.  5-28-1896  2-10-1907  Son of J. M. & E. J. Graham; broken stone 
Graham, James J. J.  2-28-1883  8-11-1884  Son of J. M. & E. J. Graham 
Graham, James Monroe  7-23-1859  2-29-1928  Broken stone 
Graham, Urcy  5-28-1896  6-3-1896  Son of J. M. & E. J. Graham 
Graham, William M.  6-16-1885  2-6-1907  Son of J. M. & E. J. Graham 
Nelson, A. B.      Co. C-1 Ark. Cav.-CSA 
Ward, Luke  1807  1883   

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