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Waldrep Cemetery

This small cemetery is located in the the SW1/4 NE1/4 of Section 6, Township 15 South, Range 21 West. It is enclosed by a chain link fence and is maintained.
Driving directions: From Willisville, go south on Hwy. 371 toward Waldo for 3.1 miles. Turn right on Rd. 6 and go 1.7 miles. The cemetery will be on your right about 50 yards off the county road. There is a sign on the road.





Belk, James Edward  4-12-1925  10-20-2011  Metal marker 
Alder, George S.  1843  1862  Pvt.-1st Regt. Ark. Inf.- Confederate States Army 
Allder, James G.  9-21-1851  4-23-1893   
Allder, Elizabeth A.  6-24-1855  12-20-1892  Wife of J. G. Allder; age 37 years, 6 months, 26 days 
Allder, George Samuel  6-9-1873  7-22-1957   
Allder, E. J.  2-24-1845  3-27-1917  Ethane Jett Allder in obituary; husband of Mary M. and Lillie V. 
Allder, Mary M.  10-26-1851  2-15-1893   
Allder, Lillie V.  2-28-1866  11-8-1917   
Allder, Rebecca  11-16-1879  8-1-1936   
Allder, Sarah C.  2-26-1878  7-12-1950  Double marker with John L. Allder 
Allder, John L.  8-2-1875  12-2-1950  Double marker with Sarah C. Allder; Woodmen of the World marker 
Allder, Virgil J.  10-12-1883  9-12-1967   
Allder, (infant)  9-8-1887  9-8-1887  Son of J. G. and E. A. Allder 
Allder, Roy Duric  11-18-1898  1-27-1927  Double marker with Mary Camp Allder 
Allder, Mary Camp  3-5-1903  8-3-1926  Double marker with Roy Duric Allder 
Allder, Lavell L.  1-4-1912  2-18-1965  Double marker with Laura Mae Allder 
Allder, Laura Mae  9-29-1915  1-6-2003  Double marker with Lavell L. Allder 
Allder, Theron  5-9-1901  9-28-1901  Double marker with Thermon Allder 
Allder, Thermon  5-9-1901  10-28-1901  Double marker with Theron Allder 
Allder, Clovis  3-7-1904  9-26-1904   
Allder, William Watson  10-31-1919  1-10-1988   
Allder, Marvin C.  2-17-1914  10-1-1985  Double marker with Mona Lee Allder 
Allder, Mona Lee  8-18-1917  8-24-1983  Double marker with Marvin C. Allder 
Allder, William Lee  2-21-1880  1-9-1963   
Allder, Effie D.  10-25-1890  9-31-1980   
Allder, Daniel L.  12-5-1945    Double marker with Faye D. Allder; m. 2-10-1988 
Allder, Faye D.  2-10-1949    Double marker with Daniel L. Allder; m. 2-10-1988 
Allder, Lawrence A.  6-29-1945     
Anderson, Tiffany Dawn  9-1-1980  5-5-1986   
Anderson, Jo Ann Williams  9-30-1937  3-2-2014  Double marker with Wesley Thomas Anderson; m. 11-16-1956; children--Tommy, Alan, Anita, Teresa 
Anderson, Wesley Thomas  11-15-1938    Double marker with Jo Ann Williams Anderson; m. 11-16-1956; children--Tommy, Alan, Anita, Teresa 
Bailey, Bonnie Rae (Johnson)  1-21-1949  1-21-1988   
Belk, Debra Jane  1-28-1966  11-11-1991   
Belk, Emma Jane  8-9-1943  8-20-1990   
Belk, John Edward  4-12-1925  10-20-2011  U. S. Navy - World War II 
Caldwell, A. J.  3-5-1827  3-11-1894  Double marker with Polly M. Goree Caldwell 
Caldwell, Polly M. Goree  12-16-1834  1-4-1908  Double marker with A. J. Caldwell 
Caldwell, Otis J.  8-27-1883  6-11-1909  Woodmen of the World mon. 
Caldwell, John W.  3-3-1866  10-6-1911  Woodmen of the World mon. 
Caldwell, Lizzie K.  1911  1961   
Campbell, Melody Annette  4-13-1945  12-31-1997   
Coots, Lola  8-14-1888  2-10-1959   
Cox, James Kendall  9-16-1909  1-3-1982   
Cox, Charlie H.   4-17-1851  1-1-1893  Double marker with Nancy A. Waldrop Cox 
Cox, Nancy A. Waldrop  5-20-1850  12-28-1892  Double marker with Charlie H. Cox 
Cox, Luther H.  1883  1947   
Cox, Boby L.      Name chiseled on sand rock; no dates; spelled Boby; grave enclosed by sand rocks 
Cox, ?      One of three graves enclosed by sand rocks; no identification, but with other Cox graves 
Cox, ?      One of three graves enclosed by sand rocks; no identification, but with other Cox graves 
Cox, Edward L.  1912  1919   
Crank, Nobie Waldrep  2-17-1895  11-13-1981   
Crank, Harvey Clark  6-281917  10-6-2003  Double marker with Ila Oleen Haywood Crank 
Crank, Ila Oleen Haywood  3-20-1919  2-1-2010  Double marker with Harvey Clark Crank 
Dixon, William A.  1883  1959  Double marker with Lola Dixon; Woodmen of the World marker 
Dixon, Lola  1884  1959  Double marker with William A. Dixon 
Dixon, Clio  12-30-1910  2-11-1911  Daughter of W. A. and L. Dixon 
Dixon, James  6-7-1854  10-31-1895   
Dixon, Theodocia  6-25-1879  4-12-1881  Name engraved on sand rock 
Dixon, John Alva   6-18-1899  10-14-1968  Double marker with Lannie Dixon 
Dixon, Lannie      Double marker with John A. Dixon; no dates 
Elliott, Idell  3-9-1921  3-23-2002   
Elliott, Troy Otis  9-22-1913  1-10-1974   
Fincher, Rufus M.  6-28-1926  3-14-1980  Pfc.-U. S. Army-World War II 
Goree, Amos K.  1796  8-29-1870  Father of Mrs. R. B. Waldrep; no dates on marker; name and dates from researcher; posted on find a grave 
Hinshaw, Artie  4-3-1894  9-29-1906  Daughter of J. M. and D. T. Hinshaw 
Johnson, Arvie L.  3-22-1919  10-29-1993  Double marker with Ruth V. Johnson; m. 9-6-1936 
Johnson, Ruth V.  7-30-1918  1-2-2003  Double marker with Arvie L. Johnson; m. 9-6-1936 
Johnson, Bill M.  4-13-1942    Double marker with Ruth C. Johnson; m. 1-23-1970 
Johnson, Ruth C.  6-25-1946    Double marker with Bill M. Johnson; m. 1-23-1970 
Kelley, Travis H.  10-23-1933    Double marker with Betty A. Kelley; m. 11-8-1953; children--Leah, David, Pat 
Kelley, Betty A.   9-23-1937  7-18-1998  Double marker with Travis H. Kelley; m. 11-8-1953; children--Leah, David, Pat 
Kelley, David H.  2-28-1962     
King, Richard P.  3-25-1919  12-2-1995  Double marker with Frances A. King; m. 2-14-1961 
King, Frances A.  9-9-1923  12-1-1990  Double marker with Richard P. King; m. 2-14-1961 
May, Izora J.  5-5-1886  1-20-1972  Double marker with Joseph J. May; m. 11-14-1907; Izora Jane May in obituary 
May, Joseph J.  12-23-1872  6-9-1921  Double marker with Izora J. May; m. 11-14-1907 
Sleigh, Exa  2-12-1897  3-22-1981   
Stewart, Joseph S.  2-8-1852  6-8-1920  Double marker with Sarah R. Stewart 
Stewart, Sarah R.  3-14-1862  6-8-1934  Double marker with Joseph S. Stewart 
Stewart, H. Madison  9-25-1897  5-7-1934   
Stewart, Walter J.  6-13-1884  5-19-1905  Woodmen of the World monument 
Stubblefield, Donald Ray  1-5-1943    Double marker with Alice Faye Stubblefield; m. 7-3-1968 
Stubblefield, Alice Faye  12-29-1943    Double marker with Donald Ray Stubblefield; m. 7-3-1968 
(Unknown), ???      Marked by rocks one grave south of Edward L. Cox marker 
(Unknown), ???      Marked by rock 6 feet south of John W. Caldwell marker 
Waldrep, P. W.  2-27-1814  10-14-1867  Double marker with Mrs. R. B. Waldrep; Father 
Waldrep, R. B.  7-11-1827  11-8-1909  Double marker with P. W. Waldrep; Mother 
Waldrep, Marion J.   7-24-1865  2-3-1893   
Waldrep, James E.  7-20-1860  6-25-1927  Double marker with Ella G. Waldrep 
Waldrep, Ella G.  7-19-1867  9-30-1959  Double marker with James E. Waldrep 
Whittington, Nora M. May  10-8-1908  4-7-1927   
Williams, (infant)      Small stone with word Infant; in Williams row 
Williams, (infant)      Small stone with word Infant; in Williams row 
Williams, (infant)      Small stone with word Infant; in Williams row 
Williams, Jonaththan D.  1885  1887  Spelled this way on monument; listed as Williams on earlier record; stone only has Jonaththan D 
    No last name on stone-only initial D.; last name could be Dixon or Williams 
Williams, Alton Leon  1894  1922  Williams name not on stone; near Williams graves ?? 
Williams, Franklin P.  1855  1927  Double marker with Amanda R. Williams 
Williams, Amanda R.  1863  1953  Double marker with Franklin P. Williams 
Williams, Ruby R.  9-19-1906  2-6-1947   
Williams, Thomas P.  1-31-1887  11-18-1945  Double marker with Edith C. Williams 
Williams, Edith C.  2-6-1893  4-19-1980  Double marker with Thomas P. Williams; Edith Corina Young on death certificate 
Williams, Coen M.  4-25-1922  6-7-1923   
Williams, Norma Sue  11-8-1932  5-20-1934   
Williams, Ruby I.  7-5-1905  5-3-1971  Double marker with Arlis A. Williams; m. 6-26-1926 
Williams, Arlis A.  8-6-1899  11-20-1970  Double marker with Ruby I. Williams; m. 6-26-1926 
Williams, Stephanie Ann    6-29-1983  Infant daughter of Don and Donna Williams; one date 
Williams, Conway D.  2-7-1921     
Williams, Larry Wayne    1-12-2019  Age 66; information from obituary 
Williams, Pervis D.  8-23-1910  12-26-1977   
Williams, Dewey Edward  8-28-1927  6-8-1989  Double marker with Sue Fincher Williams; U. S. Army 
Williams, Sue Fincher  2-5-1934    Double marker with Dewey Edward Williams 
Williams, Thomas Ray  3-27-1945    Double marker with Teresa Ann Williams; married 8-30-1991 
Williams, Teresa Ann  3-18-1953    Double marker with Thomas Ray Williams; married 8-30-1991 
Williams, John L.  1-24-1930  4-5-2009  A2C - U. S. Air Forces - Korea; double marker with Jessie Virginia Williams; m. 12-6-1952; children--James D., John K., Jeffery D., Daniel E. 
Williams, Jessie Virginia  6-16-1933    Double marker with John L. Williams; m. 12-6-1952; children--James D., John K., Jeffery D., Daniel E. 
Williams, Charles Lynwood  1-24-1935  5-2-2010  PFC - U. S. Army; double marker with Syble Williams; m. 5-13-1958 
Williams, Syble  4-28-1938    Double marker with Charles Lynwood Williams; m.5-13-1958 

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