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Watts Cemetery-White Section

This old cemetery is located in the southern part of Nevada County six miles southeast of Willisville. There is a black and white section separated by a fence. I believe the black section is sometimes called Davidson Cemetery. The The old Davidson church still stands at this location. The cemetery has been neglected and was badly grown up in weeds and even large pine trees when I visited it in November, 1997, but I returned in January, 1998 and found that it had been mowed. This survery is only of the area inside the chain link fence. For the record of the black section, see Watts Cem. (black section)
Driving directions: From Willisville, go east on Rd. No. 8 for six miles. The old church and cemetery will be on your left.
Homemaker's Survey in 1970





Beasley, Mary Jo  2-13-1930  5-1-2017  Double marker with James G. Beasley 
Beasley, James G.  2-9-1927  2-22-2014  Double marker with Mary Jo Beasley 
Bell, Texanna  12-4-1848  9-6-1917  Wife of George Bell; grave inside iron fence; marker lying flat 
Belle, Geo. W.  3-22-1848  5-18-1885  Spelled Belle on marker; grave inside iron fence and lying flat 
Boyett, Anna Toland  1871  1908   
Blair, Audry  9-25-1887  8-11-1888  Daughter of J. and A. V. Blair 
Blair, Daniel C.   5-27-1832  11-23-1886  Age 54 yrs., 5 mths., 26 days; birth date from 1970 record; not on marker 
Butcher, Claude W.  1884  1965  Double marker with Mary E. Butcher 
Butcher, Mary E.   1882  1962  Double marker with Claude W. Butcher 
Butcher, Infant    7-20-1909  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Butcher; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Butcher, Ellis  1-12-1909  6-20-1910  Son of W. C. and M. E. Butcher 
Crank, Susan Q. A. J.     7-7-1851  Wife of J. W. Crank; broken marker 
Dean, William A.    3-18-1851  Age 39 
Edwards, Mathew H.   6-28-1797  9-29-1856  Age 59 yrs., 3 mths., 10 days; broken stone; attached himself to the Baptist church in the year 1820; lived a pious Christian 36 years; served his church in capacity of Deacon 30 years 
Fitzgerald, Lucy  1793  1857  Age 64 
Futch, Dave  5-12-1830  4-1-1892  Husband of M. E. Futch; broken stone 
Futch, Little Fred  11-30-1886  7-25-1888  Son of Dave and M. E. Futch 
Godbold, Ananias  1788  1863  Dates hard to read; broken flat marker covers grave 
Godbold, Evangeline    5-28-1890  Daughter of W. N. and F. L. Godbold; age 1 year, 9 months 
Godbold, D. P.   5-1-1826  4-13-1873   
Godbold, Lucretia C.   8-10-1834  2-2-1890  Wife of D. P. Godbold; grave inside iron fence 
Hartsfield, Elvira Amelia  5-27-1852  5-19-1896  Wife of Dr. D. L. Hartsfield; stone lying down 
Haynes, William H. H.  4-27-1841  1-21-1857   
Horton, Margy E.  5-28-1885  7-2-1886  Daughter of W. J. and N. E. Horton 
Horton, Edger  10-8-1883  6-24-1886  Son of W. J. and N. E. Horton 
Johnson, D. R.   1868  1920   
Johnson, Eddie Mosco.  7-24-1883  8-27-1884  Son of S. H. and S. P. Johnson 
Johnson, Jane  1835  1925   
Johnson, James H.   1870  1928   
Johnson, Haidee  6-21-1866  3-9-1952  Metal marker has birth year 1867 and name as Miss Leola H. Johnson 
Johnson, W. D.  9-16-1851  10-5-1879  Wife of S. M. Johnson 
Johnson, Samuel  1851  1921   
Johnson, Susie  1860  1923   
Johnson, Perry  1882  1942   
Johnson, Washington Samuel   3-12-1876  10-14-1950   
Johnson, Richard W.   1838  1907   
Johnson, Ella G.       Daughter of Samuel M. and M. P. Johnson 
Johnson, (unknown)    1-29-1919  Hard to read; in row with Johnson graves; can't read birth date 
Johnson, (unknown)      Can't read; with Johnson graves 
Johnson, (unknown)      Can't ead; with Johnson graves 
Johnson, L. E.  7-5-1888  9-17-1890  Son of S. J. and L. F. Johnson 
Kelly, Viola  7-11-1851  2-3-1899  Wife of W. A. Kelly; inside iron fence 
Kelley, W. A.   6-15-1849  5-11-1936  Husband of Viola Kelley; inside iron fence; stone turned over 
Kelso, William   8-5-1860  8-10-1860  Infant son of M. G. and Susan Kelso; age 5 days 
Luck, Llewellyn  10-29-1858  11-22-1880  Wife of J. J. Luck 
McLain, Bennie Dale  3-11-1893  9-29-1938   
McLain, Melcenia  7-13-1837  9-15-1895  Mother 
McLain, John  3-23-1863  11-29-1930   
McLain, John  8-6-1831  10-28-1884  Father 
McLain, James A.  8-29-1871  11-4-1958  Double marker with Lillie A. McLain 
McLain, Lillie A.  2-4-1890  10-19-1973  Double marker with James A. McLain 
McLain, James A. "Buddy"  9-15-1922  11-14-1981  Double marker with Myrtis McLain 
McLain, Myrtis  6-12-1916  6-16-1988  Double marker with James A. McLain; name on metal marker is Mytis P. McLain 
Mills, Earnest "Smack"  11-26-1921  8-13-1978  Double marker with Marjorie V. Mills; m. 2-17-1942 
Mills, Marjorie V. McLain  1-10-1925  1-1-1990  Double marker with Earnest Mills; m. 2-17-1942 
Newcome, Sarah J.   11-14-1839  9-5-1895   
Powell, Joseph T.   1-10-1810  11-22-1889  Double marker with Margaret P. Powell 
Powell, Margaret P.  4-9-1823  2-22-1901  Double marker with Joseph T. Powell 
Routon, Elizabeth  1850  1931   
Satterwhite, Nancy J.   11-15-1827  12-6-1900  Broken stone 
Thompson, A. J., MD  12-26-1827  10-23-1886   
Thompson, Paralee F.  8-16-1837  10-11-1889  Wife of Dr. A. J. Thompson 
Thompson, J. I.   3-9-1819  2-15-1886   
Thompson, Mary A.  10-21-1850  5-12-1876  Daughter of J. I. and R. C. Thompson 
Thompson, M. E.   5-18-1858  1-25-1888  Daughter of J. I. and R. C. Thompson; broken stone 
Thompson, George L.   5-31-1869  1-5-1877  Son of J. I. and R. C. Thompson 
Thompson, Virta  8-11-1891  9-17-1895  Daughter of Sam and Nomie Thompson; double marker with Lillian Thompson 
Thompson, Lillian  7-5-1888  9-17-1890  Daughter of Sam and Nomie Thompson; double marker with Virta Thompson 
Thompson, Zenoma F.  12-17-1868  7-7-1952  Wife of Samuel Thompson; double marker with Samuel J. Thompson 
Thompson, Samuel J.  1-9-1863  2-14-1945  Double marker with Zenoma F. Thompson 
Thompson, Fannie   5-15-1888  2-22-1890  Daughter of J. W. and M.E. Thompson; grave inside iron fence; old record had Fannie M. Thompson 
Thompson, Mary J.   8-11-1863  4-15-1904  Daughter of A. J. and Paralee Thompson 
Thompson, Dr. A. J., Jr..  7-1-1865  Sept, 1894  Son of Dr. A. J. and Paralee Thompson 
Thompson, James L.  3-5-1854  1-21-1877  Son of J. I. and R. C. Thompson; stone lying down 
Thompson, Mary Johnson  5-10-1788  11-21-1856  Born in South Carolina; Relict of James Thompson; broken stone; hard to read 
Thompson, Rachel C.  1-1-1830  2-1-1916  Wife of J. I. Thompson 
Tipton, James Doyle  9-19-1915  1-12-2007  Double marker with Joy Tipton; m. 1-27-1940 
Tipton, Joy McLain  12-26-1920  1-31-1993  Double marker with James Doyle Tipton; m. 1-27-1940 
Toland, James I.   1836  1920  Double marker with Martha C. Toland 
Toland, Martha C.  1847  1913  Double marker with James I. Toland 
Toland, Mattie Maud  1903  1906   
Vaughn, Virgia A.  11-30-1862  11-20-1888  Wife of E. W. Vaughn; stone lying flat; Virginia Vaughn in obituary; born in Franklin Co., AL 
Walker, Mary Alice  9-19-1856  12-23-1856  Daughter of G. W. and Angeline E. Walker; age 3 months, 3 days 
Walker, William O.   6-15-1858  12-4-1858  Broken stone 
Walker, Garland W.       2 Lieut. Co. G-33 Ark. Inf.-CSA 
Walker, James A.  9-25-1859  10-20-1924   
Walker, G. W.  7-28-1830  9-27-1900   
Walker, A. E.   1-30-1833  12-24-1896  Broken stone 
Watts, Thomas J.  3-14-1810  6-20-1860  Born in Georgia 
Watts, Elizabeth E.  7-9-1820  4-18-1886  Wife of Thomas J. Watts 
Watts, May  2-26-1852  8-17-1854  Daughter of T. J. and E. E. Watts; age 2 yrs., 5 mths, 19 days; double marker with Rachel A. Watts 
Watts, Rachel A.   10-14-1849  8-2-1854  Daughter of T. J. and E. E. Watts; age 4 yrs., 9 mths., 18 days; double marker with May Watts 
Westbrook, Ella Wray  7-15-1895  5-10-1898  Daughter of A. J. and Ella Westbrook 
Westbrook, Ella  2-5-1871  6-26-1905  Double marker with A. J. Westbrook 
Westbrook, A. J.   6-1-1862  2-24-1905  Double marker with Ella Westbrook 
Westbrook, Louis H.  1-9-1819  10-26-1877  Grave inside iron fence 
Westbrook, Jane S.  5-21-1821  5-17-1884  Grave inside iron fence; broken stone 
Westbrook, J. C.  2-23-1860  12-25-1886  Grave inside iron fence 
Williams, Estelle Robinson    Aug., 1857  Daughter of D. S. and L. M. Williams; age 2 years, 8 months 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Charlotte Wooten Holly (NOT VALID 2002-11-27cwh@oio.net) (501 Southeast Madison Street, Idabel, Oklahoma 74745) on 1998-11-14
I noticed when I accessed the Neveda Cemetery blanks and put in the name Godbold, there is an error on my gg grandmother's name. It is listed on this as Lucretia G. Godbold. I will gladly send documentation that it should state Lucretia C. Godbold---in fact her maiden name was Johnson---her middle initial was C. I noticed that my ggg grandfather, Samuel Annanias Godbold, did not get listed with the others---and he is there---I have visited his grave! I have quite a lot of original documentation on the people buried in the Watts Cemetery. Elizabeth Evans Godbold Watts was my ggg aunt. If I can ever be of any help, just contact me.

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