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Ephesus Cemetery

This small cemetery is located on Hwy. 67 just north of Emmet. It is adjacent to the Ephesus church building which still stands. The cemetery is partially fenced.
Driving directions: From Emmet, go north of Hwy. 67 toward Prescott less than one mile. The cemetery and church will be on your left alongside the highway.





Adams, Abbie  9-21-1874  7-31-1877  Daughter of J. S. & T. Adams; broken stone 
Adams, Ethel  8-25-1887  8-11-1910  Daughter of J. S. & T. Adams 
Adams, J. Samuel  2-15-1851  4-30-1934  Double marker with Talitha Adams 
Adams, Talitha  6-18-1848  1-19-1931  Double marker with J. Samuel Adams 
Almand, Mary C. Moore  8-5-1855  7-15-1883  Wife of W. T. Almand 
Barger, Mrs. Jane Moore    11-5-1968  Age 59; wife of Conan Barger; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Billue, Albert E.  5-18-1895  9-4-1953   
Billue, Bessie Elizabeth  1-29-1893  12-27-1956   
Billue, Susan   5-12-1854  6-28-1919   
Bird, W. T.      Co. G-17 La. Inf.-CSA 
Cushing, Inez Healey  11-21-1901  2-24-1973  Inez Nickerson Cushing in obituary 
Dickerson, J. L.      Broken stone-can't read dates 
Dougan, John Henry    4-7-1947  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Formby, Mathew R.  9-6-1853  5-3-1926   
Glasscock, Eva      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Hayden, John S.  1875  1937  John Sheppard Hayden on metal marker 
Hipp, Alice L.  1-18-1900  1-19-1967  Alice Louise Hipp on earlier record 
Hipp, Martha L.  1880  Feb., 1920  Mattie Hipp in obituary; double marker with William D. Hipp; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Hipp, William D.  1868  1940  Double marker with Martha L. Hipp 
Hipp, John W.  8-15-1906  12-8-1984   
Hubbard, Annette R.  10-15-1839  12-13-1886  Wife of J. M. Hubbard 
Hubbard, W. M.  2-22-1881  3-25-1899   
Jones, Bobby Dean  8-11-1935  12-9-2005  CSG3 - U. S. Navy -- Korea 
Jones, Dorothy Inez Healy  1-8-1937  7-13-2005   
Landers, Benjamin Young    5-15-1923  Arkansas-Sgt.-Air Service 
Landers, infant      Dau. of B. L. & Permelia Landers; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Landers, B. L., Eld.  8-23-1828  3-1-1905   
Landers, Charles A.  12-14-1863  4-15-1948  Double marker with Lena P. Todd Landers 
Landers, Lena P. Todd  3-1-1873  5-16-1951  Double marker with Charles A. Landers 
Landers, Elijah Todd  4-15-1902  9-29-1933   
Landers, Eugenia H.  1896  1920  Wife of A. A. Landers 
Landers, Fred R.  8-13-1904  2-2-1927   
Landers, Gracie E.  1886  1892   
Landers, H. B.  1872  1893   
Landers, Jennie  8-23-1877  2-2-1919  Double marker with Joe E. Landers 
Landers, Joe E.  12-11-1876  12-7-1961  Double marker with Jennie Landers 
Landers, John B.  1855  1894   
Landers, John H.  1901  1901   
Landers, Lula C.   1870  1899  Triple marker with infant son Landers and Thomas J. Landers 
Landers, Thomas J.  1870  1944  Triple marker with infant son Landers and Lula Landers 
Landers, infant son    1899  Triple marker with Thomas J. Landers and Lula Landers 
Landers, Mary J.  1868  1950  Double marker with Robert A. Landers 
Landers, Robert A.  1861  1924  Double marker with Mary J. Landers 
Landers, Myrtle  12-11-1899  9-12-1908  Daughter of C. A. & Lena Landers 
Landers, Permelia  1-1-1838  1-6-1908  Wife of B. L. Landers 
Landers, Ruth  8-29-1897  6-18-1899  Daughter of C. A. & Lena Landers; double marker with G. B. Landers 
Landers, G. B.  3-9-1896  3-30-1896  Son of C. A. & Lena Landers; double marker with Ruth Landers; tall monument-names on two sides 
Landers, Vergenia Alice  1857  1932   
McCauley, Cynthia Lee Jones  9-18-1958  1-17-2012  Asjes scattered over graves of Bobby Dean Jones and Dorothy Inez Healey Jones 
McCorkle, Harvey  1885  1961  Double marker with Lois McCorkle 
McCorkle, Lois  1900  1954  Double marker with Harvey McCorkle 
McCorkle, James Harold  3-5-1925  3-8-1925  Son of Harvey & Lois McCorkle 
McGough, Elizabeth  3-26-1845  11-6-1884  Wife of J. L. McGough; stone broken and lying flat 
McGough, J. L.    March, 1910  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary; listed in old record 
McGough, (3 babies)      Children of J. L & E. McGough; graves not found-listed in earlier record 
McGough, Infant  10-31-1876  11-6-1876  Daughter of J. L. & E. McGough; stone lying flat next to Elizabeth McGough marker 
McGough, R. P.  11-21-1872  5-15-1896  Found part of monument with death date; birth date taken from earlier record 
Marshall, Bennett M.  1870  1930  Double marker with Elizabeth M. Marshall 
Marshall, Elizabeth M.  1876  1946  Double marker with Bennett M. Marshall 
Matthews, John Bembrey  8-27-1841  12-20-1886  Wife of John T. Matthews; double marker with Lydia Matthews 
Matthews, John T.  1-31-1819  1-27-1895  Double marker with Lydia Matthews; tall stone 
Matthews, Lydia  2-17-1821  8-12-1881  Double marker with John T. Matthews; tall monument with names on two sides; Lydia also on a double marker nearby with John Bembrey Matthews with same dates 
Matthews, R. W.  4-19-1812  11-30-1895  Wife of John Matthews 
Merchant, Kirk  1879  1936  Double marker with Viola Merchant; died late October or early November as per obituary 
Merchant, Viola  1887  1965  Double marker with Kirk Merchant 
Milam, Andrew T.  8-25-1876  10-11-1912  Broken stone 
Mitchell, (infant)      Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bascum Mitchell; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Mohon, Minnie L.  2-27-1902  10-12-1905   
Mohon, George F.  8-20-1905  9-12-1905   
Mohon, Laura G.  10-30-1882  4-27-1904   
Moore, Charles B.  5-30-1864  9-14-1952   
Moore, James W.  8-17-1861  3-22-1881  Son of R. F. & M. J. Moore 
Moore, Moriah J.  7-6-1834  9-7-1881  Stone is off base 
Moore, Sallie E.  9-4-1858  1-20-1934   
Morris, Johnnie    1-8-1940  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Morrow, Johnnie Eva    Feb., 1940  Age 23; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Parmer, Cammie    11-29-1934  Age 53; grave not found;information from newspaper 
Prescott, James Wiley  8-28-1929  12-28-1929   
Queen, Maude Young    1903  Wife of Tom Queen; hard to read 
Queen, Thomas A.  3-18-1881  10-9-1904  Hard to read-concrete stone 
Queen, infant      Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Queen; can't read dates 
Simmons, Rena B.  7-8-1903  1-2-1959  Stone is in bushes in northeast corner of cemetery near highway 
Toland, Francis C.  1-22-1839  10-26-1899  Wife of H. B. Toland 
Toland, Robert F.  1-28-1882  5-28-1927   
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave one grave south of Charles B. Moore marker 
(Unknown), ???      3 unmarked graves north of Susan Billue marker 
(Unknown), ???      Brick tomb in center of cemetery; built by M. M. Marshall, DVM of Prescott, Ark. 3-3-1910; probably a Marshall grave 
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave 15 ft. north of N. T. Bird; a footstone is there with initials L. M. 
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave 4 feet north of Lydia T. Young marker 
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave 6 ft. south of Robert F. Toland marker 
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave one grave south of Charles B. Moore marker 
(Unknown), ???      Marked by rock one grave south of Mathew R. Formby marker 
(Unknown), ???      2 unmarked graves north of James Harold McCorkle marker 
Vinson, Cornelia  4-12-1855  1917  Wife of Henry Vinson; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Whitaker, Anie  1887  1932  Marker is believed to be in wood in edge of cemetery on west side of cemetery; not found in 2006 survey 
Young, Bertha  2-28-1892  7-25-1903   
Young, Hannah J.  4-25-1835  12-28-1914  Born in England-age 79; double marker with Wm. Young 
Young, Wm.  June, 1833  8-21-1910  Age 77 years; double marker with Hannah J. Young; born in England 
Young, Irene  12-25-1895  5-26-1918  Died from appendicitis as per obituary 
Young, John H.  7-7-1861  10-24-1914  Double marker with Lydia T. Young 
Young, Lydia T.  4-3-1859  11-1-1941  Double marker with John H. Young 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Paul Groneman (NOT VALID 2002-11-27paulgron@aol.com) (Georgetown, Texas) on 1999-11-15
I have seen the Ephesus Cemetery listed in various genealogical data as being in Nevada Co. but also Hempstead Co. Can anyone there clarify for me which county Ephesus Cemetery is in or direct me to a contact who can? Thanks. [Administrator's Note: Mt. Ephesus in Nevada County is located on Highway 67 north of Emmet. Emmet stradles the Nevada / Hempstead line.]

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