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Forest Hill Cemetery - White Section

This cemetery is located near the southwest corner of the SW1/4 SE1/4 of Section 2, Township 13 South, Range 23 West. It is directly behind the Forest Hill Baptist church. The church was formerly called Fairview, but the name was changed many years ago. There is a black section in the back of the cemetery. There is no fence dividing the two sections at this time, but the graves in back are not nearly as well maintained as those in front. A chain link fence has been erected on the side next to the church.
Driving directions: From the Nevada-Hempstead county line on Hwy. 278 (formerly Hwy. 4), go east toward Rosston 1.9 miles. Turn left on Rd. No. 43 and go 4/10ths of a mile. Turn left on Rd. No. 271 and go west 2/10ths of a mile to the church and cemetery. This is a dead-end road.





Alford, Vivian Barham  9-20-1924  1-17-2014   
Allen, Richard H.  7-29-1906  5-10-1985  Double marker with Jewel I. Allen 
Allen, Jewel I.   10-7-1907  6-6-1982  Double marker with Richard H. Allen 
Ames, Annie E.  11-14-1873    No death date engraved on marker; double marker with J. P. Ames 
Ames, J. P.   8-9-1857  11-24-1939  Double marker with Annie E. Ames 
Ames, Arlis S.  9-15-1916  11-9-1961  Ark.-Tec. 4- HQ Co.-IRTC-World War II 
Arnett, A. S. W.   2-10-1848  4-12-1909  Double marker with Katie Arnett 
Arnett, Katie  4-5-1847  3-17-1913  Double marker with A. S. W. Arnett 
Arnett, James B.   1884  1934  Double marker with Maggie J. Arnett 
Arnett, Maggie J.  1889  1981  Double marker with James B. Arnett 
Arnett, (infant)  3-20-1905  3-20-1905  One date-son of J. E. & Ida Arnett 
Arnett, J. E.  11-22-1873  1-18-1911  Woodmen of the World marker 
Arnold, E. T.  2-18-1828  11-1-1909   
Arnold, Rachel Sullivan  7-13-1848  11-17-1934   
Arterbury, Bessie Finney  9-2-1919  6-5-1942  A new stone has been placed next to old marker. The new stone has birth year 1920 and death year 1941 
Arterbury, Elva  10-9-1904  12-20-1904  Dau. of W. L. & I. P. Arterbury 
Arterbury, C. A.   2-7-1911  9-23-1915   
Atchison, James W.  7-6-1859  2-2-1899  Husband of Mary D. Atchison; Woodmen of the World marker 
Atchison, John P.   12-25-1888  12-25-1890  Son of J. W. and M. D. Atchison 
Atchison, Mary Elsie  1880  1905  Large stone overturned; could not verify information 
Atchison, Mary D.  1858  12-4-1912  Hard to read; full death date from obituary 
Atchison, Samuel  1893  1895   
Atchison, Owen W.  1896  1946   
Atterbury, Henry    June, 1928  Age 72; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
Auld, G. W.  6-12-1847  3-12-1923  Father 
Auld, S. A.   1-5-1845  1-19-1923  Mother 
Baker, Elias  6-12-1864  4-10-1894  Stone is lying flat 
Baker, Frank  1833  1918   
Barham, Elmore Gordon  5-12-1886  8-15-1886  Son of Charles Henry and Martha A. Barham; hard to read 
Barham, Herman T.  5-28-1927  4-5-1968  Ark.- Pvt.- 3420 Army SVC Unit 
Barham, J. L.   1-9-1862  3-10-1951  Double marker with Willie Anna Barham 
Barham, Willie Anna  9-12-1864  9-19-1934  Double marker with J. L. Barham 
Barham, John W.      1 Lt.-Co. K-6 Tenn. Cav.- 
Barham, Lamon H.  12-29-1935  2-6-1936   
Barham, Rosa M.  1-31-1881  7-21-1955  Double marker with William M. Barham 
Barham, William M.  8-15-1877  7-7-1953  Double marker with Rosa M. Barham 
Barham, Rozalee  2-18-1904  5-21-1904  Dau. of W. M. & R. M. Barham 
Barham, John W.  3-18-1933  11-4-2016  John William Barham on military marker; Cpl. - U. S. Army - Korea; double marker with Mary E. Barham; m. 3-2-1957 
Barham, Mary E.  3-9-1936  7-17-2021  Mary Elizabeth Barham in obituary; double marker with John W. Barham; m. 3-2-1957
Obituary: Mary Elizabeth Barham, 85, of Prescott, AR passed away Saturday, July ... 
Barham, John T.  12-15-1901  12-26-1987  Double marker with Phronia A. Barham; m. 11-13-1920 
Barham, Phronia A.  10-11-1901  6-5-1997  Double marker with John T. Barham; m. 11-13-1920 
Barham, W. P.  10-19-1829  3-14-1908  Stone is off base 
Barham, Harriett    April, 1909  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary; obit. said to be buried beside W. P. Barham 
Barham, David Witter    7-17-1873  Son of W. P. and H. G. Barham; age 6 yrs., 3 mths., 12 days 
Barham, William  1796  1875  Double marker with Susannah Fortner Barham 
Barham, Susannah Fortner  1796  1874  Double marker with William Barham 
Beck, Junior  1932  1933  Grave is inside chain link fence 
Beck, Marshall   1902  1966  Double marker with Estie Beck; grave is inside chain link fence 
Beck, Estie  1904  1976  Double marker with Marshall Beck; grave is inside chain link fence 
Beck, W. C. "Dub"  1-16-1925  7-8-1987  Double marker with Imogene Beck; m. 1-25-1944 
Beck, Imogene  11-26-1926  12-1-2022  Double marker with W. C. Beck; m. 1-25-1944 
Beck, Thomas W.  7-30-1934  6-14-2012  Double marker with Hazel M. Beck; m. 11-23-1955; children--Jacqueline and Julia 
Beck, Hazel M.  12-3-1936  8-29-2011  Double marker with Thomas W. Beck; m. 11-23-1955; children--Jacqueline and Julia 
Berkshire, O. J.  6-9-1866  10-23-1916   
Berkshire, Mrs. O. J.   6-10-1877  11-18-1939   
Brantley, Milton G.  6-29-1915  10-25-1986  Double marker with Beulah Brantley; m. 7-29-1937 
Brantley, Beulah  8-23-1915  3-27-1997  Double marker with Milton G. Brantley; m. 7-29-1937 
Brantley, Jerry D.  6-26-1948  7-25-1949   
Briant, Corrie  6-18-1890  5-6-1891  Grave inside small fence in Briant plot 
Briant, Nancy J.  3-9-1840  3-25-1911  Wife of Robert N. Briant; mother of R. S., W. H., and R. M. Briant; grave inside concrete border 
Briant, R. S.   3-20-1859  7-10-1903  Grave inside concrete border; 
Byrd, Laura Lee    7-16-1875  Daughter of J. C. and N. E. Byrd; age 1 yr., 7 mths., 14 days 
C????, R. C.      Rock with initials R. C. C. chiseled on rock; in northwest corner of cemetery 
Calhoun, Clarissa Carter Sevier    7-2-1871   
Campbell, W. Bill  1853  11-12-1948  Metal marker set in concrete; William B. Campbell in obituary; year only on stone 
Campbell, J. H.  10-4-1819  7-21-1899   
Campbell, Joe F.  12-1-1917  11-1-1962  Ark.- S Sgt.- Co. D - 171 Bn IRTC- Wordl War II 
Campbell, Martha Gleghorn    1-25-1877  Age 38-wife of J. H. Campbell; broken stone 
Campbell, Mae Adkins   6-9-1896  10-5-1978  Double marker with Pirl Fiels Campbell 
Campbell, Pirl Fiels  1-4-1882  4-18-1966  Double marker with Mae Adkins Campbell 
Cantley, Frances M.  2-22-1852  9-1-1914  Wife of R. E. Cantley as per old record; grave is next to W. H. Cantley with same type marker 
Cantley, W. H.  3-6-1881  3-25-1929   
Chapman, John Orville  1-23-1921  6-2-1980  RDM 2- US Navy- World War II; double marker with Mercedes Jean Chapman; m. 6-3-1961 
Campbell, Emma P.  8-9-1875  8-21-1934  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary; dates from find a grave web site 
Chapman, Mercedes Jean  5-18-1921  1-30-1992  Double marker with John Orville Chapman; m. 6-3-1961 
Cofield, Joseph A.  4-22-1918  7-17-1961  Ark.-Tec 5- 808 Engr. Avn. Bn- World War II 
Cofield, Joseph A.  1846  1918  Double marker with Mary Sue Cofield 
Cofield, Mary Sue  1855  1937  Double marker with Joseph A. Cofield 
Cofield, Paul Howard  7-17-1894  8-27-1968  Double marker with Cora E. Cofield; m. 12-25-1926 
Cofield, Cora E.  9-1-1901  2-18-1991  Double marker with Paul Howard Cofield; m. 12-25-1926 
Cofield, Thomas Halbert  1888  1944  Double marker with Nona Cofield 
Cofield, Nona  1892  1972  Double marker with Thomas Halbert Cofield 
Cofield, Ruth Monts  10-23-1894  1-11-1972  Double marker with G. Harmon Cofield 
Cofield, G. Harmon  8-17-1892  7-2-1973  Double marker with Ruth Monts Cofield 
Collier, Clyde  9-10-1903  10-13-1904  Son of J. S. and D. E. Collier 
Collier, Gertine  9-30-1898  9-29-1899  Daughter of J. S. and D. E. Collier 
Collier, James Albert  12-1-1891  10-22-1893  Son of J. S. and D. E. Collier; hard to read 
Collier, Johnie Garland  11-16-1905  10-9-1908  Son of J. S. and D. E. Collier; hard to read 
Collier, Infant Daughter  2-22-1894  2-26-1894  Daughter of J. S. and D. E. Collier 
Cornelius, Margaret F. Wallis  12-3-1849  8-7-1869  Wife of R. E. Cornelius 
Cornelius, Ray N.  6-10-1909  11-16-1981   
Cornelius, John S.  5-19-1875  5-8-1946  Double marker with Emma B. Cornelius 
Cornelius, Emma B.  11-30-1874  11-15-1929  Double marker with John S. Cornelius 
Cornelius, John R.  8-23-1906  12-14-1951   
Crank, Joe Selone  1876  1938  Double marker with Lou Bell Crank 
Crank, Lou Bell  1878  19--  Double marker with Joe Selone Crank; death date not completely engraved 
Crank, James Leon  12-4-1902  11-10-1986   
Crews, Eliza     1-4-1892  Age 57 
Crouch, George    5-14-1909  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Davis, Tahlaulula  7-15-1861  12-5-1864  Dau. of Dr. J. W. & Amanda Davis; grave not found in 2006 survey 
Davis, Ada F. Tefteller  7-26-1936  1-6-2006  Double marker with Billy Jack Davis; obituary had Ada Faye Davis; m. 9-22-1961 
Davis, Billy Jack  10-1-1932  8-29-2011  Double marker with Ada F. Tefteller Davis; m. 9-22-1961 
Douglass, J. B.  2-2-1868  3-9-1960  Jefferson B. Douglass in obituary 
Douglass, Marina   11-6-1881  6-21-1968   
Douglass, Thelma  9-21-1899  6-15-1968   
Douglass, J. R.  11-30-1833  12-19-1898   
Easterling, Daniel S.  1850  1932  Double marker with Louise E. Easterling; found obituary for D. S. Easterling with death date of 10-31-1930; burial at Forest Hill; date may be wrong on marker 
Easterling, Louise E.  1850  1937  Double marker with Daniel S. Easterling 
Easterling, Emma  1875  1911  Metal marker set in concrete 
Finch, Sylvia Geraldine  4-2-1920  8-5-1997  Geraldine Collier Cofield on grave marker 
Ghormley, Myrtle A.  11-21-1884  10-9-1913  Wife of W. C. Ghormley; Woodmen Circle marker 
Givens, Cliff  1891  1932  Double marker with Donie Givens 
Givens, Donie  1900  1950  Double marker with Cliff Givens 
Gleghorn, Albert Edward  1877  1940   
Gleghorn, Count Pulaski    6-18-1875  Age 28 yrs, 6 mths, 13 days 
Gleghorn, Ellen A. Powell  5-15-1852  12-28-1881  Wife of B. D. Gleghorn-hard to read 
Gleghorn, James A.      Co. D- 24 Inf.- CSA 
Gleghorn, John Matthew  6-18-1875  11-27-1905  Murdered; buried next to his brother, Count Pulaski Gleghorn; grave marked by large boulder as per article found at library; birth date from article; death date from news story 
Gleghorn, Count Pulaski  1884  11-27-1905  Murdered; buried next to his brother, John Matthew Gleghorn; graves marked by a large boulder as per article found at library; birth date from article; death date from news story 
Gleghorn, Thomas Levi  10-7-1874  4-23-1937  Double marker with Susan Paralee Gleghorn 
Gleghorn, Susan Paralee  3-30-1885  1-17-1968  Double marker with Thomas Levi Gleghorn 
Gleghorn, Matthew    9-14-1869  Age 67; broken stone 
Gleghorn, Mary E.   8-28-1867  4-27-1929  Double marker with Martha A. Gleghorn 
Gleghorn, Martha A.  12-16-1868  8-2-1947  Double marker with Mary E. Gleghorn 
Gleghorn, Thomas Irvin  2-2-1905  10-20-1978   
Gleghorn, Ruth A.  10-9-1883  7-11-1966   
Gleghorn, Sam Wylie  8-8-1903  10-15-1903  Double marker with Lillie Gleghorn 
Gleghorn, Lillie  6-22-1902  9-8-1902  Double marker with Sam Wylie Gleghorn 
Goad, Mary Jones  1835  1857   
Hamilton, Haner C.  6-25-1850  9-11-1924   
Hamilton, William Carl  5-10-1921  6-13-1938   
Hamilton, Otis Wilson  5-29-1907  11-17-1907  Son of A. W. and Ada Hamilton 
Horrine, Lelia Cofield  8-20-1886  8-15-1960   
Hathcoat, George    Dec., 1907  Grave not found during survey; information from newpaper 
Hovarter, Luther L.  1-26-1890  5-23-1970  Double marker with Della G. Hovarter 
Hovarter, Della G.  1-12-1891  11-4-1980  Double marker with Luther L. Hovarter 
Jacks, Thos. Opher  11-16-1905  5-15-1906   
Jones, Clarence  1885  Jan., 1944  Double marker with Lottie Jones; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Jones, Lottie  1897  1936  Double marker with Clarence Jones 
Jones, Ed E.  1844  1937   
Jones, E. S.  6-23-1848  9-20-1882  Broken stone 
Jones, Elchanor L.  3-27-1869  12-7-1917   
Jones, James W.  3-23-1857  9-1-1905  Age 48 yrs., 5 mths., 8 days 
Jones, J. P.  5-2-1861  7-17-1918   
Jones, J. S.  2-21-1823  12-22-1897   
Jones, John Ivan  1863  1883  Triple marker with Margaret D. Jones and W. E. F. Jones 
Jones, Margaret D.   1834  1881  Triple marker with John Ivan Jones and W. E. F. Jones 
Jones, W. E. F.   1830  1891  Triple marker with Margaret D. Jones and John Ivan Jones 
Jones, Kenneth Lee  9-27-1908  11-18-1948   
Jones, Lizzie  12-25-1875  1-3-1905  Wife of E. E. Jones 
Jones, Infant      Child of E. E. and Lizzie Jones; no dates 
Jones, Martha A.  11-7-1828  5-29-1914   
Jones, Robert Lee  12-19-1871  12-5-1937   
Jones, Robert L.  3-10-1901  1-5-1904  Son of R. L. and Vida Jones 
Jones, Robert Sevier    12-26-1875  Son of W. E. F. and M. D. Jones; broken stone lying flat 
Jones, Ruby  12-14-1897  1-14-1902  Daughter of Lee and Vida Jones 
Jones, Sallie Clark  3-28-1886  12-6-1943  Wife of R. L. Jones; Woodmen Circle marker 
Jones, Stanley M.  7-30-1912  11-27-1913  Son of R. L. and Vida Jones 
Jones, Thos. Carl  9-27-1886  10-10-1895  Son of J. W. and Ellen Jones 
Jones, Vida  10-13-1872  8-7-1917  Wife of R. L. Jones; Woodmen Circle marker 
Jones, Allene W.  1-14-1922  10-19-2000  Double marker with James E. Jones 
Jones, James E.  9-8-1917  9-28-1991  Double marker with Allene W. Jones 
Jones, Jesse E.  11-11-1909  4-17-2002  Double marker with Eva Mae Jones; m. 12-26-1934 
Jones, Eva Mae  1-26-1915  8-5-1975  Mae Carlton Jones in obituary; double marker with Jesse E. Jones; m. 12-26-1934 
Jones, Joe Franklin  11-23-1923  7-3-1955   
Jones, Gregory Lane  10-15-1968  12-16-2002   
Jones, Jesse R.   9-14-1944  5-1-2008  Double marker with Mary C. Long Jones; m. 6-19-1966; Jesse Royce Jones in obituary 
Jones, Mary C. Long  12-1-1945  3-16-2024  Double marker with Jesse R. Long; m. 6-19-1966; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Mary Catherine Jones, age 78, of Sutton Community passed away Saturday... 
Kindrick, Raybon  6-4-1918  11-20-2007  Double marker with Gwendolyn Kindrick; m. 8-7-1942; children--Karen G. (10-4-1942) and Dudley G.( 5-17-1946 
Kindrick, Gwendolyn  6-1-1921  8-7-2010  Double marker with Raybon Kindrick; m. 8-7-1942; children--Karen G. (10-4-1942) and Dudley R. (5-17-1946) 
Knotts, P. C.  11-18-1876  11-25-1928   
Knotts, Maggie  5-7-1877  6-9-1895   
Langston, T. Milton  4-3-1928  12-1-1998  Double marker with Dorothy M. Langston; m. 6-2-1947 
Langston, Dorothy M.  6-17-1931  2-1-2022  Double marker with T. Milton Langston; m. 6-2-1947
Obituary: Mrs. Dorothy Mae Langston, age 90 of Emmet, Arkansas, passed away Tues... 
Lemley, Adlear  10-28-1902  9-14-1904  Daughter of A. L. and S. A. Lemley 
Lemley, E. J.      Age 34- no dates 
Lemley, Infant Daughter      Child of A. L. and E. J. Lemley 
Logan, Gail Alford Singleton  10-14-1945  5-27-2009  Joyce Gail Logan in obituary 
McCall, Claudia Knotts  1871  1951   
McCants, Thomas W.  9-30-1832  11-4-1902  Son of D. W. and T. A. McCants 
McKamie, Margaret Jones  12-27-1946    Wife of Buddie; mother of Keith Hickey and Kristin Hodges 
McRoy, J. H.  3-26-1843  10-1-1899   
Martin, Margaret  3-26-1919  3-26-2007  Information from obituary 
Mayton, Bobbie Jo Brantley  4-11-1946  10-18-2012  Information from obituary 
Moore, Dollie Sue Beck  7-8-1939  6-5-2007  Double marker with Doyle Milburn Moore; m. 7-8-1960 
Moore, Doyle Milburn  11-7-1939  6-2-2011  Double marker with Dollie Sue Beck Moore; m. 7-8-1960; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Nance, Ann  4-10-1809  Feb., 1868  Double marker with Lewis Nance; hard to read 
Nance, Lewis  12-25-1780  11-27-1855  Double marker with Ann Nance; family member says death date should be 11-1-1855 
Peace, Stevenson E.  11-6-1892  7-5-1965  Double marker with Elizabeth B. Peace 
Peace, Elizabeth B.  9-26-1900  4-13-1995  Double marker with Stevenson E. Peace 
Pickard, Florence  1879  1961   
Pickard, Walter  1870  1941   
Piercy, Carl M.  2-8-1909  7-12-1910  Son of R. W. and S. F. Piercy 
Piercy, Elizabeth  3-26-1873  8-15-1899  Wife of R. W. Piercy 
Piercy, Jim  2-24-1902  5-22-1904  Triple marker with Roy Piercy and Lillie Piercy (children of R. W. and S. F. Piercy) 
Piercy, Roy  12-23-1905  6-26-1906  Triple marker with Jim Piercy and Lillie Piercy (children of R. W. and S. F. Pirecy); he also has a single stone with birth date of 12-23-1904; son of Roger and Fannie Piercy (from obituary) 
Piercy, Lillie  1-26-1906  4-11-1908  Triple marker with Jim Piercy and Roy Piercy (children of R. W. and S. F. Piercy); she also has a single marker with birth date of 1-26-1907 
Piercy, Sarah Frances  11-27-1873  1-18-1944  Double marker with Rodger Piercy 
Piercy, Rodger W.  8-26-1869  12-27-1944  Double marker with Sarah Frances Piercy 
Pirtle, Allie   12-1-1871  1-21-1897  Wife of T. L. Pirtle; age 25 yrs., 1 mth., 21 days 
Pirtle, T. L.  1868  1926   
Powell, Joseph Oscar  6-14-1869  8-15-1874  Age 5 yrs., 2 mths., 1 day 
Powell, H.  9-5-1812  2-16-1874  Broken stone; could only read dates in 2006 survey; grave is 20 ft. north of Joseph Oscar Powell marker 
Purgerson, A. B.    1-7-1887  One date 
Purgerson, Carrie Formosa    10-15-1887  One date 
Purgerson, Mary Elizabeth    8-5-1887  One date 
Purtell, Andrew F.    5-22-1941  Ark.-Sgt.-153 Inf. 39 Div. 
Ray, Evelyn Ruth  5-9-1949  5-17-1949  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Richards, William G.  10-15-1903  1-7-1904  Son of M. L. and M. A. Richards 
Ridling, Nathan W.  6-26-1883  8-15-1883  Son of M. W. and E. T. Ridling 
Russell, Mason Nobelia  11-25-1910  6-28-1911   
Sanford, Florence Holmes  7-6-1922  12-18-1993   
Scott, Elizabeth Jane  10-10-1857  1-5-1871  Hard to read 
Scott, Jane McCants  10-22-1828  7-3-1906  Age 77 yrs., 9 mths., 11 days; stone lying flat 
Shackleford, Jimmy  9-1-1942  5-15-1983  Double marker with Elaine Shackleford; m. 12-13-1967 
Shackleford, Elaine  7-1-1948    Double marker with Jimmy Shackleford; m. 12-13-1967 
Shackleford, Bernice  10-20-1918  11-3-1993   
Skinner, Grace L.  2-8-1912  3-7-1912  Triple marker with Maudie M. Skinner and Una Skinner; daughters of J. W. and M. L. Skinner 
Skinner, Una  9-5-1892  9-7-1902  Triple marker with Maudie M. Skinner and Grace L. Skinner; daughters of J. W. and M. L. Skinner 
Skinner, Maudie M.  1-8-1894  12-10-1913  Triple marker with Una Skinner and Grace L. Skinner; daughters. of J. W. and M. L. Skinner 
Skinner, M. Lou  9-22-1870  6-25-1943  Double marker with John W. Skinner 
Skinner, John W.  1-13-1866  9-25-1955  Double marker with M. Lou Skinner 
Skinner, Thomas Jefferson  May, 1854  Apr., 1912  Double marker with Martha Beckam Skinner 
Skinner, Martha Beckam  Aug., 1851  Mar., 1939  Double marker with Thomas Jefferson Skinner 
Smith, Nancy  6-9-1812  10-3-1890   
Smith, Mahala  7-12-1846  6-12-1916  Wife of Z. W. Smith; stone is off base 
Smith, Z. W.  5-6-1839  8-31-1903  Born in Marchiel Co., Mississippi; came to Hempstead Co. in 1849 where he died; stone is off base 
Smith, J. Lawson  1-13-1896  2-3-1963  Double marker with A. Arrena Smith; m. 8-5-1917; Johnny Lawson Smith in obituary 
Smith, A. Arrena  10-19-1898  1-20-1932  Double marker with J. Lawson Smith; m. 8-5-1917 
Smith, John C.  10-21-1864  6-14-1928  Double marker with Mary F. Smith 
Smith, Mary F.  9-25-1868  3-19-1931  Double marker with John C. Smith 
Spencer, Mary E.  3-27-1898  10-12-1978   
Stark, Mrs. Idell  2-12-1890  7-24-1951   
Strickland, Era Jones  2-17-1915  11-5-2000   
Sullivan, Benjamin P.  1-20-1846  9-23-1899  Double marker with Elizabeth Wallis Sullivan; m. 1-1-1871 
Sullivan, Elizabeth Wallis  8-15-1851  3-28-1887  Double marker with Benjamin P. Sullivan; m. 1-1-1871 
Sullivan, Parker  3-3-1805  4-1-1877  Age 72 yrs, 28 days 
Swindell, Annie Lou Cofield  10-15-1885  7-27-1963   
Swindell, Charles E.  7-29-1908  3-27-1966  Tex.-Sgt.-US Army-World War II 
Tefteller, Earl A.  10-4-1929  1-29-1994  Double marker with Juanita J. Tefteller 
Tefteller, Juanita J.  11-3-1932  7-14-1986  Double marker with Earl A. Tefteller 
Tefteller, Willie D.  6-10-1907  1-10-1983  Double marker with Mable E. Tefteller 
Tefteller, Mable E.  2-7-1912  4-25-2004  Double marker with Willie D. Tefteller 
Tefteller, Paul D.  5-6-1933  12-16-1979   
Thornton, Charles William  7-25-1937  1-22-2022  Double marker with Shirley A. Thornton; m. 11-17-1956
Obituary: Charles William Thornton, 84, of Rosston, Arkansas, went to be with hi... 
Thornton, Shirley A.  2-10-1938    Double marker with Charles W. Thornton; m. 11-17-1956 
Turner, Emma I.  1916  1918   
Turner, Erby L.  1897  1963  Double marker with Edna C. Turner 
Turner, Edna C.  1898  1973  Double marker with Erby L. Turner 
(Unknown)      Metal marker inside fence with Beck graves 
(Unknown)      Metal marker center of Row 1 one grave north of Sanford marker 
Vann, O. A.  3-26-1876  8-18-1907   
Vann, Ha??? Curtis  10-17-1910  9-10-19--  Son of H. E. and Lula Vann; first name hard to read 
Vann, H. A.  9-4-1872  11-22-1919  Woodmen of the World marker 
Vann, George Gee  9-22-1895  2-24-1980   
Waddle, Dorothy  9-29-1916  5-19-1917  Dau. of C. B. & A. J. Waddle 
Waddle, Infant    1-9-1905  Child of C. B. and Addell Waddle; one date 
Walker, Billie S.  1-1-1899  4-22-1968  Double marker with Hez N. Walker 
Walker, Hez N.  7-12-1899  9-22-1976  Double marker with Billie S. Walker 
Walker, L. P. (Bill)  2-8-1909  11-4-1995  Double marker with Ann M. Walker; m. 7-2-1940 
Walker, Ann M.  12-8-1920  6-5-2017  Double marker with L. P. Walker; m. 7-2-1940 
Walker, H. M.  12-17-1933  1-10-1992  Pvt.- US Marine Corps.-Korea 
White, Martha Catherine    2-15-1883  Wife of Z. R. White; double marker with Z. R. White; broken stone; hard to read; full name given by family member; age 52 yrs., 10 mths., 28 days 
White, Z. R.    4-7-1883  Double marker with Martha Catherine White; age 54 yrs., 5 days 
Williams, Arlene Ward  7-19-1914  5-15-1985   
Woodul, Elbert E.  2-1-1880  3-19-1880  Stone is off base 
Woodul, Hazle  1-6-1893  8-7-1897  Daughter of J. H. and Lou Woodul; broken stone 
Woodul, Lelia  1-14-1905  11-1-1906  Daughter of J. H. and L. A. Woodul; stone is off base 
Woodul, Mary E.  12-10-1871  9-11-1872   
Woodul, William J.  4-11-1870  10-16-1870  Stone is off base 
Youngblood, Dorothy L.  4-17-1925  2-9-1997   

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Miss D (Texzilla2@aol.com) () on 2000-08-17
In reference to Homemaker's Survey of Nevada County Arkansas Cemeteries for the listing: Nance, Lewis, Birth: 12/25/1780, Death: 11/27/1865, Notes: Husband, Forest Hill Cemetery - White The date of death is 1 November 1855 for Lewis Nance. I have his estate file from Hempstead County which gives that date. The date of birth is the same as on his tombstone of which I have pictures (25 December 1780), but I am not sure from where "27 November 1865" comes.
Posted by D (texzilla2@aol.com) (Ontario) on 2003-05-24
There are some minor inaccuracies in the cemetery survey in the White section of Forest Hills: Lewis NANCE died on 1 November 1855 (Forest Hills); the grave-stone is incorrect. His estate file names 1 November 1855 as his date of death. David Witter BARHAM, not "Witten" H C (Harriet Caldwell) BARHAM, not "H G." Martha Catherine WHITE, not "Magaret." The above are my blood-kin. (Beautiful work this cemetery survey.....lovely, and I wish other Arkansas counties did this.)Thank you ! Miss D

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